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Money articles

By Jagadish

Be a lover of the wife automatically economic man would love to create wealth for family

Money would flow in when you truly love your family

You can't see their sad faces being put forward when purchases have to be done

It is you as an economic man who is capable of delivering goods

If you fail in it you would never aspire for the rich status

Because of concern towards family members multiple source jobs scope is available

Love for wife and her concern would lead the male to love children also

Which would lead him to pay the pension to children welfare

Leading him to get addicted to earning money

Thus, becoming rich in the community of billionaires

Wife leading to children welfare leading to wealth creation

Doing unethical things on planet earth would also disappear as a family can't spend

To get white money because of love of wife going to an unethical venture ship can be controlled

Knowledge of the wife and her habits and desires fascination would lead family to wealth

Having love for the wife would lead to having no girlfriends hence unnecessary expenditure is saved

Children automatically trust the father and would support him as he takes care of their mother

Concern towards family welfare would lead an economic man to invest in insurance

This would give him the scope to see how much income to grow and create for family to be safe

Thought of the day

Concern for family is the first motto for which an economic man is credited for creation of wealth

Be independent and never be dependent if you want to earn money without fear

To earn money one person should be independent

He should be able to get money whenever he chooses it

When others chose, he should be rich and not when he likes a person can never be rich

Repeatedly whenever possible a person has the guts to become rich a person has money

If such tendency to manufacture money at will whenever he likes or chose a person is rich

Such tendency to manufacture money is usually seen only when a person is independent

Dependent person whose finance earning is managed by somebody and not by self is not rich

Rich class guy can think about being rich , becomes rich is called a rich guy

Knowledge of converting ideas into money at will or free will is called as rich family

Such people without fear can earn money, have money and be free to lose money

Even losing money to learn something and after learning the set skills can get back money is rich

Learning is an ongoing process and investment into these without fear or losing rich and getting

back to the rich class after experimenting with money is called rich man of earth

Losing money also is an art of gaining access to remote knowledge for self-development

Without fear of losing money and getting it back money at free will through the learning curve is

called rich class attitude or rich class venture ship

Thought of the day

Knowledge of losing money through learning and getting back to from zero to the billionaire is rich

Detachment from books would give you insight into money but not attachment to education

Attachment to books and knowledge will only lead you to further reading but not goal of money


To earn money in life you should convert books to money on the spot without wasting time

Money and knowledge of books go hand in hand

If you postpone books converting to money you would only end up in forgetting the stuff which was

useful and rewarding

Detachment from knowledge is because knowledge is outdated and gets outdated very fast

It is in the form of decision making , the more you make decisions , previous decisions become


That's why detachment plays a key role in money making

There are many authors who have earned money in life but also stated that

I know nothing why i wrote the literature in such a manner

If it was now or present writing, i would have changed the topics in it which remain invalid for

present times

They succeeded because when they wrote it for that present public , they earned the money

Which makes me state that money earning was valid point in education

But not knowledge of the subject for which writing was taken up

So subject knowledge comes handy but is limited in jurisdiction

Ultimately if you fail in knowledge you end up nothing

But if this failure is seen in money earning , you have lot to cry about in life

Marriages, family, healthy , knowledge , status symbol , etc. all need financial knowledge and money

Financial knowledge is the only knowledge through which you can increase your money you have

earned without working or making you stressed out in the world of books and insights
Thought of the day

Financial knowledge to maneuver your life to become more wealthy and rich through money is



Be a scholar of insight to consultancy on any topic of choice without gaining fear on topic

Being fearless in tackling issues pertaining to society issues and answering them you can think of

becoming rich

Choosing more than one genres for consultation can give you opportunities to become rich


Genres to pick up topics should be like picking up a sister company to the main company

Always stay closer to internet and groom up the books pertaining to the genres to keep you

knowledgeable and be abreast with current affairs on the topic

Wise living is knowledge gathering and questionnaire designing on the genres you are comfortable


