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DHUMAL C/O- 6th Sense, B-503,

(91) 9527924778 near Manikbaug, Katraj,
Pune – 411 046,

Seeking a responsible job with an opportunity for professional challenges

• Experience of 3+ years in Server side test automation & Performance tesing in the
Telecom & Media/ISV Business Unit of Persistent Systems Ltd.
• Worked as Developer to design iOS apps using SWIFT
• Worked as Automation testing engineer to develop Java[Junit] based REST API test
automation frameworks
• Worked as Performance testing engineer to evaluate enterprise application using Jmeter
• Worked on database such as MySql (MariaDB), Solr & Cassandra
• Hands on knowledge of Selenium framework

Programming languages Java, SWIFT, C, Objective-C

Scripting languages Unix Shell, Perl

Database MySQL, MS-Access, Pig, Cassandra, SOLR

Operating systems Windows, UNIX, iOS

Area of interest Big data processing, Social data analysis , Mobile Application

Education Passing Institution University/ Percentage/CGPA
Year Board
M.E. Computer 2015 Sinhgad College of Engg. Pune Pune 8.12
B.E. (I.T.) 2012 S.V.P.Ms College of Engg. Pune 63%
Diploma (I.T.) 2009 Govt. Polytechnic, Pune Autonomous 79.03%
SSC 2006 Shri Vitthal Madhyamik Pune 87.86%
Vidyalaya, Baramati

Organization Persistent Systems Ltd (September 2015 - Present)
1 Project Title TravelBuddy [Post Training Project]
Duration 10-Dec-2015 to 17-Dec-2015
Role Developer
Platform / Skill set Windows/
Front End: HTML5, CSS, BootStrap.js
Back End: MySQL 5.0
Middleware: jQuery, JAX-RS
Scope of Project TravelBuddy is web application for booking tickets of bus and train online.
It provides all basic features of online travel ticket booking system along
with following unique features:
1. Single click to search to get information of bus & train for source and
2. “Via” facility to filter results according to intermediate stations.
1. Creating requirement and design specification documents.
2. Design web pages and implement business logic for “Book seat” module.
3. Creating RESTful services for database management.
2 Project Title NDN Media Mobile App (Video Player)
Duration 1-Jan-2016 to 15-May-2016
Role Developer
Platform / Skill set iOS / SWIFT, Objective-C
Scope of Project This project consists of developing SDK framework for digital content
publisher company INFORM Inc. Main concern behind developing SDK is
providing video content shared by their partners to different NEWS apps.

Developed SDK is integration point for embedding video widgets into iOS
apps and it provides following features:
1. Providing video widget with video controls and playlist
2. Showing content related ads with the help of analytics
1. Contributed in development of INFORM iOS SDK
2. Developing & enhancing INFORM demo app in SWIFT. Developed app is
used for testing of built SDK.
3. Performs unit testing on built INFORM SDK modules with the help of
provided test cases description.
4. Works with team for fixing bugs in demo app and SDK.
3 Project Title MobiTV (Multimedia application)
Duration 20-May-2016 to 26-Jan-2018
Role Automation Engineer
Platform / Skill set Windows/ Java, Junit
Database: MySQL, SOLR, Cassandra
Scope of Project MobiTV is a platform which manages & provides live as well as video on
demand contents to subscribed users over TV, mobile, tablets, etc.
Responsibilities 1. Creation of test automation frameworks which are responsible
testing REST API’s. Frameworks also provides facilities to:
interact with MySQL & Cassandra DBs,
SSH features
2. Prepare informative documents related automation frameworks
and future enhancements. Documentation helped deciding KT
plan and training new automation team members
3. Developed/proposed following “in-house” tools:
i. DBDebugger:
DBDebugger tool is developed considering purpose of
present meaningful snapshot of data created in MySQL
DB. Used by QA team for monitoring DB data while
testing REST API’s
ii. Test Function Automator:
To achieve code uniformity in automation framework in
very less time “Test Function Automator” has been
proposed. Prototype model has been developed using
JDT, CodeModel and WADL parser

4 Project Title Secure E-mail System

Duration 1-Feb-2018 to Present
Role Performance Testing Engineer
Platform / Skill set Windows, Linux/ Java, JMX, Shell scripting
Database: MariaDB
Scope of Project Secure Email System is a platform which provides environment to achieve
end-2-end secure mail flow for enterprises. With the help of encryption &
modular public key-based infrastructure it tackles historical issues arises
in sending data over e-mails safely.
Responsibilities 1. Identification of changes in product/release and respective
impact on core components.
2. Plan Performance testing activities. E.g. Performance/Load/Stress
3. Follow performance evaluation cycle:
Script execution,
CPU resource monitoring of components,
Result analysis & report writing
4. Enhancement/Development of new JMX/Shell scripts.

• Comprehensive problem solving abilities.
• Willingness to learn, team facilitator and hard worker.


• Sketch drawing.
• Reading books & novels.
• Numismatics

◼ Participated in college and school level painting & essay competition and received applauds.

◼ SEED ‘C’ certified with ‘A+’ grade

◼ GATE 2013 qualified