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~ wad cutter· waIn g 2~ Glluglll or hes'llEM' sfhl'el .Illver.,. d II h.IiI'ti'Y piece

'0' stMe-t b(au10 ra n '8i1vll so iIJ' not 10 tlamalle Ibe c.uner.

A WJld .cutter II. In GkI runtQned tool used to ,cOl cork ot If:Niper \Vsds1Qf muule IDadlng .. hoI ~un •. Till' tool Is 3tll! ."lIl1lble In ae1lerelslzu.

A:ft(tr Slamph"g, the blank ean be domed or punchedwUh II cone punch on I!! lead bloclc. If sUn!k too 'a, II"! Ihe I,elld block the button may be elt1'rtu::ielill by lilting a $'harp polntl3d tool 01' awl,

BI,I{UO'n 1tJII!iI~$ ~n either be eut by hand ilNltf'l, C Ilrved Ihear&,sta m ped out wUh dies or cut out wrtll wacJ cott.",:

,A ~QQP of copper w~r4 II m~d9 b~ winding Gome wille I!Iroun'd a CDl'iVE'nienl !!Ize mdl.

The c.enler and g",lde ~inee 8,1l'e' m,acre on the blank,;

U"lll1liliited fittracUve deslgl1l elln be sta mpe(J, on them by using ill IItUe Imagl n~tl on.

'Snip Ille JOOp5 with

a pair or cutlers.

Satder II loop 111 ea chi btl Iton 'IN Ith is liver so'id E! r

and flux.

The deslg_n may be darke ned with antiquing 5clut'lan" ttl,lim buff",d and PQlhshed.

MQcc8Iln •.. u~ buUunil CQurt,.~ of fM· '<albab Sh0!l. TuCllii!ln, Artzonl.

The t6seUel!!i! oU!tU"~d by witll e srQRII die. The bW~~illn

t,rlmf1l"led wllti Urn snip'!l or Je;weler:s. saw and filed,. liIuUlni'ng tile de~lgn ..

lit ls Jhefl domed hI a woo ~e:1'I t,I'h;u::k with a Sff'lClOIti! round [puJT1ch. A (:!iiI,~per ring il s~ldered t9' the back Oir liul bol.lUon und n Js Itn,e,1'l i!luUe!li and P@lUBtUi!IlI.


rlhe'$e tUJUOfUIiWerlE!l, p~eces O'~ IlIllve,r 1m, "n .r- ·' ......

smooth !ill i'fae@ a I&ina Ie roa,,11e dri'l.

of b ~tl.o!il lila!!! been ,IUTlOI:'l91 IlI'1eNawaJ:o ~ ,

1 h QlIsands"a,'¥'e beem'

mad:e and we rill.

These are very ollidtuJ Itonl! t.alicen ,from iii

d:soaya d piace ,

01 r~Ii'he"found J~' _ 'In,ttle Ule ~un~r)l' (!if ,soutl1- .

- wes.1 CQI'~ r;adD. Th ey wer~ matle ~b~ Et'r'g~VII'l'!'Jr lite o'l.iI~lrte 0,1 a :s'tar !!I11I1iiI1'hen domediand a!

cop pre r I~a ~her tac k WiIHI lead s 01 d~red il nto tlh e b;aek.

'flilese are' Qld tnH IOflu. rita dQ:

II ~~ I h,e' rle'it 011 ~fJfI' buttons

phbtufed 0'1'1 Ihl

page. They, pawnclul' ye,a rs ,ag '<E;il~h.&tring repreg!{nts ~he dl1lcCQ'ralllon ' ,'ra rn .s 'I.e:lvel b~o " ... ! ea nd paWrned at U;;e-lradlng ,PQ~!fand meyer ItIe'deern,ed. This Ih a ppren s whan ~ he' own ar need!l mlQ ney .::I r whG'rI a bmo uS'e .al'ldl)u~;IQIiIS bet:ome ·ollll,li'lfid worn and'lh>e~wner tslmply wall1! a new blouse witlilrnew blUi'toI'lS.

" t

TI'T!~a Is a 'string 01 mlnlal!;JIre tu.!t;!l!ri1S PfQI'Jably made h'u' iii th)'lJo,r it IIUle glrl'swri~ts.


