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C 272 E/16 Official Journal of the European Union EN 13.11.


Monday 2 September 2002

At this trialogue, held on 19 July 2002, the two arms of the budgetary authority authorised the transfer in
part, in accordance with the following breakdown:


Chapter B7-91  Emergency aid reserve

 Article B7-910  Emergency aid reserve CA − 65 000 000 EUR
PA − 33 000 000 EUR


Chapter B7-21  Humanitarian aid

 Article B7-210  Aid, including emergency food aid, to help the populations of
the developing countries and other third countries hit by disasters or serious
crises CA 65 000 000 EUR
PA 33 000 000 EUR

With regard to the EUR 65 million in commitment appropriations, the two arms of the budgetary auth-
ority agreed the following geographical distribution:

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran: EUR 25 million,

Middle East: EUR 10 million,
Southern Africa: EUR 30 million.

11. Petitions
Pursuant to Rule 174(5), the President had forwarded to the Committee on Petitions the following peti-
tions which had been entered in the register on the dates shown below:

11 July 2002

by Suomen Luonnosuojeluliitto ry (No 873/2002);

by Mr Panayotis Limperopoulos (No 874/2002);
by Mr Apostolos Efthimiou (No 875/2002);
by Mr Theodoros Papoulakos (Universal Council of the Hellenism Diasporas) (and 13 signatories) (No 876/
by Mr Nikiforos Byron Kampas (Association de Citoyens de Goumenissa) (and 2 signatories) (No 877/
by Mr Angelos Georgakopoulos (No 878/2002);
by Mr Anastassios Marinos (Le Saint Synode de l’Église Grecque) (No 879/2002);
by Mr Jesús Fernández Reigadas (No 880/2002);
by Mrs Ana Palacín Higuera (No 881/2002);
by Mr Joan Saura Laporta (Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds) (and 771 signatories) (No 882/2002);
by Mr Ignacio Arias Díaz (Junta General del Principado de Asturias) (No 883/2002);
by Mr Luis Guridi Bernardo (Federación Estatal de Profesores de Enseñanza Religiosa) (No 884/2002);
by Mr Manuel Iglesias Rey (No 885/2002);
by Mr Jose Teodoro Molina Gonzalez (Asociacion de Vecinos ‘El Lagar’) (No 886/2002);
by Mr Yvon Ruellan (and 2 signatories) (No 887/2002);
by Mr Patrick Avril (and 37 signatories) (No 888/2002);
by Mrs Nancy Delay (No 889/2002);
by Mr Jean Pierre Jamet (and 2 signatories) (No 890/2002);
by Mrs Christine Lesgardeur (and 6 426 signatories) (No 891/2002);
by Mr Olivier Paulot (No 892/2002);
by Mr Mario Dumini (and 100 signatories) (No 893/2002);
by Mr Franco Melloni (No 894/2002);
by Mr Umberto Lamagni (No 895/2002);
by Mr Gianni Chiappini (No 896/2002);
by Mr Alberto Arcangeli (No 897/2002);
by Mr Fabio Candalino (No 898/2002);
13.11.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 272 E/17

Monday 2 September 2002

by Mr Franco Bampi (Movimento Indipendentista Ligure) (No 899/2002);

by Daniele Bellu (Gruppo ‘Atlanta 2000’) (No 900/2002);
by Antonio Rodrigues da Silva (No 901/2002);
by Mr W. Kidciak (No 902/2002);
by Mr Lother Kalweit (No 903/2002);
by Mr Josef Gruber (No 904/2002);
by Mr Ismail Inci (No 905/2002);
by Mr Cengiz Duran (No 906/2002);
by Mr Dieter Enger (No 907/2002);
by Mr Michael Kirschner (No 908/2002);
by Mr Jürgen Hering (No 909/2002);
by Mr Dieter Chrobaczek (No 910/2002);
by Mrs Satu Huuha (No 911/2002);
by Mr George Miley (European Campaign for Freedom of Television Reception) (No 912/2002);
by Mr Jeremy Wolstenholme (No 913/2002);
by Mr William Perry (No 914/2002);
by Mr Graham Bathurst (No 915/2002);
by Mr Christos Papadimitriou (No 916/2002);
by Mr Peter Adamson (No 917/2002);
by Mr Denis O’Sullivan (No 918/2002);
by Mr David Roitman (No 919/2002);
by Mr Leslie Clyne (Oxfordshire Palestine-Israel Socialist Solidarity Group) (No 920/2002);
by Mr Mehrdad Beiramzadeh (No 921/2002);
by Mr Andreas Wähle (No 922/2002);
by Mrs Regina Lammer (No 923/2002);
by Mr Margret and Jürgen Grabke (No 924/2002);
by Mr Martin Franitza (No 925/2002);
by Mr Börje Lindén (No 926/2002);
by Mr Panagiotis Tzannes (No 927/2002);
by Mrs Morgana Calogera (London Borough of Southwark) (No 928/2002);

