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Assignment title: Film Making 101 Assessor: Owain

Assignment Launch Date: 07.01.2020 IV Date of 06.01.2020
Assignment Deadline: 06.03.2020 Project Number: 1


As a budding filmmaker you have been commissioned by BFI to provide an educational video
explaining the filming and editing techniques used by editors. The video is to feature on their website to
act as guidance for young filmmakers. They want clear and concise information on filming and editing
techniques and how different transitions and styles are utilised all presented alongside example footage.
To avoid having to pay royalties for using other people’s footage as examples you will need to create a
collection of short films to help demonstrate the techniques required.

The techniques required to be covered include…

 Shot types
 Mise en Scene
 Match on Action
 Parallel Editing
 180 degree rule
 Montage

Learning Outcome and Assessment Criteria (AC)

1. Understand contextual research for creative media production.

1.1 Research and record information for a range of creative media production activities.

2. Be able to use research for creative media production.

2.1 Demonstrate the use of contextual knowledge to inform and develop ideas for creative
2.2 Assess the effectiveness of contextual awareness to support creative media production
AC4: 1.1, 2.1, 2.2

1. Be able to use visual technology skills for creative media production.

1.1 Use a range of skills to inform and develop ideas for creative production.
1.2 Assess the effectiveness of technology skills in solving an visual production problem.

2. Be able to use contextual awareness in visual production and technology.

2.1 Use contextual awareness to support the development of ideas for visual production.

3. Be able to use creative media methods and skills to produce and present an visual-based project.
3.1 Use creative media methods and skills for visual-based production.
3.2 Assess the effectiveness of selected methods and skills to communicate ideas.

AC6: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2


 Research techniques and processes through weekly projects.

Planning and Production:

 Storyboards for all films

 Risk Assessments
 Create a script explaining key information to your audience.
 Gather example videos to illustrate your points.
 Record script.

Practical Skills and Presentation:

 A collection of short films with audio created exploring various techniques.

 A short educational film explaining filming and editing techniques.
 Adjustment of audio levels and removing clicks of recorded script.
 Suitable audio bed applied and levelled.

Evidence Required for Submission:

□ Weekly Short Films

□ Storyboards
□ Risk Assessments
□ Script
□ Completed Video
□ Weekly reflections on short films.

Method of Submission:

Blog (Wix/Weebly), files and links with all the required content above.