II il (lne of the 8.lmpres' bracelets 1.0 make and reql,>llires only a few tool!Bi to complete. It hl,aUrarcUve liirl(!l C8!fII be worn equ a'ity well Ily b'o til men and WOmel'l.II,1'l d is often WQ m 11'1 pls.lrs. II was. ~robBbl y fhe !lraUypt:! 10 be ilie1 wltlitl tu II! e a!1d es 111 bi!! ae:~ ·wl1h ol'le It! r eve~ dozen II, 01 stones,

ThiS b racel at Is binlicaUy a slrlp o~ 1 gauge !ll~'Ier CIJ~ to wrlsl IIlze'.

IUs .s<hape:d by trlmll,lill19 oft tr~a rig lea

of sliver as.

:!Ih own to make It ~ape'r toward the ends.

Dies ,are, c hosi;ln and the delllg" stamped om. The bracelet is be nl, '0 r h;)lim ed oV'Elra rnand reI.

If II I:; dMJ9:n;ed fo r a IIOl'lre, tll1'B be,:;!;eIB!1 d twlried wire aecof'atloll"! are Sa I d1er~1lI dlrecllv ontQtM brao~et UISli,!l!Illy wllhoLlit ma'ltIIl1'!J a phde.

Alway!! ro(1ll!oy,eUle lran bll'ldlng'w:lr,f;!

IromE! ple~e that has he"em sOldere1:i before p~ac:lng IUnlheacld piekle •. Any·lrfOJl £!inlerim 9th ,U cldsol u:tl 00 w hem fI pjece Qfsllver II pres.ent willi c::aiJ~e ,a'lg 01 t;oppell to. be p'!ahwl on~of the sll"ver, which is very dlmC'uft tel


In aU cases. ,after so1d:e rl!il9, nUl ple'Ce QI silvaunuII bill' pl'gced In an acid ,!loly~igt'lIQ e'lean s'nd r~n'U""e meUiQd 11 U., T~~I Is called plekJlllflg.

This 'bfJacehH was p U rc h !!lied rr,om II 'NlIvoJo II'Iiii1ian In

A n{(II'11~lo. Coh)ra do I r:I 1929.

TliIll r$.on~ is set; tile deli~nl dtl~el1'led, anll Ilhe bracelef buTled! arid pt!llstu~d.

B!le seyerl'llil Iype,s, avallable at iewehy SI[.!:Pllly s:!Qres. Two 5l,zes: eJF€! shown ,here Of sller,ul1g g,iI'o'er. Tilley come in Iwo parts, Ol'i'l'e, to be soldered (Hille the earring ,emd! other. 'the ellp. ts to' be'E!'s,sembled alter so~cle'rtn9 by "orclng Ille ,two pivot prollg:s hilto

Ii! holeS 'DT tI'lB'fIItner. Mol'~ tel'll5i~HiI or ,grab, can be' provided by slighlly bendi',n9 Ihe Sprh!l91

Tli1e Natani Nel!: or "head man" high .~r"'''~'' b~D,acl brllrnmed hat hal been U~1ir wlilh !he Navajo ""en since 'NaiS in,tl'i~dl.ieed by -the Spanish

and traders. Helln be seen being wa:m In some 01 ~he earliest pictures oJ NavaJIGs In the 1860' s.

Iver hat band appeBr~d arouf'ld 1 gOO esPttcially at dances and C.~Rrnmil'ltl!lllI..J on the reservation.

1'tlls ~at was specta~ullar e'"llugl1i W'hetn Worn by II . foot plus tall Na'olajo. wIth I'!is CCI'!CI~U~ i:)elt and I.ulrquoise jew·elr~. aul when 111 bea!i.!tUwl sil'VEl'f hat band was, added. l,I~u8l1V with an eagle feathe'r tucked liltJQ the sjde or i1. he WillS Iruly ;a magnificerll: sight

0"'1;)' bow is, solde:redln tile center of tine ban1tJj, th~ Q~h.~r is< soid.rtr,efl al !i;llfl'l:!Emd (lv,erl:appIFllgi han O'f tii'le' bQ'W~ A "bunen" oJ !/ n; h;:len length o'f 12 gaug:~ wil;'c with a silver balill Oln top is s,oldered Ql1Ilto ~hre Dse!k c,f nile bow.

Two ,liver "bows" af\e made ~:ar lI'!aJeh hat band. 1 inch inches ~Iil si.ze alld S:~IH'lf:lpe,oI lIS showln.


