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Promotional Activities

Kinder hospital is not only a big name in corporate healthcare sector in India but also in entire
Asia. Kinder hospital has extended its empire in different main cities of India through its
corporate hospitals. Kinder hospital widens its scope by providing various types of medical
services. Kochi Kinder hospital, started on May 11, 2018 with 450 beds. Kinder hospital is the
famous group and so each hospital is benefited by its brand name. As a result, the marketing
of the hospital becomes easy. Moreover, modern equipments of the hospital, infrastructure, all
quality services and full time doctors in all section are also useful in the marketing. The
marketing team of the Kinder hospital is made of total 15 members out of which one is
marketing head of the department, three are marketing managers, and other comprise of
assistant managers as well as executives. The marketing team of the hospital is divided into
three divisions in which one team works in Banglore, one in Kochi and the third team works
in Alappuzha. Different areas are allotted to the marketing team of the hospital to do marketing
in the allotted area.

1. Corporate tie-up

Kinder hospital has been spread in all the main cities of the country. National and
international companies working in India have made corporate tie-up with Kinder hospital
for pre-employment check-up of their employees, for treatment and operation in accident
and serious ailments and for inpatient treatment. Kinder hospital has made such corporate
tie-up with the companies working in Kochi. The marketing team of the hospital organizes
health talk on different topic by visiting different companies and thereby provides
information to their employees about the equipment and services of Kinder hospital. The
marketing team explains the importance of such tie-up to the management of these
companies and does tie-up to provide them different services at low rate. The Kochi team
of Kinder hospital has made such tie-up with Apollo Tyres. Kinder hospital is famous as
multi-specialist all over the city and so different companies select Kinder hospital for tie-
up to get all sorts of healthcare services.
2. Health talk

Kinder hospital transmits information regarding its services through direct contact of the
people of different caste during their social occasion. The hospital arranges health talk in
public on different diseases. The hospital invites different workers of social organization,
teachers and students of schools and colleges and people of different classes for health talk.

The expert doctors of the hospital explain the visitors what precautionary steps are to be
taken in accident, what to do in primary treatment and by what way Kinder hospital could
be useful to them. The main objective of the health talk is to increase trade activities of the

2. Activity based marketing

Kinder hospital is introducing different types of promotional activities in Kochi city. They
introduced “Goal Vandi”, a concept of engaging football enthusiast in different colleges.
Club Fm is the media partner for particular event. And Decathlon is sponsoring sports
equipment for the activity. Through this they can target minimum 100- 150 audience as a
part of the publicity. Attractive prizes are given by the sponsors for the winners. So the
information about the Kinder brand is reached to maximum customers.