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January 1 2020 Vo LXXV No 1 a week y Saud Aramco pub cat on for emp oyees

celebrating a historic and extraordinary 

Dhahran — After an “extraord nary” change Tadawu amco s tru y made of ” sa d Nasser
2019 Saud Aramco pres dent and CEO And t came n a year where Saud Ar- Measur ng protect ng and enhanc ng
Am n Nasser ca ed on emp oyees to ma n- amco was “tested ke never before” w th the company s corporate reputat on he
ta n the momentum of the past year nto attacks on fac t es n Abqa q and Khura s sa d s now a “m ss on cr t ca ” component
2020 w th the same res ence and fort tude But n each case emp oyees ra ed to en- of nvestor confidence n our “res ence and
that has prope ed the company to becom- sure that product on was restored to a ow ong-term ab ty to create susta nab e prof-
ng “the most profitab e the most va uab e the company to cont nue ts comm tment tab e growth ”
and the most mportant” n the wor d of be ng a re ab e supp er of energy to the n thank ng emp oyees for the r “ ncred-
That ach evement was va dated by the wor d b e support” over the past year Nasser
recent comp et on of the wor d s argest “Wh e the wor d was watch ng we sa d “ t takes a team to succeed and make

a look back at
n t a Pub c Offer ng fo ow ng the be emerged from each event stronger than h story and that s exact y what Saud Ar-
r ng ng ceremony at the Saud Stock Ex- ever and showed the wor d what Saud Ar- amco has done ”

see pages 8 and 9

January 2, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 1 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees January 9, 2019

the talk
vol. LXXIV, No. 2

among the most excellent in the Kingdom

Saudi Aramco’s Yanbu’ NGL
Fractionation Department
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees ”
January 16, 2019

60 years of SPE-KSA,
vol. LXXIV, No. 3

global CEOs hear message of

and much more to come technology, sustainability
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees February 6, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 6

NITI: a national dream, a success story

Offering an optimum learning environment 2030’s goals of producing a well-qualified
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees February 13, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 7

bringing state-of-the-art internet

and more to our communities
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

Ras al-Khair rig

manufacturing facility
one step closer to reality
February 20, 2019

Hackathon: young talent

shines, provides real
work solutions
vol. LXXIV, No. 8

paving the way for high-quality, in-Kingdom

retail fuel network
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

A new deal between Saudi Aramco and Total, and the purchase of a pair of current retail fuel
March 20, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 12

From high-tech innovations in the
field to environmental protection
efforts to volunteering to help those
with physical challenges, last week’s
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors,

and Amin Nasser, Saudi Aramco
president and CEO, and the Saudi
Aramco Board of Directors and top
March 27, 2019

CEO in China:
collaboration the key
vol. LXXIV, No. 13 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

CEO: 2019 ‘will be an

The EXPEC Advanced Research and Abqaiq Plants have been Saudi Aramco teams up with STC to bring a number of cutting-edge technologies —
Center helps young researchers recognized as winners of the I am as passionate about the future CEOs from around
the world gather in
and quality facilities, the award-winning workforce of young Saudis. among them high speed internet — to residents of Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, and
companies, will provide motorists with a new level of premium fuel and retail service stations
2019 Saudi Aramco Excellence company management, some of the
better communicate in an King Abdulaziz Quality Award of the industry today as I was as a Dhahran, receiving National Industrial Training Institute in al- ‘Udhailiyah. Saudi Aramco and National Oilwell Varco Incorporated More than 100 ethical hackers from across see page 2 Awards ceremony highlighted the
company’s dedication to Excellence in
company’s most motivated and gifted
employees and teams were recog-
young member of SPE ... I believe
working together to create an
international workplace through in the Major Production a message from Hasa is a key component of Saudi Vision see page 7 see page 4 come together to conduct the first Arabian Rig the Upstream business line tackle the

exciting journey for all of us’

its Speech Craft program, which Companies sector. The awards all walks of life and business. In the nized for a wide variety of accom-
recently recognized the first wave showcase the company’s what some have mistaken as the Saudi Aramco on Manufacturing (ARM) Board of Managers meeting. The theme of “Fourth Industrial Revolution
presence of HE Khalid A. Al-Falih, plishments over the past year.