Tliil$, l!hG lO:rl\l'sent [J,ay' «c'lwboy" versicm crt Ute'

N1atani Nez: t1alt, b~ W,Qtf!1lt by m!llil'ly of the :,rCH!t!1g Nav,a,lo$ en o'r (lfr tlhe r~serva'lloll1. It s esse!'iltli~IIY thie s,ama Il:BI tlnte Dli:iI: style' S~etson Ibody but blo,(;ked "c;owboy" slyle with a top cre~~H!, sides pi fIIel:'le€ll

sn,d s,wept 'brim. Tile y,Gungl Iindians

prefer a eOlilolul,lYlpe lU1t band or

belt rather than the solid silve'l' band, aila :;U50 n is fliew and difterent.

14 (;@I'ICI118'5 alla at)l,Ickle make !,II\! this hial: beU burt the numi>tll'r dell~Hlid5 ()11! the htid: $Ize, and

how closely the'~ afie spaced.

.' -

e 8I1dfemal'e, IJ''Jal buHo'll

tolorllT1 t~ e sma.11

,,-, Oln'e i nell !pi ec,e lof 14

:s!lh~er Wire ~s cut to bar and the endls,l~a"ened. Tbis is

.. soldered 'IQ~he lbac'k iUll1!e bliJ~kle.

t '........." A 'IOiJllgll.lE~ ~s 'made rrom Ih'e same

~ I s'i~e piece cd silver wire me-d,

~ iIiIflld belltarC!JI11d 'Ihe etCH!'!!; bIOI'.

• The bu~kh .. 1& thel1

~ !4Ia rke ned, blu Ifed ll!1utl polished.

_" 'Ben 1t!;~U.PI~ a I'e IIfI :!!Ide fifl)m strips Qf

~1-1 B 11i'1i;:h 2;2 ~ga IJge It:Cljp,l!IfI F she et bernt a!!'oumd a 1/4 buih Wide fIiIe.

'hEl' CO!1,cli1ars are di!'lrken:l!!Id. bulfecl. i!!!lnd IPoli~ltIled, then stifling Cll1ItO Ithe belt.

ilhes€lare sollde:red ~o the back o,f~hel cOfleh'as.

C(llp,p,(!r ils used' be,cause il Is soH i!l'IId when the c,mfleila is In placeen the' bellI: it Clan ~.a!lll)i ~e mashed dcwl"l. lifin'lily tJQldlfll1 Ihl eonc:I1~.


Ihree Qld Navajo sl~ver . "squash blos'sems" lJ,f the 1,880's.

AIi'1an~ient and very wom, squash olr pO'megr,a~liIte l),I,oSSQ,!"J1


It tutquL')iSf! ~ovElred Ilec:ld:a(le IPf~b,Bbly ZWIflI Indiam ma¢l,~ abQlut iI~920.

It has a NavajlQ made c~al!lp 01 unique sfa mp eel desi~IIIIW~"''''''.Ii'

A b~HIiU~lhll ~~~

gl~ver s'qu,a,!;!h bti0SS.011'! neeklaee

of I:liIe 1940,'5.

A squ~sh bll)!!i81:i1Wl nec~laee 'of P,er'si'll1l n

tlll'quoise wirU1I All visible "blloss'omst' made about 1970.

S l!Rlque necklace Was 'Ilrigina,ted by the NSJvaJo from three for eilements. The slllr'e,tc'

beads w'erre evld'enUy evolved 11"(!<f1l1 MO . bU'~D'" ha:l'vessoldered leget tI'l!!' to rna Mfi a b ~<uil. The !:Ivttons were from Spanish

J elol.hlng cle,coratlon, Tihe .

"squash liI~ossom" waB e!O'ldentlJ eflpied from ~he"i~lver pome,granate blossom SBiEIn on

the troiols(lrs of menlSl'om Glra!lllHila,

Sp.ain.The naJa. Dr crescenM shaped Ipelld,ard W~Hii bo:rrowedllrom tlhe Spalnlsh home headstall Dr b:ri,i:jlle Whi(lh hi tUl1rrl was

~!lAalolgpted from the Moors who p robabl:y got it by W 1!I!If of 'Ihe Midd'ie IE:as~, po~sib~ly fro m Mongo II ;;I:. It WB ~ kl'llow!'II ~Il many early

cl.,l!IIzaflan,.: tl"le ea;rlles~'are solid go'id

naja's ~Clul'1d In s!,one age grave.s In Irelsmd. Whate\,l,er thie orlgiil'ls, 'the Navajo had the greal ability to c~mbllile ttleal! elements; in,to j be:,3iJ!ifiUl piece of jewe'lry and the other II"dh!!"~ of the S·OI~thW8St

IfI'Ipro\led upon II':


A IIJIJ'lique hand stam~ed I1Blfl!l dl'5plal{il"lg a 'free fDrm cui turquoise,

. '1975,

AI'! intelre t~pe nl2i~IB

, deVldop e d about HJ25 and popu'ar only lor ,about a , 0 ,ea!' ,perIod.

