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Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

November: Priests’ Appreciation Dinner

The Month of Remembrance & Celebration of the
70 Anniversary of O.L.S. Parish
The month of November is dedicated to commemorating This Tuesday, Nov. 16th
our loved ones who have died in the Lord. The shrine of
St. Joseph in our church will be suitably decorated for the Mass at 6 pm
month of November. The Book of the Dead will be - followed by a brief reception
available to receive the names of our dearly departed. Dinner at 7:15 pm
Join us in honouring our parish priests - past and present
All Souls Day envelopes will be available throughout the
as we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Our Lady of
month of November for those who wish to have their loved
Sorrows Parish. So far, eleven priests have confirmed
ones remembered at the Eucharist.
their attendance: Rev. Peter Botman, Rev. Leo Burns,
Rev. Nino Cavoto, Rev. Edward Ewczynski, Rev. Ronald
Mass Intentions This Week Krafchik, Rev. Evain Marchand, Rev. John Newton, Msgr.
Mariano Polito, Msgr. Kenneth Robitaille, Rev. Edward
November 15th - 21st
J. Smith, Rev. Charles Van Item & Rev. John Vetere.
Please join us as we pray for the following,
in our “Announced Mass” Intentions Tickets: $35 per person - available from parish office.
Reservations can be made for tables of 6.
Mon.:(9 am) +Larry Crooks - Parents Volunteers Needed: Volunteers are needed (5-10 pm) to:
Tues.:(9 am) +Kathleen Ponesse - Stephen Ponesse serve at the buffet table, clear tables and assist with clean
Wed.:(9 am) +Charles Moreland - Maureen Riley & Family up in the kitchen. High School students looking to fulfill
Thurs.:(9 am) +Mrs. Mulligan - Family volunteer hours are also welcome.
Fri.:( 9 am) +John & Walter Koperwas - Family If you can offer your time to help make this event a
Sat.:(9 am) +Mel Mason - Taggart Family success, please leave your name and phone number with
(5:15 pm) For our Parishioners the parish office.
Sun.:(8:15 am) Intentions: Victor Costa - Mother
(9:30 am) +Maria Medal - Family
(11:00 am) +Vladimir Berlot: Family
Catholic Missions in Canada
(12:30 pm) +Stanley Jablonski - Family
Guest Speaker Next Weekend

Shepherds’ Trust Collection For over 100 years, Catholic Missions In Canada has
provided support to Catholic missionaries serving
This Weekend - November 13th / 14th throughout Canada. The mission? To extend the
Thank you for your generosity towards our retired blessings of the Catholic faith throughout our nation’s 28
priests. mission dioceses unable to financially support their local
church ministries. The Most Rev. Gary Gordon, Bishop
of Whitehorse, will be visiting our parish and speaking at
Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons the Saturday, November 20th, 9:00 am and 5:15 pm
Continue in the Parish Hall Masses, and all the Masses on November 21st, 2010.
Please be sure to come to find out more about the work of
Wednesdays: 7:30 - 8:30 pm Canada’s missionaries and to pick-up an information
No Partners Needed! package at the entrances of the church. To receive a free
Single class Drop-In: $15 magazine and a 2011 calendar (while quantities last), call
Proceeds to ShareLife. 416-934-3424 or visit!
November 14, 2010

Preparing for the Win Great Prizes!

Sacrament of Reconciliation It is time once again for the Friars’ Student Writing
Award. Students aged 14-18 are invited to write a 500-
word essay on the theme for the Week of Prayer for
Parents of children who have been registered with Our Christian Unity, celebrated January 23-30, 2011: “One in
Lady of Sorrows Church to prepare for First Communion the Apostles’ Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread
must attend a meeting to receive resources and discuss the and Prayer.” (cf. Acts 2:42) First prize is an iPod touch
preparation for the celebration of reconciliation (32GB), second prize is an iPod nano (16GB) and third-
(confession). sixth prizes are a one-year subscription to The Catholic
Register and other prizes. Essays will be published in the
Parent Meetings: Catholic Register. Deadline for entries is: January 12th,
We ask that only parents attend this meeting, 2011. Email your essay to; or
(approximately 90 minutes). You are required to attend FAX it to 416-934-2409. For further information call:
only one meeting, so please choose the one which is most 416-934-3400 x 344 or 416-934-2410 x 407. Don’t miss
convenient for your family: this opportunity!
Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at 2:00 pm
Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 7:30 pm Bazaar - Thank You!
The C.W.L. thanks all parishioners for their support.
Approximately $8,000 was raised for charities.
Preparing for Confirmation
Registration - Nov. 20 th / 21st CWL Daylight Retreat
After all Sunday liturgies on the weekend of November Sunday, December 5th
20th / 21st (Saturday evening and Sunday morning), a
Registration Desk will be set up in the Parish Hall for the
CWL members are invited to join us for our annual
Confirmation Preparation Program.
retreat. There will be a catered luncheon following 12:30
Please bring: pm Mass. Please call Marguerite Doran: 416-231-5446
- the completed Registration form, to reserve your seat in advance. Tickets are $15 and will
- a legible photocopy of the candidate’s Baptismal be paid at the door. Please note: Advanced Reservation
Certificate is required for this event.
- the $10.00 gown rental fee
(please indicate your child’s height on the form)
Hawthorn School For Girls
Confirmation Sponsor:
Open House - preschool to Gr. 12 - Thurs., Nov. 19th from
The registration form asks for the name of the Sponsor.
10-11:30 am - or 416-444-
The Sponsor must be:
- a baptized, confirmed and practicing Catholic
- aged 16 or older, male or female.
If you are unable to attend the weekend registration, we ask Religious Vocation
you to bring the completed form and rental fee to the office Discernment Weekend
no later than December 1st.
This weekend given by a team of Sisters of St. Joseph on
All Day Confessions November 26th - 28th is for young women who are
discerning a possible vocation to Religious Life. Contact
Saturday, December 11th - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Sr. Dorothy at 416-927-0720 or