excellence in safety Ali Dogru receives

how the Fourth newly formed joint venture will build a world-class rig Technologies,” providing a series of
‘sunset’ of our industry is, in fact,
affordable, sustainable future
of participants. commitment to excellence. Industrial Revolution and equipment manufacturing facility in Ras al-Khair. solutions to real business challenges. Minister of Energy, Industry and

d n w d
the ‘dawn’ of an industry in
a strategic enabler new recognition
see page 13 see page 3 and sustainability are see page 3 Mineral Resources and Chairman of see pages 7-12
see page 3

nnova on

leveraging our brand m m


inside from MIT

Aramco Chemicals Company inside
spearheading innovation inside
— Amin Nasser see pages 2 and 3

protecting the Asir magpie

see page 3 see page 2

this issue
a new milestone this issue this issue
Saudi Aramco took the driver’s seat Saudi Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser meets
Dear colleagues, operations becoming just as significant as and in the future, will be how you — our em- So we are determined to increase empow-
our Upstream. That includes a world-class ployees — respond. We can only build this erment, and unlock the talent of our youth in demonstrating its commitment to with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, during this week’s
I want to thank you for your incredibly hard refining business in the largest and fastest new Saudi Aramco through a culture of ex- and women at all levels. Above all, we trust sustained safety excellence during the 13th Saudi Aramco Fellow Ali Dogru, who visit to China. In the exchange they discussed current
and future investment opportunities in China.
work last year. While the year ahead looks set growing countries in the world; a world-class cellence, resilience, and passion for our work. you to give your best and have meaningful — American Society of Safety Professionals has been integral in building the world

Saudi Aramco unveils new Fourth historic moment in Khurais

to be challenging, our newly approved 2019- player in trading and retail; becoming a lot For example, in the current business envi- as well as rewarding — careers. Middle East Chapter’s annual conference leading TeraPOWERS program, has again
Saudi Aramco looks to embrace Southern Area takes new strides Board of Directors recognizes

Aramco service stations coming inside

2021 Business Plan steers us toward great- stronger in base oils; and critically, building ronment, success will only be possible if we Finally, we will never compromise on safety held in Bahrain. been honored by MIT.
blockchain toward reliability with iSCOPE achievement, plans year ahead

this issue
er resilience, more fiscal discipline, and in- one of the world’s largest and high-value all make it a personal priority to focus relent- or the environment, as they are the bedrock
creased flexibility — enabling us to effectively adding chemicals business, with crude oil at lessly on managing and optimizing our costs. of our global reputation, and show we care see page 9 see page 3

Industrial Revolution Center

The Saudi Aramco Board of Directors meets in
respond to continued oil market challenges its heart as feedstock, while also including It is all a part of being engaged and ener- about our people and the world we live in. Southern Area Oil Operations launches a centralized

to the Kingdom
Dhahran, tackling a number of key issues and
and volatility. cutting-edge nonmetallic materials. In fact, gized to work at Saudi Aramco. This compa- What does this all add up to? data hub in ‘Udhailiyah for real-time monitoring,

this issue
With the launching of Aramco Chemicals Company products from its subsidiaries here in the Kingdom, and providing guidance as the company looks to

Arabian Light Crude Increment program

Yet it also supports our clear, long-term our Downstream capital program shows our ny remains at the heart of global energy sup- Taken together, I have no doubt that we analysis, decision making, and action plan imple-
in January, Saudi Aramco marked a new milestone for its around the globe. With commodity polymers and engineering see pages 4-5 replicate and build on the past year’s numerous
corporate strategy, which is very ambitious, determination to stretch the value of every ply. We are also playing a pivotal role in the will see Saudi Aramco increasingly recognized mentation on some of the largest fields in the world. successes.
and will be an exciting journey for all of us.
For decades, we have been known as an oil
barrel of oil we produce, and find additional,
reliable destinations for our growing produc-
global energy transition (as well as the King-
dom’s transformation) currently underway.
as the world’s most important company, in a
category of our own, on a mission you can
Downstream strategy of integrating across the hydrocarbon
value chain, creating more value from every hydrocarbon
plastics now being produced at facilities such as Petro Rabigh,
S-Oil in Korea (pictured below), FREP in China, and soon to
see page 5 see page 2 Al-Hasa Investment Forum:
enhancing opportunity in the EP
Jiddah Training Center embraces
completed safely and efficiently
powerhouse. But by 2030, instead of being tion. There are so many exciting opportunities be proud of. molecule we produce while also diversifying the Kingdom’s be produced at Sadara and PRefChem in Malaysia, Saudi
the foremost global player in one business, Cutting across all of these businesses, we opening up with a vastly expanded business Thank you again for all your hard (and of-
benchmarking for excellence, youth and experience come Business leaders gather in al-Hasa at the Fifth
we plan to be world leaders in five more. intend to be a world leading creator of game scope and rapidly expanding geographical ten historic) work last year. I wish you and
In the not-too-distant future, drivers will pull up to likely to arrive at an accelerated pace, and it will have the economy. Aramco will be one of the top players in the petrochemicals Operational Excellence together for GPCA summit
sharing OE culture
Al-Hasa Investment Forum to hear about the
Aramco service stations in the Kingdom, and the experience profound effect of raising expectations for the customers’ As part of its recently launched digitalization mis- This new wholly owned subsidiary is the company’s industry worldwide.
We intend to be among the top three gas changing technology, which will help us to spread, where we are constantly pushing the your families a peaceful and prosperous wealth of economic opportunities available in the
sion, Saudi Aramco recently explored the potential see pages 9-11
producers globally and export gas for the first solve some of our industry’s (and indeed the frontiers of technology, and needing people 2019. will be a new one. way of buying fuel for both residents and visitors alike. Benchmarking is one of
trading arm for selling the company’s petrochemical region.
uses of blockchain technology at a workshop with The safe and successful commissioning Collaboration and commitment went project providing project management,
time ever, in a world where the use of clean world’s) most pressing challenges — especial- with skills that are not even known yet, but The fuel pumps will be modern and self-serve, if the It’s a vision made possible by Saudi Aramco’s creation of a the most vital tools to see pages 4 and 5
company subject matter experts and outside enti-
natural gas is rapidly expanding. ly climate change. will be critical if we are to write a new chap- Amin Nasser, driver so chooses, with the option of paying with a credit new wholly owned fuel retail subsidiary called RetailCo. achieve Operational Ex-
of the Khurais Arabian Light Crude hand-in-hand in safely completing the engineering, and skilled and unskilled labor
ties such as banks.
We also see our integrated Downstream But the crucial factor to our success, now ter in our company’s history. president and CEO Increment program took the dedicated challenging task, with more than 55 million at the project’s peak. During the
or debit card. A convenience store and a well-recognized
restaurant will provide plenty of food options.
In addition to improving customer experience at
fuel stations, RetailCo will also create a sustainable and
see page 7
cellence (OE). With that
in mind, the OE Depart-
redefining resilience at the Middle efforts of employees from throughout the incident-free construction hours leading to commissioning period, 36% of the team