Thought of the day

Terminologies proficiency can give you access to questionnaire designing which lead you to


Never take credit in your life and feel depressed, thinking that you might become pauper

Never pile up credit in your account

Delete credit cards from your list

The moment credit card is swiped , you can taste pauper ship

Credit card creates artificial money in your account

If this piles up you should be able to earn money to compensate the loss of excess money

Credit cards are dangerous because they surpass your income earned per month

If you forget to pay credit card bills , they eat away your working capital and quadrapulate

Thus creating tension upon realization which is to clear through courts cases

Knowledgeable people use cash instead of debit cards and credit cards

They keep it to minimum amount of usage of the money

If you have a disease of purchases and like to carry cash in excess and can't

Debit cards are easy substitutes but it only leads you to zero account balance

Personally, i don't carry neither debit card nor credit card

Expenditure everything of mine is cash in hand

I do entire transactions free of cost through internet

Books through torrents

Movies through torrents

Food delivered through take away, payment in the house

Rich people have so much knowledge that internet gives access to them free of cost

Spend time in internet 24/7

You can gain access to free stuff at any given point of the time

Knowledgeable people have so much knowledge with them that they can do the task freely
While travelling outside i carry one month salary as working capital

Rest of the transactions which are huge i do it through correspondence

National electronic fund transfer else western union money transfer account

You can even work out agents on behalf of you to pick up cash and deliver cash to house

Most of countries transactions and in remote places of the world cash is business

Online transfers and e wallets are the other way to keep cash ready to use when required

E wallets can also be created as cash in hand and use it to purchase items online

Certain payments to be made up through mobile commerce such as phone pe etc

Thought of the day

Internet knowledge is knowledge of rich class people , the more you learn from it the well

informed you would be of the world


Always purchase those books which give you insight to write on it through forming questionnaire

Books once purchased should be converted to money

It can be known whether you succeed to convert books to money only when you are able to frame

questions on it

Whenever you frame a question , you can get money as answers give way to financial doorstep

The more you frame questions on topics and able to convince the questions are genuine and would

give insight to public knowledge there is scope to earn money on it leading to wealth

How many questions you can frame depends upon how many issues you can raise on the book

The more the knowledge of the books read converted to questions , more opportunity to earn

Questions are the base on which knowledge is shared between the parties involved

The more questions framed on the subject of genres, more the knowledge gets converted to money

Money is the motto on which life lessons are fought for

The more you convert knowledge to money , more opportunities are available to you to be rich

Thus leading you frame a biography on your name converting you into stardom and extending your

stay in wealth creation better than others in the same field

The more you stay with questionnaire side of books reading , better the chances to succeed in real

life with passive income being created to add fuel to your engine of knowledgeable questions

Thought of the day

The more questions you can frame on the books you read would lead you to lead a cozy lifestyle

of being rich with both money and fame to extend your life of richness and wealth


Always purchase premium products even though clothes may be 7 pairs and not 20 pairs

Mindset of rich should be to wear the best and live the best

Quality lifestyle mindset to be rich thought process is called upon

Making adjustments is not the order of the day

How to get best within range through sacrifice is called rich class attitude

Compromises with goodness is not an accepted norm while acting and being rich
If you want to chose between better and best while going through shopping always chose closer to

losing money all which you have planned to but never compromise in keeping money for next


Whatever you have allocated to spend money on the utility , you have to spend it then you would be

able to appreciate the utility and money associated with it without miserly attitude

The money you have allocated to the utility should be closer to medium product range of the

category , purchase price ranging from medium to costly range

You should never ever doubt the purchase once it is made that suppose if it was the other product

to purchase and not the one purchased

Purchased product should be able to satisfy your desire completely and should never give you

resentment about the product purchased

That's why those who do purchases always do it minimum 2 purchases per utility even though they

came prepared to purchase more than 2 utilities to purchase from

Never ever compromise and give negative thoughts to your brain cells , spend lavishly but within

range , reduce the numbers but never the quality of purchase

Give the thoughts of your creation a meaning to define rich class instead of beggary while doing

purchases in the society for people to appreciate instead of criticism of making faults without reason

