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Global Reference Guide for NTT DATA Service Employees

December 31,2018

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Catalys Learning Management System
Career Development
Changing Portal ID Password
Compliance Training
Human Resources
IT Services
Marketing Materials
Talent Acquisition
Time, Expense, Travel

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Human Capital
Human Resources Human Resources – E.U.
Em ployee Review Employee Handbook Please review the Employee Handbook w ithin 30 GDPR (E.U.) If you have any questions about Employee
Handbook-HR days of hire. NTT DATA Services Employee Data Protection.
Data Protection Notice
Em ploym ent Submit requests to: All requests for Employment Verification should be
Verifications Ask HR directed to Ask HR. Please submit to Employee
Lifecycle; Employment Verification.
Human Resources – U.S.
Hum an Capital Human Capital Portal found on Provides easy access to the Employee Handbook,
Portal MyHub Company Holidays, Payroll Calendars, Benefits Hum an Resources NDFS contact HR contacts for Federal NDFS and
Information, Peer Recognition, and much more. (U.S. Federal) NDFG team members only
HR Questions Ask HR HR related questions for all team members. Submit NDFG contact
a ticket through Ask HR, NTT DATA Services HR
ticketing tool. In some countries you w ill submit m
payroll or benefit related queries elsew here. Please
refer to those sections or ask your Manager if you HR Operations (U.S. Ask HR HR related questions for all team
are unclear. – Non Federal) Call:+1.855.NA.HRO members. Submit a ticket through Ask
Im m igration Global Mobility and Immigration NTT DATA Services immigration related questions PS/1.855.624.7677 HR, NTT DATA Services HR ticketing
Immigrations.Support@nttdata.c and policies Fax:
tool. If for some reason you cannot
+ /
om submit a ticket via Ask HR you can
VoIP: 8.101.11601
call the number provided.

New Em ployee Global NEO Program On this site, you’ll find a complete overview of the
Orientation benefits and resources available to NTT DATA
Program Service team members, including individual
programs for countries or entities in North America.

Perform ance Performance Management Information about Performance Management, setting

Managem ent Portal goals and adjectives

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Benefits & Payroll
Benefits Payroll
401K (U.S. w U.S. Retirement Plan enrollment, eligibility, Direct Deposit Navigator Many countries can enroll in or make changes to direct
Retirem ent 800.421.3844 contributions, and changes. “Personal” Tab deposit banking information in Navigator. In EMEA and
Plan) Terminated or Beneficiary: Latin America please submit an Ask HR ticket.
855.624.7677 Costa Rica Payroll Form
Benefits Benefits Tile w ithin Navigator Team Members can review and enroll in global Payroll Calendars Global Payroll Calendars The Payroll department manages the entire organization’s
and country specific Benefits. pay distribution process to team members. They are also
responsible for ensuring the accuracy of year-end
Benefits BenefitFocus – U.S. Only Employees in the United States should contact Rest of World India: For most countries, please submit an Ask HR ticket for
Questions 855.753.2805 BenefitFocus for questions related to Medical, Payroll Payroll Ticketing Tool. payroll issues, how ever in India please submit Payroll
NTTUSBenefits@Benefitfocus Dental and Vision Plans, Health Savings All other APAC countries: inquires and issues to the Payroll Ticketing Tool.
.com Account (HSA), eligibility and enrollment. All Ask HR
Rest of World: other countries should submit an ASK HR ticket U.S. and Canada ADP Hotline: 1-833 PAY-NTTD or Any U.S. or Canada payroll related questions.
ASK HR Payroll 1-833-729-6883
Em ployee Employee Assistance Provides information, guidance and support to
Assistance Program help you and your family reach your personal and U.S. Pay MY ADP You w ill need to register for ADP Statements follow ing
Program (EAP) 1.877.557.7874 professional goals, manage daily stresses and Statem ents these instructions.
develop fulfilling relationships. History
Ergonom ics Ergonomics Program Information and training on ergonomics and U.S. W-4 W-4 and State Tax Forms All taxes need to be updated through the Tax Withholding
Program safety at NTT DATA Services. Inform ation (State Section in MyPayroll, w hich is found in Navigator.
& Federal
w ithholding) If the system does not allow you to update a tax area,
Holiday Global Holidays Time off is an important benefit offered to NTT
complete a paper copy of the appropriate tax form and
Calendars DATA Services employees. It’s our policy to
either fax it to 866-616-5055 or e-mail it to
observe public holidays according to local
Rew ards and STARS- Rew ards and “STARS” is our rew ards and recognition program.
Recognition Recognition Currently Peer to Peer recognition is available Incomplete tax forms w ill have payroll impacts, please
submit initial New Hire tax forms and future changes
tile is located w ithin Navigator globally.
Workers Workers Compensation Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI)
Com pensation Program provides benefits to those employees
w ho suffer injuries or illnesses w hich are
determined to have originated in the w orkplace.

