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This research work titled the role of retailers in the distribution of consumer good is to
determine the crucial function of retailers. Also to determine the possibility of eliminating
functions. Several research methods were used in gathering and analyzing data. But two main
methods primary and secondary sources were used, books, journals, periodicals and magazines
were mainly constructed. This was to have broad knowledge of distribution and the function of
retailers. Of course, we cannot enumerate all the findings here. Based on our findings, through
analysis and testing of hypothesis some recommendations were preferred. One of such
recommendations is that the government and producers should always evaluate and control the
retailers in other to forestall two much influence and control on the part of the retailer.


Any organization selling to final consumer whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer is

doing retailing. It does not matter how the goods or services are sold (by person, mail, telephone,
vending machine or internal) or where they are sole (in a store, at a street, or at the consumer’s

As a result of this, several businesses have emerged, as retailers help in the distribution of
consumers goods, but in spite of this effort, some consumers still believe that their function is not
important and therefore it should be eliminated.

It is therefore the purpose of this research work to find out the reason for the continuous agitation
by consumers and also to proffer solution to this effect.

The researcher will also work extensively to ascertain how the retailers facilitate the flow of
consumer goods from the producer to the final consumer.
By so doing the consumer will now found out that the function of retailer in the distribution of
goods is important.


The research work is actually going to be limited to a certain features. It will be focus on the
distribution of consumer goods by reviewing various literature and journals related to the topic.

The retailing system and its effective management and the classification of

consumer goods. As were as the various type of retailers will be examined in details.

The importance and function carried out by the retailers will not be left out, it is obvious that the
retailer encounter uncountable problems in caring out their roles, this research work is also
design to identify these problems and offer solution or recommendation to these deficiencies.

The subsequent re-organization of the marketing system to get ride of the retailers will aloe be

To this end it will be observed that when these issues are properly match out consumer will
certainly have smile in their face.


The researcher has been able to identify a problem which in fact has aroused its interest in trying
to find a solution to it.

The problem therefore, is about the credit facilitates. Many retailers are unable to continue as a
result of lack of capital which the customer are holding in form of credit facilities offered them.
When too much credit is allowed, capital will be drastically affected which may lead to failure of
the business unit.
Another major problem in the distribution of consumer goods is lack of advertisement. Retailer
should not over look the wise saying in business if you do not say I am, nobody will know there
you are. Many retailers fail because they think advertising is a waste of money and energy. That
is why the general public has a poor understanding of this channel of distribution


For the purpose of this work, the researcher aim at achieving the following:

1. To know the system or methods adopted by the retailers for the distributions for the goods and
2. To determine the relative importance of retailers from the view point of its continuous usage.
3. To identify the roles and responsibilities of retailers in the distribution of goods to the consumer.
4. To discuss and identify the present type of retailers in the distribution of consumer goods.


This research work will however be useful to several individual and bodies, among which are;

1. It will enable the researcher to contribute its quota in the academic discipline.
2. It will qualify the researcher for an award or fulfillment of the HND certificate.
3. For fourth coming students to enrich their knowledge.
4. Useful to the economy and government agencies when the need of economy
growth/development arises.
5. Useful to the present and potential retailers who wish to improve in their practice to the channel
of distribution and in consumer satisfaction.
6. Useful to consumer as it will enable them identify and evaluate genuine retailer to satisfy their