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Quickstart Guide

Start Your Agency And Get

Your First Client In 7 Days

Robert Neckelius
Quickstart Guide
Welcome to this guide designed to help you get
started with your agency as quickly as possible, and
getting your first client in the next 7 days.

Are you excited?! You gotta get excited!




Robert Neckelius
Pick A Profitable Agency Niche

Step 1 is to figure out what industry we’ll be going

into. Let me repost the list of 41 ideas right here as it’ll
be helpful if you’re totally clueless about what agency
you’d like to start. These are all proven agencies.

1. Website development

2. Sales funnels
26. Proposal writing

3. Presentation design
27. Phone sales

4. Copywriting
28. SEO

5. Social media management

29. Content marketing (writing blog posts etc)

6. Image production
30. Product descriptions (example: for
7. Video production

8. Translation
31. User testing of apps and websites

9. Transcription
32. PR services

10. Graphic design

33. Messenger bots services

11. FB advertising
34. Customer support

12. Google advertising

35. Site speed optimization

13. Linkedin advertising

36. Instagram growth

14. Linkedin profile 
 37. Webinar slides creation

38. Recover failed payments

15. Resumes and cover letters

39. Conversion rate optimization

16. Programming services

40. Cold email services

17. IT security (fixing broken 
 41. FacebookTM and LinkedIn group


18. App development

42. Coaching

19. Email marketing

1. Life coaching

20. Coaching (online)

2. Job coaching

21. Consulting
3. Personal trainer

22. Virtual assistant

4. Leadership training

23. Bookkeeping and accounting

5. Sales coaching

24. Voiceovers
25. Lead generation

Robert Neckelius
Pick A Profitable Agency Niche

Look at the agency examples list above, create an account on as a freelancer in order to see what gigs are being
posted by buyers, and make a shortlist of 5 agencies you can see
yourself starting.

You do not have to know how to deliver these services, that

comes later.

Once you have a shortlist of 5, pick your top 3 favorites simply

based on what you can see yourself selling. It’s important that
your top 5 shortlist was built based on what people are already
buying, so that you don’t end up picking an idea based on what
YOU want to sell.

Once you have 3 favorites, start googling for competitors and

make a list of 10 competitors for each business idea. Look at
what they are offering, and at what price points. Put it all in a
spreadsheet so that you can easily get a snapshot of the
competitor landscape.

- What is their headline and subheadline? Is it specific?

- Do they have a clear offer? Do you know exactly what they sell
and what you’re getting?

- Can you find their prices or do you have to get in touch with

Robert Neckelius
Pick A Profitable Agency Niche

Action steps 1

Create an account on Upwork and similar sites in order to get a

feel for what type of gigs buyers are posting. What are they buying?

Look at the list on page 3. What can you see yourself selling?

Make a list of 5 agencies you can see yourself doing.

Eliminate 2 of them. You now have a list of 3 agencies.

Google competitors and see what you can do better. Do they have
a specific offer? Solve a specific problem?

Robert Neckelius
Pick A Profitable Agency Niche

These are the typical questions that most agencies fail drastically
on, where you can do a better job. Later on in this book we’ll be
covering how to create a website that is uber-specific, has a very
clear offer, and leaves the visitor with the opportunity to make a
purchase right then and there, unlike most agencies that try to
initiate and long and drawn out buying process of the visitor filling
out a contact form, waiting to hear back, back and forth
discussions about what the prospect needs, followed by detailed
proposals that take hours to create, that are consequently met
with a non-response from the prospect, only to let the whole thing
dwindle out before it even started.

Once you’ve outlined 10 competitors for each business idea, you

should be able to combine your interest, the level of desire from
prospects (how much people are already buying this service), and
the competitive landscape, to help you decide on an agency. The
truth is if you actually built a shortlist based on whether people are
buying it or not, it won’t really matter too much which agency you
decide to start. Your consistency in showing up to work is what
will determine the success or failure of your agency.

Robert Neckelius
Create A Ridiculously Good Offer

A ridiculous offer is so good you’re an idiot if you don’t buy it

assuming you are remotely interested in the first place. This is
what we want to achieve with your offer.

Robert Neckelius
Create A Ridiculously Good Offer

Once you’ve decided what agency to start, it’s time to figure out
what your actual offer is. We want to make a specific offer that
solves a specific problem.

“We make videos.”

No offer. Doesn’t mention problem they solve.

“Get a 30 second video to increase conversions on your website
for $497.”

Specific offer solving a specific problem

Robert Neckelius
Create A Ridiculously Good Offer

Action steps 1
Write out your offer as a headline. Include what you’re selling, at
what price, and what problem it solves. The more headlines you
write the better they’ll get, simple as that. Do a minimum of 10.

Robert Neckelius
Get Your First Clients

In order to get your first 3 testimonials as quickly as possible you

should tap into your existing network, regardless of how big or
small it may be. You’d be surprised at who in your existing
network may end up being your first client.

Your existing network includes people you are very good friends
with, but more often than not it’s the acquaintances that you are
friends with on Facebook, connected with on LinkedIn, etc that
make for very good Testimonial Clients.

Typically what I do is offer our service at cost, so I don’t make any

profit but at least I get a testimonial to put on my website. Here’s
how you can land your first clients.

Robert Neckelius
Get Your First Clients

Make a post on your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

(and any other relevant social media channel) saying
something along the lines of:

“I’m starting a XYZ agency. My goal is to help YOUR

AUDIENCE solve THEIR PROBLEM. I’m looking for 1 or 2
people that I can help with this. It will be free of charge, all I
ask in return is a testimonial when the job is complete.
Comment below or send me a PM!”

It really doesn’t have to be harder than that, especially if

you’ve made sure to not skip the simple step of making
sure your agency sells something that people are already
buying, do not try to invent new demand.

Robert Neckelius
Get Your First Clients

Some important things to consider when you make this post on

social media.

- It’s TOTALLY okay if no one takes you up on the offer

- Post when people are most likely to see it. For every hour that
people do not see your post it gets more and more lost in the
mix. Do not post at 2am on a Friday when you could post at
1pm on a Tuesday.

- Not every post is created equal. Text only posts are not that
sexy. Image posts (nice images) are sexier. Videos are sexier
than images (depends on the platform but generally that is the
case). So if you can make a video you should! A live stream
would be even better!

- We say 1-2 people in the post to create scarcity and urgency

to take you up on the offer. I highly recommend you say yes to
5 people. 1 will fall off. 1 won’t pan out. So by saying yes to 5
your chances of actually getting 3 testimonials are very good! 

- Don’t overthink this, just post it. 

One thing is for certain: you have a much better chance of

getting a client by posting the message above than not
posting it.

Robert Neckelius
Get Your First Clients

Action steps

Post your offer on social media. Goal is to get 3-5 testimonial
clients. If you have costs have them cover these (tell them in

Make a list of 10 people in your network you think can benefit from
what you’re selling and send them a direct message also offering to
do it free of charge, just have them cover cost and give testimonial.

Keep trying even if it doesn’t work the first time. Find more people.
Connect with new people. Cold email potential clients. Walk into
shops and ask them (this is how I got my first ever client).

Robert Neckelius
Quickstart Guide

Start Your Agency And Get

Your First Client In 7 Days

Robert Neckelius