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Lesson “Waterland”


Teacher: Dan Ionela - Mariana

School: Liceul Tehnologic Tarna-Mare
Time of lesson: 50 min.
Grade: 4th
Textbook: Fairy
Standards addressed: pre-intermediate
Lesson title: Waterland
Concept/Topic to teach: Talk about sports and abaut what you can do in a waterland
Type of lesson: reading, speaking, listening, writing
General goals:
- Developing speaking skills;
- Developing reading skills;
- Developing comprehension skills;
- Developing listening skills;
- To revise and reinforce grammar concerning adverbs.
Specific objectives:
At the end of the leason the students will be able :
 to create short sentences using pictures
 to ask and answer questions about Waterland
 to tell sports that can be done on the waterland

Teaching materials:
- Textbook;
- Blackboard;
- Photos;
- colored markers.

Lesson “Waterland”

No. Stages Time Modes of Teacher’s activity Learner’s Activity Objectives

1. Warm-up 3 T-class Good morning, how are you Good morning, teacher! - To organize the class;
activity min. today? My name is Ionela and - To verify students’
my collegue is Paul . Today we homework.
T-student are going to be your English
teachers. What day it is today?
Have you had any homework No, we did not have any
to do for today? homework for today.
2. Lesson 4. T-class Please open your books at Students open their books - To arouse students’ interest
development: min. page 16-17. Today we are and write down the title of in the lesson;
2.1 Listening: going to move on to the next the lesson - To verify students’
lesson. Please open you vocabulary.
notebooks and write down the
title of the lesson “Waterland”.
I have prepared to you some
Pre-listening 15 T-class pictures. Students pay attention to
activity: min. What can you see in the the teacher and then they - To familiarize students with
pictures? How do they look answer the questions by the lesson and the topic;
like? Can you guess where they analyzing the pictures. -To introduce new vocabulary
T-student are? words but also to verify
Please erite on the back of the students’ vocabulary;
sheet along with your - To check comprehension.
colleague what you see.
Teacher says: Before we start Students read the text.
Listening; listening the text read by your
colleague who can tell me Students pay attention to -To develop listening skills;
what do you understand by the the text and they listen . -To check comprehension;
word “Waterland”.
Teacher asks students to look

Lesson “Waterland”

Reading: at the text from page 17 and

to listen to the conversations -To develop reading skills;
from the text. -To develop role play activity.

Teacher than proposes

students to do exercise two at Students complete exercise
After-listening: T-class page 16. It’s about the two.
comprehension of the text. - To check comprehension;
They will have to say yes or -To develop reading skills;
not to the statements made -To develop speaking skills.
about the text.

Theacher proposes solving

exercise number 3 which
involves the use of adverbs : -To introduce the adverbs;
“over, throught, into, out of, -To check comprehension.
up, down.”

T-class In order to introduce the Students answer : - To introduce the Past

adverbs the teacher tell: let - the cat perfect;
slook at the picture on the Students answer that they -To scan the text in order to
page 17 to see what the kitty form the Past perfect with find the required information.
does. had and the past participle. - To clarify the use of Present
2.3 Students answer that the perfect and Past perfect;
In order to help students, Present perfect is used to - To help students understand
Writing teacher provides ex number 3 talk about duration of events the Past perfect;
10 T-student example, in wich adverbs are and actions that started in -To check comprehension.
min used. the past and are still going
Teacher writes the sentences . on, with for (a period of
time) or since (a point in
1. The teacher is walking time). Past perfect is used to
through the door. talk about events which

Lesson “Waterland”

2. A girl is climbing up a happened before other

T-class bookcase. events in the past. -To check comprehension;
3. A boy is jumping over Students write down what
a desk. the teacher writes on the
4. A girls is throwing a blackboard.
ball into a bin.
5. A dog is jumping out
T-class of the window.

Lesson “Waterland”

T-class 1. Teacher organizes Students pay attention to - To check comprehension;

the students in 3 what the teacher explains To develop vocabulary.
15 min. groups for a mini and .
Students have to say:
 Three sports you
need a net for
T-student  Two sports you
can do in water
 Three sports you
play with a ball
 Four team sports
 Two sports where
you can score a

2. Teacher note some Students translate the words

words on big pices of and write them on the
paper , than stuents blackboard :
have to try to  To race- a concura
translate.  Sea-cow- focă
 The net-plasă, fileu
 Seaweed-algă
 Water-ski-ski nautic
 Quick-repede
 Volleyball-volei
3. Assigning the 3 T-class The teacher asks the students -Homework assignment.
homework: min. if they have any questions.
The teacher tells them they
don t have the homework.