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Made By: Toshik Shrimali

Roll number: PGSF-1938

STP Analysis on

Intel corporation is an multinational American company corporate and technology
company , headquarters in Santa Clara, in California in the silicon valley. It is the 2nd
largest chip manufacturing company in the world. Intel provides process to computer
system manufacture.


Market segmentation refers to the process of segregating consumer or

business marketing, generally comprises of potential customers, into sub-divisions
of consumer (also known as segments) which are based on a few types of similar
The market can be segmented on the bases of following characteristics which are as
Intel has reorganized its line of microprocessors with new production in each and
every of the main fractions of its market.

Intel Celeron processors are intended for cheap, some parts of starting level or
degree of the market, processors are been intended for executive desktop coputers
and servers at a starting level and the automated companies.
This segmentation has opened doors for Intel to support a huge range of
assessment with the processors celeron which are on net sale approximately for 63
dollars and Pentium Xeon processors for a high level, giving on sale approximately
for 3700$ to all.

This kind of strategy has helped to maintain a historical average cost price of Intel of
its microprocessors.

The width of the product of Intel has made it more difficult to its competitors to
continue the strategy of the niche operation opening in the manufacturing a line of

The offensive marketing strategy technique of the company- Intel has included itself
into a new market fraction and has given the company a new kind of source of the
income of sales and generating higher profits.


Target market can be defined as a set of potential customers of

the company’s serviceable and available market at which a business is aimed to
make its marketing efforts, money and resources.
The target market consists of customers who displays similar kind of characters
(such as location, age, income or lifestyle) and thought to buy a business's market
products or service or are able to make the most profitable part of the business.
Intel came up with three important changes to new firm’s strategy for its target

 First of all, the company has reorganized it’s business divisions on 4 strategic
main type of the market which are as follows:
Digital house, Mobile, health and Enterprise.

 Secondly, Intel started a new platform under the name of Intel Viiv, technology
which was made for the house fans on entertainment.

Computers with the Viiv platform allowed consumers to upload & transfer
movies to Televisions around the home. Intel’s processors are intended for
high effectiveness, the automated workplace of the double processors, double
& configurations of server of multiprocessor, arriving to the future .

This processor intended a majority of Main manufacturing workplace of

computers, such as dell, sony, apple, samsung, acer, etc.
 And also all companies preferred Intel in comparison to its competitors.
Because of the fact that is based on its Intel Turbo Boost Technology.


Positioning can be defined as the place of that brand that it has captured in the
minds of the customers and how does it is able to differentiate itself from the
competitors. Once the brand is able to achieve a strong position, it “might become
difficult for it to reposition it.
The majority of users perceptional draw a map in their mind for Intel Core i7 is
actually the latest, & also one the best products compare with other product as AMD

Intel is the form a great technological announcements and arrangements.

Intel Core i7 processor extreme edition is ranked 1st position in our country and
whole world as well in the processors segment, then it comes i5, i3;Intel Quad; Intel
Core 2 Duo; Dual Core; Intel CoreD; P4; etc.

Positioning is one of the important role which is to be fallowed by each and every
one of the company.

As we have discussed in the above paragraph about the positioning of intel how it
uses its products positioning:

1. Save your precious time

2. Leads to faster decision
3. It helps in sharpness your focus
4. Provide Guarantees for product in market place.

as we can say and also see in the above paragraph that intel mainly focuses on:

1. Best quality of there products as compared to other

2. Bit expensive then other but good reliability
3. Better services are available
4. Distribution section is bigger then others competitors
My suggestion to intel

1. My suggestion to intel will be that they should enter in the mobile market as
fast as possible.

2. They should not depend on windows they should make there own windows
this is important.

3. Right now intel is engage in limited business diversification they should

expand there business as vast as possible.

4. They should maintain a flexibility of processors so that it is easy to maintain

good market.

5. As intel is one of the leading in the pc processor of market, especially

because of its good dominance of windows system.

6. One more suggestion I would give to intel is that they should start home
services to there customer.