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2004 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 68 E/3

Monday 2 June 2003

9. Petitions

The following petitions, which had been entered in the register on the dates shown below, had been
forwarded to the committee responsible, pursuant to Rule 174(5):

19 May 2003

by Mrs Elke Schieben (No 449/2003);

by Mr Gerhard Östreich (No 450/2003);
by Mrs Martina Ulrich (No 451/2003);
by Mr Karl Nagel (No 452/2003);
by Mr Fabio Baccari (No 453/2003);
by Mr Harald Richter (No 454/2003);
by Mrs Friederike Fless (No 455/2003);
by Mr David Petrie (The Association of Foreign Lecturers in Italy) (No 456/2003);
by Mr Brian Havard (British Australian Pensioners Association Inc.) (No 457/2003);
by Mr Gerald Moloney (G J Moloney Solicitors) (No 458/2003);
by Mr Peter Janssen (No 459/2003);
by Mr Peter Martin (No 460/2003);
by Mrs Salme Laukkanen (No 461/2003);
by Mr Tapani Sundberg (No 462/2003);
by Mr Constant Verbraeken (No 463/2003);
by Mr Constant Verbraeken (No 464/2003);
by Mr Christos Dasioudis (No 465/2003);
by Mr Stylianos Simeonidis (No 466/2003);
by Mr Enrique Cambra (No 467/2003);
by Mr Facundo Pérez Rubio (Universidad Politécnica de Catagena) (No 468/2003);
by Mr Jaime Oleart Boada (No 469/2003);
by Mr Juan Antonio Díaz García (No 470/2003);
by Mrs Esther Alarcón Rojas (No 471/2003);
by Mr Agustín Otsoa Eribeko Landa (No 472/2003);
by Mrs Purificación Marino (No 473/2003);
by Mrs Monique Rongieres (Groupe Polyhandicap France) (No 474/2003);
by Mr Rauf Haceni (No 475/2003);
by Mrs Brigitte Poirson (No 476/2003);
by Mr Suleyman Maden (No 477/2003);
by Mr Gérard Peru (No 478/2003);
by Mrs Flavia Ferro (No 479/2003);
by Mr Generoso Zigarella (No 480/2003);
by Mr Mario Sisti (No 481/2003);
by Mr Furio Masi (No 482/2003);
by Mr Joerg Luther (No 483/2003);
by Mr Nicola Selva (Fraternity insieme edifichiamo il tempo) (No 484/2003);
by Mr Giuseppe De Gennaro (No 485/2003);
by Mr Aureliano Del Fabbro (No 486/2003);
by Mr Marcello Menna (No 487/2003);
by Mr Diego Fiumarella (No 488/2003);
by Mr Guido Emanuele Galasso (No 489/2003);
by Mr Fernando Augusto de Almeida Ribeiro e Castro (APFN  Associaçao Portuguesa de Familias Numer-
osas) (No 490/2003);
C 68 E/4 Official Journal of the European Union EN 18.3.2004

Monday 2 June 2003

22 May 2003

by Mrs Athanasia Razopoulou (No 491/2003);

by Mrs María del Pilar Bernardo Renilla (Colectico de ciudadanos-as de Vitigudino y camarca por una
comarca limpia) (No 492/2003);
by Mrs María Isabel González Gil (Anti Bullfighting Committee Belgium) (No 493/2003);
by Mr José Antonio Garciá Diaz (Establecimiento Penitenciario De Villabona (Asturias)) (No 494/2003);
by Mr José Ángel de Miguel Briz (No 495/2003);
by Mr Pierre Pensivy (No 496/2003);
by Mr Hervé Tanguy (No 497/2003);
by Mrs Sonia Pradine (Rangzen) (No 498/2003);
by Mr Arkadiy Vasilevskiy (Ilga Europe) (No 499/2003);
by Mr Jean Rapin (No 500/2003);
by Mrs Thérèse Leroy (No 501/2003);
by Mr Matteo Lazzerini (No 502/2003);
by Mr Agostino Birgillito (No 503/2003);
by Mr Filippo Fedele (No 504/2003);
by Mr Florian Becht (No 505/2003);
by Mr Gernot Weyrich (Interessengemeinschaft gegen das Schornsteinfegermonopol) (No 506/2003);
by Mr Christoph Schwemmlein (Gebrüder Klöcker GmbH) (No 507/2003);
by Jürgen and Ingeborg Braun (No 508/2003);
by Mr Willi Schmelig (Wählerinitiative BFB) (No 509/2003);
by Mr Michael Hoffmeier (KV Eichfeld Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) (No 510/2003);
by Edith and Cornelia Breuer (No 511/2003);
by Mr Peter Lohe (Schutzgemeinschaft Bergbaubetroffener (SGB) Rheinberg e.V.) (avec 2 signatures)
(No 512/2003);
by Mrs Stela Velichi (No 513/2003);
by Mr Wilfried Ludwig Weh (No 514/2003);
by Mrs Shiva Sánchez Laizola (plus 43 signatures) (No 515/2003);
by Mrs Arlette Willems (Association de Vecinos ‘Planer’ (and 40 signatories) (No 516/2003);
by Mr Constant Verbraeken No 517/2003).

10. Documents received

The following documents had been received:

(1) from the Council and Commission:

 Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on enhancing ship and
port facility security (COM(2003) 229  C5-0218/2003  2003/0089(COD))
referred to responsible: RETT
opinion: LIBE, ITRE
legal basis: Article 80(2) EC
 Opinion of the Commission pursuant to Article 251(2), third subparagraph, point (c) of the EC
Treaty, on the European Parliament’s amendments to the Council’s Common Position regarding
the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of
the use of biofuels for transport (COM(2003) 193  C5-0234/2003  2001/0265(COD))
referred to responsible: ITRE
legal basis: Article 175 EC