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POS VivoPay (NFC Reader) Replacement

Equipment Needed:

 Zip ties
 Velcro ties
 Wire cutters
 Camera or smart phone to take before and after photos
 Apple Pay or Google Pay device (if available)

Locating the VivoPay Connection

 The VivoPay Reader connection differs by terminal model

The Radiant and Viper ports and power switch can be accessed by tilting the screen back. The
VivoPay connection is highlighted with a red box:

J2 Viper 6
Radiant P1220

Radiant P1520

To access the ports on the Yuno terminal, you’ll need to remove the backplate and stand

a. Tilt the terminal screen back. The release button is on the bottom of the

b. While pressing the release button, pull the entire backplate straight back, away
from the terminal
c. The stand cover will also pull directly back, away from the terminal. There is no
release button for this piece, and you may have to wiggle the case cover to pull it
Yuno Terminal

d. The NFC reader is connected via 3 separate cables:

a. VivoPay Reader – Part #540-1401-04
b. Yuno to VivoPay Cable Assembly - Part #710038 - Plugged into Com
c. VivoPay Power Supply – Part #140-2035-00
d. Viper/Yuno Cable – Part #220-2280-03
e. VivoPay Stand – Part #520-1191-00

Yuno Terminal cable setup

VivoPay Reader & Stand

Replacing a VivoPay Reader

1. After locating the VivoPay connection to the terminal, note the port it is plugged into. The
replacement reader will need to be connected to the same location.
2. Disconnect the existing reader from the terminal
3. Remove the existing reader. Note the path of the cable, as you will be following the same route
with the replacement
4. Install the replacement reader

1. Have the Store Manager or Shift Lead open a new check on the Aloha terminal. An iPhone with
Apple Pay or an Android Device with Google Pay will need to be used for testing. The account
attached to the device will not be charged

1. There are 4 possible points of failure: The Aloha configuration, the port the reader is attached
to, or the reader itself
a. Contact the Help Desk to verify the Aloha configuration for the terminal’s VivoPay
reader. Ensure the reader is connected to the correct port
b. Test port
i. If the reader is not functioning, move a known-working reader (if available) to
the terminal, connecting it to the same port
ii. The terminal port may have failed. The Aloha configuration (except for USB-
connected Aures Yuno terminals) will need to be changed by the Help Desk
before testing on another port
c. If the port tests successfully, and the Aloha configuration is correct, replace the reader