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After having a glimpse of Ishwar, soul and our

relationship, we shall now review how the world or
universe is created and destroyed. This would be
essential to understand our role and purpose better.
We start with some mantras from Vedas:
Rigveda 10.129.7 Ishwar created the
impulse that transformed
O Humans! Ishwar the Nature into the spatial
creates, maintains and world that we observe
destroys the universe through His omnipotence.
again and again. He is the
master of the universe, Rigveda 10.121.1
He is present everywhere
and He controls the world. The foundation of all the
Consider Him alone as cosmic bodies that glow
worth being worshipped and all heavenly bodies
and none else. that we observe is One
and only One master of
Rigveda 10.129.3 All, the beloved Ishwar.
He existed even before the
Before this creation, world existed and He then
everything was in dark created the Sun, the earth
like night and nothing and everything else. May
was perceivable. Matter/ we surrender and worship
Energy or Nature was only that kind Ishwar
in its primordial or alone and none else.
elementary form and
restricted to a point Yajurevda 31.2
compared to the infinite
expanse of Ishwar. Then He alone is the perfect

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 1

and complete Purush endless) like Ishwar. Being
(living entity), He is eternal, there is no cause
immortal and guardian for origin or destruction of
of all souls and Nature. Ishwar or Nature.
He is different from the
inert (lifeless) Nature as Q: What else is eternal
well as the souls. He alone apart from Ishwar and
has created as well as will Nature?
create the world in past,
present and future. Thank A: Guess yourself! You
you very much, Ishwar! know that very well.
Because that is what stays
Q: Who created the world? with you all the time.
Ishwar or someone else?
Its ‘you’ yourself!
A: Ishwar created the
world in same manner The third eternal entity
as an engineer creates a is the Soul or Atma or
machine. He is thus the Jeeva.
‘engineer’ of the world.
But like engineer, He used Q: What is the evidence
existing ‘raw material’ or from Vedas on the three
Nature (matter/ energy eternal entities?
approximately) to create
the world. A: This is most intuitive
and logical. You know
Q: Did Ishwar not create yourself that you exist
Nature as well? (The Soul). You know
the inanimate world that
A: No, Nature or ‘raw exists all around you but
material’ is eternal is not you. This includes
(beginningless and

matter and energy – Rigveda 1.164.20
both of which remain
conserved and only change Two living entities –
form (Nature). And you Ishwar and Soul – remain
know that everything is together like friends
being controlled by an always. Similarly another
entity different from you entity (Nature) exists like
(Ishwar). So this concept a tree with branches. One
of three eternal entities of the living entities – the
(lets call it Trinity) is soul – tastes the fruits
most basic and known on the branches. The
by all of us intrinsically. other entity – Ishwar – is
Other theories demand completely away from this
us to make deliberate and hence never gets into
assumptions and worldly things.
This clearly shows that
In Vedas, there are huge these are three eternal
number of mantras that entities. It also shows that
discuss this Trinity. In Ishwar never takes birth
fact, almost ALL mantras as humans or incarnations
assume trinity as obvious because that would trap it
fact – They worship into nature.
Ishwar, address Souls and
guide or pray for effective Yajurveda 40.8
use of Nature.
Ishwar gave his knowledge
But we present here two to its eternal subjects –
mantras that focus on this souls – to utilize world
more specifically: (Nature) in best possible

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 3

Similarly Shwetashwatar Sattva – denoting purity
Upanishad 4.5 states or knowledge
that Nature, Soul and
Ishwar are Eternal. These Raja – denoting actions
are the ultimate source
or cause of world and Tama – denoting inactivity
there is no cause of these
three causes. Soul gets The Sattva, Raja and
entrapped by indulging Tama refer to impact it
in Nature. But Ishwar has on soul. These three,
neither gets trapped nor thus form the minutest
ever indulges. components of the existing
world. All objects,
Q: What are the emotions, information etc
characteristics of Nature have varying mixtures of
or Prakriti? these three. When we are
in sleep, Tama is more
A: We have already prominent. When we seek
discussed characteristics actions, get angry etc,
of Ishwar and Soul in Raja is prominent. And
earlier lessons. Let us when we are in peace,
briefly understand Nature spiritual knowledge
here. We shall not get seeking mode, we are
into complexities because dominated by Sattva.
this is a very deep subject.
Putting broadly, the basic These components create
Nature is same and one. Intellect, Ego, Mind,
It remains so before Sense Organs, Work
creation begins. Then Organs, 5 elements – Fire,
Ishwar segregates it into Earth, Water, Air, Sky.
following: All these then integrate
perfectly with soul to

create the world that Efficient cause can be
we see, hear, feel, think, divided into two:
assess, evaluate and act
upon. a. Major efficient cause or
the engineer or the master
Ishwar remains separate architect who creates,
from this as an engineer – manages and destroys –
benevolent and detached. Ishwar

