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DREAM KPCL group companies take an

introspective journey to review the
progress and plan for scaling new heights


: WI
o Volume Surges
i n d


cargo mobility
Interview with
Mr Dhanunjayalu
Divisional Railway Manager
South Central Railway
protection is top
priority at Port.
Atomisers are engaged
to suppress the coal
dust for safer and
cleaner air
MAY 2019

Solid Infra for Fluid NWS
08 Business
India’s dependence on liquid bulk cargoes
is forecasted to increase in the next five
The Fountainhead
A new era of education – a new dawn
of learning arrives at Nellore as the
years, particularly petroleum, oils, edible Navayuga World School (NWS)! The first
Krishnapatnam Port Bags oils and other petrochemicals.

of its kind in the region, the Navayuga
Two Awards World School is promoted by the
Krishnapatnam Port has bagged the ‘Bulk Krishnapatnam Port.
Port of the Year’ award for the second PROJECT CARGO:

consecutive year in 2018. The port raised WIND MILL BLADES
the performance bar higher recording a
throughput of 34.83 million tonnes of dry Mind Blowing
bulk, 1.28 million tonnes of break bulk Wind is a clean source of renewable energy TECH TALK
and 1.63 million tonnes of liquid cargo in that produces no air or water pollution.
FY-2017-18. And since the wind is free, input costs are New Era of Intelligent Port
In the broadest sense, the term IoT

nearly zero once a turbine is erected.
encompasses everything connected to

the internet, but it is increasingly being
used to define objects that “talk” to each
Volume Surges
Boosting Rail Connectivity
In keeping with the exim trade’s increasing
clamour for Indian cargoes to be Sagarmala investment in Krishnapatnam
handled at Indian ports instead of being Rail Company helps in faster development
transshipped at the neighbouring ports of Rail corridor connecting Obulavaripalli GROUP PROJECTS
of Colombo, Singapore, Port Kelang, etc,
Krishnapatnam Port has been offering
and Krishnapatnam Port. Polavaram Project enters
Guiness World Records

shipping lines efficient transshipment
services since 2017. Navayuga Engineering Company created

two Guiness World Records - one for the
CUSTOMER STORY: BULK ‘most concrete continuously poured’ and
second for the ‘largest continuous pour’.
INFRASTRUCTURE Paving the Way to Smart
Zero Downtime! Logistics
Recently commissioned Automatic Rapid
Wagon Loading System at port will make
loading fast and efficient.
Flyash based grinding unit set-up by Penna
Cements at Krishnapatnam Port is another
testimony to how the port-based industrial
units can hugely contribute to the savings
in time and cost there by increasing the ANOTHER AMAZING
market competitiveness. SEASON


Cargo Mobility STARTREK
South Central Railways is implementing a DARE TO DREAM
slew of projects to improve connectivity to
ports and the hinterland. Mr Dhanunjayalu, KPCL group companies take an
Divisional Railway Manager, South Central introspective journey to review the
Railway details on the infrastructure progress and plan for scaling new
upgrade that has helped them in handling heights.
50% more cargo over the previous year.
Mr Anil Yendluri Plot No. 379, Road No. 10, Jubilee Hills 1st Floor, 48-9-17, Dwarakanagar
Director & CEO Hyderabad - 500 033, Telangana, India Visakhapatnam - 530 016, Andhra Pradesh, India
P.O. Bag No. 1, Muthukur, Dist. Nellore - 524 344 T: +91 40 4455 7789 T: +91 891 2754 602 / 2747 335 / 2748 084
Andhra Pradesh, India F: +91 40 2355 7789 F: +91 891 2747 362
T: +91 861 2377 999, +91 970 4123 987 / 989
F: +91 861 2377 046
E: secretarytoceo@ CIN: U45203AP1996PLC023529



Mr Vivek Nair Mr Amit Dhawan
Head - Marketing, M: +91 80082 35235 GM - Marketing General Manager - Marketing
E: Paramount Plaza, 2nd Floor, No.47 M-3, 3rd floor, Hauz Khas,
Mahatma Gandhi Road Sri. Aurobindo Marg
Nungambakam High Road New Delhi - 110 016, India
MUMBAI HYDERABAD & BANGALORE Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034 T: +91 11 4949 6789
Mr Ajish Soman Mr Santhosh P Kumar T: +9144-43561232, F: +91 44 4356 1207 M: +91 98113 13689
Assistant General Manager Senior Manager - Marketing M: +91 87544 10789 E:
603, 6th Floor, Universal Majestic 4th floor, Divine Banjara AMN E:
Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link Road Road No. 12, Venkateshwara
Chembur (W), Mumbai - 400 043 Colony,Banjara Hills HYDERABAD MUMBAI
Maharashtra, India. Hyderabad 500 034 Mr Mohan Gavirneni Mr Vaibhav Joshi
T: +91 22 2551 5789 Telangana, India. DGM - Marketing Manager - Marketing
M: +91 98332 11976 T: +91 040 6799 6799 Plot No. 379, Road No. 10 603, 6th floor, Universal Majestic
E: ajishsoman@ M +91 95387 44255 Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad - 500 033 Ghatkopar - Mankhund Link Road
E: santhosh@ Telangana, India Chembur (W), Mumbai - 400 043 T: +91 40 4455 7789, F: +91 40 2355 7789 Maharashtra, India
M: +91 90002 19789 T: +91 22 2551 5165, M: +9198194 96313
Mr Pallab Chatterjee Mr Ghanshyam Soni
Manager - Marketing Manager - Marketing BENGALURU SINGAPORE
Navayuga Engineering Co. Ltd A-9, Qutab Institutional Area Mr Tom Joseph Taylor Ramsey
Matrix Tower, DN-24, 5th floor U.S.O Road , Jeet Sing Marg DGM - Marketing Manager - Marketing
Salt Lake, Sector V Land Mark: College More New Delhi, Delhi 110067 212, Domlur 2nd Stage,1st Main Road Krishnaptnam Port Pvt Ltd
Kolkata - 700091 T: +91 11 4989 6789 Next to Hotel Bhagini Palace 20 Cecil Street, #12-04 Equity Plaza
T: +91 33 40044060/61/62 M: +91 99711 13969 ESI Hospital Road, Indiranagar Singapore - 049 705
F:+91 33 40044069, M: +9190002 33436 E: ghanshyam.s@ Bangalore - 560 071, Karnataka, India T: +65 6438 4390, F: +65 6438 1790
E: T: +91 80 4668 9789, M: +91 98450 84254 M: +65 9239 5946
E: tom.j@ E:


Mr Mohammed Imran Capt Bijay Shekhar Mr M Chandra Sekhar Babu
Paramount Plaza, 2nd Floor, No.47 General Manager - Marketing Asst GM - Customer Relations
Mahatma Gandhi Road 1st Floor, 48-9-17, Dwarakanagar P.O. Bag No. 1, Muthukur
Nungambakam High Road Visakhapatnam - 530 016 Dist. Nellore - 524 344, Andhra Pradesh
Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034 Andhra Pradesh, India M: +91 80085 00610
T: +9144-43561232, F: +91 44 4356 1207 M: +91 91006 24455 E:
M: +91 96185 73789 E:
Mr Kirtiraj Narendra Dhawunjewar Mr Harsha Ravi
Executive - Marketing +82 1098223229
Shirji House, Plot No.39
2nd Floor, Kotwal Nagar, Nagpur - 440 022
24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM - BULK M: +91 99237 98771
+91 80081 53789 SHANGHAI
E: Mr Sathwik Gummadi
DUBAI +86 18321021490
Ms Gabrijela Nikolic
Manager - Marketing, UAE
Sharaf Building, P.O. Box 576, Bur Dubai HONG KONG
Dubai - United Arab Emirates Mr Vertika Samar
M (UAE): +971 55 3569437 +852 98808365
Did you know that you can contact us 24 E:
hours a day x 7 days a week?
P.O. Bag No. 1, Muthukur, Dist. Nellore - 524 344 Mr Praveen S
Andhra Pradesh, India AGM - Marketing
Flat No. 102, Vignan Towers
Tel: +91 861 2377 999 / 970 4123 987 / 989 Ramannapeta, 1st Lane, Guntur - 522 007
Fax: +91 861 2377 046 Andhra Pradesh, India
T: +91 863 224 7789, M: +91 91009 07236


Manager +91 80086 12345
M: +91 77389 89161


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CAPTAIN’S CABIN To follow our daily musings

and a look behind the scenes

ith so much happening at our port, first quarter of this year flew by too fast.
Of all the events organised, the most noteworthy and personally for me
most satisfying was Startrek. This annual congregation of all our group
companies, a dream project of mine, was catapulted into a different orbit this year
with the kind support of our Managing Director Sri Sasidhar. To communicate with us and
I always believed that an ever-growing and vibrant organisation like Krishnapatnam follow the latest
Port should focus on building human capital and nurture the entrepreneurial happenings
qualities to build the leaders and prepare them for future. With this objective in
mind, in 2017 the first edition of StarTrek took off at the port. This year when
Managing Director decided to hold the second edition in Dubai, the entire event
has taken a different spin and ended as the most fruitful, enjoyable and memorable
event. You will read more about this two-day extravaganza which has seen a series
of serious presentations, interactions among group companies, site visits and lots
of fun. This exercise has undoubtedly ignited the spirits of both participants and
Another significant development is commencement of Navayuga World School, yet To see our best photos and
another noble and passionate initiative of our Managing Director. This school will illustrations
herald a new era in education with integrated curriculum to empower each child to
maximise his/her potential. kpclsocial/?hl=en
From bringing this first ship after 18 months of laying foundation to building
the largest breakwaters, Our Chairman’s vision was turned into reality by our
Managing Director Sri Sasidhar Chinta, making this as the largest gateway port on
the east coast of India in the shortest time. We have spent the past 10 years with
a focused, well designed plan to grow, adding infrastructure ahead of demand,
setting innovative business practices, improving the service quality and creating
livelihoods for the communities around. We take pride in not only creating a vibrant
To view some great videos
regional economy, but also in contributing to the state’s and nation’s economy.
While we certainly enjoyed what we have accomplished, we thrive in the excitement channel/UC2cLtZ8M4oU9-
of moving forward and seeing all our employees, customers and stakeholders enjoy yjTImVhG8g
what we’re creating. We don’t often take time to reflect on how far we have come.
Once one project is complete, there is always something new to tackle.
It is indeed a fulfilling journey of 10 years to be part of a Port that redefined India’s
maritime landscape!
Best wishes,
To read perspectives on mari-
time sector
Director & CEO company/krishnapatnam- port-company-ltd.

Health initiatives
at Port
Homeopathy Clinic at Port
Navaneetha Homeopathy clinic was
inaugurated inside the CVR Complex. This
treats people with chronic illnesses particularly
those that cannot be treated by any other form
of medicines. The programme was launched by
Dr. Ramesh, a deeply passionate and dedicated
human being who has been providing similar
service to lakhs of patients at his clinic near
Visakhapatnam. Here, at port he will be treating
the rural communities in the vicinity of port
along with port employees and students. He is
assisted by a well-trained team. Dr. Suresh and
Dr. Anusha can treat about 20 to 50 patients
everyday which includes health check-up,
treatment, providing free medicines. This clinic
in future will be taking up follow-up medical
advice to patients and conduct awareness
programmes in schools and villages.

Eye Camps
HR department recently orgnaised an
eye-camp for the employees of Navayuga
Container Terminal where a specialised team of
renowned ophthalmologists and eye-surgeons
from Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals checked
employees for eye-related disorders and
counselled the participants on eye-care. About
295 members were examined by Dr Mamatha
D and supervised by Eye Specialists and
Refractionists from Agarwal’s group in the
two-day camp.

In another camp, organised in association with

Vasan Eye Care Hospitals, over 130 employees
from NCT were examined. Eye Specialist
Dr Ramakrishna sensitised the patients about
the importance of regular eye check-up, and
offered tips on care and protection of eyes.
They also advised the participants about the
special care required while spending long hours
in front of computers and long exposure to sun.

Republic Day Celebrations at Port


Hampi on Wheels New National Flag

Hampi Foods started innovative mobile canteen outlets which As a symbol of strength and unity a New National Flag was
move around the port at regular intervals and supply snacks hoisted on a 60 ft height poll at the port by Sri Vinod Joshi,
and sell food items. This food truck equipped to cook and serve Zonal Head of Punjab National Bank.
food. Some of the items sold on this truck are ice cream, soft
beverages, bakery products, frozen and packaged food; cakes,
samosa, tea, puffs, sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries etc.

