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“Career Interest Profiler”


Directions​: Use the below questions to reflect upon your Career Interest Profiler Assessment results.
You can draft informal answers to these questions because you will formally reflect upon the results
through Unit 1, Module 2 Assessment.

a. In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between career, job, and
school? For you, what overlapping skills do you think you have probably already
mastered (lucky you!) and how did you master them? Also, none of us is perfect,
so what overlapping skills do you need to work on a little?
■ I think the biggest differences in career, job, and school is the pay and level
enjoyment. With regard to payment, we do not get paid to be at school. At a job,
one might get paid by the hour, like the minimum wage. With a career, someone
most likely has a salary and gets paid a much greater amount then a regular job.
With the level of enjoyment, I think a career would be at the top. A career is
something you are usually very interested in and something you can receive
many opportunities from. A job may be something you like, but it’s more just a
task you have to complete. Most likely school is not something people enjoy. I
think one skill I have mastered is working with others. I love to work with other
people rather than working by myself on something. Something I probably need
to work on is time management.

b. In what two areas did you score the highest? Explain some of the traits that are
associated with these areas. In what two areas did you score the lowest? Explain
some of the traits that are associated with these areas.
■ The two areas I scored the highest were Social and Investigative. Traits
associated with the social area would be someone who works with others, can
communicate well, and can teach people. Traits associated with investigative
would be someone who can search for facts, work with big ideas, and figure out
problems mentally. For the areas Realistic, Artistic, and Enterprising, I scored 0.
Traits associated with realistic would be someone who is hands-on, works with
real-world materials, and does not normally work with others. Traits associated
with artistic would be someone who likes to work with designs, creativity, and
self-expression. Traits associated with enterprising would be someone who likes
to carry out large-scale projects, makes big decisions, and takes risks.

c. Did your scores surprise you in any way? If they did, explain why. If they were
unsurprising, explain in a short anecdote from your life how this trait has already
made itself clear.
■ My scores did not surprise me in any way. When I get older, I hope to become a
physical therapist, which would definitely fall under the category of social. I also
related to most of the traits associated with that area, like working well with
others and wanting to help people.

d. List at least five professions that were recommended to you. Are these jobs that
you yourself have considered pursuing? Did any of the recommendations come
as a surprise to you?
■ Physical Therapist, School Psychologist, Critical Care Nurse, Exercise
Physiologist, Athletic Trainer. Like I said before, I have thought about becoming a
physical therapist so that job, critical care nurse, exercise physiologist, and an
athletic trainer was not surprising to me. One job that was surprising to me what
school psychologist because I have never considered any job like that before.

e. Has this quiz altered your opinion of potential future goals and aspirations? Do
you think you might investigate something that you didn’t know about before?
Are you surprised at the schooling required for any career or the wages
associated with a career suggested?
■ I think this quiz hasn’t altered my opinion but reassured me that a physical
therapist would be a good fit for me and my personality.