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Time, Expense, Procurement, and Travel
Time & Expense Travel and Administrative Services

Tim e & Depending on your country or region you w ill Corporate Credit American Express Corporate Card Team members w ho travel on Company business tw ice
Expense Time & Expense Tools enter time & expenses in SAP, Replicon Card Application Process yearly or more must apply for the Company issued
Tools Time and Expense (U.S. and/or Concur. Speak w ith your manager if Amex Corporate Card in countries w here it is available.
• The Amex Corporate Card must be used for travel
Federal) you are unsure w hich tool to use. Global Travel and Expense Policy reservations and business-related expenses in
accordance with the Global Travel and Expense
For those w orking for Federal NDFS and Policy.
• Team members using the Amex Corporate Card for
NDF, time is entered in Deltek.
personal charges may be subject to disciplinary action
SAP, Ariba Synergy Platform Learning Synergy Platform SAP, Ariba and Concur up to and including termination.
and Concur Training Catalogue, including time Entry & • Cash advances are not an available option under the
Training Approval, Travel & Expenses and Program.
Procurement To apply for the Corporate Card: Obtain an email
approval from your manager, forw ard the approval
Replicon Replicon Training Please refer to the country list posted on the
email to, and indicate the
Training training site or speak w ith your manager if
country you are located in, unless in India then send to
you are unsure w hich tool to us.
Business Card Business Card Request and Please follow the process for ordering stationery and
Request & Stationery Ordering Process NTT DATA Services business cards, unless in APAC
Ordering and then please submit via ASK HR.
Finance Portal Finance Portal Instructions and information to apply for a Corporate
American Express Card, Concur account for booking
travel, rental car program, and learn about the T&E
policy requirements.
Global Travel Global Travel Services Global Travel Services provides country specific
Services information on Travel Reservation and Corporate
American Express Card Services; as w ell as General
Facilities Management and support.

Travel Insurance Business Travel Accident Information about NTT DATA Services Business Travel
Insurance Accident Insurance program and benefits

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Catalys Learning, Compliance, and Career Development
Employee Training Courses Employee Self-Service Tools (Navigator)

Global Code of New Hire Compliance Please complete the Global Code of Business Navigator Navigator NTT DATA Services’ state-of-art cloud-based
Business Trainings Conduct and the Information Security Training platform for all of our human capital needs;
Conduct and Code of Business Conduct courses w ithin 30 days of hire. This is a yearly Navigator w ill continue to evolve, w ith new
Inform ation requirement for every NTT DATA Services functionality added as needed.
Security Information Security team member.
Training Benefit Navigator- Global Benefits Tile Employee Self-Service tool for benefits enrollment
Managem ent Management Tools & This global course is a mandatory, annual Enrollm ent and changes, as w ell as dependent information.
Tools & Processes Training requirement for People Care Leaders (Grade 8
Process – 13) and focuses on the Employee Life cycle – Direct Deposit Navigator- “Personal You can enroll and make changes to your direct
Com pliance How to Hire, Manage, and Grow your team Change Information” Tab deposit information. Any change in Routing or Bank
Training members at NTT DATA Services. This course Account numbers w ill cause your next check to be a
should be completed w ithin 30 days of joining live check for one to tw o pay periods w hile the bank
NTT DATA Services. information is verified by the bank.

HIPAA Privacy HIPAA Privacy and Security The HIPAA Privacy & Security Training is
& Security Training required for all ICS, BPO other team members Em ergency Navigator- “Personal” Tab All team members w ill need to enter this information.
Training supporting healthcare clients. Please complete Contact
this training w ithin 30 days of joining. If you Update/Change Navigator- “Personal” Tab Team Members must enter these changes into
have any questions on the HIPAA Compliance Address, Phone Navigator.
Training program, please Num ber and
contact other personal
CATALYS - LMS Tool Regardless of your location or business unit, inform ation
Learning this is your single source for accessing all
Managem ent training related activities in NTT DATA Navigator Skills Navigator Skills Navigator Skills Profile w hich includes 1) self -
System Services. Profile Profile (eLearning) assessment of your skills 2) updating current resume
in the NTT DATA Services standard template.
All team members are required to complete Navigator Skills Program Tool Completing the Navigator Skills Profile is mandatory
minimum learning and development hours Guide for all team members w ithin 30 days of joining.
during each fiscal year. Sign on to find out how
many hours is required based on your role.