29 July 2002

by Mr Simon Butler (No 929/2002);

by Mrs Maria Hortatou (Association d’Agents Contractuels OPAP AE) (and 2 signatories) (No 930/2002);
by Mr Georgios Ntekas (No 931/2002);
by Mr Dimitrios Karayannis (Association de l’Union des Médecins des Hôpitaux et des Centres de Santé)
(No 932/2002);
by Mr Nicolaos Stefanis (Association Ikologiki Paremvasi Ptolemaidas) (No 933/2002);
by Mr Antonio González Santana (and 115 signatories) (No 934/2002);
by Mr Adolfo Barrena Salces (Izquierda Unida de Aragón) (No 935/2002);
by Mr Vicente Miguel Hernánez Cano (No 936/2002);
by Mr Jorge Garcia Durante (and 13 signatories) (No 937/2002);
by Mr José Antonio Corte González (No 938/2002);
by Mr Jesus Fernandez Reigadas (No 939/2002);
by Mr Daniel Luttringer Brand (Asociación ‘Escuela del Gato Libre’) (and 1 signature) (No 940/2002);
by Mr Antonio Recio Perez (No 941/2002);
by Mrs Alicia de la Fuente Herce (No 942/2002);
by Mr Miguel Flores Pintado (No 943/2002);
by Mrs Sandra Gallego Chiquillo (No 944/2002);
by Mr Jose Luis Sanz Santolaria (No 945/2002);
by Mrs Ana Maria Sanchez Sanchez (No 946/2002);
by Mr Jean Mortes (No 947/2002);
by Mrs Rina Rakotoarinaivo (and 394 signatories) (No 948/2002);
by Mr James Carreyre (Groupe Anti Racket Fiscal) (No 949/2002);
by Mr Jean-Pierre Morlin (Organisation des Transports Routiers Européens) (No 950/2002);
by Mrs Mireille Plat (No 951/2002);
C 272 E/18 Official Journal of the European Union EN 13.11.2003

Monday 2 September 2002

by Mrs Diaphara Diallo-Gibert (Just Justice for Mumia) (No 952/2002);

by Mr Yvon Luby (No 953/2002);
by Mr Luigi Franzoi (Associazione Amici del Madagascar) (and 88 signatories) (No 954/2002);
by Mrs Maria Cannavacciolo (and 8 signatories) (No 955/2002);
by Mr Sergio Petirossi (No 956/2002);
by Mr Massimo Converso (Associazione Opera Nomadi) (No 957/2002);
by Mr Alfonso Ghezzi (Comitato pro Schiesone) (No 958/2002);
by Mr Bruno Marin (No 959/2002);
by Mr Franco Odasso (No 960/2002);
by Mr Joaquim Fernando Parra Pereira Marujo (No 961/2002);
by Mr João Simas (No 962/2002);

20 August 2002

by Mr Lars Beyer (No 963/2002);