Thought of the day

Wise living lifestyle of purchases to be made by family while shopping is never to come across

resentment to self and hate the purchase once made whole heartedly giving poisonous thoughts

Never be rich if you cant hold on to money you have earned rightfully as yours

There are many entrepreneurs who know how to work but don't know how to hold on to money

If you come from this background that whatever i own money it would not be mine

Leave the territory of entrepreneurship to somebody else and be an employee instead of employer

If you think that property i would earn through my work would some day be somebody else even

though i am alive to relish it , never acquire properties to become rich

Never ever do a work when through it money you earned would never be relished by you , leave the
job and take up something else and be at peace

Never ever earn money if you come to know that money earned through it is not yours as it is black

money and you earn it just to feel delighted that some activity of yours is going on , never enter your

thoughts would become poisonous which is not good for the society welfare once you become


If you think that donations of creation of money is for somebody else to relish and you are not the

benefactor for which Money was created by you, never take task as it is followers who are being

Misled which is not good for the welfare of earth to gain such knowledge

Work for somebody else is not to gain rich but to be of service to somebody is not called rich by me ,

losing money through work and not gaining being rich to prosper for family to be safe , such

activities are to be condoned as it gives zero insight to public , such people are meant to be

employees and not face in the crowd

Children who are taught to live on forefathers money to be rich and to gain richness through other

than hard work and smart thinking is not considered to be role models of actions pertaining to

biography works is to be condoned , such people should be removed from rich class and ask them to

serve others than be served by the society for which they became rich

Having confidence to hold on to money and to know what activities to be taken up once rich money

is aspired for and is got for others to gain access to them and to their knowledge to keep families

safe by being and acting as frontrunners of role models of money gatherers are to be given wealth

for people to gain confidence to be rich if followed are to be given present of money and not other

way round

Gaining money and losing it within a few years are not promoted to the knowledge of money else

aspirers of money but only those who have knowledge of how to control money for society to be of

some use are considered to be owners of money and not slaves of money

Able to command authority over possession of money , making money work for you instead of you

working for money, a person of such caliber should pose questions of acquiring money to be rich,

others are employees, the one who commands money as slave is rich and would be rich till death

Thought of the day

Those who are scared of money and those who dont have strategy to keep money intact in their

family are never taught the science of being rich but are to be taught how to be depedent and not

how to be independent in which money is slave and not to act as money as owner of self for

public to have right people as role models acting as illuminatis of the world

Eat quality food and purchase premium products even though you may be poor

What you teach to yourself you become like that is spiritual theory of mine

When you give a habit to yourself to be groomed up in specific area you become like that

When you have a habit of certain products to purchase you buy it out of habit to purchase

Because you have a habit to purchase premium products regularly you end up in wealth

The more costly products you have a habit to purchase , automatically you have to earn to spend

If you have a habit of spending money on lavish products say premium you should do a job

Such jobs always are posh as premium lifestyle to purchase the products are posh

Job determines you the purchase so if you give autosuggestion to purchase products premium

You should maintain lifestyle in accordance with what you purchase and spend in your lifetime

Always keep lifestyle high , you would be forced to keep cost of living high because of habit

Best way to be rich is to purchase rich to stay rich for which job should also be rich lifestyle

Thought of the day

Stay with costly products , make it your habit of lifestyle to purchase , you would be rich


Stay connected with the rich through internet and use them to gain access to wealth insights

Be a voracious venturer of knowledge on internet

Never spend time on porn and porn related stuff

Internet is a vast resource of information use it to gain access to books through torrents

Social networking gives you access to creating circles in the world

Through these you can Access anybodys mail address and through it knowledge of the person
Internet is a big source of information of how to tap websites and be independent both in food and