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Marketing and Talent Acquisition
NTT DATA Services Marketing Materials Talent Acquisition

My Hub NTT DATA Services My Hub The NTT DATA Services My Hub Portal is our internal Internal Job iCIMS/Fieldglass NTT DATA Services Job and Skills
main source of new s and information about the and Skill Management tool and Contingent Labor
company, benefits, time and expense reporting, Managem ent Hiring.
w ebmail, travel and much more.
Subm itting Global Employee Referral Building a global high performing w orkforce
NTT DATA NTT DATA Services America's Main company w ebsite on the internet. Em ployee Program is vital to NTT DATA Services, Inc. Partner
Services Website Referrals w ith the Talent Acquisition team to bring
Am erica’s top talent into our company.
Corporate Social Corporate Social Responsibility NTT DATA Services has a long-standing commitment
Responsibility (CSR) Program to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that
Email: are helping solve human, social and environmental
NTT.DATA.Corporate.Social.Res challenges around the w orld. This includes Global Volunteer w eek.

Visit the YourCause Community w ebsite and Volunteer

YourCause YourCause User Guide to create volunteer events, track
participation, and search nonprofit organizations for
Em ployee volunteer opportunities close to home or w ork.
Groups (ERG) Email: Form or join Employee Recourse Group w ho join
together in the w orkplace based on shared interests or
life experiences to promote diversity and inclusion
activities that align w ith NTT DATA Services’ mission,
values, goals, and business practices.

Charitable Charitable Giving Request All requests for charitable contributions must be
Giving Process review ed by the Global CSR Council before payment
can be made to the organization.

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IT Services, Remedy Requests & How to Change Password
Information Technology
IT Portal Page IT Main Page in the Portal Corp IT Service Desk provides a Single Point SUBMIT AN IT SERVICE REQUEST: If you need IT software
of Contact between a company's customers,
team members and business partners.
installation/ permissions granted or hardware to be ordered
The IT support line is available Monday-Friday, • Steps to enter in an IT Service Request (“Remedy Request”)
CORP IT Email:
Service Desk 24 hours per day 7 days a week. • Under the “My Links” menu on the portal IT Support
Call: » Note: The tool will require you to login again using your same
888-532-6021 (Opt #1) Portal ID and Password
IT Service Service Request to the Submit a ticket if you need software • Select the appropriate category/ reason for assistance from the left-hand side
Requests Service Desk installation/ permissions granted, facing any • Begin to populate the Remedy Ticket with your information- then click Submit
system issues, or need hardware to be to route for approvals.
ordered. • Email if you have any questions
IT How-To IT How-To Guides NTT DATA Services IT How-to guide center,
Guides includes guides on AirWatch, Cisco WebEx,
Lync, Mobile Apps, Outlook, Remedy, and

How to Change Password on the

NTT DATA Services MyHub Portal: 1

•Log into the NTT DATA Services

My Hub Portal
•Select Tools for the Job
Corporate IT  Reset Your
Password 3

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Frequently Used HR Terminology

