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2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 224/15

(6) The right to property does not preclude the ban imposed on the the Member States relating to turnover taxes — Common system of
producers of the Friuli-Venezia Giulio region (Italy) concerning value added tax: uniform basis of assessment, must be interpreted as
use of the term ‘Tocai’ in the names ‘Tocai friulano’ or ‘Tocai meaning that the exemption for which it provides applies only to the
italico’ for the description and presentation of certain quality resale of goods previously acquired by a taxable person for an
Italian wines produced in a specified region after the transitional exempted activity under that article, in so far as the value added tax
period ending on 31 March 2007, as provided for in the paid upon initial acquisition of the goods in question was not deduc-
exchange of letters concerning Article 4 of the Agreement between tible.
the European Community and the Republic of Hungary on the
reciprocal protection and control of wine names, annexed to that
Agreement but not forming part of it. (1) OJ C 93 of 16.4.2005.
OJ C 155 of 25.6.2005.

(1) OJ C 201 of 07.08.2004.

Order of the Court of 13 June 2006 — Ornella Mancini v

Commission of the European Communities
Order of the Court (Fifth Chamber) of 6 July 2006 (refer-
ences for a preliminary ruling by the Commissione tribu- (Case C-172/05 P) (1)
taria provinciale di Napoli, Commissione tributaria regio-
nale di Firenze — Italy) — Casa di cura privata Salus SpA (Appeal — Officials — Post of medical officer — Notice of
v Agenzia Entrate Ufficio Napoli 4 vacancy — Comparative examination of merits — Composi-
tion of the selection board — Appeal in part manifestly inad-
(Joined Cases C-18/05 and C-155/05) (1) missible and in part manifestly unfounded)
(Second subparagraph of Article 104(3) of the Rules of (2006/C 224/27)
Procedure — Sixth VAT Directive — Article 13.B(c) —
Exemptions — Supplies of goods destined wholly for an Language of the case: French
exempted activity without being deductible)

(2006/C 224/26)
Language of the cases: Italian
Appellant: Ornella Mancini (represented by: E. Boigelot, avocat)

Referring Courts Other party to the proceedings: Commission of the European

Communities (represented by: C. Berardis-Kayser and G. Bersc-
Commissione tributaria provinciale di Napoli, Commissione heid, Agents, and B. Wägenbaur, avocat)
tributaria regionale di Firenze

Appeal brought against the judgment of the Court of First
Applicants: Casa di cura privata Salus SpA (C-18/05), Agenzia Instance (Fourth Chamber) of 3 February 2005 in Case T-137/
delle Entrate — Ufficio di Firenze 1 (C-155/05) 03 Mancini v Commission in which the Court of First Instance
dismissed an application, firstly, for annulment of the Commis-
Defendants: Agenzia Entrate Ufficio Napoli 4 (C-18/05), Villa sion's decision not to appoint the applicant to the post of
Maria Beatrice Hospital Srl (C-155/05) medical officer at the ‘Medical Service — Brusells’ unit and of
the decision to appoint another candidate to that post and,
secondly, for damages.

Reference for a preliminary ruling — Commissione tributaria Operative part of the order
provinciale di Napoli — Interpretation of Article 13.B(c) of the
Sixth VAT Directive — Exemptions within the territory of the 1. The appeal is dismissed.
country — Exemptions for supplies of goods used wholly for
an exempted activity or which are not deductible — Direct
2. The appellant is ordered to pay the costs.

Operative part of the order (1) OJ C 132, 28.5.2005.

The first part of Article 13.B(c) of Sixth Council Directive

77/388/EEC of 17 May 1977 on the harmonisation of the laws of