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In order to write this article, I had to meditate first. I needed to travel back in time, and
think of my first time watching a horror movie. One of the images that came to mind was my
grandmother. My grandmother was the gatekeeper of all things horror when I was younger.

I remember the first vhs I owned was HALLOWEEN (1978), a gift given to me when I
was in the first grade. For starters, the movie was unexpected and secondly, I did not deserve the
film. Long story short, I pretended I was sick in class, and got sent to the nurse. The nurse called
home and my grandmother came to pick me up. When I got inside of her house, she showed me
what she brought me before she got me from school.

From the moment I popped the video into the vcr, I enjoyed the film. Perhaps this was the
moment I lost my horror virginity. HALLOWEEN (1978) was only the start of a long lasting
relationship, I had with the genre.

Every weekend after I watched Halloween (1978), my grandmother and I would watch
Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction, AMC’s Fright Night Fridays, and other horror related TV shows
and movies. Personally, I did not want to do anything, but watch movies, and imagine horrific
monsters chasing after my friends and family members.

Speaking of my imagination’s relationship with horror, it was once got me in trouble. When I was in the seventh
and cosmic creatures. My writing eventually fell into the hands of my English teacher and he
called for a Parent-Teacher meeting.

My English teacher, did not want me writing ‘dark’ stories in his class, nd told me to
write about flowery poetry instead. Did I listen? Of course not! I actually ended up getting
switched into another English class, where the teacher inspired me to write and read horror

Besides that one teacher, I always had teachers support my love for horror. One teacher
in particular was my second grade teacher Ms. Choy. Ms. Choy gave me access to reading the
Goosebumps series by RL Stine during the summer time. I devoured all of the books that
summer, and eventually moved on to Fear Street novels by RL Stine.

Reflecting back on my relationship with horror, I realize it was destiny. However, this
relationship would not have been possible if it weren’t for my grandmother. My grandmother
opened doors for my imagination. For example, she purchased a Crypt Keeper’s costume for me
when I was in the fifth grade. Secondly, my grandmother took me to Blockbuster and Palmer
Video twice a month and brought me more horror movies. Lastly, she encouraged me to write.

Although she passed away this past September, her memory lives on with me, and so does my
love for horror. I currently have a podcast called Darkside of The Rabbithole, where I record
original horror stories written by me.
Horror will always be in my heart.