Two, pieces or 18 gusgeo sUio'er sheet 1'·11/2 inches, by 1-1/8 Inches are ,cu,1 !Ill'll':! ~aIH!IJ\ed to about

1 imch on, 'Ooe ei!l'ld.

TwO p~ec'Hs of numl!if!'r 6 hal~ round bead

W,lfQ am cut IUlfli lS!oh1ared to the ~ides.

WQmeml ,expanding wa,lch bra,(f,ele,ts.

This slv,le has rinl1gssoldered onta the ends ~,Q fit bo,~h lhe watch :and tlhe expanding band.


Sma II I I!IHJ e;s"""iinl

be made for decol'atrol'l by dra ~l B

shape o,n 22 ,gauge sil1ver sheet. ' __ lmg thmm oUlt, soldering II piece err 18 ga'Sie ,curi"ved silwer wire dowl1I the c:en'ler !!II each and .stamping cl.lrveq_ loI'e<il'ling oM g:!ac::l1. They ,c.ilrn be domed on a wooden bfa-ok,

A. slit I s cut wilh ,i'! jewe-Ieni saw h' fit 1,i'1re ell'l d iiI

Ihe e!l!p~l'IIdi!'lg band, The band's ore- bent or :s,hapedl ov,er tile' bracelel mandrel with the rawhide Mal!!!'I.

The .s~l1li1leaElre selec't,ed and be.i!el~s:

Dire made before soldelring them 01'1. flte be~els must be filed cuned tH concave 011 the' unde, side 10 Ilit Ihe curvatlure or the band.

Th'li! slono-s are set, U':IEI 'rirllshed banda are anUql!!~nl ana then polished.


Fhnu:ly 'for th,~ expanding wl;If,chband to be added :and latar the W'at~h,

Courte!!!:,' 01 Tom Baht! lndlan Art::s. TUC8on, Arizona.



J 1:8 Iro usually mean't I'lli be ..... ern on chains,

A dr'llIp s"ajle' stoma ~s selecled. amlla bezel ~'8 made 11 n d !Wi,mle red I:) n10 a plate ot 14 QiUJge s~I'ier.

The I QQ Ii' Ie hang, the pendarlli by i 9 madeflrol11 iii

piece etl 9 gl9Uga< 112 rownd wire flaltened Dm thl1.l<fmd andsolde'fed to the back of the pW'ldant.

Th~a'te stu::nl.lld be Uuge enoug h topUow rool'lill fOlr Ihe dieCQrat~onl ..... f'lich ia madell.ip Or 1/2 ~In::le!l GliFlPed from 18 g,Buge sliver wire lind h~s been wound ar'Oul'1a a !'!ajJ.

A yt!ry a t1 rae t ~"', Ie w, ay, ~o we31f :II p~ndar:lt Is w'lIh :EI bead neektaeu,

Wit"'lhls penl!ll,anl th,e b~ad1lS! iIIC'l,ilJel"ed 'On the top ilA plaCE!ola I'Im'l:Il.

The ~IY€!r Is 8l11tiqued, the slone ~s· .!leat BInd Ihe pen dan I Is p6~jshe~-


I' is 'U;!lu~~I'i easier to bend Ihe IO!l)p'or ring wi I ... opal'r o:f lI'oun,eI noSe pl.ler.! :!II l'he top 0,1 thO p~!1dali'l~ affe,r p!:i!~r$l1Iln!1.

MBtched ~quare stones 01 b'lue Q,em 1l.!I'q,uQise are eele .::ted.


SWf\l'el typ& eun link backs with a.loinl. thaI Is soldered Qnto ~he back centel' of theellU link.

Bez;~s a I'e mad e, a Ad .-J~~ s(lldfJre~ to platll!l!l. If I'm declI!ratlQ~ iIs:del!lired the plate is clipped Qr !Jawed el ose' ~q the b e~el and fll ed amell;,th.

'J'l1Ie CIJ" Ilinks ,1lI1'"~ the., PQIi!lhod.