Accessing wealth of information and converting them to gain access of your style of functioning is

creation of wealth into your pass books

Shortcuts to wealth information and to do research and research based stuff to generate phd is

called wealth management

Gaining access to which country is beneficiary and which country is dangerous to access information

and become rich is nothing but having knowledge of the world at your doorstep

Innumerable opportunities and wide choice of functioning in market space is now available

Even access to university information and gaining knowledge through them academically without

shifting from house and just through debit payments one can do innumerable jobs from home

Thought of the day

Research projects and accessing information of other nations through social networking is wealth


Stay close to progress in life , even though it might be only 2 hours per day

Rich people look at progress in every daythey take up the task

5% of every thinking you do is new and they keep it new through reading books

Books on knowledge which give you insight into wisdom and finance is closer to rich people thought

Knowledge relating to tourism is always in their minds

This helps them to pick up knowledge of how to move around in the society

Where to move and which time to move and why to move are prime questions to be posed

Purposeful life with correct direction to see that life is fruitful every day is essential to rich
Knowing is believing and those who travel world during youth are wise in being rich

Tourism is knowledge and more you do it , the more money you should possess

Forcing you to do multi tasking jobs to keep you within reach of tourism and food expediture

Youth is travelling and youth is savings and youth is compounding and youth is knowledge

Balancing act and forcing yourself to take up multi tasking and money earning during youth is wise


You cant earn money during old age as your body parts dont work but you can always take up

multiple jobs during youth

It is youth age which would teach you how to be wealthy and stay wealthy and not old age

Middle age is gaining experience of keeping more money with you

Youth is earning opportunities to take up far reaching destinations to gain wealth beyond


Old age is keeping wealth and increase it by applying middle age experience to teach youth how to

Live by developing skill sets during the time of youth and middle age time line

It is entropy world and the one who doesnt take it seriously is never rich

Being rich means being rich from youth to death without fuss earning both passive and active

Money in one’s life time

Thought of the day

Knowledge which when groomed up to have self thoughts of their own on any topic raised on

earth is thinking and believing in rich thought process

Science of being rich is nothing but how good you are in doing research to save your ass

Doing research is not dependent upon age of person

Doing research is dependent upon how much of patience you have sitting infront of internet

Doing research is dependent upon number of hours of toil and hardwork

Doing research is dependent upon how many people you have under your belt under networking

Doing research is dependent upon how much of money you would like to invest to get data

Doing research is dependent upon how many institutions you know to keep you wise

Doing research is dependent upon how many friends you have in crisis to get work done

Doing research is dependent upon how much of workload you would take up in the country

Doing research is dependent upon how would you handle finance in country unknown to you

Doing research is dependent upon how much of energy reserves you would burn to be alive

Doing research is dependent upon how much of corrrespondence you are willing to take up

Doing research is dependent upon how many text data input of magazines, books etc you would

Doing research is dependent upon how much to read current affairs to keep yourself alive Intact

Doing research is dependent upon when travelling how many people you would take burden off

Doing research is dependent upon how you would handle public and media if you are stalwart

Thought of the day

Patience , hard work ,knowledge, wise decision making , networking , consultation, dependency

Eat food of the house and never spend food on hotels if you dont have money ( be a chef cook)

Rich people never eat outside , if at all they eat they eat just for a change

They consume food of the internet

They make dishes in plenty which is found only in internet

Ambience plays a dominant role in bringing changes to their mindset about food

They usually visit hotels to see how food has been presented to them

Eating food inside the house has its own way of letting out chef inside them

They are never lethargic and upgrade the hotel food inside the house

All items are not found in the hotel under one roof

But all items can be made and relished in the house if you are not lethargic

It is costly affair to cook inside the house if you want to eat nutritious food

Whereas mass sclae preparation cost of the outside food becomes cheap

Thousand dishes are not products made in the hotel , it is available only in home under one roof

Personally i suggest that the new trend to eating should be

Cook in the house and purchase items from outside , mix them up and eat lavishly inside the house

Thought of the day

All dishes which can be made through effort can be relished under one roof which is home