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July - September 2011

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Traction Segment
A Quarterly Newsletter on Industrial Batteries


Traction Batteries, also referred to as motive power batteries, a covered place so as to avoid any chance of mechanical
are built tough by Exide to function without a hitch under the damage.
toughest operating conditions. However, tough as they are, Storage of charged battery should be avoided. In case long
they need regular maintenance to keep them in tiptop storage of charged traction battery is unavoidable, a
condition and provide service for years. Exide provides a freshening charge is to be given every three months.
thumb nail Traction battery care guide not only for the benefit of
Exide Traction battery users, but also those who are using Operation
competing products. When the battery is deeply discharged, it is important that it
Loading / Unloading & Handling should be recharged as soon as possible. It should preferably
not stand in a deeply discharged condition for more than a day.
Care should be taken during loading/ unloading of the
Traction Battery on/from the trucks. It should preferably be The battery should only be recharged as the service demands.
done with forklifts or suitable mechanical means, avoiding Repeated recharging after only light discharges can cause
pressure on its sides. The battery should never be dropped or unnecessary wear and should be avoided.
subjected to jerks. It should not be tilted or kept on its sides. A lead acid traction battery should not be discharged regularly
Rough handling can damage the cells and the tray as well. below 1.130 specific gravity - and never beyond the point
Storage & Preservation where cells approach exhaustion (specific gravity 1.100).
The maximum shelf life of a dry and uncharged battery is 24 If duties are normal or heavy, it is recommended that the
months from the date of manufacture, provided the cells are electric truck is not used on the same battery beyond an 8
kept as advised. hour shift and never beyond 10 hours.
The battery should be stored in a dry and cool place, away from Full recharging generally takes 11-12 hours, so sufficient time
direct sunlight and rain. Care should be taken to keep the must be left daily for recharging.
battery vent plugs totally closed and airtight. It should be kept in Maintenance
Topping up
GenX Traction Batteries Check the electrolyte level before charging and top it up to
“maximum” level indicated by the stepped portion of the
basket-type level indicator fitted in the flip-top vent plug.
'Minimum” level will be indicated by the lowest end of the
Add nothing to the cells but Battery Grade water. Never
add acid.
Recharge daily using single or double step taper charger.
Give Equalising charges weekly after the routine normal
charge. Equalising charge is to be given at about 3% of its
rated capacity after a full recharge through normal
charging mode. Its purpose is to bring the cells in a battery
in step, since they tend to fall out of step after prolonged
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On traction chargers an equalizing switch is normally

£ Cleanliness
available which will supply this particular current. The Keep battery top and tray clean and dry. Keep connections tight
charge should be continued until the voltage and specific and ensure all basket - type level indicators are in position.
gravity readings in all the cells have remained constant Smear all metal inter cell terminal connectors with Petroleum
over three successive hourly readings; during this period Jelly.
pilot cell reading should be taken.
Electrolyte temperature should never be allowed to exceed
500 C. Charging must be suspended if it is found to exceed Maintain correct records on the performance of battery. One
500 C. After temperature drops (preferably below 400 C), copy of the record sheet should be sent to the Company's
charging may be resumed adding elapsed time to nearest office for scrutiny and comment, so that timely
charging time. remedial action can be taken as required to ensure long
service life from the battery.

Major Do's for Traction Batteries Major Don'ts for Traction Batteries
Keep battery top & tray clean and dry. Do not discharge the battery below gravity of 1.130 and
never below 1.100
Remove sulphation from battery terminals by using warm water
In case of any cell failure, do not short circuit or jump the cell
only and smear contact points with Petroleum Jelly.
for running the battery. Please call the manufacturer.
Maintain daily readings of Specific Gravity voltage and Do not use non-insulated tools while working on batteries.
temperature of pilot cells in the record book. Do not wear wrist chains/bangles. Avoid wearing watches
with loose metal bands. These might cause short circuit and
Always keep the vent plugs closed except during charging. sparks.
Never top up cells with acid once initial charging is
For storage of battery in charged condition – disconnect main
cables connected to it. Store in a cool dry place. Put battery on
trickle charge or put battery on freshening charge, once in Do not use grease on battery terminals and also do not
three months if in open circuit. overcharge the battery.
Do not top up with tap water – use DM water conforming to
For storage of battery in dry and uncharged condition – plug
IS 1069-1993 only.
all vent holes making them airtight. Battery is to be stored in
cool dry place. Do not over top up the cells. It will lead to acid spillage
during charging - leading to corrosion of Forklift, Steel tray
of battery base and Earth Leakage.

