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In Focus - Invest in top 100 Mcap stock… In Focus

Top 100 Stocks

2 ETFs that represent the 100
largest companies weighted…

CAGR Min. Amount

10.48% ₹ 666

All Weather Investing

Build recession proof wealth with
an intelligent portfolio of equity,
gold & fixed income ETFs

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ICICI Prudential ETF …

Long term ETF portfolios, created by
ICICI Prudential AMC
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Ideal for New Invest…

smallcases for new investors to start
their wealth creation journey
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Smart Beta
Large-cap focused strategies with an
objective to beat market
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ETF smallcases
Model portfolios built using exchange
traded funds (ETFs)
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Budget 2019
smallcases expected to benefit from
the policies announced in budget
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Long Term
Broader macro and sectoral trends
that will have significant future…
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Dividend & Income

Income strategies based on dividends
and fundamentals
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Sector Trackers
smallcases that take sector-specific
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Government Reforms
Government policies & projects that
will drive reforms in coming years
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Growth Investing
smallcases that screen for high growth
companies, perfect for capital…
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Value Investing
Strategies based on fundamentals of
value investing approach
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