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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 137 E/225

(2003/C 137 E/254) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3544/02

by Pedro Aparicio Sánchez (PSE)
and Alejandro Cercas (PSE) to the Commission

(11 December 2002)

Subject: Discrimination against Spanish pensioners who were previously employed in Gibraltar

As the Commission is already aware, the British authorities seriously discriminate against pensioners of
Spanish nationality who were previously employed in Gibraltar. Since 1990, around 10 000 Spanish
citizens have been denied the statutory pension increases received by former colleagues still living in

In September 2001, in reply to Written Question E-2033/01 (1), the Commission stated that it was
examining the situation with regard to Community law and had asked the British authorities to provide
information. The answer concluded with the words: ‘The Commission will inform the Honourable Member
of any further action taken on the matter.’

As more than a year has passed with no sign of the information promised, the Commission is again
requested to state its position regarding this matter and the action it has taken to resolve the situation.

(1) OJ C 40 E, 14.2.2002, p. 151.

(2003/C 137 E/255) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3640/02

by Juan Ojeda Sanz (PPE-DE), Manuel Pérez Álvarez (PPE-DE)
and Roy Perry (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(17 December 2002)

Subject: Indexing of pensions in Gibraltar

On 3 July 2001 a question (P-1962/01 (1)) was put to the Commission concerning the pensions of
Spaniards who used to work in Gibraltar. According to the Asociación Linense de Pensionistas
Ex-trabajadores en Gibraltar (ALPEG) [an association representing pensioners who formerly worked in
Gibraltar], the value of those pensions has not been increased since 1990, a state of affairs which, under
Community law, constitutes discrimination on the grounds of place of residence. On 4 September 2001
Mrs Diamantopoulou replied on behalf of the Commission that the latter was considering the issue from
the point of view of Community law.

Have the UK authorities sent the Commission any further detailed information (as the Commission
requested) concerning the system for the indexing of pensions in Gibraltar?

What action is the Commission intending to take (or has it already taken)?

(1) OJ C 40 E, 14.2.2002, p. 150.

Joint answer
to Written Questions E-3544/02 and E-3640/02
given by Mrs Diamantopoulou on behalf of the Commission

(21 January 2003)

The questions raised concern the problem of retirement pensions payable by the Government of Gibraltar
not being increased or index-linked. The Honourable Members will recall that this matter was already the
subject of written questions, in response to which the Commission stated that it would obtain additional
information from the British authorities in this connection.