by Mr Edgard Krebs (No 964/2002);
by Mrs Petra Nieberle (No 965/2002);
by Mr Sigurd Vent (No 966/2002);
by Mr Wolfgang Kall (No 967/2002);
by Mrs Johanna Lautenschläger (Bürgerinitiative Abwasser) (and 3 signatories) (No 968/2002);
by Mr Heinz Holtmann (No 969/2002);
by Mrs Loretta Grego-Burkhardt (Anwaltskanzlei Grego-Burkhardt & Coll) (No 970/2002);
by Mrs Loretta Grego-Burkhardt (Anwaltskanzlei Grego-Burkhardt & Coll) (No 971/2002);
by Claudia and Dirk Reese-Lotz (No 972/2002);
by Mr Ulrich Horvath (No 973/2002);
by Mr Andreas Weichert (No 974/2002);
by Mrs Martina Dewald (No 975/2002);
by Mr Hans Gerhard Varbelow (No 976/2002);
by Mr Gerhard Hastik (No 977/2002);
by Mr René Jelinek (No 978/2002);
by Mr Reiner Kohns (No 979/2002);
by Mr Falk Anegg (No 980/2002);
by Mr Klaus Samer (No 981/2002);
by Mr Klaus Samer (No 982/2002);
by Mrs Brigitte Bondel (Bürgerinitiative Mobilfunk Wendlingen) (and 3 signatories) (No 983/2002);
by Mrs Bärbel Kubitz (No 984/2002);
by Bärbel and Uwe Kubitz (No 985/2002);
by Mr Rudolf Urbahn (No 986/2002);
by Elke and Hans Daßau (No 987/2002);
by Mr David May (No 988/2002);
by Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektrowaffen (No 989/2002);
by Mr Jan Wesemann (No 990/2002);
by Mrs Jacqueline Mathieu (Collectif Unitaire National de Soutien à Mumia Abu-Jamal) (No 991/2002);
by Mrs Wilma Tait (No 992/2002);
by Mr Mahmoud Gazvini (The Federation for Iranian Refugees and Immigrants in Denmark)
(and 2 signatories) (No 993/2002);
by Mrs Jenette Petitt (The All Party Action Group) (No 994/2002);
by Mr Stylianos Zambetakis (Union of Coastal Passenger Ship’s Owners) (and 2 signatories)
(No 995/2002);
by Mrs Mieda Pavier (No 996/2002);
by Mr Chan Suen Weng (No 997/2002);
by Mr Jean-Michel Piedagnel (Médecins Sans Frontières) (and 400 signatories) (No 998/2002);
by Mrs Luisa Pellagrino (No 999/2002);
by Naturewatch (and 112 signatories) (No 1000/2002);
by Mrs Maria Ammaraal (No 1001/2002);
by Mr Ricardo Maragna (No 1002/2002);
13.11.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 272 E/19

Monday 2 September 2002

by Mr Michael Sims (No 1003/2002);

by Mr Richard Bradford (No 1004/2002);
by Mr Thomas Brady (No 1005/2002);
by Mrs Christiane van der Spek-de Maerschalck (No 1006/2002);
by Mr Jan Rörvall (No 1007/2002);
by Mr Andrew Miles (No 1008/2002);
by Mr Stefan Sundqwist (CFA) (No 1009/2002);
by Mrs Norma Procter (Community Concern) (and 1 156 signatories) (No 1010/2002);
by Mr Thomas Vervaeck (No 1011/2002);
by Mr Haralampos Petridis (No 1012/2002);
by Mrs Dayna Capewell (No 1013/2002);
by Mrs Gerardine Kvanagh (No 1014/2002);
by Mr Dragan Rakic (Solair HR NGO) (No 1015/2002);
by Mr Esko Laitinen (No 1016/2002);
by Mrs Julia Miettinen (No 1017/2002);
by Mrs Kristiina Bhuiyan (and 5 signatories) (No 1018/2002);
by Mr Constant Verbraeken (No 1019/2002);
by Mr Constant Verbraeken (No 1020/2002);
by Mr Gregory Babajeff (No 1021/2002);
by Mr Jos Coervers (No 1022/2002);
by Mr Carl-Henrik Johansson (No 1023/2002);