MAA KPCL Dandiya

Employee Engagement
“Dancing with feet is one thing but
dancing with the heart is another”

HR Department taking suggestion from an employee

MAA KPCL EVENTs are guided by the saying “You can

discover more about a person in an hour of play than in With an aim to spread joy and happiness, The
a year of conversation” The events are initiated by top HR department organised first ever Dandiya
management and hosted by HR Department. Maa KPCL event during Dussera at admin building. All
events are innovative, fun filled entertainment evenings the employees were invited to the event. The
engaging employees with music, dance and games to celebrations started by offering prayers to
re-energise and reconnect them as team. Goddess Durga and then performing Dandiya.
So, what makes this year’s – event season different? In A group of women employees danced the
addition to fun and entertainment “Employee Suggestion rhythmic manner to mark the dandiya
System” was included. Under this an half hour session is celebrations. Food and game stalls were
given to participants make suggestions relating to their orgnaised by Daspalla and Hampi teams.
work. Best suggestions would be rewarded and acted The event was filled with fun and frolic. Prizes
were given under different categories to the
Recently two MAA KPCL events were organised for group participants.
companies – East Coast Logistics Pvt Ltd and Equinox.



Sri C Sasidhar, Managing Director, Krishnapatnam Port receiving Indian Sub Continent Maritime Award at the Seatrade Maritime Awards, Dubai.

K rishnapatnam Port has bagged the ‘Bulk Port of the Year’ award
for the second consecutive year in 2018. The port raised the
performance bar higher recording a throughput of 34.83 million
tonnes of dry bulk, 1.28 million tonnes of break bulk and 1.63 million
tonnes of liquid cargo in FY-2017-18. With a capacity utilisation
of 52.48 per cent, Krishnapatnam Port has recorded performance
indicators which prove it to be better than the best. The port has
managed to maintain average turnaround time of 4 days and average Mr Anil Yendluri, Director & CEO, Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd
pre-berthing detention time of 2 days. The port has recorded 20 per receiving the award from Sanjay Bandopadhyaya, Addl Secretary, Ministry
cent growth in average output per ship berth day in FY2017-18 over of Shipping Govt of India; Capt Sunil Thapar, CEO - Shipping Services,
Allcargo Logistics Ltd is also seen in the picture
FY 2016-17 in million tonnes.

Navayuga Container Terminal (Formerly Krishnapatnam Port

Container Terminal) bagged the ‘Container Terminal of the Year’
award in the ‘below 0.6 million TEUs’ category. The terminal handled
a remarkable 2,23,000 TEUs in imports and 2,56,552 TEUs in exports,
including transhipment, during the assessment period. The terminal
leads in moving transhipment cargo on the east coast with volumes
of 2,12,466 TEUs transhipped in FY2017-18. With an installed capacity
of 1.2 million TEUs the terminal has always been in the forefront for
promoting the government’s vision to increase movement of cargo
(L to R) Vivek Kele, Director, Teamglobal Logistics; Sanjay Bandopadhyaya,
through the coastal route. During FY2017-18 the terminal had handled Addl Secretary, Ministry of Shipping Govt of India; Capt Bijoy, Mr Vivek
19,518 TEUs of coastal cargo. Nair, Mr Mohan G and Mr jithendra Nimmagadda, COO, NCT




W ith the objective of creating
awareness of NCT’s commitment
to the Hyderabad Trade and its
NCT is the closest terminal to ICD
Sanathnagar and the CONCOR rail
tariff to Krishnapatnam is lower than
Draft being handed over to the Hon’le Chief
Minister of Kerala – Shri P Vijayan by our
Dy General Manager (HR) – Mr Anurag Mishra &
successful run of weekly train ICD SNF to JNPT. Customers will Mr Rajeev R on September 28, 2018.
service between ‘ICD Sanathnagar’ benefit from lower cost and faster
and ‘Krishnapatnam Port’, NCT transit to Krishnapatnam.
had organised a joint meeting with Kerala was severely affected by
As Maersk has a direct eastbound
CONCOR in Hyderabad. floods last year.
product as well as the Salalah shuttle
Mr Azhar Shams, Group General deployed at NCT and other East
During the month of August
Manager (International Marketing), bound (China) services are provided
2018, the state of Kerala suffered
Mr Ravi, Chief General Manager, by ZIM & Hyundai, many Hyd Shippers
its worst monsoon flooding in
CONCOR, addressed the queries of are keen to use NCT.
a century, with more than one
the shippers/liners and assured the
The meeting evoked a positive million people displaced, and
trade that CONCOR will be running
response from the trade. more than 400 reported deaths
a weekly rail from ‘ICD SNF’ to NCT
in two weeks time. Aid agencies
irrespective of the volumes.
and government groups had
set up more than 4,000 relief
camps, while rescue personnel

NAVAYUGA CONTAINER TERMINAL made their way to submerged

villages in helicopters and

CROSSES 500,000 TEU MILESTONE boats, bringing supplies, and

evacuating those they can
find. Weeks of heavy rainfall

N avayuga Container Terminal (NCT)

reached an important milestone on
27th March 2019, by handling 500,000
Mr. Jithendra Nimmagadda, Chief
Operating Officer, NCT commented
“Reaching this milestone would not
had caused dams to open their
floodgates, triggered landslides
in the mountains, and swamped
TEU for the first time in a Financial have been possible without the strong the coastal regions of Kerala.
Year 18-19. The half-millionth TEU was partnerships forged with Shipping We, the employees of
handled on vessel M.V. SSL Kutch. Lines wherein by working together Krishnapatnam Port and
we assure the speed, transparency, Associate Companies thought of
NCT witnessed stellar volume growth and fluidity our Shippers have come extending a small helping hand
of almost 9-fold increase in the 5-year to expect from NCT.” He further towards Kerala.
period starting from a modest 58,577 added, “We are further expanding
TEUs in FY 2013-14. our terminal capacity from 1.2 Million A Demand Draft of
Commenting on the development, TEUs to 2 Million TEUs by the end of `25,00,000/- was presented to
Mr. Anil Yendluri, Director & CEO, 2019 to be ahead of the demand.” Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
Krishnapatnam Port Co. Ltd. said, Shri P. Vijayan towards “KERALA
Commenting on this milestone,
“NCT has taken giant strides in getting CM DISTRESS RELIEF FUND”.
Ms. Vinita Venkatesh, Director, NCT
established as a Transshipment Hub This amount was donated by
said “This milestone paves the way to
on the East Coast of India and we are our employees and we are
achieve One million TEUs in the near
working towards making it the Hub thankful to all.
future by providing customer-centric
port in the Bay of Bengal.” services”.




