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| Making EISHING ¥ URES N Dedication I would like to dedicate this book to Raymond “Boots” Smith, He was a good man to his family and his friends, and he was also my fishing partner. When Boots wasnt watching over his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we spent many enjoyable hours in the fishing boat. I know he will save me a seat in his new boat; until then, I will miss him very much. ©2010 by Rich Rousseau and Fox Chape! Publishing Company, inc. ‘Making Wooden fishing Lures is an original work, fist published in 2010 by Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Inc. he patterns contained herein are copyrighted by the author. Readers may make copies of those pattems for personal use. The patterns themselves, however, are not to be duplicated for sale or distbution under any circumstances. Any such copying isa violation of copyright lav, ISN 978-1-56523-446-8 rary of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Rousseau, Rich, ‘Making wooden fishing lutes /by Rich Rousseau Includes index. 15BN;978-1-56523-446°8 1. Fishing lutes. 2. Wood-carving, | Title. SH449.868 2009 799.120284—-de22 2009040281 To leamn more about the other great books from Fox Chapel Publishing, or to find a retailer near you, call toll free 800-457-9112 or visit us at "Note to Authors: We are alvvays looking for talented authors to write new books in our area of woodworking, design, and related crafts, Please send a brief letter describing your idea to Acquistion Editor, 1970 Broad Street, East Petersburg, PA 17520. Printed in China First printing: February 2010 fecauie carving wood and esher atelier includes the tionary and darage tis book arvo: gustan hat eating {he projects in his book safe everyone Forts easn, tis book i sold without warantes or guarantees ofr hnd expressed iepled and he ple and he author iim any sky arya, over er damager cae nary way te cartes ch ths book othe readers eof the tool needed to compete the profes presented ere. The pulser ard the author urge carvers toihoroughlyrevwweach project and to undersand the we of tol before beginning ay prec. epnan, SaMMWeNHst aBtop Table of Contents Dance naan Lure Gallery... Chapter 1: Getting Started............... Chapter 2: Lure Step-by-Step Projects ... Lire E Surface Prop Balt cotassesa2sessecescasrsetsaresoactsers ‘Scrap wood and a hand-painted finish make this an approachable frst Lure 2: Surface Popper This lure, using a purchased lure rough-ou wi you some alternative methods ‘You'l leam airbrushing technique on this dowel-rod lure Get out some scrap wood and your airbrush for this saltwater beauty Lure 5: Floating-Diving Minnow ........ me Practice shading with your airbrush on this 1by 2 scrap wood lure Lume 62 Pan Fish ‘This scrap wood lure will give you some experience with dressed hooks and making spots with your: arora Lime 7: Minnow Chaser 0 Learn how to make a chaser on this airbrushed scrap wood minnow Lure 8: Floating Diving Frogs.s..s.1s:sssscssicsssscsssssiecisvessosteansy 18 ‘Youll use a purchased rough-out and an airbrush to create this spotted lure Lane 9: Sinking Wiggler s