Dear Friends
It is a sign of the times that more organizations are acquiring motive power battery operated forklifts and trucks for their
material handling operations. Exide has been in the forefront of motive power or Traction battery technology. While such
batteries render excellent service for years, their value is greatly enhanced through a proper maintenance regimen. For
both our existing and prospective customers this issue carries a simple step by step guide on how to get more life and
value out of your Traction batteries.
Our drive for regular interaction with clients continues with knowledge
sharing workshops in different parts of the country. Details are
provided elsewhere.
We are half way through this financial year and though the prolonged
global economic churning is impacting businesses worldwide, our
feet must remain firmly on the accelerator so that we continue to post
positive results.
The festive season is upon us. I take this occasion to wish you and your
families a very happy and propitious Diwali.

Gautam Chatterjee
Director - Industrial
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Exide Haldia recently conducted a Traction battery
maintenance workshop for a group of customers in
the East like Adani Wilmar, Haldia Petrochem,
Dhunseri Petrochem, Emami Biotech and Renuka
Sugar. The workshop was conducted by an Exide
team consisting of Mr. Anjan Bhattacharya Senior
Officer – Industrial Service, Mr. J Mukherjee Deputy
Manager – Traction East, Mr. Soumya Gupta Head Mr. Rajib Dutta Head Technical Haldia, makes
A participant seeks a clarification from Mr. Anjan
Traction – East and Mr. Biswajoy Kumar Das MT – Bhattacharya, Senior Officer-Industrial Service. a presentation as Mr. T.K Pan Manager
Marketing Traction. Production Haldia (right) looks on.

Pune Pantnagar
R e c e n t l y, a
seminar was
conducted on the
premises of Pune
based John
Deere, a major
user of Exide
Traction batteries.
The focus was
From extreme right, Vijay Dangar ( Senior Officer o n proper
Industrial Service ), Nrapender Trivedi (Senior Officer
Industrial Sales ), Mr. Santosh Joshi ( Manager Traction maintenance of
West )during the interaction these batteries for
Mr. Jitender Arora, Deputy Manager Traction - North (inset) sharing
getting full value maintenance tips with his audience at Tata Motors in Pantnagar.
and enhancing battery life. The seminar was conducted by
An interactive seminar was conducted by Mr. Jitender
Mr. Santosh Joshi (Manager Traction-West) and his team
Arora (Deputy Manager Traction - North) at the Tata
consisting of Mr. Vijay Dangar (Senior Officer - Industrial
Motors plant in Pantnagar on the critical importance of
Service) and Mr. Nrapender Trivedi (Senior Officer -
Traction battery maintenance. He was ably assisted by
Industrial Sales).
Mr. Samant Mishra (Senior Officer - Industrial Sales).

Exide Traction Division and Exide Projects jointly
conducted a seminar at the Paperboards &
Specialty Papers Division of ITC in
Bhadrachalam to discuss threadbare the critical
importance of Traction battery maintenance.
Because of the huge number of participants
who attended, the seminar was split into two
groups. The Exide team was led by Mr. Moloy
Roy, Head-Traction (South), Mr. Ashish
Mukherji, Head-Projects (South) and Mr. M.
Dilip, Officer - Industrial Sales. The full scale
and range of Traction batteries, their
advantages and proper maintenance practices
were discussed thoroughly at the workshop.
The workshop was highly appreciated by O&M
people, Supervisors, Operators and Senior
Mr. Moloy Roy, Head – Traction South explains the pros and cons of Traction battery maintenance. Managerial staff of ITC Bhadrachalam.
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Exide Traction batteries are winning the admiration of a growing list of customers. The battery is the backbone and power source for
forklifts, trucks, pallet trucks and other battery operated factory transport used for materials handling operations. Exide Traction batteries
have now been certified by Marathon Electric and global giant Siemens.


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July - September 2011