Volume Surges 27,428 TEUs Transshipment

volume in January 2019

XPress feeders operating three

In keeping with the exim trade’s increasing clamour for vessel from NCT to Kolkata
Indian cargoes to be handled at Indian ports instead of
being transshipped at the neighbouring ports of Colombo, Five feeder services per week
Singapore, Port Kelang, etc, Krishnapatnam Port has been
offering shipping lines efficient transshipment services Transshipment is 55.13 per cent
since 2017. of total throughput

he global container shipping operations. The decision of the Govt of In response to the trade need for
company, Maersk Line, India to waive cabotage restrictions has transhipment facilities, Krishnapatnam
was quick to take up this added a fillip to the transhipment volume port extended its quay length at the
new initiative and began handled by NCT, Krishnapatnam Port. container terminal by 150 m to provide
transshipping its containers from China an exclusive coastal berth where coastal
/ Korea / Far East at Krishnapatnam for NCT at Krishnapatnam Port was the first vessels can berth without window
final destination Kolkata and Haldia. Other terminal on the east coast of India chosen timings and use the ship’s gear to load /
liners followed suit and soon Hyundai by the foreign flag carrier Xpress Feeders discharge in addition to the handling by
Merchant Marine, Zim / Goldstar, SCI of Singapore to deploy a transhipment the shore -based MHC.
and many NVOCCs began transshipment feeder under the new relaxed regime
for transhipment. Xpress now operates Going forward, the port has announced
operations at Krishnapatnam.
3 vessels from NCT to Kolkata which a total extended quay length of 900m
Shreyas Shipping was encouraged by are specially made to suit the low water with 3 new SPP quay cranes, thus
the response and expanded its range depth at Kolkata port. bringing the total number of QCs to
of services and is today running no less 8. The expansion will be complete by
than 3 feeder loops from NCT (Navayuga All the transhipment feeders together the 4th quarter of 2018-19. With the
Container Terminal) at Krishnapatnam offer 5 feeder services per week at NCT, enhanced infrastructure, the terminal
to connect with Kolkata, Haldia, Vizag, Krishnapatnam. Due to this, transhipment capacity will increase from the current
Pradeep, Kakinada, Tuticorin on the volume at the terminal has grown steadily 1.2m TEU to a capacity of 2m TEU.
East coast as well as Cochin, Mangalore, from 13000 TEUs average transhipment Although the current volume at
Mundra, Kandla, Hazira and Nhava Sheva volume per month in the first quarter NCT, Krishnapatnam is at 0.6m TEU
on the west coast. With this network, of current financial year to 17, 200 TEUs and sufficient capacity for growth is
Shreyas Shipping and NCT can provide by second quarter, and in the third already available, the decision to invest
transhipment services to mainline vessels quarter to an average of 21,300 TEUs additional CAPEX ahead of demand
calling at Krishnapatnam. per month. In the month of January 2019 is with the objective of ensuring that
The pioneering initiative of waiver of the transhipment volumes were 25,362 sufficient quay length and handling
cabotage restrictions on exim cargo TEUs the transhipment volume at NCT, infrastructure is available for the
along the Indian coast, at once opened Krishnapatnam accounts for 55.13 pct of numerous mainline services and
to foreign flag operators the opportunity total throughput which is the industry coastal feeder operators looking to
to ply their vessels between two norm for transhipment cargo handling hub transhipment operations at NCT,
Indian ports, facilitating transhipment ports in the south east asia region. Krishnapatnam.



Recently commissioned Automatic
Rapid Wagon Loading System at port
will make loading fast and efficient.

wagon loading
system is devised HOW DOES IT WORK?
for fast and
efficient loading
The Cargo, essentially coal in this context, is received through Vessels and is
of the material unloaded by means of two Ship Unloaders at Berth 7/8. Each Ship Unloader
into the waiting wagons. can unload at a maximum capacity of 2000 Tonnes per hour. Therefore,
Wagon loading system is a effectively, coal is unloaded from the vessel at 4000 Tonnes per hour. These
critical point in the value Ship Unloaders in turn feed the unloaded coal into a mechanised stream of
chain of the operations, and belt conveyors.
as such there is no room for
The belt conveyors carry cargo at 4000 tons per hour as received from the Ship
downtime as this can lead
to significant revenue loss.
Unloaders. The conveyed coal is then stacked in coal stockpiles through use
This system is designed to of stacker-cum-reclaimers or by-passed and is discharged into coal silos. The
load safely, efficiently and total capacity of the stockpiles is 0.75 million metric tonnes.
accurately while maximising Coal is reclaimed from the stockpiles by means of Stacker cum Reclaimers or
the use of the capacity in Reclaimers or both each with reclaiming capacity of 2500 Tonnes per Hour.
each wagon.
The conveyors after the stockpiles can convey the reclaimed coal at a rate of
Rapid wagon loading system 5000 Tonnes per hour. The reclaimed coal is then fed into silos of capacity
is a mechanised system 2500 T. There are two such silos, both connected to the conveyor network.
which discharges coal into Below each Silo lies the rapid wagon loading system which discharges coal ADVANTAGES OF AWLS
wagons when the train is in into a moving rake.
motion. The rake of wagons Loading Operation is much faster. A
is hauled at a uniform creep complete rake (~3900 T) can be loaded
speed of 0.67 km/hr below in One Hour. Each wagon in • 3.75 km length of conveyor in 1 hr.
the wagon loading station by the rake can be loaded up to system of 4000 TPH
means of a diesel loco, during a pay load of 67 T. Therefore, Better accuracy and uniform loading.
• One stacker cum
the loading operation. The the total rake can be loaded
reclaimer of 4000 TPH Dust nuisance is substantially reduced.
method of discharge into the up to a capacity of ~3900T.
stacking & 2500 TPH
wagons is through a swing
In addition to the Automatic reclaiming Reduced number of operators and
chute, with which the feed
rate and discharge angle can
Wagon Loading Station, the attendants for loading the rake.
• One reclaimer of 2500
following allied infrastructure
be adjusted. TPH Operating cost when compared to
have also been successfully
The system is capable of commissioned. • Stock yard of 0.75 million conventional handling of wagons will
loading a rake of 59 wagons metric tonnes capacity. be approx. 60% lesser.



