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INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ‘ORCUTT CLERK GREG WALLIS FILED FOR RECORD BY CARMEN DUNCAN 0.6. DATE: JANUARY 7, 2020 TIME: 14:45:06 INTHE CIRCUIT COURT OF INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANS: LUNDEN ALEXIS ROBERTS PLAINTIFF ve Case No: 92DR-19-187 ROBERT HUNTER BIDEN ORDER ESTABLISHING PATERNITY BASED ON THE EVIDENCE, the Court finds: 1, That venue and jurisdiction are propor in this Court. 2 That the parties and the child voluntarily submitted to DNA testing. 8, That the plaintiffs the natural mother of NJR (DOB: 8/28/2019). 4. "That the vesults of the DNA tests indicate with near scientific certainty that the defendant is the biologienl father of the child in this case, 5. ‘That this Court finds and declares Robert Hunter Biden to be the ‘biological and logal father of NIR (DOB: 08/28/2018). ‘That the Arkansas Department of Health shall issue a new or substituted birth cortifieate listing Landen Alexis Roberts as the mother and Robert Hunter Biden ns the father of NJR (DOB: 08/28/2018). 7. ‘That this ease shall remain opon pending resolution of the remaining. REMAINDER OF PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEE BLAN, ‘ONDER CONTINUES ON THE NEST PAGE, scorn LandcE0D 1908 ' sues before the Couit. ITS, BY THE COURT, $0 ORDERED. PREPARED BY: _ATTOMNEYS FOR THE PLAINTIOP ene Lace TANGRSHE eas TEAW vlan, PLLC Weonrea sew ThkanctL enim ‘ asroatiey FoR THE DBFENDANT ANoDONeDavIS, Anime nccraonicsicurume ‘Aras Oana eas abn Landnt DAL 08