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Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re either..

1) A shy guy that feels like you’re missing out on opportunities with girls because your too
reserved to step up and make your move, or..

2) A “nice guy” that who’s trying to fgure out why you get overlooked, while the girls you want
give their time and affection to the asshole types.

If you fall into either category, keep reading because not only will I explain why this is
happening, but I’ll give you some solutions as well.

The purpose of teaching you this is to give you options. You should NOT have to settle when it
comes to girls.

Put in a bit of effort now, take this material seriously and you’ll have the ability to be very
selective when it comes to who you date (and perhaps even marry).

Learn this stuff now, so you don't miss your chance with your dream girl

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Having a good, loyal, high quality woman in your life will make you a LOT happier.

I want you to be able to be picky.

I want you to be able to fnd a girl that has the exact qualities you’re looking for.

Believe me when I tell you this.. I was extremely shy and introverted when I was
growing up (I’m now 36 years old).

The frustration of not being able to talk to girls, and ultimately form quality relationships, was
the driving force behind putting so much effort into learning this stuff.

I’ll start by giving you guys some good news; attracting women is a skill (a social skill) and like
anything else, you CAN improve with both knowledge and experience.

I guess you understand that already though, or else you wouldn’t be trying to expand your
knowledge by reading this right now.

Throughout this guide, you’ll be given a lot of awesome information and tricks for attracting

For any of this information to have impact on your life though.. you need to take action.

You’ll need to put yourself out of your comfort zone (change is never “comfortable”), but the
results will be worth it.

Trust me, I’ve been there..

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My Earlier Years

I remember my frst experience where I got played for being the “nice guy”.

It was back in the late grades of elementary school/early grades of high school (grade 8-10)
when most of us were starting to go through puberty.

Like most guys that age, my hormones were raging and I was ridiculously horny at the time.

There was a girl (the “it” girl that every guy wanted) named Shannon.

Shannon would ask me for a dollar every single day to get something from the vending

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Being the “nice guy” that I was, I always gave it to her, then tried not to embarrass myself by
getting an erection when she gave me a little hug after.

Things with us never progressed beyond that though.. Instead, Shannon preferred to hang out
with the “bad boys”.

Her boyfriends at the time were all older and were either known for fghting, selling drugs or
being awesome football players.

Thing is, I started lifting weights early in life so it wasn’t like I was some soft-bodied nerd. I just
had the wrong mindset right from the get-go.

Being the “nice guy” did NOT pay off, and that trend continued throughout my high school

I did have a few bouts of success during that time though where I was able to hook up with a
few ridiculously bueatiful girls.

• A little side note: I no longer strive to sleep with randoms I just met. I've travelled the
world, lived in multiple countries and have slept with a lot of women. One day I came to the
realization that every time I did, I would walk away the next morning feeling like I lost a part
of myself. It's hard to explain, but I could instinctually sense that sex wasn't just physical, but
spiritual as well. I later came across passages in the bible that say that a man and a woman,
through intimacy, can become “one fesh”. I also learned about soul ties – which are linkages
in the spirit realm between two people. I know this sounds crazy, but you've probably
experienced this at some point without even realizing what it was. If you've gone through a
hard breakup, you've probably noticed and felt physical discomfort from the loss. Without a
doubt there is a spiritual binding that takes place via sex, and since that's the case, I'm
extremely wary about who I open my spiritual shield too. That hot girl in the short skirt at the
bar could be depressed/oppressed and involved in some sort of witchcraft for all you know.
Sleep with a girl like that and who knows what can come of it.

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Anyway, before my little rant, I was about to tell you how I was able to hook up with those girls
at the time..

Well, the answer is alcohol; and not because the girls just got drunk and lowered their

The role alcohol played for me at the time was that it lowered my inhibitions.

Of course, that’s common knowledge and the entire reason why people drink it in the frst
place (to loosen up for social purposes).

There’s a lesson to be learned here though..

For a few hours, the alcohol in my system allowed me to let loose, live in the moment and live
for myself without being concerned with what other people were thinking of me; hence the
term “liquid confdence”.