South Central Railways is

implementing a slew of projects to
improve connectivity to ports and
the hinterland. Mr Dhanunjayalu,
Divisional Railway Manager,

South Central Railway details
on the infrastructure upgrade that
has helped them in handling 50%
more cargo over the previous


Q. How was the year 2018-19, Krishnapatnam Port and we

compared to previous year? are feeding Karnataka Power
Corporation Ltd that has two
Our growth rate has been
plants – one at Kurthiri and
quite substantial in the current
other at Raichur. We also have
financial year. Vijayawada
a APGENCO plant getting its
division is doing very well
coal at Krishnapatnam Port.
and caters to two important
ports – Krishnapatnam Port The fertilizer imports are
and Kakinada Port. Last year also continuing through
we did 13.452 million tonnes Krishnapatnam Port. Though
and this year we did 20.521 Krishnapatnam Port is trying
million tonnes, which indicates to improve their containerised
more than 50 per cent growth trade, but the rail bound
in terms of physical volumes. volumes of container traffic
Even in earnings our growth at the port is yet to pick up
is almost 58 per cent. Last substantially.
year from April to October
At Kakinada Port we are
period, in freight business we
increasing our trade business,
earned `1,435 crores and this
essentially it is imported coal
year we have earned `2,269
for industrial users in Odisha
crores, during the same period.
and two other hinterland
This is spectacular growth
states. We are also handling
facilitated by Krishnapatnam
other industrial cargo like
Port’s growing volumes. One
Gypsum and Bauxite at
of the customers operating a
Kakinada Port. Very good
steel plant has increased the
growth in fertilizer imports
imports of iron ore and coal
through this port has been
through Krishnapatnam Port.
recorded. These have been the
Through coastal shipping we
reasons for spectacular growth
are getting coal which moves
in trade business of Vijayawada
by rail-sea-rail route. Coal is
coming from Mahanadi Coal
Fields through Paradip to


Then RVNL through Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam
Krishnapatnam Rail Company route as well, perhaps in
Ltd is constructing a 95 km the years to come that will
new line from Venkatachalam also materialise depending
to Obulavaripalli. Once this is upon the sanctioning of the
completed cargo originating or project. On the Vijayawada to
destined to Krishnapatnam will Warangal and Kazipet route
sail 60 km of tranship distance, also works for third line are in
QUICK as compared to the present progress. That means the entire
FACTS route via Gudur. We hope this north-south route, i.e., Gudur,
new route will be operational Vijayawada to Warangal and
by March 2019 and will be Warangal to balharshah, the
Volume handled 20,521 million able to handle the expected entire route will get tripled in
tonnes growth in trade business at phases. So the capacity will go
Krishnapatnam. The third line up substantially.
50% growth in Volumes from Gudur to Krishna Canal Line on Vijayawada to Guntur
Junction is another game is already doubled and
`2269 crores Revenue changer as it adds capacity to electrified. From Vijayawada
important routes connecting towards Rayalaseema area,
58% growth in Revenue
key hinterlands. We will Guntur to Guntakal route
debottleneck Gudur yard in electrification is complete
Upgraded infrastructure and
the next couple of months and will soon be doubled.
improved operations protocols
contributed to growth and these things will help us Guntur to Secunderabad
handle more business in this via Nadipudi route is being
area. This is not only for traffic electrified. Guntur Tenali single
originating at Krishnapatnam line electrified route is being
Q. In terms of rake movement practices – reducing the speed Port but also for the transit doubled.
how was the business restrictions and improving traffic we are handling.
Q. What is your experience
performance? the track maintenance. These
We are also doubling and with Krishnapatnam Port? How
things have helped us in a
We have improved our electrifying Vijayawada, do you see it perform in terms
substantial way in handling
mobility across the division Gudiwada, Bhimawaram, of management and cargo
increase in originating traffic
substantially. Compared to last Narsapuram, Machlipatnam handling?
and also increase in transit
year we are handling more than – the entire branch line of
traffic. In terms of operational Krishnapatnam is a growing
50 per cent growth in terms 220km, with the help of RVNL.
efficiency we have got certain port with immense potential for
of originating loading, plus we They will start commissioning
set of parameters and all of growth and they are quite good
also have 5-10 per cent growth in phases, starting from this
these parameters have shown in getting traffic from their
depending on the months financial year itself and by
healthy improvement this year. customers. They have been
in terms of transit freight 2021 or 2022 the project will
doing pretty well in attracting
movement. We are able to Q. Do you face any challenges be accomplished. Once this
new businesses and retaining
handle both because we have in this division and what are is done we will be getting
existing businesses. Going by
upgraded our infrastructure your plans to overcome them? an alternative route from
the way they are operating we
and we have also improved Vijayawada to Nidvanda.
We have brought in some see lot of potential for the port
our operational protocols. We can either run the trains
improvements which are able in the years to come. Since
The line capacity is one of the Eluru, Tadepalligudem, or
to cater to year-on-year growth the issues with hinterland
major constraints of the Indian we can go via Gudiwada,
in near future. We also have connectivity by rail have been
railways, so we have improved Bhimavaram branch. This will
plans on how to handle growth resolved by way of anticipated
line capacity in critical also cater to the anticipated
in business both in terms of commissioning of this new
locations by bringing in some growth in freight activity as
freight and passengers in the line from Venkatachalam to
improvements in signalling a result of construction of
long-term. In this regard some Obulavaripalli. This will add
and by debottlenecking some Machilipatnam Port in future,
projects are already sanctioned substantially to the advantages
of the congested yards like as Machilipatnam is currently a
and works have started. For of the port, because it is going
Vijayawada. This has helped us single line section.
instance, on the Vijayawada to reduce the rail distance
in improving the mobility across
to Gudur route, third line The capacity to handle by about 60 km between
the division. We have also
development is in progress and more trains will go up Krishnapatnam Port and its
improved certain operational
major yard remodelling work is substantially once this prime hinterland locations. I
protocols like we have
also in progress at Gudur. These doubling and electrification am sure it will improve the cost
rationalised the train operations
developments will decongest happens. There are plans advantage of the port further.
by rationalising some of
our day-to-day operational Gudur junction. for adding a third line from



India’s dependence on liquid bulk cargoes is forecasted to increase in

the next five years, particularly petroleum, oils, edible oils and other
petrochemicals. With increase in liquid bulk volumes, liquid bulk trade
will be a significant contributor to the Customs and Port revenues. Given
the enormous volume, the country requires mammoth infrastructure at
sea and land to keep the economy well oiled. Krishnapatnam Liquid
Cargo Terminal will be bridging this infrastructure gap.