AUer pic'kling tl1le ~whl'el ls attaehedte the Jolnll!1If irnsertl!'ilg a $lTIaU rh!e-Iand gently tapping Ihe ends. 0" l\he nlvel. I>Q spread tillEI'm and hQld t"'e sYorl",e~ II1I'p,lace.


~ ( -.

)0 t ... )
r f""o
.) T
r ( .,
$ ""
iI r: )
I .J
,.d) , ,
I ... , "'1'
) _)
~ d .; H l "' )

~ ...... 'i_.' ~


.1 ... C" f' J¥
" J.
Q ..
~ )
1 ".,_
) .J
" .
. ~
) ....
J i1 )



, ,





It, Hopi r~n'!!ll IOI~ $ tyll ~",d handl des!gn.

, A, rill'rHberorf,!i'~~,~,~ 01 8i.I\l:e:rJ~l1I.lder ~,re melil;~rj ,,,,,In'f;affHll~e flux pn,1.O th~ , 'sf;de o-,{ tfi'lis plate al"!i~ then It i!l

p[tk1rlld "a.,d ih'!laned; -"

Fresh nux i!",applied a!ld the~plates :!lol.Cf~r~d·h;lgeJher. I~-l'hlls Isbe~uc¢.Qrilpli!i'hiellll by-;J ,

1J)lacU" U\e- two ~Iecfswlth .

Ihe-l!:liI,t olld Iilr~'c'~. t:lfI top I.iIsln~ ~mp1e

, 11,,:,,:, rem a woven ;Wlre" solderilng Ulilm~r he.aUng ·e ... ·snly by I!IIltenudl,ng thee.lorch flarn~ lirom t.Q(ldo bciltam. !Until the sOlider lI~w.s,eompl'let1.roU.iI'Id "he edges; of t~le £t~",lglnp!"ld ~h'nill.lliel e:.:cIgu: ~f 1111 II J1la1e&' 0 'hE! ~~Q 11m Itl'mly weHllea t.ogethe,'

It 'comme<fcf'D I bu~kle back an d peg are'

!I oh:ileji'ed c:mto II1IID bSiCklllf

111 e Itmck.le.


iii. tyel!:el ls: m~d1e t~lr .a smllil fCIuliid JurqlJlQls'l! stone oiIn,d 91)Id,e~eCl cU1lh~ ~h e !bl.n;dde tiS sl'iq"oYl1. The po t'i1I.e'f.!J !II I

S ~he<tllJt~leare ~ul1lded 8iI'H~ fill ~!ilges . a ~ "'II ed Sf1lll0-otl'Tl. T'ihre! flu dc.h?

I sli glhtl!f C:!.lIA,ed or be-At arou~ d ;a 'br~lJ:lelel malndnd.

1hl& :,ty I e Cru5 ned ~tu,rqu I!'l is;t ie:~,el~ was, m~tile ~op!l!'ar In I!\ocenl t~me~ !;Iy·,several fJi1i~ni1tH!rS I:,1f .~e ' ,


tll~ ,:;.tofi,~~ !~. S e:t~ ~1Te b'1J~kle Ill': f'lo:li~hec[ and t'hm1he desig'l1

i~ c~'N!rtlllr f:l9~e:.,ed with HIILp:l! 111l11illLlIIng 1.II~]Mr .rn Ir:bf) wlwo.

A P.lop~ pin inc!llr1P01l!Hng a ~ree,fOrlTt..!lltlll!~'IYfl!luar",.

Iholdlr"g Iwa

15U'I rio be SDI·tMI-.:I onto EI w{ltchband '01 1/:2 ro"-i I1id wlrr·e ilJudla.s II separ·~to r. 15 a holdln~ dewh::·e inc:orp.~;II'.dil'lg II p.ailF ~t se,lf el~mllinrg tw,eez:e·r~.~and a dQwbl'e balllo1nt

II amlin IrQI'I basil. lit Is t!'lC:treme y use1ul 10 ~$e 10 clamp p eC Qt· ;ewiHry while ~dlderT .


Saw~ng is Idsually €Ililru~ on a wooden b en,ch ph

Siver tube b as and l'1elst!1 be nUld In 'th~1 m~nner.


