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Question #1

You are helping a customer optimize HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 series arrays. The current
configuration across all arrays gives the same service level access. The customer needs to
control the IOPS, bandwidth, and service time based on the various virtual volumes in the
What should you recommend lo this customer? (Select two.)

A. Group the various virtual volumes into Wsets, and set me priority by each Wset.

B. Add the 3PAR Priority Optimization license to the array.

C. Enable me Priority Optimization that is included in the base license.

D. Use Dynamic Optimization to balance me workload for required virtual volumes.

E. Use Adaptive Optimization to provide quality tor service by each hostset.

Question #2

You are designing a solution that will have three new HPE BladeSystems and art HPE
3PAR StoreServ 8000 storage array within four controller nodes. This new environment
must Keep the infrastructure within the data center to a minimum.
Which virtual connect module should you recommend to achieve this goal?

A. 16 Gb 24-port Fibre Channel

B. Flex-10/10D

C. 6125XLG

D. FlexFabric-20/40 F8

Question #3

How does HPE Converged Storage simplify management?

A. It eliminates configuration through the use of auto-discovery.

B. It incorporates business needs into the design.

C. It provides a common CL1 translator for all HPE Storage families.

D. It provides a single pane of glass for all HPE Storage products.

Question #4

You have just completed a performance analysis of a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 Disk
Array at a customers site. After reviewing me performance metrics, you determine that
they should install a new tier of SSD drives. Which actions should you recommend they
take to fully optimize me array? (Select two.)

A. Configure Adaptive Optimization

B. Configure Adaptive Flash Cache

C. Rebalance all flash drives between nodes 0 and 2.

D. Configure scheduled tunesys tasks.

E. Add more flash drives to enable Advanced Flash Cache.

Question #5

How does storage clustering provide virtualization in an HPE StoreVirtual environment?

A. recreates storage pools on multiple devices

B. enables access through multiple protocols

C. eliminates the need for storage controllers

D. aggregates resources and capacity into a single storage pool

Question #6

Which additional is functionality is offered in an HPE SPAR StoreServ 8000 system when
compared to an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 system?

A. HPE 3PAR Online import license

B. HPE 3PAR Data at Rest Encryption

C. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization and Dynamic Optimization

D. HPE 3PAR Persistent Checksum end-to-end data integrity

Question #7

Question #8

When preparing a business case for a storage solution, which element calculates the time
it takes to offset the IT investment through increased revenues or reduced costs?





Question #9

Where does HPE 3PAR StoreServ Data at Rest Encryption occur?


B. host

C. physical disk

D. StoreServ processor

Question #9

In which situation is HPE 3PAR StoreServ thin provisioning appropriate and beneficial?

A. an Oracle database trial uses redo log files

B. 12 hour security-loop recording

C. an Exchange database in a hospital imaging storage system

D. a large document management system

Question #11

A customer wants to Implement a management and monitoring tool for an HPE B-series
SAN switch environment. You present the HPE SAN Network Advisor and its different
versions. Which component in me customer's environment will help you decide which
version to recommend?

A. FICON connectivity

B. FCIP support

C. 4-siot SAN Director

D. 96-port fixed port SAN switch

Question #12

A customer requires a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ 840O-2N with me minimum number of
drive enclosures to support Enclosure HA with 96 x 1.2 TB 10 K SAS drives, as well as a
physical service processor. The customer has their own data center racks with 9 U of
space left for the new array.
What should you do to comply with the installation best practices?

A. Move the service processor to a separate rack.

B. Have the customer plan for an additional rack.

C. Add a rack air flow optimization kit to the solution.

D. Install the array at the bottom of the rack.

Question #13

You are configuring a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ al-flash array for a customer. Which ratio
should you expect to have the highest efficiency?

A. compaction ratio

B. reclamation ratio

C. deduplication ratio

D. read/write ratio
Question #14

You are designing a storage array to replace two existing HPE EVA P6500s in two
locations that are currently using HPE Continuous Access. Your design includes an HPE
3PAR StoreServ with four nodes. Additionally, you included me following HPE 3PAR
HPE 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite v2
HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence
HPE3PAR virtual Copy
HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains
HPE 3PAR Online import software
Which HPE 3PAR StoreServ license is missing?

A. HPE 3PAR Virtual Lock

B. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy

C. HPE 3PAR Peer Motion

D. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization

Question #15

Which HPE 3PAR StoreServ feature provides non-disruptive software upgrades without
relying on multi-path software?

A. HPE3PAR Access Guard

B. HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization


D. HPE 3PAR Persistent Ports

Question #16

A customers environment consists of two fabrics with four HPE B-series, fixed-port, SAN
switches in each fabric. Which tool is recommended to manage and monitor this

A. HPE Fabric Watch

B. HPE SAN Network Advisor

C. HPE SAN Visibility

D. HPE OneView
Question #17

How does HPE StoreVirtual DSM for Windows enhance Microsoft windows native MPIO?