• ADP iPay - Employee Self Service online payroll statements • EAP - Employee Assistance Program. EAP Work/Life is a life • HCM – Human Capital Management. The SAP Module that
• AD&D - Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and wellness resource source for team members and their houses team member personal and personnel data. Also the
family members to access regarding personal concerns privately name of the NTT DATA Services Human Resources
• America Free Trade Zone - amenities located within the
and effectively before they become overwhelming and impact organization.
campus of the Costa Rica Development Center
your job performance or quality of life. • High Deductible Medical Plan - A high-deductible health plan
• BU - Business Unit
• Eligibility Date - The date an individual and/or dependents (HDHP) is a health insurance plan with lower premiums and
• Business Trav el Insurance – coverage while traveling on
become eligible for benefits under an team member benefit plan. higher deductibles than a traditional health plan. Being covered
Company business. Does not include your commute to and from
• Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - The EOB is a statement the by an HDHP is also a requirement for having a health savings
health plan sends to members listing services they received, the account
• CATALYS - NTT DATA Services’ Learning Management amount billed by their provider (doctor, hospital or other health • HLM - Hard Line Manager
System (LMS), serving as your single source for accessing all care professional), and the amount paid or denied by the health • HRBP -Human Resources Business Partner
training related activities. plan. It is not a bill, but an EOB will include information about • HR Solutions Center - (also referred to as HR Solutions Line)
• Claim - A claim is information that a provider submits to the any amount that the member is responsible to pay to the HR Team dedicated to assisting team members with HR inquires
health plan about covered services provided to a member. A provider. and issues. Requests can be submitted through Ask HR in
claim may also be submitted to the health plan by an team • FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. A United States Navigator or by phone 1-855.NA.HROPS (855-624-7677).
member if they pays out-of-pocket for covered services and is federal law requiring covered employers to provide team
entitled to reimbursement. • HSA - Health Savings Account. An HSA Plan is a savings
member’s job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical
• Cost Center – Cost centers (CCs) are an organizational unit account, created through a health insurance company with pre -
and family reasons.
tax dollars which are set aside for medical costs.
used within SAP where costs are incurred. Cost centers are • FSA- Flexible Spending Account. A Flexible Spending Account
organized within profit centers by type, department, company, • iCIMS - Internal resource management site for job requisitions.
(FSA) allows you to use tax-free dollars to pay for certain
and variant. medical and/or dependent care expenses. There are two types • InfoSec – Information Security
• COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. of FSAs: a Medical FSA (for eligible medical services provided • 401(k) - The 401(k) account is the common name in the United
Passed by Congress in 1985 as a means for individuals to to you, your spouse or your dependent) and a Dependent Care States for the tax qualified defined contribution pension plan.
continue health insurance coverage for a period of time after FSA (for eligible dependent care expenses. Contributions are "tax-deferred" up to annual contribution limits,
losing group coverage due to termination of employment. and deducted from paychecks before taxes and then taxed
• GDPR- The General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
• Coinsurance - A fixed percentage of covered medical charges when a withdrawal is made from the 401(k) account.
2016/679 ("GDPR") is a regulation in EU law on data protection
that you may be responsible for paying. The coinsurance and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) • LMS - Learning Management System. LMS is your single source
amount will be specified in your Benefit Summary for each plan. and the European Economic Area (EEA). for accessing all training related activities in NTT DATA Services
An example of coinsurance could be that your health plan Americas.
• GEMS - Guided Education Modules. These are found on the
covers 90% of covered medical charges and you are • LOA - Leave of Absence (i.e. short-term disability, long-term
Learning Management System (LMS).
responsible for the remaining 10%. disability)
• Grade - The grade is generally defined by the level of the
• Concur – Platform used by some team members and managers • LTD - Long Term Disability. LTD is an insurance policy that
responsibilities performed within the job description of the
for Travel and Expense reporting and management position. protects an team member from loss of income in the event that
• Co-payment - A fixed amount that you pay each time you he or she is unable to work due to illness, injury, or accident for
• GRM – Global Resource Management. A team focused on
receive a covered service, such as a doctor's office visit. a long period of time. LTD claims must be submitted and
resource management of the delivery organization by matching
• Deductible - A set amount of money that an team member is approved prior to any income being paid.
resource supply with client demands.
responsible for each year for certain kinds of medical services.
Once the yearly deductible is paid in full, you may be covered
for those services for the rest of the year, or need to pay co -
payments or coinsurance.

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Frequently Used HR Terminology Continued

• Nav igator - Navigator is NTT DATA Services’ state-of-art cloud-based platform for all of our human capital • Replicon – Time Management Tool used by some team members and managers for Payroll, Project costs,
needs, giving team members the tools they need to manage their own careers. Navigator will continue to Leave Management, and Expense Management
evolve, with new functionality added as needed. • RU - Reporting Unit
• NCore - NTT DATA Services’ Collaborate Process Repository for Process Management Group projects • Skillport - NTT DATA Services’ licensed virtual learning system that utilizes courseware from SkillSoft.
• Open Enrollment - Annual period during which team members can make changes to existing benefit plans • STARS - NTT DATA Services’ new Rewards and Recognition Program located within Navigator. Currently
or can enroll in new coverage. Peer to Peer recognition is available globally. Eligible team members can earn points to shop in an online
• Org – Organization store.
• PMG - Process Management Group • STD - Short Term Disability. STD is a type of insurance that pays a percentage of an team member’s
• PO Number – Purchase Order number salary for a specified amount of time, if they are ill or injured, and cannot perform the duties of their job.
• Portal - single point of access for NTT DATA Services team members to information about the company, STD claims must be submitted and approved prior to any income being paid.
benefits, training and self-service tools. • SQA – Software Quality Assurance. An independent team which works for the quality assurance of
assigned projects.
• Portal ID or PID - your unique NTT DATA Services systems access number
• Synergy SAP – Platform used by some team members and managers for Time Entry and Approval, Travel
• PR Number – Purchase Requisition Number
and Expense reporting, Time Administration, and Time Reporting.
• Premium - The biweekly or monthly cost of your insurance. NTT DATA Services’ health insurances
premiums are paid for 26 payroll periods. • Vesting - The “vested” portion of your 401(k) account is the part that belongs to you and cannot be
forfeited if you leave your job.
• QMS – Quality Management System
• WBS – Work Breakdown Structure used for capturing project costs in NTT DATA Services systems
• QTE - Qualified Transportation Expense. Allows you to have a certain amount of money deducted from
your paycheck, before any taxes are calculated, to pay for qualified commuting expenses. • Webmail - team member’s company email accessible via the NTT DATA Services portal.
• Wellness Benefits - discount and incentive programs for fitness and wellness available for team members
enrolled in medical plans. Incentives are offered through our health care provider.

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