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Version 1.1.4
- Optimization update: during testing for some players it increased performance
when playing with mods.

Version 1.1.3
- Fixed potential bug in OnSave() that could lead to fail saving items.
-If mod fails to execute OnSave(), the error will be displayed in main menu.

Version 1.1.2
- Fixed "lag" when checking updates for mods
- Added check mod updates every.... in settings
- Setting Slider fix (min max values)
- CheckboxGroup fix
- ModSettingsLoaded fix

Version 1.1.1
- Hotfix for OnMenuLoad(), some mods failed to load when no settings was present
- Error info for manifest update, when current file was still raw.

Version 1.1
- Mod update notifications are back check wiki for more info
- New mod details page, custom icons and more
- New settings feature AddText() and custom colors for headers and buttons
- Warning is now shown when mod targets wrong runtime version (this was source of
some crashes)
- Added Experimental Setting for ultra-widescreen UI scaling (turn on this first
before running in ultra-widescreen resolution)
- Added support for playlist files (.pls and .m3u)
- Audio stream library fixes
- Should no longer subscribe to shitload of events (possible crash fix)
- Lowered buffer threshold to 3s and expanded buffer from 20s to 30s.
- Updated NAudio 1.8.5 > 1.9.0
- More small fixes

Version 1.0.1
- Small fixes in handling exceptions for OnMenuLoad()

Version 1.0
- New API: OnNewGame(), GetCurrentScene(), CheckSteam()
- New settings: Settings.AddTextBox() and Settings.AddHeader()
- Redesigned UI, new Font, Mod Settings button (works same as ctrl+m)
- Default console font size is now 12.
- Forced vSync in Main Menu. (as requested, toggleable in settings)
- "Reset Keybinds to defalut" button (in keybinds menu).
- No freezing on "early access screen" (All communications is now async)
- Updated "MSCLoader ready" info (toggle mod path in settings)
- Steam offline auth.
- Mono cecil update, and simplified patcher code (retired "64bit patch")
- Json library updated to 12.0.1
- Changes to Audio Library
- Moved to NAudio.Vorbis for ogg files
- Mp3 online stream support (icecast)
- Updated (NAudio 1.7.3 > 1.8.5, NVorbis 0.8.4 > 0.8.6)
- Templates for VS2019 are now available. (for modders)
- Bugfixes and code cleanup.
- Fix for 9.5.2019 game update

Version 0.4.7a
- Due to abuse and harassment, steamID variable is no longer available for modders.
You can only check now if steam is present, it's no longer possible to target
specific steamID.

Version 0.4.7
- Removed mod update notifications, testing is over, making room for new project.
- Small audio library fix.

Version 0.4.6
- Rare bug fix: prevent crash when is corrupted
- DevMode: no folder cleanup in DevMode
- Updated docs to 0.4.6

Version 0.4.5
- Auto-disable broken mods that spam errors (should reduce fps drop)
- Settings: Checkboxes can now execture DoAction (if present)

Version 0.4.4
- Added Launcher/Updater for MSCLoader. (SU)
- Fixed int values issue with Slider in Mod Settings.

Version 0.4.3
- Major bug discovered and fixed to prevent duplicate loading. (thanks to playmaker

Version 0.4.2
- Fixed debug batch file
- Fixed console font size setting not loading correctly
- 64-bit patch is now obsolete (game is now 64-bit by default)
- Updated Visual Studio templates

Version 0.4.1
- Mod Loading progress screen
- Setting to disable experimental warning
- Bugfixes for settings menu (animation glitch)
- Other small fixes

Version 0.4
- Patcher: Updated with new functions (Engine settings, Debugger, 64-bit patch)
- Patcher: Install 64-bit game (for any version of game)
- Patcher: Enable/Disable resolution dialog
- Patcher: Enable/Disable output_log.txt (recommended to Enable)

- New APIs for Modders (OnSave, Mods Settings, fsm hooks, json serializer (for save
files), ...and more)
- Message when running experimental beta build on steam.
- Cleanup mods folders from unused mods files.
- Console History (use up and down arrow)
- Set console font size from mod settings (also demonstration of this new API)
- New save file format for mods keybinds (may reset to default after update)
- Console fixes
- Console messages saved to output_log.txt (when enabled via patcher)
- New Audio library
- Redesigned Settings UI
- Debug your mods with breakpoints
- References folder for custom .dll libraries
- Lots of minor bugfixes

Version 0.3.5
- Fixed bug that prevent importing songs again after back to main menu

Version 0.3.4
- Bugfixes
- Mp3 library "relay"

Version 0.3.3
- Bugfixes in keybinds and disabling mods
- Info in mod keybinds, when mod has no keybinds.

Version 0.3.2
- Resize console height by mouse
- Console height is now saved when close console (using ~ key)
- Fix: Typos (thanks UltraJohn)
- LoadBundle changed to LoadBundleAsync, LoadBundle is now Synchronous

Version 0.3.1
- Fixed wrong LoadAssets.LoadOBJ
- Added LoadAssets.LoadOBJMesh (if you want load only mesh)
- Fixed bugs in experimental mod update checker

Version 0.3
- Mods is now listed in main menu under settings (CTRL+M) screen.
- New GUI look for mods using OnGUI()
- Going back to main menu will reload mods (no need to restart game)
- Disable mods using checkbox in settings screen (only in main menu)
- Assets folder for custom content (to keep Mods folder clean, see documentation)
- Fix: UI scale bug
- Asset Bundles - load unity prefabs (for modders)
- Texture importer (*.png, *.tga, *.dds) (for modders)
- Object importer (*.obj) (for modders)
- Bugfixes and lot of changes under the hood.
- Patcher: Save MSC game location folder (no need to select game folder every time)
- Patcher: Create selected mods folder (not need to start game)
- Experimental feature: Every mod can now check for updates (if new version is

Version 0.2.3
- Fix for 29.05.17 game update, main menu info text now dissapear correctly after
loading game.
- Some UI fixes
- ModUI class is now public (for modders)

Version 0.2.2
- More error info for modders (which function failed)
- You can now log errors throwed in Update() and OnGUI() type log-all in console to
turn it on (WARNING! turn it on, only when you are in game, otherwise it will
spam your console with errors during loading, it will be fixed, but need to rewrite
mod loading logic)
- Patcher and MSCLoader can now check if new version of MSCLoader is available. (in
future updates, this function is planned for mods too.)
- Modders can now get config folder of mod simply using GetModConfigFolder(this);
this will return you full path for config folder of your mod, where you can save
custom config files.

Version 0.2.1
- Fixed config folder location when using other location than "My documents"
- Fixed wrong old appdata folder (thanks for point that)
- Added requested feature to make console bigger (when console is opened click ctrl
+ ~ by default)

Version 0.2
- New Patcher
- New UI for console and settings
- Hook in Main Menu
- Allow to select mods location folder
- Cleanup v0.1 code
- Bugfixes

Forked Source

Version 0.1
- Original Release