A. It automatically combines HPE thin provisioning and volume migration technology.

B. It automatically creates an I/O path to each storage system in the cluster.

C. It automatically adjusts tie available bandwidth between the switch and the array.

D. It automatically adjusts transfer block size.

Question #18

Which area of IT management is covered when integrating HPE Operations Orchestration

into a solution?

A. managing hybrid cloud environments arid IT services

B. automating and coordinating IT processes

C. simplifying management and control of the data center

D. delivering high-quality mottle applications

Question #19

Which statement describes HPE StoreVirtual Network RAID functionality?

A. Redundancy is managed on a per-volume basis.

B. 10+2 configuration enables Network RAID.

C. Failover Manager increases the availability of the redundancy level.

D. Volumes remain available if an odd number of nodes are available.

Question #20

You need to configure an HPE 3PAR StoreServ to provide 16 Gb/s host connectivity, peer
motion capabilities, and FCoE/iSCSI. Which configuration satisfies these requirements?

A. HPE 3PAR 8200 2-node with 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Cards

B. HPE 3PAR 8400 4-node with 2-port 1SCSI/FC0E and 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Cards
C. HPE 3PAR 8200 2-node with 2-port 1SCSI/FC0E and 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Cards

D. HPE 3PAR 8400 2-node with 2-port iSCSI/FCoE and 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Cards

Question #21

One of your customers is the IT director tor a regional graphic arts company The company
has 12 Branches Each Branch requires a local server providing high speed access to video
and graphic flies The IT director is asking for a proposal to update the servers at each
branch to keep up with increasing demand for high-speed and high-volume storage The
customer's staff members have limited IT knowledge HPE ProLiant servers with DAS will
continue to provide adequate volume for each branch.
Which storage technology can provide appropriate performance and volume size tor this

A. HPE StoreOnce VSA

B. HPE Peer Motion

C. HPE SmartCache

D. HPE Hybrid HDD

Question #22

Which tasks should you perform during the prepare and interview stages of a consulting
engagement? (Select two.)

A. Design the solution mat meets the customer’s needs and conveys value.

B. Determine who to add to your team to produce a winning proposal.

C. Listen to what the customer has to say.

D. Determine which solutions are closely aligned with the customer's business needs.

E. Research the company and people, and discover areas of concern.

Question #23

Which software-defined management platform can control, manage, and provision HPE
Storage and a part of the solution for the HPE Converged Infrastructure strategy?

A. HPE OneView

B. HPE Storage Essentials

C. HPE Storage Operations Manager

D. HPE Operations Orchestration

Question #24

You are adding an HPE 3PAR StoreServ to HPE One View in a demo environment. HPE
OneView tails to import any HPE 3PAR StoreServ domains. How should you verify that
HPE OneView can connect to the storage?

A. Use RESTful API to enable HPE OneView connectivity.

B. Restart WSAPI on the storage CLI.

C. Install me WBEM provider to the SSMC server.

D. Create a host object for HPE OneView m SSMC.

Question #25

You are designing a solution that will have three new HPE BladeSystems and an HPE
3PAR StoreServ 8000 storage array with four controller nodes. This new environment must
keep the infrastructure Within the data center to a minimum.
Which virtual connect module should you recommend to achieve this goal?

A. Flex-10/10D

B. 16 Gb 24-port Fibre Channel

C. FlexFabric-20/40 F8

D. 6125XLG

Question #26

Which types of functionality are available in an HPE unified storage architecture? (Select

A. block storage through Fibre Channel and iSCSl

B. block storage through NFS v3

C. file share through Channel and iSCSl

D. block storage through SMB v3

E. file share through NFS and CIFS

Question #27

When using the HPE Storage Quick ROI Calculator to prepare a business case for an HPE
StoreVirtual storage solution proposal, which financial metrics can be calculated for the
business case? (Select two.)

A. real options valuation

B. total economic impact

C. risk adjusted ROI

D. rapid economic justification

E. NPV savings

Question #28

A customer adds two new SFF 8000 enclosures that are fully populated with Nearline
drives to an existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 array. The old configuration consisted of
Fast Class and Nearline SAS drives in me 8000 SFF enclosure. What should the
customer's engineer do to optimize then storage configuration?

A. Run checkhealth on their system.

B. Defrag the CPGs and run align-drive on their system.

C. Run tune sys on their system.

D. Run compactcpg for existing virtual volumes.

Question #29

Which HPE Key initiative helps customers accelerate the provisioning of IT services and
applications through shared pools of interoperable resources?