Q: What are the b. Minor efficient cause

requirements for creation? or the user of the creation
– Souls. Without it, the
A: Three. creation is purposeless.

1. The efficient cause Material cause or Nature

(Nimitta Kaaran) whose is inert non-living and
activity makes something hence incapable of being
and whose inactivity does organized or disorganized
not make anything. itself in a planned manner.
It needs an organizer or
2. The material cause efficient cause for that.
(Sadharan Kaaran) or the
‘raw material’ without Common cause includes
which nothing can be the time and space.
made – Prakriti or Nature
This is true for any
3. The common cause creation that happens in
(Upadan Kaaran) or the world – by Ishwar or by
accessories helping in us.

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 5

Q: The way a spider not mean Ishwar will do
creates a web from within anything. He will do only
itself, can’t Ishwar make what He should do and He
the world from itself? can do it without anyone’s
support. Even you can do
A: The example given is anything, but would you
exactly what Ishwar does. tear your clothes and eat
But the conclusion is mud only to prove that
wrong. you are all-powerful?
Such persons are termed
Spider uses its body lunatics and put in
to create the web. The asylums.
material for web creation
is already present in its Similarly, Ishwar being
body. If its body was most intelligent does only
damaged, it would not what is the BEST.
have been able to make
the web. Similarly, Ishwar 2. Ishwar helps get rid of
creates world from Nature illusions. So Ishwar will
that already exists within not create illusions. That
Ishwar. is against His nature.

Q: But when Ishwar is all- 3. If world is created

powerful, can’t He make from Ishwar, it should
also show properties of
world from Himself? This
Ishwar. For example, if I
world maybe illusionary
create a statue of clay, the
form of Ishwar Himself.
statue exhibits properties
of the clay. But world is
inert and Ishwar is living.
World is dumb and Ishwar
1. All-powerful does
is supremely intelligent.

Ishwar is all-pervading, 1. Such views are held
objects in world are only by the lazy or those
limited in space. Ishwar who do not want to take
is unchangeable, worldly responsibilities of their
objects keep changing. actions. Not by those who
enjoy putting efforts and
4. Thus Ishwar decides possess guts. The sensible
to create the world for and responsible ones enjoy
benefit of souls and uses life through best efforts.
eternal Nature for it.
2. The bliss in world is
Q: What was the purpose many times more than
of Ishwar in creating the pains. Had that not been
world? so, everyone would have
been keen to commit
Counter-question : What suicide. But only the
could have been His mentally disturbed commit
purpose in NOT creating suicide and rest would
the world? go to farthest extent to
safeguard their lives. This
Answer: Had He not proves that life is dearest
created the world, He to them and they enjoy life
would have remained the most.
in bliss. And even the
souls would have stayed 3. Ishwar is not lazy
away from jhamela but the most active.
(complexities) of pain and Further His qualities
pleasure. like compassion, care,
knowledge, omnipotence
Counter Answer: etc would have been
useless if the world
was not created. Thus

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 7

Ishwar justifies His Q: Why does He not stop
existence through further creation and
creation, management and provide bliss directly to all
destruction of world or souls forever?
universe. We should also
justify our existence by A: This question is
doing deeds that justify already answered by the
our role in the creation discussions in previous
– to achieve salvation or points. However following
ultimate bliss. additional points can also
be made:
4. Just as eyes fulfill
the purpose of seeing If Ishwar were to stop the
and are useless without process of creation now,
anything to see in world, how would he be able to
in same manner, all justly provide for right
properties of Ishwar, fruits of actions of souls
Soul as well as Nature that they conducted in
would be useless without previous creations and till
creation, maintenance and now? Thus, if Ishwar stops
destruction of universe the process of creation,
in a cyclical manner as it would make Him
managed by Ishwar. unjust. Some souls would
achieve salvation without
5. Thus creation is natural due efforts compared to
trait of Ishwar. And we others.
should follow our own
natural traits! Thus there is no
permanent Hell or Heaven
in Vedic system after
one-off creation that
makes a mockery of the