Like many changes in the Kingdom in line with Saudi profitable business model for integrating across the PE&D hones top technologists’ ment recently sponsored East Oil and Gas Show (MEOS) company, and senior leadership recently the successful startup of the new oil train were young Saudi Aramco engineers,

making history at
took time to recognize these exemplary and gas-oil separation plant. In the end, operators, and multi-craft technicians who

an exchange meeting
Vision 2030, the arrival of Aramco branded gas stations is hydrocarbon value chain. After attending the Saudi Aramco hosted Leaders efforts. construction was also finished three weeks strengthened their technical knowledge
with Abqaiq Plants Oper- The Jiddah Industrial Training Center opens its
see pages 10 and 11 Abdullah A. Al-Najem, Tareq M. Al-Ghamdi, and ations and Maintenance
of Tomorrow event in Dhahran, university
Significantly raising the plant’s ahead of schedule. and experience through mentoring from
doors to local community students to promote students from around the world join with industry
Ghazi D. Al-Qahtani are the latest in the line of Njoud Al Shreedah sits in to share best practices in production capacity by 300,000 barrels per And young Saudi talent was a key more experienced team members.

myhome 3.0
the Well Control cyberchair health, safety, and environment as central pillars of leaders in Bahrain for this year’s Gulf
top-level subject matter experts to have graduated how to use it to achieve Saudi Aramco’s Operational Excellence program. Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association day, the expansion makes it one of the element in the success as well, with more
during the Well Control
from the Petroleum and Engineering Development’s see page 8 largest oil producing facilities in the world. than 2,100 young Saudis working on the

Saudi Aramco lends a hand to save a rare bird

Simulator tour. Al Shreed- OE goals. Research and Innovation summit. see pages 10 and 11
Technologist Development Program. see page 14
ah was one of approxi- see page 3
see page 5 mately 50 young females making connections through
see pages 6 and 7
technology advances pipeline
who were invited by Saudi
Aramco’s Drilling and volunteering abroad CERAWeek: digital transformations
practices Workover Training Division
on a tour of the recently
and engines driving change
Joining forces with the Saudi Wildlife nesting areas, and it has seen no new up- Succeeding in the oil and gas industry today
Hisham U. Al Derhalli, manager of Above, At 46 centimeters and inaugurated Well Control
the Fadhili Gas Projects Department, Authority and the Smithsonian Institution tick in predators or competitors for land, approximately 240 grams, the Asir School in Dhahran. The
requires a new kind of resilience regarding
profitability, adaptability, and sustainability,
speaks about the importance of the in the U.S., Saudi Aramco is working to it continues to struggle to survive. magpie is a mystery. A joint project outreach event is in line

a new era of productivity and

leaders at MEOS 2019 in Manama heard last
Hasbah II tie-in platform milestone preserve one of the Kingdom’s rarest That’s why Saudi Aramco’s between the Smithsonian Institution with the company’s efforts
at a ceremony in Sohar, Oman. week from senior Saudi Aramco leadership.
and Saudi Aramco’s Environmental to attract young talent at
treasures — the Asir magpie. Environmental Protection Department
The Hasbah Offshore Gas Facilities Protection Department is looking an early stage. see pages 6 and 7
With its estimated numbers reduced identified it as a high conservation
Increment II project continues to to better understand and mitigate
celebrating Saudi Aramco’s Hosted
D&WO outreach provides encouraging opportunities
progress toward completion — a key to merely 130 breeding pairs, the rare priority, working with Smithsonian The myhome 3.0 suite, which was

