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Crucifixion of the Intelligence

4-5 minutes

by Acharya S

Originally published in The Hiss Quarterly

I haven't seen Mel Gibson's bloody movie, "The Passion of The
Christ," and I don't plan to anytime soon. Since I'm an expert on
Christian mythology, however, I'm qualified anyway to speak
against the grotesque slop that keeps coming out of
Hollyweird and passing itself off as "history."

Every year, the hideous fable called the "life of Christ" is

brought to us in living technigory in some fashion or another,
based on the "true story" of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or, recently,
Judas, whose snarling macho countenance faced off with an
effeminate and ineffectual Heyzoos on the small screen. When
it comes to pious nonsense, the credibility milking machine
never shuts down, as even the respected PBS and Discovery
get in on the credulous cash cow with their "true" and
"accurate" depictions of Jesus's purported life.

With cash registers exploding, blood vessels bursting and

audiences fainting as they haven't since "The Exorcist," the
latest Jesus flick may be dismissed as more mindless
mayhem and pabulum portraying a FICTIONAL tale about a guy
who NEVER existed. Can I shout that any louder? No, Jesus
Christ was NOT the only begotten son of God. Nor was he a
groovy guru, a political rebel, a kindly rabbi, an itinerant healer,
a cynic sage, a gay, a woman, a massage therapist, a tattoo
artist or an alien. The story in the New Testament is fiction
based on the numerous preceding myths of gods and
goddesses throughout the known world. Thus, the point is
entirely MOOT as to who killed Jesus. No, no, no, it wasn't "the
Jews," whoever they were. Nor was it "the Romans." No one
killed Christ, because Christ never lived.


It didn't happen.

Get over it. Time to create a better story that centers on life
instead of death. Especially the hideous and cruel torture and
death of the Almighty God Hisself! Truly, I say unto you, the
story is despicable.

Having seen several clips from his latest ultra-violent movie, I

would concur with the critic who feels Gibson's body of work
reveals a singularly sadistic side of the man. Mel certainly
loves to eviscerate and exsanguinate his characters. The more
rational among us must know that the all-powerful God of the
cosmos - which is what Gibson says he believes Jesus was
- would not and could not bleed and suffer for any reason, i.e.
"good judgment; sound sense." That Jesus or any other "son of
God" endured a horrible, ignominious death for our sins is an
absurd and asininenay, barbaric and savage idea that has
possessed the human mind for far too long.

In reality, the Passion of Christ or any other god (and there have
been several with nearly the exact same tale) is based on
human sacrifice, specifically the "sacred king ritual." Ritual
human sacrifice is a vile, disgusting affair practiced worldwide
for millennia using countless victims from virtually every
culture, encompassing all ages and both genders. This sick
and sickening rite given a perversely warm, fuzzy feeling by
being called a "passion" is the most contemptible and
depraved act humans can commit. Yet, this revolting ritual
murder has been perpetrated in the name of the good and
gracious God, to atone for "sins" that humans were endowed
with in the first place by the same "merciful" Creator! Indeed,
according to religious fanatics, the torture and death of an
innocent human being in a sin-atoning ritual constitutes God's
"Highest Plan!" And we are to be reminded of this crime
against reason and sanity endlessly, ad infinitum and ad

I, for one, am sick of hearing about it. I've had enough. Let us
write a new, uplifting and inspiring chapter in Earth's history,
and get rid of this awful, stupid fiction that keeps humankind
deranged and retarded. For starters, if by some chance you
find yourself dragged to Gibson's gruesome film, just keep
reminding yourself, "It's only a movie. It's only a movie." Just like
"Halloween" or "Nightmare on Elm Street."

Next, to shake off all the horror and evil, proceed to the nearest
retro theater to see Grant and Hepburn's "Bringing Up Baby,"
with its far more enlightening plot and ennobling characters.