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While I was in that state, I basically started to display a few traits that were more characteristic
of an alpha male - which is why I was able to attract those attractive girls.

Another side note: I don't really drink anymore either. It was a useful crutch at the time to
allow me to come out of my shell, but once you boost your confdence naturally, there's no
need. No more feeling depressed with a headache on Sunday mornings for me. Like the sex
thing, there's also a spiritual component to alcohol. Why do you think it's called “spirits”? In
short, it weakens your spiritual defences and allows negative entity attachments to take hold
and infuence your behaviour – which is why intoxicated people are so much more likely to
engage in aggressive and scandalous behaviour.

The Traits Of An Alpha Male

• Acting On Your Impulses

• Confdence
• Leadership
• Living For Yourself

Let’s take a closer look at each and you’ll see that they all tie together..

Acting on your impulses

Acting on your impulses is basically doing what you want, when you want (but within reason of

When you do that, you give off a vibe that seems to resonate with a lot of women.

Acting on your impulses also makes you unpredictable, and predictability is an attraction-killer
(one of many).

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Being unpredictable has its benefts. You’ll be viewed as being more exciting, spontaneous and
in some cases, passionate.

Acting on your impulses is extremely important when you see a girl you want to approach..


Because you need to do it immediately!

If you lock eyes, hold eye contact until SHE looks away and when she does, go right up to her
and do your thing.

Breaking eye contact and showing signs of hesitation displays a lack of confdence and is
subconsciously viewed by the woman as a sign of weakness.

3 “men” admiring her.. yet none of the courage to approach.

A lot of other dating coaches suggest following a “3 second rule”, by which, you need to
approach a girl within 3 seconds of deciding you want to talk to her.

They relate it to getting into a cold pool - it’s always best (and easier) to dive right in!

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The more you hesitate, the more likely you are to run through negative scenarios in your head
and psych yourself out.

Not to mention the fact that if the girl senses you’re hesitating, she’ll think you’re unsure of

Always approach immediately and it will indicate to the woman that you’re the kind of man
who goes after the things he wants in life.

Act like a man and make your move without hesitation.. she'll respect
your confidence.. at the very least.

Approaching quickly also prevents you from being viewed as a lurker because if a women
senses that you’re constantly checking her out from a distance but hesitating to make a move,
she’ll label you as being “creepy”.

“Creepy” isn’t good and that obviously isn’t the vibe you want to give off to the women around

Bottom line is that initiating a conversation right away is alpha, and it shows a high level of
confdence - which brings me to the next trait to analyze.

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If you’re not confdent, girls won't fnd you attractive. It's as simple as that.

The term confdence, by defnition, relates to a belief in one-self and a lack of insecurities.

Well, as I mentioned above, a feeling of security is what women instinctively seek from a male.

If you can provide leadership and make a women feel secure, she WILL feel attraction towards

Billy Bob, rocking the Santa suit with swag. Don't know what he's like in real life, but
he seems like a confident guy and his dating track record speaks for itself.

Likewise, if a woman senses that you lack confdence and don’t fully believe in yourself, she
won’t believe in you either and no matter how good you look, no matter how rich you are..
she’ll never take you seriously as a long term partner.

There’s a reason why when asked about what characteristics they look for in a man, a woman
will usually list “confdence” right away.

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I doubt they even understand why that is either.. but now YOU do.

So, if you’re not confdent.. what should you do?

Fake it? Kind of.. but not really..

There’s a better solution..

What you need to do is essentially reprogram your belief system.

Your inner beliefs can greatly infuence your external reality.

Every goal you’ve ever achieved in your life started out as a thought.

In fact, everything begins as a thought; from the chicken curry I just ate to the processor in the
Macbook Air I’m typing on.

It was all envisioned via visualization before it became reality.

I titled what you’re reading the “Alpha Mindset” for a reason..

In order for a woman to view you as a confdent alpha male, you must frst view YOURSELF
that way.