mobility solutions launched

factors impacting the species’
step toward helping Saudi Aramco
As advancements are made in the adoption of Re- species of bird is elusive. Renowned for officials to capture, record, tag, and population. (Photo: Bandar Al-Jabr)
For Turki Almathami, a Saudi Aramco College De-
gree Program for Non-Employee participant study- inaugurated recently in Dhahran, will University Program graduates The Virtual Reality (VR) hub allows employees to
The company’s leading role in energy innovation Expat KSA Reunion gives
meet its national obligations while provide Saudi Aramco employees with is on full display in Houston as the company’s
annuitants a view to change
for young females to become future engineers
inforced Thermoplastic Pipe worldwide, Saudi Ar- its high intelligence, it lives exclusively release the birds so their dilemma can be ing abroad in the U.K., his most profound moment Providing a way for Saudi Aramco to develop navigate and explore some of Saudi Aramco’s major
creating value and supporting future Left, Evan Buechley works on a cage powerful tools to perform their critical technology strategists and researchers share their
outside of the Kingdom came not in Manchester human capital that can meet demands, the Hosted areas of operations and detailed equipment inspection. For over 500 annuitants, the most recent iteration
growth. (Photo: Ahmad El Itani/MPD) Residents of Saudi Arabia and visitors to the Kingdom will soon see Aramco branded service stations designed to deliver a new level of customer service for amco’s Onshore Maintain Potential Projects Depart- in the comfortable Asir ecosystem of better understood and addressed. designed to capture an Asir magpie work functions from anywhere at efforts in using technology to drive sustainability
but in Muizenberg, South Africa, where he volun- Engineering specialist Yuk San Man, wearing the VR
motorists. Through the creation of RetailCo — a wholly owned subsidiary established to cater to the retail fuel business — the gas stations will be “offering ment has reaped the benefit of deploying it in oil for measuring, recording, and anytime. (Photo: Hasan AlMubarak/MPD) University Program recognizes graduates of five of the Expat KSA Reunion offered an up close
the Kingdom’s Southwest. And while headset, explores the Ras Tanura Refinery while Ahmed in the industry.
customers enhanced services and quality products while implementing a sustainable and profitable business model that delivers a new and stable source of and water service projects. tagging. teered by teaching at a local school. different programs over the past year. look at the Kingdom’s ongoing transformation.
it suffers from no shortage of food or see pages 9-11 M. Altunisi and Abdullah A. Al Bannai give directions. see page 13 In Khurais, the recent commissioning of an Arabian Light Crude Increment program has added 300,000 barrels per day to the company’s overall
revenue for Saudi Aramco,” says Ahmed A. Al-Subaey, vice president of Marketing, Sales and Supply Planning, and RetailCo board chairman. see page 5 see page 14 see pages 9-12 see pages 15-17

see page 12 see page 12 (Photo: Musleh Al-Khathami/MPD) production capacity. (Photo: Hasan AlMubarak/MPD)

volunteers still needed Saudi Aramco a year of OPEC basket Saudi Aramco diversity makes OPEC basket Saudi Aramco a one day escape to unexpected Qatif OPEC basket Saudi Aramco OPEC basket Saudi Aramco ‘Light Art’ OPEC basket Saudi Aramco a welcome OPEC basket Saudi Aramco OPEC basket
6,500 41 31 135 2 40 5% 279
by the numbers five-week price trend 2018/2019 by the numbers inroads in the
five-week price trend 2018/2019 by the numbers five-week price trend 2019 by the numbers SPE president speaks five-week price trend 2019 by the numbers five-week price trend 2019 by the numbers home five-week price trend 2019 by the numbers five-week price trend 2019
progress for lifts spirits
20 23,000
A day trip to nearby Qatif provides an insightful look into the lifestyle and art of the

about sustainability on
For 10 days in March, more than 600 Eastern Province community for one Saudi Aramco couple. Celebrating the arts, science, and

$ 59.95 59.07 $ 59.07 63.07
66.72 67.22
retired Saudi Aramco annuitants — 60.76 60.47 61.93 culture, Sharqiah Season 2019 is proving

in review Southern Area more


SADA in Dhahran
58.04 66.56 $ 66.56
58.04 59.34
Texas tour
including “brats” — will have a special see pages 16 and 17 60.76 60.47 to be a massive success, and the King
55.84 55.84 61.93 Hundreds of annuitants and 65.32 65.05 65.32 65.05
kind of homecoming. To coordinate $ 58.04 59.34
$ 59.34 60.76 60.47
53.42 53.42 “brats” from around the globe $ 63.07 Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

