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[TOEFL, Idioms, Collocations,
Expressions, and Phrasal
Compiled by Ichal
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400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL Test
No English Indonesian
1 abandon: To leave; to give up. kkt. meninggalkan
2 adversely In a harmful way; negatively. kk. dengan kurang baik
3 aggregate Gathered into or amounting to a whole ks. jumlah; kumpulan
4 cultivation Preparing the land to grow crops; kb. pengolahan; pengembangan
improvement for agricultural purposes
5 fertilize To supply with nourishment for plants by kkt. memupuk; membuahi (an egg)
adding helpful substances to the soil
6 intensify To increase in power; to act with kkt./kki. memperhebat; memperkuat;
increased strength meningkatkan
7 irrigation The supplying of water to dry land kb. pengairan; irigasi
8 obtain To gain possession of; to get kkt. mendapat(kan); memperoleh; menghasilkan;
9 photosynthesis The process by which green plants kb. fotosintesis
make their own food by combining water, salts, and carbon
dioxide in the presence of light
10 precipitation Water that falls to the Earth s kb. hujan; salju; timbulnya; (peng)endapan
11 anticipate To expect; to sense something before it kkt. 1. mengharapkan. 2. mengetahui lebih dulu,
happens merasakan
12 catastrophic Extremely harmful; causing ks. yang merupakan bencana besar; karena
financial or physical ruin malapetaka
13 collide To come together with great or violent force kki. 1. bertubrukan, bertabrakan. 2. bertubruk.
3. bentrokan
14 eruption A sudden, often violent, outburst kb. 1. letusan, ledakan. 2. pemunculan
15 famine Severe hunger; a drastic food shortage kb. kelaparan
16 flood An overflowing of water; an excessive kb. banjir, air bah (of tears, letters, etc). -kkt. 1
amount The constant rain and poor drainage system membanjiri. 2 mengaliri. 3
caused a flood in town mengairi/menggenangi. -kki. 1 meluap. 2
membanjir. flood-stricken ks. dilanda banjir
17 impact A strong influence kb. 1. tubrukan. 2. pengaruh yang kuat.
18 persevere To keep going, despite obstacles or kki. bertekun (in dalam), gigih. -persevering ks.
discouragement; to maintain a purpose tekun, keras hati, berkanjang.

Be to and Be supposed to
No Meaning (be to) Examples
1. Be required to; be expected to You do your homework in ink; everyone hand in his paper
([se]harus[nya], diharapkan) immediately
2. Hope to (berharap) If I succeed, I must work hard; If we get there on time, we should
leave now
3. Be destined to (a future They fail miserably in their plot against the government; she
outcome) => ditakdirkan become the wife of a prominent attorney
4. Planned or scheduled The baseball game have been played today, but it was canceled; the
(direncanakan, dijadwalkan) judge who take the case suddenly became ill
No Meaning (be supposed to) Examples
1. It is believed that (diyakini Milk be good for our health
2. Be required to; be expected to You do your homework in ink
([se]harus[nya], diharapkan)
3. Planned or scheduled The train leave late tonight
(direncanakan, dijadwalkan)
Note: where there is a choice with be to (for a requirement, or a scheduled event),
be supposed to expresses less definiteness

Phrasal Verbs (Frase Kata Kerja)
No Phrasal Verbs Meaning / Indonesian
1. Bring about (s) Menyebabkan
2. Bring along (s) Membawa
3. Bring around (s) Meyakinkan
4. Bring forward (s) Mengajukan
5. Bring in (s) Mengajukan
6. Bring off (s) Melakukan
7. Bring on (s) Meyebabkan (illness)
8. Bring out (s) Menyingkap;menerbitkan
9. Bring over (s) Membawa; mengajak
10. Bring through (s) Mengobati
11. Bring up (s) Merawat; membesarkan
12. Come about (i) Terjadi
13. Come across (i) Ketemu (tidak sengaja)
14. Come along (i) Menemani
15. Come around (i) Sering mengunjungi
16. Come between (i) Memisah
17. Come by (i) Singgah (singkat)
18. Come in (i) Masuk
19. Come into (i) Mewarisi
20. Come off (i) Copot, lepas, terpisah
21. Come on (i) Ayo, bergegaslah (imperative)
22. Come out (i) Hasil (akhir)
23. Come out of (i) Keluar dari
24. Come over (i) Terjadi
25. Come through (i) Lewat; lulus; mengalami
26. Come to (i) Sadar; siuman
27. Come up (i) Timbul, muncul
28. Come up to (i) Menyamai, memenuhi yang diharapkan
29. Come upon (i) Melihat (secara kebetulan)
30. Get up (i) Bangun, berdiri
31. Get about (s) Berjalan
32. Get across (s) Meyeberang; menjelaskan
33. Get after (i) Memarahi
34. Get ahead (of) (s) Mendahului

28. Trip on Tersandung karena menginjak sesuatu
29. Trip over Tersandung karena tersangkut pada sesuatu
30. Work the room Mengelilingi ruangan untuk berbicara dengan beberapa orang yang ada di
ruangan tersebut dan mendapatkan suatu hasil tertentu

American Idioms
No Idioms Meaning/Indonesian
1 About face: turn in the opposite direction Membalik ke arah yang berlawanan
2 About to: prepared; ready Siap akan
3 Above all: especially; mainly Terutama sekali
4 According to Hoyle: correct; proper Pantas; pada tempatnya
5 Act of God: natural occurance Bencana alam
6 After one s own heart with similar interests Dengan kepentingan yang sama / serupa
7 Against the grain: annoying; irritating Menjengkelkan (kurang senang)
8 All along: from the beginning Dari permulaan
9 All at once: suddenly; unexpectedly Sekonyong-konyong; tidak terduga sebelumnya
10 All day long: the entire day Sehari penuh
11 All ears: listening attentively Mendengar dengan sungguh-sungguh
12 All in: exhausted; very tired Lelah sekali
13 All in all: considering everything Pendek kata; pendeknya
14 All night long: the entire night Semalam suntuk
15 All over: completed; finished Selesai sama sekali
16 All over: in every place Pada setiap tempat; ke seluruh
17 All over the place: scattered; widely separated Tersebar di mana-mana
18 All-right: correct; satisfactory Setuju; baik
19 All set (for): prepared; ready Siap untuk dilakukan
20 All the same: alike; without difference Semua sama; tanpa perbedaan
21 All there: mentally alert; sane Berjiwa sehat/normal
22 Apple-pie order: neat; tidy Bersih; rapih
23 Armed to the teeth: heavily armed Dipersenjatai berat
24 As a matter of fact: truthfully Nyatanya
25 As yet: up to the present time Sampai saat ini
26 At all: in any manner Pada umumnya; sama sekali
27 At fault (for): mistaken; wrong Keliru; bersalah (karena)
28 At first: at the beginning; originally Pada permulaan; pada mulanya
29 At first sight: immediately Pada pandangan pertama