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The self image of yourself that you hold in your subconscious mind is a lot
more important than people think..

I know this may be a hard concept to grasp.

Let me put it like this..

If you have a low self esteem and you feel like you’re going to get rejected every time you
approach girl.. that’s exactly what will happen.

Remember.. your inner thoughts and self perception can greatly infuence your reality.

This is an incredibly interesting (and powerful) topic that everyone should understand.. though
most people don’t.

The benefts extend beyond dating as well..

Yes, you can use it to attract your dream girl, but you can also use it to attract success in every
other aspect of your life.

About 12 years ago I visualized myself having the freedom to travel the world, working from
my laptop, and earning money while I sleep.

Copyright 2019,

That is now my reality, and most of my days are spent doing something I love (Thai boxing)
and relaxing on the beach.

If, 12 years ago, I visualized a red Ferrari, and truly believed I would have one, I have no
doubt that there would be one parked in my driveway today.

Freedom is more important to me than material possessions, but you get the idea..

It all starts in the mind. In order to radiate confdence, you need to truly believe it.

Women are intuitive and will usually see right through that “fake it till you make it” though.

So, how does someone with low self esteem change their self-perception?

Well, it doesn’t happen overnight, but there’s a process to it.

I wrote an entire book explaining how to do it called “Unbreakable Confdence”, which you
likely received when you bought this package.

If you haven’t read it already, I highly suggest you do that - especially if you have low self
esteem and want a confdence boost.

Since I’ve written an entire book on confdence, I’ll move onto the next Alpha Male trait.

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A man who demonstrates leadership qualities will make a woman feel more secure.

Security is what women crave.

The reason why beautiful women fock to muscular and wealthy men isn’t due to the 100
dollar bills and biceps alone, but rather, they’re attracted to what they represent - protection
and fnancial stability; both of which relate to security.

If the jacked guy or the rich guy lacked leadership qualities, the women would lose that sense of
security and her attraction towards him would quickly fade.

Well, she’d probably string the rich guy along for a while to get a few extra overpriced
handbags, but you get the idea.

Likewise, if you’re not particularly built or wealthy, but you’re alpha and the girl believes your
confdence is genuine, it’s more than likely that she’ll be attracted to you.

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Believe me when I tell you this; attraction is NOT a choice and because of that, looks are NOT
that important.

Because leadership is such an important attraction trigger, you never want to appear

Let’s say, for example, you’re organizing a date and the girl asks what you want to do..

The worst response you can follow up with is something along the lines of..

“I’m don’t know, what do YOU want to do”..

Indecisiveness is right at the top of the list of attraction-killers for women, alongside neediness
and a lack of confdence.

If you can't be decisive, you might as well just skip the date and
save your money.. she's not gonna be into you..

It’s alright to get the girls input/suggestions when it comes to date activities, but make sure
you’re the one fnalizing the plans.

I realize that typical gender roles are being skewed by the media, but the feminist movement of
modern society can’t undo what’s been “hardwired” into the subconscious minds of women for
thousand of years.

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Deep down, they desire a leader, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Living For Yourself

Have you ever been “friend zoned” by a hot girl that would complain to you about what an
asshole her boyfriend is?

A lot of guys have been stuck in this terrible situation.. myself included.

They’ll complain to you (the guy who gives them unlimited attention and actually cares about
them) about how they’re being mistreated..

They’ll tell you how “sweet” you are during the day, but late at night, they'll spend their time
with that “asshole” boyfriend they’re supposedly sick of.

This is infuriating, but it takes me back to the point I made above; attraction is NOT a choice!

There’s a reason why these hot girls aren’t leaving their “asshole” boyfriends (and were
attracted to them in the frst place).

The guys that get the girls that the “nice guys” dream about, are the type of guys who live for

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They do NOT put the needs of their girlfriends ahead of their own.

Focus on yourself and don't make yourself too available..

Now, that doesn’t sound like it would be appealing to a woman, but they love a challenge and
it’s human nature to want to pursue what’s perceived as being “hard to get”.