unchangeable trait of or property and He does
justice inherent in Ishwar. so in BEST possible
Ishwar’s rule is based on manner because perfection
complete meritocracy and is another Dharma or
there are no subsidies or property of Ishwar. And
concessions or shortcuts. He can conduct His acts
All such cults who try to WITHOUT support from
show incentives of such any other entity. This is
concessions are basically His omnipotence.
misled and should be
immediately rejected by 2. So Ishwar does not
the wise. create Soul or Nature.
They already exist. He
Q: When Ishwar is manages them together
omnipotent, why can’t so that the best interests
He create the other root of Soul be served. Further
causes – Soul and Nature since Ishwar is already
also? completely perfect, He can
never bring a new thought
A: 1. We have already or a new idea to create
discussed several times something new. Because
that omnipotence does there is nothing new for
not mean Ishwar would the all-intelligent. In other
act like a lunatic. Also words, Ishwar does not
it does not mean Ishwar evolve but stays perfect
can kill itself and create all the time. Some cults
another Ishwar, become believe that suddenly Allah
inert itself, become idiot, had a fit of inspiration
cry, weep, fight, criminal and thought of a new
etc. Ishwar being most creation implying that He
intelligent does only what has evolved suddenly from
is His natural Dharma blankness. Such concepts

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 9

are greatest insult to the world, on whom would
Ishwar who is always you be kind? Now say you
perfect. In other words, if are being forced to live
Ishwar does something, it in isolation for a day. To
means He would do that show your kindness, would
always and has done that you create a doll and
always. then show kindness to it?
Indeed children do so. But
3. Also, those who think if you do so as a mature
that Souls are created person, people would
by Ishwar actually suggest mental treatment
transform Ishwar into a for you. So just consider if
psychopathic drama lover the most intelligent person
who does useless things – Ishwar – can get into
to entertain Himself. such psychiatric problem?
Further, if this happens,
then whole creation This is one of the greatest
becomes completely loopholes of superstitious
purposeless. Because He cults like Islam and
may tomorrow choose to Christianity.
destroy the souls as well.
Q: Children of people with
4. Creation and other form also have form. If
properties of Ishwar ONLY they were formless, even
MAKE SENSE when Soul their children would have
and Nature co-exist with been formless. Since we
Him always and then He have form, hence Ishwar
helps the soul.
must also have form.

5. Just think of it. To be

A: He is ‘engineer’ of
kind is a good virtue. But
world and not ‘raw
if there are no people in

material’ of world. Alfred flower in the garden but
Nobel made Dynamite, the flower-garland was
that does not mean He beautiful! I cannot speak,
looked like Dynamite! but I give spell-binding
lectures! Such talks are
‘Raw Material’ for world meaningless!
is Nature and that has
property of form. Hence Q: If everything has to
world has form. have a cause, what is the
cause of the cause?
Q: Can’t Ishwar act
without a cause? A: The root cause can
have no further cause.
A: No. Because one (Sankhya Darshan 1.67)
that cannot exist cannot
suddenly exist. For That is why it is called
example, if someone says eternal cause.
that I saw the marriage of
child of a barren woman, Thus, three entities –
you would say I am mad. Creator, Raw Material,
Because if she has a child, Accessories and Purpose
she cannot be barren and are essential for any
if she is barren, she cannot sensible creation. Same is
have child. Similarly true for Creation of world
without a cause, no action and hence Ishwar, Soul
or effect can happen. and Nature are the three
Every effect has to have a eternal root causes of this.
Q: It all started with
If someone says that I Shunya or void (zero) and
don’t exist but I came to ultimately end in void
meet you! There was no

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 11

(zero). Whatever exists clearly exists and then
was zero initially and extrapolate purely from
become zero ultimately. their imaginations.