l fa

QUICK lobal oil trade routes are cent in FY2015-16, the demand is
FACTS moving East, as China not going to subside any time soon.
and India replace the India fulfils almost all of its crude oil
873 acres earmarked for United States as top requirement through imports, and
Liquid Cargo oil importers. When it comes to with consumption of 4.14 million
consumption of petroleum products, barrels per day, its share is more
Storage facilities are within India is an oil guzzling nation, and the than 4 per cent of the total world
5 kms access to jetties country’s per capita consumption is consumption and is the second
only next to the US, EU and China. largest importer of oil in the world
Two dedicated Rail sidings after China.
With a Y-o-Y growth of 5.3 per cent
in FY2017-18, and as high as 11.6 per
North Liquid Terminal will
have 6 mmt and South Liquid
Terminal 12-18 mmt capacity


While the majority of oil refining
north liquid terminals capacity, and oil and LNG imports are
located on the west coast but many of
them are fast aging leading to slower
discharge resulting in congestion and
Significant increase in bulk chemical
(including petrochemical) trade has
placed substantial pressure on port
infrastructure which lacks capacity,
including for storage. Utilisation
rates for infrastructure in major ports
(mainly storage) is 80-90 per cent as
opposed to a more normal 50-70 per
cent. There is a need for additional
capacity. In general, this includes
specialist berths which usually have far
lower utilisation rates and specialised
handling equipment and storage. The
major gap is integrated berth and
storage capacity, and this gap is often
caused as the owner and operator of
the storage are different. Chemicals
and specialty chemicals are particularly
Moreover, in a bid to ensure energy
security, national gas grids are under
execution at various locations, and
doubling of pipeline network from
15,000km to 30,000km is under
implementation. While western parts of
India have made significant progress in
piped gas distribution, the next wave of
growth in consumption will be from the
east, south and northern parts of India.
However, sufficient infrastructure
is still not available on either
coasts of India to handle, store and
distribute liquid cargo. Bridging
this infrastructure gap is the
Krishnapatnam Liquid Cargo Terminal,
equipped with dedicated berths that
have sufficient draft to handle Panamax
size vessels and beyond. In fact, 873
acres out of 6800 acres of port area is
earmarked for liquid business portfolio
and additional land will be allocated
for liquid storage based on demand.
The terminal has exclusive liquid
storage facilities within 5 km access
to the jetties with excellent road and
rail connectivity. To further streamline
liquid cargo movement, the port
has planned 2 dedicated rail sidings
for liquid cargo in addition to the 16
existing full length rail sidings with
access to CTOs for rake placement and
without any congestion.


south liquid terminals

readily available for million metric tonnes of liquid

future expansion cargo, primarily LNG, LPG, crude oil,
of operations. With petrochemicals, and other approved
one operational jetty liquid cargo.
the terminal has the
capacity to handle Krishnapatnam Liquid Cargo Terminals
6 million metric offers its customers with two options
tonnes of liquid of operating models. The customer can
cargo, primarily POL, choose the best suitable option.
petrochemicals, LPG, Under the first option Land will be
chemicals and other leased for the remaining concession
approved liquid cargo. period. The development of storage
Ample truck parking tanks, pipelines, unloading and loading
space is provided arms and other required infrastructure
to ensure swift in the terminal site will be in the
movement of cargo. customer’s scope. In the second
option the required infrastructure for
North Liquid Terminal Phase – I South Liquid Terminal
storage and handling will be provided
Phase – II
The terminal has a total available by the Krishnapatnam Port to the
land of 408.24 acres, of which 100.34 Spread on 464.30 acres, this terminal customer on long term agreements
acres is currently used by the terminal operates through three jetties and and volume assurance along with
and the remaining 307.90 acres is has the capacity to handle 12 to 18 suitable terms and conditions.



Mind Blowing


Wind is a clean source of renewable energy that produces no largest order book in the industry, with
more than 70% of market share. All this
air or water pollution. And since the wind is free, input costs is backed by validated and recognized
are nearly zero once a turbine is erected. Mass production products, with more than 35 years of
experience and over 83 GW installed
and technology advances are making turbines cheaper, and across the globe.
many governments offer tax incentives to spur wind-energy ACCIONA Energy on the other hand
development. is the biggest global energy company
operating exclusively in the renewable

he wind energy industry is power. Electricity demand in the energy sector, present in over 20
booming. Thanks to global country has increased rapidly and is countries on five continents. It works
efforts to combat climate expected to rise further in the years to significantly with five technologies:
change, such as the Paris come. In order to meet the increasing wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal,
Agreement, renewable energy demand for electricity in the country, hydroelectricity and biomass.
is seeing a boom in growth, with wind massive addition to the installed Wind mill blades are massive in size
energy leading the way. From 2000 generating capacity is required. In May structures thus requiring lot of care
to 2015, cumulative wind capacity 2018, India ranked 4th in the Asia Pacific during their transportation and
around the world increased from 17,000 region out of 25 nations on an index handling. A complete survey is done
megawatts to more than 430,000 that measures their overall power. ahead of the arrival of cargo to ensure
megawatts. In 2015, China also surpassed no obstacles for movement of cargo.
Acconia and Siemens Gamesa are the
the EU in the number of installed All the concerned stake holders in the
two leading players in the windmill
wind turbines and continues to lead port engage their key resources for
energy domain. Both the companies
installation efforts. this activity. Security personnel of port
have been exporting windmill blades
Latin America, and Africa and the through Krishnapatnam port. Siemens escort the vehicle carrying windmill
Middle East experienced fastest growth Gamesa has grown to be a global leader blades until it reaches the jetty /storage
in installed capacity during 2018, at in offshore power generation offering space.
20.1% and 52.3%, respectively, due full-scope solutions and services. One Krishnapatnam Port is equipped to
to their small installed base. Asia is of Siemens Gamesa’s biggest advantages handle Over dimensional project
responsible for 58% of the total capacity is that they are successfully engaged cargoes of all sizes and types. The port
growth in 2018. The Government of in all areas of the wind power business has an advantage due to its strategic
India has released its roadmap to globally – Onshore, Offshore and location, which helps in easy import
achieve 175 GW capacity in renewable Service. In offshore, Siemens Gamesa and export of such huge cargo.
energy by 2022, which includes 100 is the number one player in the market,
GW of solar power and 60 GW of wind with the largest installed base and the

At Port in 2018, windmill blades were loaded on 10 vessels.

