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A Bonifacio St., Poblacion II, Hindang Leyte


Junior High School Department

1st Semester, S.Y. 2019 - 2020

Academic Report

Name: Mark Louie Ballesteros Marlon Balicastro Jemar Abinales

Jabez Claveria Marcom Tampos Christopher Corcilles
Vergel Abundo
Year and Section: Grade 10 Saint Anthony de Padua
Subject: Mathematics 10

Every student has their flaws and the students stated above are no exemption to it – Hard
time coping up the lesson, struggles in learning math lessons and few controllable attitudes.

At the start of the school year, I have noticed that my students are not engaged in the
lessons. They are experiencing hardships in comprehending the lessons and performing some
board work. Although their performances are poor, I have witnessed these students eagerness to
learn math. As we progress with our lesson, I have seen their efforts to do every given task. I
have seen these students continually practicing and reaching other students to help them out.
They further approach me in the faculty room to give them a tutorial. I have no doubts that one
day they will become more confident in solving complex math problems.

On the other side, upon the start of the school year, students are misbehaving but I do
believe that such attitudes can be corrected. I have set my rules on the first day of class and every
misbehavior was slowly been improved. I have seen them become responsible and respectful.
Jazeb, for example, is now asking permission and my approval before making any actions.

I am seeing potentials for these students and I look forward to watching these students
grow and continue to become more rigorous and move at a faster pace.

Prepared by:

Subject Teacher