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Marketing Plan

This plan will be fruitful for us in future to meet fall in business. So in this plan we address all
things which will boost business efficiency. As in SWOT Analysis of our store we already
emphasize the market, brand status and competitors.
4 P’s have importance in every business, so in our situation its shows like this:
Promotions: we did not offer or run any campaign before to come in courtyard of business. As
like in our sister unit offer buffet to opening/desert on check. We should have to made 100
days advertising plan which we discussed
Place: we established our unit in very physical place and draw very comfortable casual din-in
but market is in developing phase and very later on the construction has started which create
hurdles for customers to land easily.
Price: As per market survey 29% people come to you for value of money. Our product prices
sufficient for most customers.
Product: Alhamdulillah our product are getting good comments in din-in/.delivery/ carry out.
We are still lacking a strong positioning of our brand in Lahore market for which we need
continuous marketing to stay alive in customer minds.

Now we will do below things to meet future.

Competitor Market Analysis:
In our Market some of our competitor exists. They are doing very furies digital Marketing.
Our Competitor Broadway pizza is seeing very active on social media. They are running their
ad’s on face book, twitter, Instagram, snap chat, videos. Broadway is using all 4 phases of
Digital marketing like App/Web, video, shops and display. Even they are running discount ad
of entire 30% to capture market on web. As well they also associate with third party web like
foodpanda, Eat Mubarak, Golootlo .
Pizza Hut
Pizza hut a brand where first name comes in people mind for pizza order. But if we see its
marketing they are also doing marketing in very active way like bill boards, social circle. Pizza
hut recently made joint venture with HBL bank and sell small pizza on RS 100 to HBL card
holders. It seems double advertising on both web Pizza hut and bank. Currently they are
running discount with different banks up 50% discounts.

The brand who are offering 50% on weekend All things are doing same and do social media

Marketing Budget:
We need to stable in market to follow the social media marketing. Our
monthly marketing budget should be 280k which wills helps to capture the
market. We will divide 250k in different phases of marketing.
We need 35k Flyers and their printing cost will be 40000 and distribution
cost of 28000 flyers will be 56000. Its mean total flyer cost will be 96000
We will spend 80k ad on social media/digital marketing on every App with
distribution of weekly.
We will spend 20k printing of student coupon and will distribute in entire
phase 5 institution and corporate.
We will spend 30k on mobile sms marketing. Rest of amount 54k will be
spending on PR events.
Activity No of cost Dis- Total
flyers cost cost
flyers 28k 40k 56k 96k
Social Media(
Google ad.)

Coupon 20k
Pr 54k

Plan Path
We will do Local store marketing. We need 50k pamphlets of running deals not like weather
deals we will make deals permanently for long to attract the group.
Student coupon books:
We need to make student deals and distribute student deals coupon in our surrounding
institutes to capture their groups.
Point redeems flyers:
We should have to introduce new thing in market point redeemed discount. Suppose if a
customer visit our store and placed more than Rs 800 order we will offer him 30 points when
he will cross 460 point we will delivered them 9 inch Extreme Pizza. It’s in din-in option only.
Currently K&ns are doing this.
Official Visits:
We should have to arrange visits from different offices ti involve them in our business. Banks,
hospitals, schools, universities, offices, software houses, NGOs
Attract senior citizens:
We should have to launch senior citizen menu and capture them as well. Like to intro Hot
menu mean coffee, tea and soup etc.
Digital Marketing:
We have to more focused on digital marketing because 73% of people using social media more
than 12 hour. We should have to do huge social marketing on instagram, face book, twitter
and snap chat. Because our competitor are making very heavy social media marketing
Evaluation of Marketing:
Now we should have to evaluate the marketing and will conduct random interview with
students about our promotional event on social media. That where are we going to capture
market share. So I would recommend this to check also your marketing effects on people.

ACTIVITY Area Assign Mon Wed FRI/SUN No of Flyer

FLYERS PH-5 RASHID 2000 5000 7000


Tue Thru

FLYERS Ask RASHID 2500 2500 4000

visit Jamal

Data del khurram 12 10 13

Evaluation Jamal

Flyering activity should be revised every week. Marketing

Budget should be more than 300k every month. We should
to continue this plan for 5 weeks to stable the image and
aware of people.