A. converged infrastructure

B. consolidation

C. automation

D. virtualization
Question #30

A company using a third party. 1 Gb iSCSI storage array is experiencing storage access
performance issues. The CIO is interested in deploying HPE 3PAR StoreServ with 16 Gd/s
FC to improve the performance with minimum changes to the server environment. The
existing environment consists of these HPE products:
HPE C7000 BladeSystem platinum blade enclosure with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10
Interconnect modules
Combination of HPE ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 blade servers
HPE 2920 switches
Which HPE products must be included to support a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ? (Select

A. HPE 5900 CP Switch Series with 16 GD/s SFP+ modules

B. HPE Virtual Connect 16 Gb/s. 24-port Fibre Channel modules

C. HPE FlexFabric 20 Gb. 2-port 630FLB adapter

D. HPE 16 GD/s Fibre Channel HBA for Blade Servers

E. HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10 Gb, 24-port module

Question #31

Which solution should you recommend lo an HPE 3PAR StoreServ customer who wants to
back up their data without traditional backup application?

A. HPE 3PAR StoreServ File Controller

B. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst

C. HPE StoreVirtual VSA

D. HPE StoreOnce RMC

Question #32

Which SAN topologies offer the highest centralized data access performance? {Select two.)

A. single switch

B. cascaded

C. meshed

D. ring

E. core-edge
Question #33

What do me improved operational efficiencies, service levels, and business flexibility

provided by HPE Storage solutions create?

A. cost reduction

B. business value

C. stability to customer business

D. customer loyalty

Question #34

A customers IT manager requests a storage device to be used as a random access NFS

filer that uses deduplication for greater efficiency. The storage device will also be used as a
backup target for one rack-mounted server with local hard drives. Which HPE Storage
system meets this requirement?

A. MPE Store Once with Catalyst

B. HPE MSA with snapshot technology

C. HPE StoreEasy with Windows Storage Server

D. HPE StoreOnce with VSA

Question #35

Which statement is correct about the functionality of the HPE StoreVirtual DSM for
Microsoft MPIO?

A. iSCSl connections are blocked to non-critical nodes in me cluster by default.

B. The storage system, which receives a copy of me data, does not service the write I/O.

C. The storage system, which holds a copy of the requested data, services the read l/Os.

D. It opens an iSCSi connection to each storage node in a cluster when requited.

Question #36

Which HPE StoreVirtual feature can be used to reduce the effort required to migrate from
existing HPE StoreVirtual nodes?

A. Adaptive Optimization

B. Remote Copy

C. Peer Motion

D. Dynamic Optimization

Question #37

A customers environment has four HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 systems and three HPE
3PAR StoreServ 20800 systems deployed. The customer wants to optimize application
Which solution is available to achieve this goal?

A. Use RESTful APIs to provide federated management

B. import StoreServ private keys to the Management Console before managing more man one storage unit.

C. Use HPE One View to manage all HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays

D. implement HPE StoreServ storage federation, using the StoreServ Management Console.

Question #38

Which HPE Storage solution offers Remote Copy for asynchronous replication on a per-
volume basis without additional costs?

A. HPE StoreVirtual

B. HPE StoreEasy

C. HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Question #39

What are advantages of using SSD drives over performance HDO drives? (Select two)

A. latency

B. encryption support


D. form factor

E. OS support

Question #40

In an HPE: Store Virtual environment, the storage administrator receives alerts related to
the Manage and Quorum configuration The administrator wants to add two storage
systems to the current management group, for a total of six storage systems configured In
the cluster.
How many managers are needed for this configuration?

A. three

B. four

C. five

D. six

Question #41

You are designing a new SAN fabric for a customer who requires a high performance and
port-efficient network with many-to-marry connectivity. Which type of SAN topology should
you recommend?

A. core-edge fabric

B. cascaded fabric

C. meshed fabric

D. single-switch fabric
Question #42

Which tool allows you to view implemented SAN designs, and provides a graphical display
of the SAN topology?

A. Navigator

B. Storage Optimizer

C. HPE SAN Visibility


Question #43

A customer has a Microsoft application environment that uses HPE StoreServ arrays. The
customer wants to simplify the process to back up the application data and implement rapid
online recovery of the applications, however, the customer cannot accomplish this from the
StoreServ Management Console (SSMC).
What must be added to the solution for the customer to accomplish this? (Select two.)

A. Application Suite for Data Protection

B. Recovery Manager

C. Advanced Shadow Copy Services for Windows Servers

D. Virtual Copy

E. VSS provider for HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Question #44

Your company leverages the HPE Renew Program to deliver an HPE 3PAR StoreServ
demonstration unit to a potential customer looking for a block storage system to run an
OLTP application. The customer estimates at least 20 TB of usable capacity and wants to
use the existing 10 Gb/s iSCSl infrastructure. Low latency is important, but cost is also a
What should you include in the demonstration unit design to deliver the proof of concept?

