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Summer Internship Report 2017

Summer Internship Report

"A Study of Coverage Extension in
Pune City"

Under the Guidance of

Mr. Abhinav Shrivastava
Area Sales Executive
Wipro Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
(Consumer Care & Lighting Division)

Dr. Abhijeet Shivane

Prof. IMDR, Pune Submitted By
Shubhank Jain
Roll No. 14
Batch- 2016-2018
Summer Internship Report 2017

A Summer Internship is an invaluable opportunity for a student to understand
how organizations work, the processes that are involved as well as to learn the
working of a particular sector in an industry. One develops a perspective of the
particular functional area in which one is involved while working on the project.
My experience with Wipro consumer care & Lighting has broadened my insight
about how the FMCG industry functions in the real competitive world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Anthony D'souza(Area Sales
Manager-Wipro Consumer care & Lighting) who took keen interest in
designing this project and facilitating we students to get the feel of the Market
in real life which differs vastly from the management literature.

I am also very grateful to my Project Guide, Mr. Abhinav Shrivastava for being
a constant source of guidance throughout the tenure of this project. He has
always been patient, understanding and supportive of my initiatives. I appreciate
his efforts of making time from his busy schedule whenever I required

I would also like to thank the Professors of IMDR especially Dr. Abhijeet
Shivane and Dr. Giribala Dewasthale who have been very cooperative. Without
their contributions, this project would have been rather incomplete. I also thank
them profusely for laying trust in me that I can accomplish the given tasks as
they expected me to.
Summer Internship Report 2017

I have done my internship at Wipro Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. I worked in
Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCLG) division of Wipro. I had been
working in
Pune west and my work was basically in the area of Sales and Marketing.
In the starting phase of my internship I was allotted with project in which I was
supposed to work the name of the project was “VASCO" (Coverage Extension).

Wipro Consumer Care (WCCLG)

Founded in 1945 as a Vegetable Oil Company, Wipro Consumer Care &
Lighting is one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India. Sales revenue
grew from INR 3.04 Bn to INR 61 Bn + (USD 911 Mn) in 2016-17 growing 20
times in last 14 years. Sales Revenue for FY 16-17 stood at USD 911 Million.
International business contributes 51% of the revenue.

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has presence in 19 countries predominantly

in the Indian Sub-Continent, ASEAN & MENA regions. It has 15
manufacturing units in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and has
state of the art Research & Development and Innovation Centers in India and
Malaysia. The company has a talent base of over 10,000+ people from 15
different nationalities. Women employees constitute nearly 60% of the total
work force.

About the projects

I was asked to do the Coverage Extension where I was supposed to visit

Outlets which falls in the area assigned to me. Outlets are generally the grocery
stores which sell various Products of Wipro. As those outlets had the wide
variety of Wipro products;
marketing team had put up banners and boards on these outlets.
In the project I was given with the database of Wipro's existing
customer(shopkeepers) who are being served directly by the company's network
through sales persons called 'ISR' and I had to cross refer the shop in the
database and if not available I am responsible for that shop to be added in the
company's database.

Wipro has its well set market in grocery stores and modern trade in Pune
division. Management team have felt the gap between the existing customer
base and potential outlet which were there in the city. Currently Wipro is
Summer Internship Report 2017

servicing about 8500 outlets in Pune city and is willing to target about 12000
outlets which were there in the city(Data provided by market research
companies) and to compete with HUL directly as they are already serving about
12000 outlets.

-Targeting the pharmaceutical or medical stores

for the products like ‘Sweet n Healthy’- sugar substitute for diabetic/Health
conscious peoples, ‘Glucovita Bolts’- glucose tablets, ‘Chandrika’- an
ayurvedic soap, ‘Santoor hand wash’ etc.
I had been assigned a project where I needed to make sure that each and every
shop in the area is serviced by Wipro and products are available in these stores
in Pune area. I was instructed to visit each area at least thrice during my
internship period. It was a tough task to find new outlets and even harder to
convince them to try and ask them to sell Wipro's product.
the Wipro products in market are product of daily use as most of them are
substitute to their competitors. For instance, ‘Santoor hand wash’ as a substitute
to ‘Dettol’ and ‘Lifebuoy’ hand wash, ‘Sweet n Healthy’ to ‘Sugarfree’ and so
on and so forth. First and foremost job was to make the retailer believe that,
Wipro products has got saleability which was indeed a difficult task for which I
had been provided with weapons like higher retailer margin, additional primary
schemes, attractive display schemes etc. With the demand from consumers,
attractive margins and my persuasion skill , I was able to Find and Convert
150 new outlets during my internship period.

I was also asked to collect data like contact no, location on map, click photos of
the outlets who are already associated with Wipro.
To do the same, first I needed to make him/her aware about the attributes and
benefits of the product and then the discounts which he/she would be getting at
the time of purchase. It was more difficult when people are not aware about the
product as Santoor is Wipro's product along with other products. This helped
me to adapt better selling skills.

During my internship period, I realised some of the facts about Wipro products
and their perceived image in consumers’ minds. Most of the Wipro products
were launched under the name of Santoor and are substitutes to the products and
which were already present in the market and had captured a considerable
market share in respective categories.
Retailer to consumer movement of Wipro products apart from Santoor soap is
lesser as compared to their competitors.
I have come to the above conclusion on the basis of interaction which I had with
retailers as well as consumers.
Summer Internship Report 2017

This internship gave me the experience of corporate life. I have adapted many
skills like selling skills, communication skills, decision making and
negotiation skills.
It has made me a more patient person than what I was before. Overall it was an
experience to work with Wipro Enterprises.
Summer Internship Report 2017


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