51.34 51.34 $ 53.42

this event, it will take at least 140 (Ithra) is playing its part. This week,
volunteers, including people to work The Arabian Sun takes a look back not only Once a bastion of male engineers, the Southern In his recent travels to the U.S., Society of Petroleum get an up close look at the many
The Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy’s board of Looking to create an uplifting, energetic vibe in Ithra hosted the Fifth Saudi Film Festival,
as hosts, hostesses, tour guides, at the events and people who made the Area Producing Engineering Department recently Engineers president, Saudi Aramco’s Sami A. Alnuaim, changes the company and the
tons is the approximate weight of the directors meets in Abqaiq to review the past registered users companywide are the Dhahran community, the Central Community square meters of video walls adorn the providing an inside look at the global
historians, chaperones, and more. last year memorable for Saudi Aramco, but is the number of professionals who have career counselors have passed the Career speaks about the oil and gas industry’s potential country have embraced over the
year, see the progress made at the facility, and welcomed four female petroleum engineers Services Department launches its “Light Art” cam- industry and the people who shape it.
Hasbah tie-in platform II, the heaviest gas graduated from the signature Petroleum research papers focusing on Octane on Practitioner Certification Program, enabling contributions to sustainable development challenges. currently served by enterprise mobility years since they last set foot in the new Fourth Industrial Revolution Center
see page 13
also the oil market and the dynamics that
production platform in the company’s develop a training and financial plan for the on assignment from the Reservoir Engineering
Demand have been presented by Saudi solutions, with an additional suite of paign, stringing some 2,500 sets of lights around departments have participated in in Dhahran’s Al-Midra Tower. The 2,500
helped end a three-year market slump. Engineering Technologist Development Department. them to actively facilitate career development, see page 2 Kingdom. see pages 12 and 13
history. It has the capacity to process 1 year ahead.
Program and are now serving the company in Aramco scientists at international events. engagement, and retention while driving capabilities being ushered in with the the Dining Hall and King’s Road area. the company’s Knowledge Transfer square meter office is the company’s
see pages 3-5 billion standard cubic feet per day of gas. see page 4 DEC. 7 DEC. 14 DEC. 21 DEC. 28 JAN. 4 various technical and managerial capacities. see page 5 DEC. 14 DEC. 21 DEC. 28 JAN. 4 JAN. 11 Several patents have also been filed. JAN. 4 JAN. 11 JAN. 18 JAN. 25 FEB. 1 organizational performance. JAN. 11 JAN. 18 JAN. 25 FEB. 1 FEB. ٨ launch of myhome 3.0. see back page JAN. 18 JAN. 25 FEB. 1 FEB. ٨ FEB. 15 Program since its inception in 2009. see page 15 FEB. 15 FEB. 22 MAR. 1 MAR. 8 MAR. 15 newest state-of-the-art technology hub. FEB. 22 MAR. 1 MAR. 8 MAR. 15 MAR. 22

SABIC deal creates

April 3, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 14
sun a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

together we make h story May 1, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 18

Ramadan timetable inside

a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees May 8, 2019

vol. LXXIV, No. 18 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees May 15, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 20

30 years
in the community
how to protect
intellectual property
a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

opportunities, accelerates
Dear colleagues, you in our facilities during Ramadan, one of our top priorities.
thanking you for your continued And let us remember those who

continues to flow
As we approach the Holy Month dedication and hard work. are less fortunate. There is no more Residential Services hosts a dozen Hard work and perseverance are
of Ramadan, I would like to offer my In the coming month, we will find blessed time than Ramadan in which Dhahran residents who have called two key ingredients in the continual

downstream strategy
best wishes for you and your families ourselves visiting family and friends to extend a helping hand to those in the company community home pursuit of discovering new and
in anticipation of the blessings that lie more frequently, spending increased need. for at least the past three decades. patentable ideas, say innovators
ahead. time on the roads during the I pray that God accepts our fasts Eighty years ago, King ‘Abd al-’Aziz Al-Sa’ud turned the valves to Hear what some of them had to at a workshop sponsored by the
allow oil to flow on the tanker D.G Scofield, setting in motion a new say about their second home on Engineering Support Department in
During this time, let’s take a evenings. This is where we must all and prayers, and helps us to make a
era of prosperity for Saudi Arabia that continues today. the Arabian Gulf. Dhahran.
moment to reflect and take stock of set an example for others. Let’s follow positive impact in our communities.
see pages 10 and 11 life’s blessings — perhaps the most safe driving practices and encourage see page 5 see page 13 see page 7

Exploration expanding Core Supply Chain Control Tower this issue m

important of which is good health. I those close to us to follow suit — Amin Nasser
Global Medium Term Note inside inside
also look forward to visiting some of always bearing in mind that safety is President and CEO

this issue
Program and potential note

Lab capabilities issuance announced

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (“Saudi

a transformative initiative CEO shares highlights of London

Shaybah asuccess
Aramco”) on Monday announced that it has
established a Global Medium Term Note Board of Directors meeting
see page 5 Program (the “Program”) and will conduct a The Saudi Aramco Board of Directors approves

series of fixed income investor meetings that the company’s First Quarter Consolidated Interim
commenced April 1, 2019. An offering of U.S. Financial Report for 2019, hears updates from its
dollar denominated senior unsecured notes various committees, reviews its successes from

citizenship in action
(the “Notes”) under the Program may follow,

the first quarter, and more as president and CEO
subject to market conditions. Amin Nasser shares highlights from last week’s
The Notes, if issued, will be admitted to the meeting in London.

