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HUAWEI HG256 Home Gateway Product Description

High-speed GE uplink
Flexible routing function
Ideal multi-service interface
Standard TR-069 management capability
High-quality VoIP

High-speed GE uplink The HG256 supports accessing the Internet

through a Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interface to
provide high-speed broadband access services.

Flexible routing function The HG256 is embedded with a PPPoE dialer

and supports the DHCP server and simultaneous
access for multiple users and devices.
The HG256 supports WiFi multi-SSID function
Ideal multi-service interface to construct a secure and reliable high-speed
wireless network. It provides a FXS interface, a
USB interface and four Ethernet interfaces.
The HG256 is fully compatible with the TR-069
Standard TR-069 management
standard of the DSL Forum and provides ideal
remote management and diagnosis functions,
which can reduce the operation expenditure
(OPEX) greatly. Automatic upgrading and
service release processes conveniently implement
customized service release.
Provides the Voice over IP (VoIP) service and
High-quality VoIP supports value-added services.

The HUAWEI HG256 home gateway (hereinafter referred to as the HG256) provides a user-friendly GUI,
complemented by a fresh and unique appearance. On the network side, it provides a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet
interface for wide area network (WAN) access.
For users, it provides a FXS interface, a USB interface and four Ethernet interfaces. After connecting to a PC, an
STB, a video phone, or another terminal, users can enjoy data, voice, and a series of other services.
The HG256 boasts powerful routing and bridging functions and supports NAT/firewall technology, with flexible
network configuration and QoS policies. Moreover, the HG256 provides quality guarantees for latency-sensitive
voice services and for video services susceptible to packet loss. The HG256 provides high-bandwidth and
premium quality broadband services for home users.
As a broadband network terminal, the HG256 is an extension of an operator’s broadband network. HG256
provides powerful remote maintenance and administration functions. It supports the latest TR-069 terminal
management standards and remote automatic upgrades, thus facilitating large-scale deployment and maintenance.

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Interface Features

WLAN Interface

z Supports 802.11b/g/n z Supports 64/128 digits WEP encryption and

z Supports WPS TKIP encryption
z Supports WPA and WPA2 security z Supports access control based on MAC address
z Supports multiple SSIDs

FXS and Ethernet Interfaces

z Provides one FXS interface and four Ethernet z Supports full duplex and half duplex
interfaces z Supports collision detection
z Supports IEEE802.3u z Supports line Auto MDI-X
z Supports automatic negotiation
USB Interface

z Provides one USB interface on the top of the z Supports USB 2.0 host interface
HG256 (push the slide to insert the USB device) z Supports USB mass storage device

Functional Features

Routing Features

z Supports RIPv1 (RFC1058), RIPv2 (RFC1389), z Supports DNS forwarding

and static routing z Supports IGMP proxy
z Supports NAT, NAPT, and ALG expansion z Supports port mapping
z Supports DHCP server/client


z Supports powerful wireless network security z Supports SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
z Supports ACL z Prevents port scanning and illegal packet attacks
z Supports IP/MAC filtering z Prevents DoS attacks such as the SYN flooding,
ping of death, teardrop, and LAND
z Supports the PAP and CHAP authentication of
PPP (RFC 1334) z Supports DMZ

Network Management

z Supports TR-069 z Supports backup and restoration of configuration

z Supports remote and local web configuration and
z Supports the upgrade through TR-069
Radio Parameters

z Maximum Output power (ERIP): less than 20 dBm

z Receive Sensibility (typical): –82 dBm / 11 Mbit/s, –71 dBm / 54 Mbit/s, –65 dBm / 300 Mbit/s
z Wi-Fi rate range: 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

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Technical Specifications

Power Supply Specifications

z Entire-device power supply: 12 V DC, 1 A

z Entire-device power consumption: < 12 W

Physical Specifications

z Dimensions (L × W × H): 173 mm × 48 mm × 146.5 mm

z Weight: < 1.0 kg

Environmrntal Specifications

z Ambient temperature for operation: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

z Relative humidity for operation: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

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