62 Meters Blade by Acconia was the longest of all.



rishnapatnam Railway
Company Ltd (KRCL), has
received an investment of
`125 crore from Sagarmala
Development Company Ltd for the
development of the rail corridor
connecting Obulavaripalli and
Krishnapatnam Port.
Sagarmala investment in Krishnapatnam Krishnapatnam Railway Company Ltd
Rail Company helps in faster development of is a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) Joint
Venture (JV) by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited
Rail corridor connecting Obulavaripalli and for connecting 114 kms Obulavaripalli
Krishnapatnam Port. (Kadapa district) and Krishnapatnam
(Nellore) in Andhra Pradesh. The total
project cost is estimated at `1850 cr. The
initiative will connect Kr ishnapatnam
Port on the east coast with the network
of Indian Railways at Venkatachalam
at one point and Obulavaripalli on the


Highest number of rakes

handled in a day: 29 rakes on
23.07.2018 as against previous
record of 25 rakes dealt on

Highest number of rakes loaded

in a month: 592 rakes in August
2018 as against previous
record of 568 rakes dealt on
December 2014

Highest quantity of cargo

handled in a month: 2.04 Million
Tons in August 2018 as against
A 21 KM Section of the project line from a discrete trading cluster through the previous record of 2.03
Krishnapatnam to Venkatachalam is multi-modal logistics solutions.” India’s Million tons dealt on January
fully in operation since July 2009 in hinterland connectivity is mainly based 2015
single line and was converted to double on surface transport i.e. road and rail
line since March 2014. 21 KM Section of The 114 km long rail corridor is expected Highest number of fertilizer rake
the project line from Krishnapatnam to to revolutionise the EXIM trade handled in a day: 9 rakes on
Venkatachalam is fully in operational dynamics for the hinterland district of 31.8.2013
since July 2009 in single line and was Kadapa It is well poised to reduce transit
converted to double line since March time drastically by offering a direct entry Highest number of fertilizer
2014. into the port. rakes loaded in a month 128 in
August 2013
Commenting on the occasion The shareholding pattern in KRCL
Anil Yendluri, Managing Director, is RVNL 30 per cent, Krishnapatnam Highest number of coal rakes
Krishnapatnam Railway Company Port Co. Ltd. 30 per cent, NMDC Ltd handled in a day: 18 rakes on
Limited, said, “This is an extremely 15 per cent, Govt of AP 13 per cent and 6.7.2014
exciting project for KRCL. The new’ BIL 12 per cent. Under phase II from
rail corridor connecting Kadapa city Obulavaripalle to Venkatachalam (94 Highest number of coal rakes
with Krishnapatnam Port will help Km.) the progress of rail construction loaded in a month: 365 rakes in
optimise costs, accelerate growth work is in full swing. Track linking of June 2014
whilst enhancing the city’s EXIM the entire length has already been
competitiveness. This would result completed. Overhead equipments and Highest number of Iron-ore
rakes handled in a day: 13 rakes
in huge savings both in freight costs signal & telecommunications works are
on 26.2.2015
and time to help develop Kadapa into in the advanced stage of completion.


ounded in 1991, Penna
Cement has established
itself as one of the most
trusted cement brands,
with significant footprints
in southern and western India. Over
last two decades, they have increased
their installed capacity to ten million
tons, making them one of the largest
privately held cement companies in
the country.
Fly ash is a fine powder that is a
byproduct of burning pulverised coal
in electric generation power plants.
Fly ash is a pozzolan, a substance
containing aluminous and siliceous
material that forms cement in the
presence of water. When mixed
with lime and water, fly ash forms a
compound similar to Portland cement.
This makes fly ash suitable as a prime
material in blended cement, mosaic
tiles, and hollow blocks, among other
building materials. When used in
concrete mixes, fly ash improves


Flyash based grinding unit set-up by Penna Cements at Krishnapatnam Port is
another testimony to how the port-based industrial units can hugely contribute to
the savings in time and cost there by increasing the market competitiveness.


the strength and segregation of the
concrete and makes it easier to pump.
FACTS ash is required which is being sourced
from the nearby power plants of TPCIL/
APGENCO. Gypsum requirement per
The power projects in the vicinity of
annum is about 0.10 Million Tonnes and
Krishnapatnam Port, APGENCO and MV Penna Suraksha used
is sourced form Coromandel Fertilizers,
TPCIL produce lot of fly ash which for coastal transportation of
Vishakapatnam 1330 Mts of gypsum
can be used as raw-material for cement
supplied by Abja Power is moved by
cement. Sensing this opportunity, in
Vishwasamudra Shipping from south
2018 Penna Cement had set up a 2.0 Plans on the anvil to purchase 5
yard to Penna plant using port logistics.
million tonnes per annum capacity fly more ships
ash-based cement grinding station at Resource Optimisation/Recycling and
Krishnapatnam Port. Apart from the WB2 berth is dedicated to Penna Reuse:
strategic location of the port, the port- Cements
Since the plant is manufacturing blended
based logistics infrastructure is another
cement, there is substantial reduction in
factor for this move. Minimal Port operations with
use of clinker in the cement which leads
maximum savings in time and
The location is advantageous for ease of cost to savings of 1.0 MTPA of Limestone. The
distribution with access to the coastal 80m3 of water consumed every day is
markets in east and west India including sourced from port. Another interesting
Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Cochin, clinker and gypsum, is manufactured feature of this plant is that no solid waste
Pune and Mumbai. in two varieties at Penna Cement is generated except some waste water
plants. This Premium OPC 53 Grade which is about 8m3 Per day and the same is
With an investment of `250 crores,
Cement is used for pre-cast concrete treated through septic tank and soak pits.
this unit was set up in an area of 6.08
ha. The unit is located approximately items such as paving blocks, tiles and When it comes to transportation
270 kms from Talaricheruvu, 287 kms building blocks, pre-stressed concrete logistics, currently one vessel MV.PENNA
from Boyareddypalli and 322 kms components and major construction SURAKSHA owned by Penna is being
from Ganeshpahad which are Penna’s projects with special requirements such used to transport cement in bulk for its
integrated manufacturing facilities. as bridges, runways, high-rise buildings coastal movement. Penna Cements has
and concrete roads. plans to purchase five vessels with each
Primarily there are two types of cements
Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is vessel at a cost of `145 Crores.
namely Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). a special blended cement as per BIS 30 Bulkers are readily deployed for
OPC, produced mainly by grinding specification, IS: 1489, and is produced by loading the cargo on to the vessel.
inter-grinding Ordinary Portland Cement
clinker with high quality processed fly ash Four Bulkers can operate simultaneously
along with gypsum. Due to its inherent loading cargo via hose pipes with each
characteristics, PPC aids in creating bulker loading at 24 Minutes. Each bulker
corrosion resistant concrete that is far capacity is 40 Tonnes. Complete loading
superior to concrete made with OPC. of the vessel takes about 8 Days.
The use of blended cement in concrete WB2 is the dedicated berth to Penna
reduces crack formation, improves Cements. As the entire activity from vessel
workability, inhibits sulphate attacks and loading to interacting being taken care by
reduces the heat of hydration. Penna Cements there are very minimal
Clinker is transported by railway wagons port operational issues including security
or trucks from major clinkerisation units issues while gate in & Out of bulkers when
of MHIL situated near to the grinding procuring fly ash from APGENCO/ TPCIL.
unit and also from the clinkerisation Since the plant is making blended
units of Penna Cements in Tadipatri, cement, substantial reduction in clinker
in Andhra Pradesh. For this grinding consumption in the cement in turn saves
unit annually 0.60 Million Tonnes of fly 1.0 MTPA of Limestone.