Things that are “hard to get” are perceived as being more valuable, which is why she values
HIS attention more than yours (yours is easy to get).

Not only that, but women are attracted to guys who have a lot going on in their lives.

When a guy is “on call” so to speak and will drop everything he’s doing to accommodate the
girl, that’s a turn off for them.

I’ll give you guys an example of how to follow the “live for yourself” concept when you’re
trying to spend time with a girl….

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Instead of focusing the plans all around her (in a typical “date” format), just tell her where
you’re going to be at a certain time and invite her to meet up with you.

Incorporate her into YOUR plans, not the other way around.

Telling a girl that you’re schedule is completely open just makes it look like you live an
uneventful, unproductive life.

This works especially well if you invite her out at a time when you’ll be hanging out with your
female friends (assuming you have some).

By doing this, the girl you’re trying to get with will see that you’re pre-approved by other
women and believe me, this is one of the biggest “attraction triggers” there is.

It’s called “pre-selection”, and it’s something I cover in great detail in some of my other books.

Why Nice Guys Get Played, While “Bad Boys” Get _____

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When you analyze the traits of an alpha male, the uncontrollable attraction women have for
the “bad boy” types becomes clear.

They act on their impulses, they tend to be confdent, and they live for themselves.

Starting to make sense?

But while it’s true that the “bad boys” have alpha male characteristics, which is what the girls
are attracted too, it doesn’t mean you have to become an asshole to attract them yourself.

If you’re a nice guy, that’s fne.. don’t completely change your personality.

You just need to maintain a strong alpha male presence because as I mentioned, women
oftentimes mistake kindness for weakness.

If you’re the kind of guy that’s going to bend-over-backwards for the girl and be at her every
beck and call, she’s not going to be attracted to you.

You need to have your own things going on in life (independent from her) and you need to
have a “backbone”.

By that I mean that you can’t be a pushover.

For example, if you disagree with something the girl says or does.. voice your opinion.

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Don't let women walk all over you. If you're a pushover,
you'll quickly lose her respect..

Have the mentality that you’re “running the show” because as men, it’s our role to be the
leaders and it’s natural for women to seek out a male with strong leadership qualities (as
discussed above).

I think it’s important to note that women do NOT want to be mistreated. They just can’t resist
the alpha-characteristics that the “assholes” have.

If you’re able to maintain your kindness, while taking on the character traits discussed in this
guide, that’s really the ideal situation for everyone.

Where Does Shyness Fit In?

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For most people, shyness is just a symptom of low confdence.

If you’re shy, you’re likely NOT that way around your close friends and family, and that’s
because you’re comfortable with them.

You don’t feel as though they’re judging you, and that’s the key.

Shyness is typically the result of your fear of being judged by others. You think you’re going to
stay something “stupid”, and so you don’t say much at all.

I know, I’ve been there… but there are a few things you can do.

1) Work on your confdence

Working on your self perception should be top priority if you want to become more
outgoing and successful with women..

This is obvious.

The more confdent you are, the less you’ll worry about being judged.

The opinions of others won’t even phase you once you have it embedded into your belief
system that you’re funny, smart, charming etc..

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Building on that, once you’re able to embed those positive thoughts into your subconscious
mind, you likely WILL take on those characteristics.

This is a VERY cool topic, and I explain it in great detail within the Unbreakable Confdence

2) Maintain a talkative state

Most cashiers won't look like this, obviously.. but you should talk to them
ALL regardless..

If you’re shy and lack confdence, approaching a group of hot girls and initiating a
conversation can be a nerve-racking experience.

If you’re starting from scratch, try to get some small wins..

Strike up conversations with a cashier, hairdresser, sales rep etc..

Basically, try to stay in a talkative state by conversing with everyone you encounter throughout
the day.

Copyright 2019,

Once you get to a point where starting conversations with random people is just routine for
you, interacting with the pretty girls you encounter will feel a lot more natural.

