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CICM Completes First Royalty Agreement

for Coal Production in China (Brancepeth Coal Mines)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 6, 2008, BEIJING: Mr. Stuart J. Bromley, Director
of CIC Mining Resources Limited (“CICM”), is pleased to announce that it has negotiated a 3%
Over Riding Royalty (“ORR”) in one of China’s leading private coal groups Heshun Xindingji
Coal Industry Company’s (“Heshun Coal”) two coal mines located in the heart of China’s coal
industry in Shanxi Province.

The two mines, covering a total 5.5 km2 went into production in 1979 and 1985 respectively
with only 1,680,000 tons of coal being mined prior to being halted in 1991 so that western
technologies could be adopted to maximize coal recovery and safe mine production. Both mines
are now under one mine permit. The joint properties will be referred to as Brancepeth Coal Mine.

As part of the agreement with Heshun Coal, CICM will provide administrative and technical
assistance services to enable Heshun Coal Group raise capital of up to US$22,000,000 to
develop its coal mining operations to efficient and safe production. Heshun Coal has completed
the initial decline shaft and will continue funding mine development which will complement the
capital to be raised by CICM.

The initial production of the mine is planned at 10,000 tons per day. The quality of the coal is
ranked as non-caking and secondary long-flame coal according to the Chinese classification
system. Heshun Coal will deliver the coal to nearby power stations in a spot pricing
arrangement. A rail system is already in place to the boundary of the mine lease area.

The competition for coal by power generating companies is fierce due to chronic undersupply.
Mr. Wu has a long association both with CICM and the Principals of Heshun Coal Group. He
will be appointed Legal Representative of Heshun Coal and be based in CICM’s Beijing
Offices. Mr. Wu will receive a finder’s fee of US$380,000 plus 400,000 common shares in
CICM. The fee will be paid at next capital raising or converted to shares/warrants.

Mr. Wu of Heshun Coal Group comments:

“This key partnership with CICM will allow Heshun Coal Group to concentrate on our work in
China whilst allowing CICM to do the important work we require to gain foreign experts as well
as raise capital for mine development. As our partnership with CICM builds, we would like
add other coal mines in our asset portfolio to further strengthen the relationship”.

China is one of the most prospective countries for coal and potentially has vast unproven
deposits. Its energy demand as well as world demand for coal has placed China as a priority area
for future growth by international coal companies. Anglo Coal has invested US$300 million in
Shaanxi Xiwan joint venture with a further US$1.4 committed for further expansion in China.

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Tel. (86 10) 8519 2506 Fax. (86 10) 8519 2505 Email. |
Asian American Coal Inc.’s, Gaohe Mine in Shanxi (US$320 million investment) is under
construction. Peabody Coal has established offices in Beijing as well as leading coal consultancy
firm J T. Boyd. CICM is well positioned to negotiate low cost coal property acquisitions that
would be of interest to leading coal producers.

About CIC Mining Resources Limited

CICM is seeking to establish itself as a China based investment and Royalty Company within the
mineral and natural resources sector. While our primary strategy is to acquire royalty and non-
operating interest in attractive resource projects we will also be investing in base metals, iron ore
and strategic mineral processing facilities. To date CICM has secured interests in fully licensed
and permitted mines including mineral processing facilities through agreements with tungsten
and iron ore producers. The accumulation of these holdings is indicative of CICM’s ability to
build strong relationships with a growing number of China’s key resource entrepreneurs.

Cautionary Statement
CICM states that the economic viability of the Heshun Coal Group Coal Group mines has not
been determined and there are no income or resource estimates for the operation that comply
with National Instrument 43-101. CICM has not done the work necessary to verify the
classification of the resource or reserve and future production results, they should not be relied
upon, nor considered reliable, nor should they be considered a defined resource or reserve
according to NI 43-101. CICM will not be the operator of Heshun Coal Group coal mines.

For further information please contact the Company, Stuart J. Bromley at (86) 136 0113 1912 in
Beijing, PR China.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors


Stuart J. Bromley
Chairman / President

Historical Note:

Brancepeth was a well-known Coal Colliery located in County Durham in the North of England.
Brancepeth Colliery was the pit in which CICM CEO Stuart J. Bromley’s Grandfather James
Robson and his father Walter Bromley worked. Stuart J. Bromley was born in Witbank Coal
Colliery (Landau) in Transvaal South Africa.