making invisible impacts visible

official list of the United Kingdom Listing see page 2
Authority and admitted to trading on the

Ready & Able

London Stock Exchange’s Regulated Market. Saudi Aramco has always believed in the

rehabilitating and releasing

transformational power of its corporate social
strives for
For more info, scan the QR code below.
responsibility efforts, but how to tell that story

inclusion and measure the effectiveness of such efforts are

sea turtles in RT
equally important.
Recognizing the
importance of a diverse
see page 5

knowledge is power vs. corrosion

workplace, Saudi
Aramco’s Women
Development and Hundreds of pipelines professionals and subject
Diversity Division
see page 3
matter experts meet in Dammam to learn about

conducts “Ready & Able: cutting-edge methods for protecting the
Introduction to People

this issue
company’s vital network of pipelines at the
with Disability Pipelines Corrosion and Inspection Technologies
Inclusion.” Forum.
see page 7 see page 4
A critically endangered

‘special day’ as NOV launches powering remote wells in hawksbill sea turtle makes its

composite pipe facility Kingdom’s North way toward the Arabian Gulf
as Saudi Aramco employees,
volunteers, schoolchildren, and
The opening of a Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe
community members cheer
manufacturing hub is a win for Saudi Aramco’s along the Ras Tanura beach. A
iktva program — and the Kingdom as a whole. total of four turtles — Barney,
see page 3 Flipper, Green Lantern, and
Superman — were released
after several months of keeping up with project
As construction work continues on the new Exploration Ithra contributes to Sharqiah success successful rehabilitation in
the Northern Area/Western management
Core Laboratory on Mack Drive in Dhahran’s Light Industrial
Park (pictured in the artist’s rendering above), Exploration Tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors descended Region Community Services As the pressure increases on the construction
on Ithra over the past few weeks to take part in a For the first time ever, Saudi Aramco is using an Department’s environmental industry globally to keep up with massive growth
management led by Misfir A. AzZahrani (right) survey progress see page 5 off-grid hybrid photovoltaic solar power system to biodiversity program in a
on the new building, which is expected to support the wide array of activities — from musical see pages 10 and 11 in energy demand, Saudi Aramco brings together
performances, to interactive science exhibits, to power remote gas wells in the Kingdom’s North, key example of citizenship in

You make thousands

company with state-of-the-art laboratories, new technologies, From left, the Supply Chain (SC) Control Tower Team of information security analyst Mohammed Zarea, SC Control Tower leader Rami Amri, and project management subject matter experts to
intellectual forums, to challenges of mind and body. and the results are impressive — both action.

and storage that can support the company for the next 50 Members of the multi-departmental team that helped bring to fruition the new Shaybah runway pose during a celebration of the re-opening of the airstrip recently in the remote working area. The business system analyst Abdulelah Sufyani conduct a live business analysis using the rich analytics provided by the SC Control Tower. The SC Control discuss strategies to streamline efforts in the field.

of choices every day

years. (Photo: Mohammed AlShaikh/MPD) innovative work on the project helped expedite completion with minimal disturbance. (Photo: Moayed Al Qattan/MPD) environmentally and in terms of efficiency.
see page 17 Tower is an integral part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation Center, where disruptive technologies and advanced analytics are see pages 8 and 9
leveraged to transform Saudi Aramco’s supply chain toward digitalized operations and provide end-to-end value chain visibility. see page 9
Your next choice could change a life.

Ajyal Special Needs Center: OPEC basket Saudi Aramco auditing: good governance OPEC basket Saudi Aramco OPEC basket Saudi Aramco a time for OPEC basket Saudi Aramco

Ithra earns

112,000 1,200
by the numbers by the numbers by the numbers by the numbers
The King Abdulaziz Center for World
five-week price trend 2019 five-week price trend 2019 five-week price trend 2019
is good business
five-week price trend 2019
kudos at
Culture (Ithra) earns three awards for
‘One humble example
73.13 its peerless programming, including a 73.13 73.13
66.72 67.22 66.80
Transform SR1,795,069
71.31 71.31

$ gold for “Best Use of Audio Branding,”
of how that sense of
70.37 70.49 70.37 70.49 $ 70.37 70.49 70.06
65.32 65.05 Auditing controls have existed for as long as governance and

68.81 a silver for “Best Visual Identity from $ 68.81

commerce have existed — and with good reason. Any human
citizenship will continue the Education Sector,” and a Bronze for has been donated so far to the employee
organization needs to ensure that its objectives are met while $ 66.80
donations campaign.