3) Focus on giving value

The fear of judgement and rejection is a lot stronger when you’re seeking approval as opposed
to giving value.

Think about it.. would you have any apprehension about approaching a pretty girl if you
noticed that she dropped her wallet on the ground and you wanted to return it?

Of course not, you wouldn’t think twice… you’re providing value to her.

When you know you’re giving value to someone, it’s easy to visualize a positive reaction before
you even approach.

It’s only when we feel like we’re trying to TAKE value from someone that our fear of
judgement and rejection kicks in.

So, when approaching a hot girl, sometimes a simple mindset shift is all it takes to calm your

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Don’t approach her with the viewpoint that she’s “above” you.

She hasn’t done anything to earn your approval at this point. She might look good, but beauty
is common…

View your interaction with her the same as you would with other strangers you converse with
on a daily basis.

Remember, you’re a confdent man with high standards (this mentality needs to be drilled into
your subconscious mind).

If you approach a beautiful girl with the perspective that she’s just like everyone else, and that
you’re not trying to get anything from her, it’ll be a lot easier.

Another example..

Picture yourself as a nightclub owner..

Would you have any apprehension about going up to a group of girls and asking if they were
having a good time?

Probably not, because it would be a routine part of your job.

You wouldn’t be trying to extract value from them, quite the opposite in fact.. and they would
pick up on that.

Women are very perceptive, and they can pick up on your thoughts and intentions.

When a perceptive woman labels a guy as being “creepy”, a lot of the time that judgement is
based solely on the vibe (vibrational energy) she feels with him around.

Copyright 2019,

4) Relax, and Don't Take Things Too Seriously

This guy hasn't got a haircut in months, and he's still out here chatting up the girls.
We’re all our own worst critics. For example, I have tiny little calves that I’m self conscious of.

No amount of exercises at the gym seem to do any good because it’s my ankles that are just so

Anyway, whenever I make a comment about them to my friend, he just laughs at me and
reassures me that nobody even notices.

For someone to notice, they’d really have to look.. And the reality is, that most people aren’t
paying that much attention to us. The majority of people are so focused on THEMSELVES to
notice our imperfections. If you’re holding back because you’re worried about saying
something “stupid” and being judged, chances are it won’t even be perceived that way.

You need to get “out of your head” and stop worrying so much.

It sounds cliche I know, but “just be yourself” and try to let loose more. There are billions of us
in the world, and there are much more signifcant issues that we should worry about.

Perpetual wars based on lies, which are funded and promoted by the satanic psychopaths who

Copyright 2019,

control the media and our currency..

Stuff like that is what REALLY warrants our concern!

Potentially saying something that doesn’t “land”, and creating a brief period of awkwardness
isn’t that big of a deal.

So just relax. Try to put things in perspective.

5)Put Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations

Everyone has heard that the best way to overcome a fear is to face it. We all know this.. but
admittedly, it’s easier said than done.

You just need to decide for yourself whether or not overcoming your fear is worth the anxiety
of initially facing it.

I have a fear of snakes, which I’m sure could be overcome by wrapping a few snakes across my
shoulders and playing with them.

But, do I feel conquering my fear is worth the stress and anxiety? Nope!

I can easily go through the rest of my life without coming into contact with snakes and I’d be
perfectly fne with that.

Apply the same logic to girls though..

Can you easily go through the rest of your life without coming into “contact” with the girls you

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fnd attractive?

Obviously not haha

So in this case, the benefts you’d get from overcoming your fear (of talking to girls) far
outweighs the initial stress and anxiety you’d experience while facing it.

In other words, you just gotta do it!

If you really wanted to fast track this process, get into public speaking or enrol yourself in some
acting classes.

Or, just force yourself to approach multiple girls, every day, for a few weeks.

Don’t even worry about getting rejected when you do this either..

As long as you get more comfortable talking to “strangers”, that’s the main objective.

Overcoming your initial anxiety is the biggest barrier most guys need to cross..

You'll gradually get better with experience, and by studying certain aspects of social dynamics -
which can be done over time.

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