A Ii:IrBcelel mandrel of cast steel Is .:Ii '1ery 'useful teDI ID< nu~ snversmi1n. This one 19 mounted! em U -WlIcu!lel'l 2 by 6 tlo:ltelll tel tile Ibench arid shsJled 10 m If'le [~li1slde' OIl' the mandrel. I . 'I QI.he'i': s.hapln:g and benl'illn.o .101;1,1, ,c~n b-e a!:eompni~ed on Ods 1001.

th~ IProb:lern Gl'f 'st,,~plil'l!J 81 ~e;ilgln (1<1'1 Irlolflgle' wire Is solved by >cutting 81 tl'ila:n~ ~haped !llo~ with a h,BC.~!JaW in a Iplece or r<l!ilmai::l 'r .... ,_~

The 5101 shoul:d cee,l,j, So O.n,e lace or ~he tn~ang lew I ra is, tlat while stamping, wh leh mitkes !me laea 'o'erticBt

... --

.. After Bending

<, The sliver C"BfI De flied oH t -€I' pi 01 the bezel rt Itls too 'hlgh bti10re senlnlJ slone. The stone Is placed on _ e' cordki __ -'1_-(tie benl.nd, wnh 'he thumb h ing n d~WI1I, the bezel Is cluerwlly crimped .round U'u: 51101'le. A burnllher I, used to amoo_h ihe t~p c:I,1 the bezel.


Th. purpote of 811UqIJfng or darkening Indian .I .... er r.welry fa to cre.t. a conttast between the InclBed dealt" and the pan.hed lurhlc..


~IUII.f balls and melieCil .Iyle NHolraillon,' can ealily be made, illlg pl~e8 -of ,clt81'1

a:I'hler wilh no' !lolcler nil to, them en 8 bllock (1<1 ......:!!~Jlblwt cha1'Coal !!Iml me Itlng tl:l, Ihape delrred.

eSter/ing cSl'lver spec\Fica.tions

GCiuge I W~ ~X6" WLfi'X30"
14 , 064 ,2 .10 75.6
U. ,051 1.65 60.-:;
18 .040 1.3£ 48.6
2.0 .0.32 1·00 38,,6
2:2 .OlS .85 29·4
2.4 .,020 .65 23.4

26 .011,6 .50 18,6

'28 .01.3 .40 1'4,6

30 .01. 0 .35 12.·1

32 .coe ,2.5 Q.2.
No, BasE! HL L eng,t h o~ per
pe.r oz. , ·Fo(:)1:.
, . 36D" .A. .22'5" 3 0/":' 3.53
1~ . 325 ..... , .2..00 5" 2.45"
2_ . '2. S6 A. .loO 7" 1.65
:3 . 2.15 ... . 097 13 ~' . .83
4 ,Q5 ... .090 Z2 \i" .66
5 .1SG .A .11l f 7 Va" .68
6 .12:2- A .095 24" ·5'2
7 .103 • .081 30" ·33
B .08C .. ·064 :J'11t .2.45 LOW DaME W I ~E.
No. Base Ht" Lensth Oz.. per
pe't' O'Z., foot
1 .60S"; ,07111 4~" 2. or;
'2 .515 - .065 '\4" 11.1'0
:3 .412 ....-.... .062 ID~f' 1.19
4 .7. 32. .-. .072 13~" 1.03
'5 .170 - .040 31 " .45 ~oUND Wlf;.\E
Gla. 1 Length o~. pe.r
10QO'/ p~' 07., fool:
4 , .204 S" 2 ,140
6 " 1&2 gr. 1.350 1
8 • .12.5 1 S" .652
10 • .1D2' 24" 53,&
r 2 • .081 3,6" .357
14 • ,Qb4 5' .2.1 Z
16 • .051 7'(d' .j~3
18 • ,04D 12/ .O~4
2.0 ~ .0'32 19' .053
2'2 · .025 30' .Q~~
24 · .0'20 48' .0208 HAlF~ROUND WIRE
Ga.. 1 L!!1'18ih Oz pel'
, 000 11 _fe.r oz.. foot
2 ... .257 B" 1.650
4 .. .204- 1';," " .11 0
6 .. .16,2 H3" .680
8 .- .128 2.B" .424
9 .. .1l4 32.~ .313
10 .. .102 42" .2. 5 0
1'2. .. .m3' 6# J 10
13 ,. .01Z 7' .'145
14 .. .064 9'6" .1'20
16 - ,0511 15 ' .065
16 ~ .040 2.4' .042 !l QUARE WIRE
Ga. 1 _ I Le.ngln Ol.. pe.r
1 000 '1 I ~e r 07., iool
6 • .1~'Z 7i,i' 1.75'0
B • .128 11, j, 1,085
1Q • .102 18" .665
12 • .081' 28" .415
14 • .OM 45" :Z~!J
16 • .051 6' .155
18 • ,040 (314" .105 82