preventing irregularities. “Best Creative Strategy” with Tanween.
to endear Saudi Aramco The term “audit” has roots dating back to the Roman Empire. It is square meters of airstrip concrete see page 11 students throughout the Kingdom have
You make thousands of choices
every day. You’re next choice

to everyone in the visitors participated in events sponsored

by the King Abdulaziz Center for World
derived from the Latin term “audire,” which means “to hear,” because in
ancient times, auditors listened to the oral reports of responsible officers, owners, or those
rubblized and reused in the recent
upgrade of the Shaybah airport
graduated from STEMania — Saudi
Aramco’s award-winning program that
could save a life. 3,130


having authority, and they confirmed the accuracy of the reports. Over the years, the role You donate. We match. Our impact multiplies. SR431,748
Culture (Ithra) during the 17-day 2019 runway — using less water, less waste, introduces science, technology, 6,162
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one or more of three charitable causes: employees
see page 7 MAR. 1 MAR. 8 MAR. 15 MAR. 22 MAR. 29 Sharqiah Season. of auditors evolved to verify written records. see page 5 Mar. 29 Apr. 5 Apr. 12 Apr. 19 Apr. 26 and a lower carbon footprint. Apr. 5 Apr. 12 Apr. 19 Apr. 26 May 3 engineering, and math to girls 7 to 15.
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July 31, 2019 vol. LXXIV, No. 30 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees August 21, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 32 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees August 28, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 33 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees September 4, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 34 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees September 11, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 35 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees September 18, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 36 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees September 24, 2019 Vol. LXXIV, No. 37 a weekly Saudi Aramco publication for employees

more than just save the protecting and G-Camp offers real
making history with our first resilience in the face of adversity
Saudi Aramco welcomes HE Yasir O. Al-Rumayyan, Chairman of its Board of Directors HRH Prince Abdulaziz ibn Salman named Minister of Energy
enhancing coral reefs world experiences
under the protection
language lessons Asir magpie

this National Day …

Dear colleagues, Council of Ministers. our sincere gratitude and appreciation to HE
His Excellency’s experience encompasses Khalid A. Al-Falih, Minister of Energy, for Dhahran — On Sept. 7, a Royal ter of State for Energy Affairs, and is CEO Amin Nasser during his weekly

of Saudi Aramco’s
Saudi Aramco has

stronger than ever

Saudi Aramco’s Environmental Protection Educators from across the United States

earnings call
For some local children,
partnered with I would like to welcome HE Yasir O. Al-Ru- over 25 years working in some of Saudi Ara- leading the Board through times of transfor- Decree was issued appointing His well known to many of Saudi Aram- call to management.
Department has deployed more than 2,700 created lifelong memories by participating in

Saudi Aramco and its people rally to ensure reliability

summertime is learning time as mayyan as the new Chairman of Saudi Ar- bia’s key financial institutions. mation, and wish HE Al-Rumayyan contin- Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz ibn co’s senior management. Nasser also said he would like to
the Smithsonian artificial reefs throughout the Arabian Gulf to Texas A&M’s 2019 Geology Camp that was
Community Education wraps up amco’s Board of Directors. He is an accounting graduate from King ued success in leading the Board through the

biodiversity program
Institution and help rebuild marine ecosystems, and that number sponsored by Aramco. The G-camp, featuring Salman ibn ‘Abd Al-’Aziz Al Sa’ud as “On behalf of the company, I have extend the company’s sincere grat-

its annual “Teaching English to HE Al-Rumayyan is a member of the Coun- Faisal University and has completed the gen- company’s future growth and development.
the Saudi Wildlife will continue to rise with more deployments Aramco geologists, saw the educators visit cil of Economic and Development Affairs, eral management program at Harvard Busi- Minister of Energy for Saudi Arabia. conveyed my congratulations and itude and appreciation to His Ex-
Speakers of Other Languages”
Authority to

summer program in Dhahran. planned for the southern Red Sea as well. sites across Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. the Governor of the Public Investment Fund, ness School. Amin Nasser HRH the Minister has vast expe- best wishes to the Minister and wish cellency Khalid A. Al-Falih for lead-
#SaveTheAsirMagpie. There are Saudi Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser said Tues-

and advisor to the General Secretariat of the On this occasion, we would like to extend President & CEO rience in the energy sector, having him every success in his new role,” ing the Ministry of Energy through day that the company’s production capacity, suspended ear-

sweet success
only 100 pairs left. Scan the QR see page 4 see page 5 Firefighters from
see page 7 served as, among other roles, Minis- said Saudi Aramco president and times of transformation.

desert life
code to find out more. HE Yasir O. Al-Rumayyan lier due to terror attacks on its plants at Abqaiq and Khu- Saudi Aramco’s
see page 2 rais, would be fully restored by the end of September. Fire Protection

a remarkable response


World Energy
immediately to
Speaking to media in Jiddah during a news conference the fires at Abqaiq
with HRH Prince Abdulaziz ibn Salman ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al

Saudi Arabian Oil Company and Khurais

natural beauty on
Sa’ud, Minister of Energy, and HE Yasir O. Al-Rumayyan, plants, playing a

efforts to protect Congress:

Chairman of the Saudi Aramco board of directors, Nass- frontline role in

al-Baha beekeepers giving both

report er said: “These synchronized attacks were timed to create
containing the

full display
incidents. (Photo:
for the six months ended June 30, 2019 maximum damage to our facilities and operations. The rap- Mohammed

making oil and

id response and resilience demonstrated in the face of such Alshaikh/MPD)

economy and ecology a boost

our people and at Khurais
adversity shows the company’s preparedness to deal with
threats aimed at sabotaging Saudi Aramco’s supply of ener-

gas ultra-clean is
gy to the world.” Abha lies within a region listed
Commending the work of the emergency response teams as one of the world’s 36 Endemic ©2016, Saudi Aramco

consisting of firefighters, operations, and security person-

nel — in coordination with government agencies — Nasser Biodiversity Hotspots, and is one of

an urgent priority said, “I am enormously proud of the courage, dedication, many sanctuaries of biodiversity thriving

nature being nurtured

and proficiency of our people who ensured there were no alongside the company’s operating
injuries.” areas — eac
Khurais online, Abqaiq to be

in vast preserve
restored by end of month
see page 3

academy builds on long

During the news conference, it was disclosed that produc-

Excelling across all metrics

tion at Khurais resumed 24 hours after the attack. Mean-

history of excellence in
while, Nasser stated that production at Abqaiq is currently 2

reshaping the future of nonmetallics

million barrels per day and that its entire output is expected

Within the site of one of the world’s largest to be restored to prior rates by the end of September. crude production from other fields. tional customers, even in challenging situations, including

Industrial Security
“We have a hard-earned reputation for nearly 100% re- “Not a single shipment to an international customer has past Gulf conflicts.”

fitabilit y Scale egration Rel

i ab i l i t y stainabilit y Safet y oil producing facilities, Khurais, lies a -km2 liability in terms of meeting our international customers’ been, or will be, missed or canceled as a result of these The subject of the company’s Initial Public Offering was
Pro Int
requirements, and we have defended that,” he told jour- attacks. We have proven that we are operationally resilient also discussed during the news conference, and Nasser had
sanctuary of desert-resilient biodiversity
Su see pages 6 and 7
nalists from Saudi and international media. and have confirmed our reputation as the world’s leading the following message: “We have said we are ready and

(kg of (per
shelters in surprising abundance alongside
The company adjusted deliveries and shipments to cus- supplier,” Nasser said. will proceed with the IPO when our shareholder makes the
CO2 equivalent 200,000 work tomers by drawing on inventories and offering additional “The company has met its commitments to its interna- decision.”
$ (billion) (mmboed) (mmbpd) (%) per boe) hours)
the operating facilities.
46.9 13.2 4.6 99.9 10.2 0.009
Ithra and
see page 3

supported by Saudi Aramco, see pages 6 and 7

A refurbished gymnasium is just a small

more than  beekeepers in
the Kingdom are finding a
Process engineer Sohaib B. Alhajhussein is proud of the new 8,000
m2 wetland area built last year for a wide diversity of migrating

opens in the U.K.

communities host
National Day
part of the Industrial Security Operations
birds, and resident native species near Khurais. The wetland is part
Net Hydrocarbon Refining Reliability Upstream Lost time
reliable livelihood for
Academy’s two-year transformation
of a 38 km2 sanctuary that shelters and enhances biodiversity in
program, but it is an integral element that
the area. “Providing water for a habitat in an unexpected location
is designed to ensure the ongoing safety
income production gross carbon injury rate
themselves and their families
is almost like a miracle,” said Alhajhussein. (Photo: Ding/MPD)
of Saudi Aramco’s people and its assets

see page 5
today and for years to come. Here, trainee
Abdulrahman M. Al-Shahrani works on his throughput intensity
cardiovascular endurance during a session
on the punching bag.
(2018 full year)
see pages 6 and 7


be in the know
OPEC basket Saudi Aramco technical experts OPEC basket Saudi Aramco

have an invention in mind?
see page 5
stay safe as five-week price trend 2019
by the numbers five-week price trend 2019
by the numbers
temperatures, at your fingertips
humidity rise $ 65.33
64.71 64.27
Saudi Aramco’s IT $ 64.27 63.85
57.98 59.13 59.67

Future Center offers a

New piloted online system, “Ask
Do you know the signs of heat Expert,” recently launched allows Saudi A female rüppell’s weaver feeds a chick at Saudi

Watch aramco insight now for this month’s top stories.

exhaustion? How about heatstroke? And Aramco’s working Abha site.
Aramco employees to seek out subject Year-round residents of southwestern Arabia, this

platform for innovation

what should you do if you experience matter experts for knowledge on a exquisite species feeds on seeds and small insects,
them, or someone you know is exhibiting seedlings have been planted at five and, to attract females, the hardworking male
of the Industrial Security Operations variety of topics — both technical and sites in the past few years in the
these signs? builds many hanging nests in trees.
Academy transformed training model