22 August 2002

by Mr Alfonso Chillerón Hellín (Asociación Nacional para la Protección y el Bienestar de los Animales)
(No 1024/2002);
by Mr Mariano Velasco Vizcano (Asociación Ecologista para la Defensa del Acuífero 23) (No 1025/2002);
by Mrs Concha Hernández López (Grupo Municipal de Izquierda Unida) (and 3 signatories) (No 1026/
by Mr José María Ruiz-Mateos y Jiménez de Tejada (and 2 signatories) (No 1027/2002);
by Mr Alfonso Blanco Paredes (Colectivos por la Mejora del Trazado de la Via Rápida de Morrazo)
(and 14 signatories) (No 1028/2002);
by Mrs Irene Salvado Garaboa (No 1029/2002);
by Mr Enrique Bandrés (No 1030/2002);
by Mr Fernando Mansilla Trillo (No 1031/2002);
by Mr Enrique Dalmau (Plataforma per el Coneixement) (No 1032/2002);
by Mrs María del Mar Vidal Carreras (No 1033/2002);
by Mr Georges Cingal (SEPANSO LANDES) (and 16 signatories) (No 1034/2002);
by Mrs Marie-Jeanne La Quoc (and 1 signature) (No 1035/2002);
by Mr Nabil Antoun (Ethique du vote automatisé) (No 1036/2002);
by Mrs Pilar Angé Serrano (No 1037/2002);
by Mr Peire Martinez Lassalle (No 1038/2002);
by Mr Antonio Tommaso Galati (No 1039/2002);
by Mr Nicola Ribis (and 2 signatories) (No 1040/2002);
by Mr Raffaele Dipace (No 1041/2002);
by Mr Aldo Annecchini (No 1042/2002);
by Mr Luigi Avella (Unione Italiana Lavoratori) (No 1043/2002);
by Mr Giovanni Panunzio (Telefono Antiplagio) (No 1044/2002);
by Mr Pasquale Capozzi (No 1045/2002);
by Mr Primo Petrini (No 1046/2002);
by Mr Vittorio Trossello (No 1047/2002);
by Mr Nuno Carvalho (No 1048/2002);
by Mr Manfred Gottschalk (No 1049/2002);
by Mrs Ursula Rode (No 1050/2002);
by Mrs Gudrun Lehnert-Beyer (No 1051/2002);
by Mr Gunnar Schwarz (No 1052/2002);
C 272 E/20 Official Journal of the European Union EN 13.11.2003

Monday 2 September 2002

by Mrs Hilkka Saarinen (No 1053/2002);

by Mr Renee Schönberg (No 1054/2002);
by Mr Alexander Kamphorst (No 1055/2002);
by Mr Robert Czoelner (No 1056/2002);
by Mr Donald Grant (No 1057/2002);
by Mr Joaquim Carvalho (No 1058/2002);
by Mrs Paula Evmez (No 1059/2002);
by Mrs Dorothy-Grace Elder (No 1060/2002);
by Mr Gunnar Dath (No 1061/2002);
by Mr Bernd Heinrich (No 1062/2002);
by Mr Palitha De Silva (No 1063/2002);

28 August 2002

by Mr Jacques Boursy (No 1064/2002);

by Mr Mohamed Lasmer (Noria Citoyens & Images) (No 1065/2002);
by Mr Christian Akue (No 1066/2002);
by Mrs Graziella Zelaschi (Associazione Orizzonte Oltrepo) (No 1067/2002);
by Mr Franceschino Barazzutti (Comitato Popolare per la Tutela delle Acque del Bacino Montano del Fiume
Tagliamento) (and 446 signatories) (No 1068/2002);
by Mr Vincenzo Devito (Movimento Nazionale Liberi Farmacisti) (No 1069/2002);
by Mr António dos Santos Peralta (Comissão Cívica de Protecção Linhas Água e Ambiente) (and 5 signa-
tories) (No 1070/2002);
by Mr Hans-Reinhard Tews (No 1071/2002);
by Mr Ali Karatoc (No 1072/2002);
by Mr Günther Reichert (No 1073/2002);
by Mr Günther Reichert (No 1074/2002);
by Mr Horst Kollmey (No 1075/2002);
by Mr Erich Schober (No 1076/2002);
by Mr Walther Harcken (Bürgergemeinschaft Sommerdeich Cappel-Neufeld und Spieka-Neufeld)
(No 1077/2002);
by Antje and Hans-Jürgen Funke (and 3 signatories) (No 1078/2002);
by Mrs Alanna Ivin (No 1079/2002);
by Mr Zeynep Tuysuz (Comité du Kurdistan) (No 1080/2002);
by Mr Phil Gray (No 1081/2002);
by Mr Donald William Margretts (No 1082/2002);
by Mr Andres Magaña García (No 1083/2002);
by Mr Nader Fatahi (No 1084/2002).

12. Action taken on opinions and resolutions of Parliament

The Commission communications on the action taken on the opinions and resolutions adopted by Parlia-
ment during the April I and II and May I and II 2002 part-sessions had been distributed.

13. Order of business

The next item was the order of business.

The President announced that the final draft agenda for the September I 2002 sitting had been distributed
(PE 319.846/PDOJ) drawn up taking into account the new Rules of Procedure which came into force on
5 July 2002 and that a number of changes had been proposed (Rule 111):

Monday 2 and Wednesday 3 September

 no change