A: Shunya also refers to Such ostrich behavior

a point. If this meaning of hiding the face from
be taken, its correct. reality has caused severe
Because when entire world damage to our society
disintegrates and comes and world, if we glance
to elementary form, it is a in history. This has led to
point. irresponsibility towards
society. When invaders
But if Shunya is to mean were attacking, believers
zero, this meaning is of such ideologies refused
wrong. Because Shunya is to defend the nation
inert and non-living. How by deluding themselves
can consciousness come in into thinking that it is
Shunya or zero. all Shunya and hence
they have no duties.
Further, One who knows ‘Shunyavaad’ is sure
Shunya CANNOT be recipe for escapists and
Shunya. lazy ones. The dedicated
ones would put their best
Thus those who give such efforts in any situation
void-logic are basically that they face.
trying to run away from
the realities of present
that cannot be denied.
Even extrapolation can
happen only for events
that exist. But such void-
lovers deny whatever

Q: Something can come temporary. If whatever
from nothingness also. exists will get destroyed,
For example, there is no even this destruction
tree in the seed. But after should get destroyed.
watering, tree comes from
the seed. In reality, only form of
physical entities changes.
A: Whatever comes out of Nothing is neither created
seed was already in seed. nor destroyed. Those who
Only it changed form after have studied science can
interacting with water understand this better.
etc. It does not come out
from nothingness. People Q: There is no creator of
who have studied science the creation. It happened
will know that matter- automatically through
energy is conserved and random combination of
nothing can come out matter.
from nothingness. So this
argument is wrong and A: If creation happens
unscientific. automatically, then how
does destruction happen?
Q: Nothing is permanent. And if destruction
Everything is temporary. happens automatically,
Whatever exists will get then how does creation
destroyed. Hence Soul, happen. If both happen
Ishwar, Nature also will automatically, then how
is the cycle and planning
get ultimately destroyed.
of order of creation and
destruction managed?
A: If everything is
temporary, even
If you say that when
destruction must be
certain conditions exist,
Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 13
creation happens and objection when we say that
when certain other a great planning has gone
conditions exist, then behind such a complex and
destruction happens, highly optimized world
then you admit that that we see?
there are sets of external
conditions that force Can you cite one single
creation or destruction. example where something
Thus you admit, in a got created automatically
different language, that without it being created by
something governs the someone?
conditions when creation
or destruction happens. Without Ishwar being
In other words, you agree the guide, there would
that someone ensures be no way for non-living
management of the laws atoms to know that they
or conditions of creation have to come together in
or destruction. This is such manner from these
what we call ‘Ishwar’. places, ignite chemical
So you are saying the reactions, integrate and
same thing in a different then make something as
language because you complex like a simple leaf
have ‘allergy’ to use of or a body organ like hand.
word Ishwar for whatever Forget about machines
reason. like human brain whose
working is not understood
To make a simple bicycle, at all! And then we
you need to plan out make claim it all happened
hundreds of components, automatically! This is
extract metal from ores, childish talk and nothing
then plan and design the else.
bicycle. So what is the

actions or sanskaars or
tendencies causing them
Q: Does Ishwar create the to have different levels
same world every time or of freedoms to act. Thus
puts some variations? the same history will not
repeat each time.
A: Rigveda 10. 190.3
states that Ishwar creates Q: But why such a big
similar Sun, Moon, universe with so much of
Heavenly bodies and empty space and billions
the world in previous of heavenly bodies for such
creations and would do so a small earth? What is the
in future as well. use of all these stars and
This is obvious. Since
Ishwar is most-intelligent A: These are vast from our
and hence creation is a standpoint but not Ishwar.
completely optimized Also earth is not the only
process, there is only one place to have life. There
best creation for all cycles are innumerable earths
and that is what Ishwar in universe and souls
creates. Ishwar does not keep moving from one to
have a learning curve another as per their deeds.
because he already knows
everything. All these stars, suns
etc are necessary for
However there are sustenance of life and
variations in each process of creation-
Creation because maintenance-destruction.
different souls have That is why they are called
different baggage of past ‘Vasu’ or entities that