TUB ~ N G J 51 e r1'Ing 5eiH1'1h~S5
0, D' WAL.l Wt. p~r Ft.
g:a uge e18uge . 02 .
0 7 20 .724
, 0 9 I 26- .350
0 , 25
a 1 2B :2
(I, i 2 26 .z rr
0 14 30 . 1 25 HALF ROUND BEAD WIRE.
Gauge Thjc. khe'~5 W~. ~,~r ft.
in Oz.
I 6 ~ l' 62
... - .. .6?5
....... 7 ~ 144 ,408
.- ....... , 9 . 1 14 .2.71
12 .081 .1 '2.8 I
.. III ..
!li!!!il ...... ~ililriililili 14 .064 ,101

, Th II 'h gndy rJng~'l:ze chalrl will g,hl'E!< 11 III ~l!Iea err the sIze of ~ rl n 9 wl"l.en Ille' ring is laid nal: 0111 the paper with IhE! linslde diameter of ~he ring ,Imosl Clo,'1e,rlfi,g U'I'If: pririled ,c~rc~Q. F!9f b'eller' ,acclIri!lcy aM 10 mea!lU re till!:! Un gelf S Ile, a me1 a'i rill 9 g a ug,e ,sha Ull d be IU sed but some , these' are' onll". accurl!J~e ~o wUhfnl 1/4, 0" a s,jz:e.

_ Tl'lle m o!!!1acG I.! r:ate tllO I to' rne;J9l.Jfe B.lfln 9 Il,y Is III !§i rselu sled st:eelrdn II m8flgjre'l.


OVAL Jr J2 J3 J9.5 J4 J5




J3 J3.5 J4 JS JB

Ster~rl'llg Silwer Jumprln5!s, Round 8. O .... al

W'iH Af:iQ1 h Wlrn

.045 ,'130 II .2601 ROU:ND J6, ,04$

J145 .125 iI .. 2001 J7 .0'30

JJ4S, .1100 II .115 JB .035

.040 .Q4·0 II .115, J8.S .040

.ID30 .016 It .150 J9 .030

.0:25 .07'S I: .115 J 1 01 J)2:S

J11 .02(1

• •••• 4 .204 1.50
•••••• 6 .162 .. 95
••••••• 8 .128 .65
"221.' .•• 1" HJ .101 ."38
..... _ .. " 2 . . OS, .2.4
-- Jumprlng:!! and bezel CLlPa. were lolftner~Y' alll1and lTlade. Theltt mnctlll1D-made prtuluct, ar<E! ne.ol time i.a ... era to the modern Iliversmith.


Ro .... n d J 11m pringll



J9 J1D


~ .160 .150 .1130 .'11:20 .110(11 .100 .G80


B.1Dmm :Qval Bezel CUPII



9.Smm lrnm 2. 5.m m 2mm

This brac:elel and ring gauge ls l.'IyaUab~e, printed Or! ahlJm.I!'IUlmI. rrom Jewelry S,Upplll' !SIIOras.


Babi es Chddren lad~t'',l Lad~e.) rt!'en M~n

Sma Il ,Leng'e: Sma II La rge.

11\, very lise r!IJ I gli:lufitl to use 'ror geUI'I1g BiI'IEI,pprl:ulimate size when makln9 rings Ilind b'racelets. When mBk~I"I'9' cuslom lewelry It ,Is a good ltilea to !lIe1 a 'COl"r,ect me.aSlJre-mefl't by u!I!in.g iii slrip 1011 paper 'wrl!lpped B to und I he-wri s~ orri!'lg er, The fll1Ig e r m ElIlSU rem f! nt l!i I) C,IJrmp 1~le ciwil!;l,e of the finger. The' blfacelet measurement &l1o.uld be about OFiOilllch

shorter ~ttlall the complete !t~rcle or the wrist


Heavier sl'lol!inks f'IIl!(lcl 10 be cut IGlnger than IIglI'!ter enDS, tJecl'l!IJae 01 ~I"!e bendlnQ.