A. (8) 1.92 TB SSD drives, (16) 1.2 TB SAS drives, two-port 10 Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE adapter. Adaptive Optimization

B. (8) 2 TB NL drives, a two-port 10 Gb/s Ethernet adapter. File Persona license, configure AFC

C. (8) 480 MLC SSD drives, (16) 1.2 TB SAS drives, a two-port 10 Gb/s Ethernet adapter, Adaptive Optimization

D. (16) 920 GB MLC SSD drives, an iSCSI adapter, configure AFC

Question #45

A company has multiple VMware servers using internal storage. The customer would like to
convert this storage clustered pool of redundant storage. Which HPE Storage technology
can provide this?

A. HPE StoreVirtual DSM

B. HPE StoreVirtual VSA

C. HPE SmartClone Volumes

D. HPE StoreVirtual Peer Motion

Question #46

Which protocols are currently used by SSD and HDD to interface with host systems?
(Select two.)






Question #47

Which storage technology allows a customer to provision a group of servers with 10 TB of

storage from only 5 TB of actual physical storage?

A. space reclamation

B. thin provisioning

C. thick provisioning

D. full provisioning
Question #48

Which HPE management tool provides a single, integrated management environment for a
converged infrastructure?

A. HPE OneView

B. HPE StoreOnce RMC



Question #49

When demonstrating File Persona disaster recovery between arrays, which resources go
offline and must be restarted? (Select two.)

A. antivirus scanning schedules

B. file share restore process

C. shares

D. snapshots

E. exports

Question #50

Which file protocols are commonly used in HPE Store Once storage? (Select two.)





Question #51

A customer adds additional SSD drives to an HPE 3PAR StoreServ array configured with
Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC). Which action is needed to take advantage of the new drives
in AFC?

A. Remove the old AFC configuration and recreate a new one.

B. Run tunesys after adding the drives to rebalance the system.

C. Run the statcache command to enable AFC for all Ws on the system.

D. Increase the current AFC configuration to reflect the additional space.

Question #52

Which management interlace uses four basic commands (create, read, update, and delete)
to enable administrators define and radically simplify the most complex management





Question #53

A customer wants you to expand an HPE StoreVirtual cluster with two additional nodes.
What do you need to consider?

A. The new nodes must be configured into a new management group.

B. The firmware of the new nodes must match the version running in the cluster before adding them.

C. Nodes must be of equal or greater capacity compared to the existing nodes in a cluster.

D. The expansion needs downtime to re-balance the resources within the cluster.

Question #54

Which HPE solution can be ready for production in 15 minutes and is built (or a scale-out of
consolidated virtualized applications and virtual desktops?

A. HPE ConvergedSystem 250-HC Store Virtual

B. HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for HANA

C. HPE ConvergedSystem 700 for Citrix XenDesktop

D. HPE ConvergedSystem 100 tor Hosted Desktops

Question #55

A customer has an existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 using Fast Class and Nearline
drives with read intensive workloads. They need to increase the read I/O performance;
however, they have a restricted budget.
What should they do?

A. Add an additional 15 K Fast Class drives and implement mm provisioned deduplicated virtual volumes.

B. Add an additional 15 K Fast Class drives and configure AO policy lo net data onto the new tier or disk.

C. Add a tier of SSD and implement mm provisioned virtual volumes.

D. Add 4 SSD drives and enable Adaptive Flash Cache.

Question #56

You are demonstrating adding a new host for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ array to your
customer. In addition to the host name, what is the minimum information that is required to
create a host profile?

A. virtual volumes

B. virtual file servers

C. host set

D. persona

Question #57

A customer recently purchased an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 array and now wants to
implement a disk-based backup solution. Which HPE software license allows them to
bypass traditional backup server-based processes and provides a programmable interface
for scripting purposes?

A. HPE StoreServ RC

B. HPE Flat Backup

C. HPE OneView
D. HPE StoreOnce RMC

Question #58

What is a business benefit of HPE hyper-converged systems?

A. larger footprint

B. faster deployment

C. lower latency

D. fewer choices

Question #59

A customer wants to store a large amount of unstructured data that needs to be queried
quickly. Which type of storage solution should you recommend?

A. hash-based

B. NAND-based

C. object-based

D. flash-based

Question #60

You design a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ solution that will be integrated with existing c-
Class blade enclosures that have flat SAN technology. Which solution component should
you discuss with the company CFO?

A. HPE teasing program

B. I/O performance metrics

C. advantages of Proactive Care Advanced over Proactive Care

D. benefits of removing me edge-core architecture