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7 SECONDS Words and Music by CAMERON McVEY, NENEH CHERRY, JONATHAN SHARP and YOUSSOU N'DOUR Fem Fine Flovot Fv Fen Fame FHmof Fo 2 » & & & & & & a Fove Fo Foo Fem Flv Eg isa ea tka 2 a Bul ma seen ‘bul ma djiss ma. di renga fook nimann ——xa-muma__ i nce ka thi 2 Femiog Fmo len Fle Famvog Fam ak_ thi guinaw —Ba-gusma__ ume xool daal dine yaaw Linee-ka thi yaaw mo. (©1984 EME Virgin Mase Ld and EMI Music Publishing Ld Loon WC2H DEA, Copyright Conta %8 to Foot ovo tf a i é & BY rele Vor mooy—— di len ja - pa-le__—-No-thing can. move Fev Fev Fimo BO z fa We should be mov-ing fromthe ones who prac-tice wick-ed _charms_ for the son and the stone Fim Fave Famiog Fev badto the bone man isnote - vil ev - en when it’s born, ‘And when a child is born oh ay in-to this world it has____ no con-cept of the tone the skin is living in.. Its not a 2 te tee Famog ‘Male/Female Vox F hve ‘Amaj? ar ia Se-ven Se-conds a - way. justas Jong as 1 tee Iesnot a se-cond Se-ven Se-conds a - way just as long as I TH be wait Fao fim el Fame Féming Few Male Vox a Eg t& _—— SS = x SS Se as — Tas-su-me les rai - sons qui nous poussent de chan - ger tou ee 3 3 pag = ee oe Pe -. im Fv toot Fimo ti i aa > — es, i = ee Sa ES ‘J'si-me-rai qu’on ou-blie leur couleur pour quils es - per ent deses-pe - rent (Je veux que les portes soient ‘grandement ouvertes Fame SSeS Pour qu'ls puissent parler de ears peines de leurs joies Pour qu’on leur file des informations ‘chan - ger ‘qui ne devisent pas) a 101 chm toe amar SER = MatefFemate vox BE i — Se-ven Se-conds @ = way justas long as I stay TH be wait- tne oe ae ng ae Iesnot a se-cond Se-ven Se-onds @ - way justas long as I PL be wait ~ TI be wait 102 on , Fa ot i t une Female Vox ‘And when a child is born, in-to this world no con-cept of “the tone km 1g SB" MakeVor fe Female Vox a Male Vo = ees to tell. you what she should be think - ing so youber-ter so-ber up__ forjust a hm 103 am tne ama ‘Male/Female Vox te" E : ms Se-ven Se-conds a - way justas long as I stay. TM be wait ~ tev cfm tvs oe sg” a Iesnot a se-cond Se-ven Se-conds a - way justas long as T Amal? hove repeat ad lib. to fade Ies not a aan & Co. tad, Ama Bars Eg