a.iB,cl'l.::h ~i"

b.B~ 1"Icl., :~l., ~rot

c. ~. hc~e.'). fQ r m03~rn tr

d.Top rawx'5i>"X W,2" I ~ z.4

e.G,.. .. :!Il:n"!~d( H~~t ta

f.. Ba (.,k F'lInel ~,. ~Jo"

err ~ "'~,m e~ peg b'r:J&r:d

ft.' B !O).(;. ~ S. . r "IX4. • h. L6g!l ~ ")(.-4"

t , "".awer €! I ~ deS

j . .shel f noo!' !4" ,",1':1 k .S~61'1' k~~'et

t Drd~,ef ):'''1'' 'p\',,) OJ\ ~"'JiI"l.'! ~r'm; .... ,

Th'is ,allmo,t indlspe!ll!!able metal Iinad tray which slides ,Qverllhe Ilap w!"lile wOf,kimg lis cieslgn ed to catch ~(:rap ,un:! 11l1ngs, and I'lol:d marlY smsl'lloo,l!l.


The 91fea~es~ deb~ I a,we for rnueh of the irnformatlon ill 1hls book is to 1he l1lanV In,c:li.!!!11 s~lversl1l'!Hhs who have sl1l1il'ed wl,1h, me', dLmrlnlQ the 35 y,ear:sf ~he'ir knowledge, IheitsrPi:.iIIland Ihelr fri'endshlp. To ~1lE!!m,.!!!l1d ma!"lY more, I WQuid 'like to expres:s m,y deepesl. 911'fI"tII ud€l for,g Ill'! i~ bOQ k PO:!ldIJioe.

E.Ii.pecia'l,iy 1c> J Q hn A.da~r' w he ~ as bee,!'! lEI 1011'1 gtime me,nodl and whose WOl1lder~ull book The Nav,a~o and Pueblo SII 'Ie rs m Itl'l:s tria,s Ib ee n Ii 'clil1ss~c:: d owrn U'IfOIll gt! the ',~a rs, Thill: book 1tIiOrlie h.!!,Si been (! !ll,eat help,

I w(Juldlalso like- to, show sFlecUil appreciation ~o:

Mr. Mark Bahti ot Tom l3ahtl r.fu:lllllf'l Arts, IUC50n, Arll~Qlilal for me ]o'ii!i'lol ITUHlIY piieces of tM jewelry.

Mr. Richard 'Barrett II for his g!l!nel"ousassilstance, !l1~'Iersmlt;hln9 Ski~l!l ialnd advice ..

Ethe'l Bra'lilscol ~or hell" assistance and O1!:clvice.

Pa,m,el iii ~,l!iy for !lief :E! !lSi sto nee i 111 avo u t and ana n gI@m.enl. E¥e'l~ SSlbalie' 101' her eincoutaglefl'lll~nt and generous I1!.n'i~I.l!iI'll!!:'e In re,ad1II!1!11 and corre.etill'Q tile ImanusClI'lpl!5.

Mr. Jln'l Tradllilp w'hoihas QIM,I'Elil me valuable ad'ol'ice'rClm hie greal. !lii,Qlr,a cd klllClwledg'e In co 1'01' Iprintllrl9 and

pllIb Ih::a! 10 n. . .

A pfeil !or 8 do~lI-f(HJ:rs'eU

J eWel!HS wolfllll,bencl"l.






To Piill! Woodard! lor his !)el'lell'ou!I loan 101 tools andl equipment..

1'han'ks is aliso ex.IEl'nded 1'0 tM Icllil'owlng people mot menlUor,ed elsewl!1ere' linlbe ~boo,k::

Connie Ash POliI Haflrlsoln

Dr. W.P'. Bemis John K,olfrol!'!

PeggY' Balh1~ II,!'!,,, L',tI@

John Cadonni Danl'ly Mc'GlIli,re

V Ie IJ'oWlahue Patriock. 1". IH OUIU I1EU'!

Larry Flilier Diallill'le Matli'l'n

V'1~i,Ein Green

INancl~ Mahanl :5i'tanler MOI'I,a,n Yoh'urn!i.aJ Moreno. Joe Sc~ooreml Cris Sel'!ll:!r

AI lee W'1l'91he


Indian, Jeweler5!Sup~'ly' Co.

601 East COIa'1 A:\leli"!~e - aOI!! 1174 Galloup, NIM 873001

C,atalog $5.(1)

Rio o,"!de J'ew,e~er,!I SUIPply 69011'ol1l, HI.E.

AlbuQ.l.iicrquE!. -NM 011'09 Ol"llIer toll free 1-800-545-6566 New IMexlco ~. I(SOS} 345-B511 free Cata!h)g ,A'!I'!I,ua1J'le