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 15

help support stay of souls. Ishwar.
Nothing is a waste in this
universe. 4. Once creation is
complete, and necessary
Q: Summarize the creation conditions for souls are
and destruction process. created, souls are given
birth in various species (as
A: As per Vedas, per the deeds of previous
creation cycle) on various
1. Entire Nature exists in earths on various points of
elementary form before time.
creation. All souls (except
those who have reached 5. Finally, human species
Mukti or salvation) is given birth. Several
remain unconscious. humans take birth in both
genders as per Vedas and
2. Then Ishwar performs not one Adam-Eve as
Ikshan or motivates a wrongly believed. They
change in the Nature. This have different genetic
causes Nature to change makeups and hence can
from its elementary form inter-marry. Thus we do
to something more gross. not have to blame Allah or
God for promoting incest
3. Gradually grosser or marriage between
forms like various objects brothers and sisters during
are created. These include beginning of human
Mind, Ego, Senses, Work civilization.
tendencies, Planets,
Stars, Galaxies etc etc. 6. The most exalted of
All this happens in a humans are gifted with
gradual process as per knowledge of Vedas.
unchangeable laws of

7. They then train other 11. Finally process of
humans in Vedic wisdom destruction happens. The
and hence process of souls are unconscious
civilization begins. during this stage. The
destruction phase
8. Depending on actions, continues for some time
souls keep taking birth that is known only by
and death on various Ishwar or Mukta souls
earths in various species who have achieved
in various environments. salvation.

9. Those souls who get 12. Finally new creation

rid of ignorance beyond begins. Again the same
a threshold level no process is repeated. And
more need to take birth souls take birth as per
because the purpose of fruits of the actions in
birth is fulfilled for them. last cycle of creation. The
They achieve Mukti or process continues like this.
Moksha or Salvation
and enjoy bliss of Ishwar 13. This creation and
continuously for a long destruction has been
time equalling several happening continuously
creation and destruction like day and night since
cycles. We shall discuss beginninglessness and
this aspect later. would continue forever.
This is eternal.
10. During the entire
process, universe is Q: How does Ishwar train
gradually changing humans in Vedas?
and moving further to
destruction phase. A: Through inspiration
in hearts of the most

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 17

deserving during inception rule them? Or should you
of civilization. They then refuse to use nature for
train others and create your benefit because it
mechanisms for securing existed even before you
Vedas from tampering. were born?
Further Vedas being
inherently within all souls, The objection should
are thus preserved within come only if Ishwar does
all of us. it unjust manner like the
God of Bible or Allah of
For more on this aspect, Quran who are prone to
please review: moodiness, anger, fear,
laziness, whims etc.
Origin of Vedas and
Eternity of Vedas When the ruler is most
perfect, and He ensures
Q: If Ishwar has not well-being of subject in
created Soul and Nature most perfect manner and
and they co-exist with subject themselves have
Him, why does He rule no capacity to rule, only a
them? He should not have fool would prefer to turn
a peaceful country into
any rights over them. Is
Somalia or Afghanistan.
this not transgression of
their personal rights?
But in the most just
country of Ishwar, subject
A: Co-existence does
or souls have full freedom
not imply Ishwar should
to do whatever they
not rule them. Ruler and
desire. And like in any
subject co-exist even in
meritocracy, they get the
this world. Does that
most deserving rewards
mean ruler should not
or punishments for their

actions, only for their being given right from
own benefit. But unlike moment of crime. Same
human rule where one goes for rewards.
has to wait for rewards
to be announced, Ishwar Only fools would regret
does instant justice on living in such a just and
ongoing basis. Also, in kind and prosperous and
human rule, if someone meritocratic kingdom of
harms someone else, Ishwar!
punishment to criminal
and compensation to Thank you Ishwar for
victim happens after some everything! Kindly guide
time. This is also true for us so that we can put our
those superstitious cults best efforts to model our
who believe that Allah own country and the world
or God is simply testing in lines with your just
us here like a mute idle kingdom. May we be able
spectator and then would to throw away all forces
do the justice later after of corruption, immorality
destroying this world and barbarism. May
forever by sending us to there be no impotent,
some three-star Paradise cheater, corrupt, terrorist,
or Hell. In Ishwar’s rule, thankless, anti-national
there is no compensation in our country. And may
because no one can harm we set the best examples
anyone just like that. of idealism depicting
Further punishment starts the virtues of character,
compassion, justice,
diligence, sincerity,
commitment, confidence,
unity and purposefulness
that you exhibit!

Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 19

Om Shantih Shantih
Shantih Om!