Photo: Penna cement

plant at Talaricheruvu



Flying Highhe cement industry in India long-term sourcing agreements with

was still in its infancy, when multiple producers, JAYCEE specialises
Jailesh C. Dalal founded in the global trading of cementitious
JAYCEE in 1986. The company materials and cement, selling 500,000+
started off as one of the first TPA of material overall in more than
few distributors of Ambuja Cement 10 countries across Asia-Pacific, Middle
(now part of LafargeHolcim) when they East and Africa.
We have already commissioned their first manufacturing
JAYCEE is in the process of
shipped more than plant in Gujarat. Subsequently,
commissioning India’s largest Fly
1,300 containers JAYCEE entered trading and exports
Ash processing and export facility at
from Krishnapatnam of cementitious materials for the
Port till date and are Krishnapatnam with a plant capacity
construction industry
highly satisfied with the of 1 million tons per annum - which
infrastructure/ services Three decades old, JAYCEE is the market will be a catalyst for ash exports from
offered. leader in Fly Ash exports from India, and Krishnapatnam Port. The plant will
a strategic partner of LafargeHolcim produce world-class quality Fly Ash and
Trading. As a solutions-based company uses the Port’s top-notch infrastructure
with strong technical, infrastructural to export in various modes worldwide
and logistical capabilities backed by with its industry-leading supply chain



A New
Sail boat
As the port rises on the horizon to become police and patrolling and act as life guards and Quick
India’s most strategic economic enterprise on Response team. Under the aegis of Yachting Association
the coastline, the window of opportunities opens of India, a team of certified instructors from reputed
up to the aspiring youth, who dare to dream and professional institutions conduct the training course.
reach the skies challenging the unimaginable. The course lays a strong foundation for Navayuga Sailing
Giving wings to the dreams of these young minds, Academy which can promote talent in water sports.
Krishnapatnam Port through its skilling academy KSSPL, Navayuga Sailing Academy has already earned appreciation
has introduced unique training programmes in association when it conducted India International Regatta 2017 at
of DDU-GKY and SEEDAP. the Krishnapatnam Port in association with Yachting
During the previous quarter another exciting course association of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Sailing Academy
“Yachting” has been introduced for the young fishermen and Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh.
who can be groomed in water sports, tourism, marine



Navayuga World School takes pride in being a progressive school that offers an integrated
curriculum with innovative project-based pedagogy. The school’s motto is to empower every child
to dream big and to inspire them to embrace challenges and find joy in learning. The aim is to
ensure that every NWS student will graduate with an unparalleled academic education infused
with a true appreciation for co-curricular activities.
Indispensable virtues of humanity are instilled in each student of NWS. Students are empowered
to dream big and reach their goals. They are motivated and encouraged to be life-long learners.
The drive is to advance students in every aspect of life-giving purpose beyond learning.
Inducing the spirit of awareness and sensitivity is a part of NWS core value system. Differences
are appreciated and celebrated in a larger perspective of humanity. NWS believes in creating a
space where compassion and supporting others is as prized as personal achievements.
Self-belief is the fountainhead of all motivation. A strong character and a firm foundation of
self-respect are nurtured as they lay the foundation for a promising future.
NWS will create a fearless learning space where everyone has the courage and conviction to
dream and follow their dream. The school community has a global outlook that helps in creating a
space where everyone is authentically and ethically engaged with one another.


A new era of education – a new dawn of learning arrives at
Nellore as the Navayuga World School (NWS) ! The first of its
kind in the region, the Navayuga World School is promoted by
the Krishnapatnam Port.

avayuga World School Navayuga World School has joined

QUICK commences classes for hands with industry experts, leading
FACTS grades Pre-nursery to the country in the field of sports
grade 7 in April 2019 and curriculum development and will be
will offer an integrated curriculum supported by experienced and highly
Pre-nursery to grade 7 classes aimed at empowering each student specialised trainers for the structured
started to maximise his potential and receive sports curriculum. Sports ranging
optimum support for working on the from Badminton, Tennis, Football,
8-acre lush green campus areas of development. The school Cricket and volleyball to specialised
aims to be a fountainhead of inspired training in Sailing, Golf and horse
Specialised sports curriculum teaching and learning. It will stand firm riding will be made a part of the
on the shoulders of happy students and school curriculum.
motivated global citizens.
A dedicated children’s play area and
Future affiliation to CBSE
The Navayuga World School will deliver obstacle course for the pre-primary
an enriching language programme students will also be in focus. A
supported by a world leading company multi-purpose hall and dining room
providing an internationally acclaimed will serve nutritious multi cuisine
reading program for the students of NWS. breakfast and lunch for all students to
NWS has collaborated with learning
partners who help implement research The continuous skill development
in teaching of mathematics conducted in programme for teacher empowerment
Finland in classrooms. The partnership to deliver their best and provide the
works towards better conceptual most updated learning experience in
clarity and firm foundations of learning the class rooms and beyond ensures a
mathematics for students of primary meaningful learning space at NWS.
With a view to affiliate with the CBSE
The grand NWS building is on an course in future, NWS ensures that
8-acre lush green campus and boasts of every child in its care is a happy,
world-class sports and well-ventilated confident learner on all fronts and
classroom infrastructure with special is prepared to face the upcoming
attention paid to the behavioural challenges head-on.
milestones of the various age group of



In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the
internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that “talk” to each other.
Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to
smartphones and wearables – connected together.


y combining these connected in transport and logistics (T&L) are technological breakthroughs—making
devices with automated way ahead. By their very nature, the a system work requires not only an
systems, it is possible to logistics providers that move objects understanding of the industry dynamics
“gather information, analyse by air, sea and on land have distributed but also a strategic approach to the
it and create an action” to help someone networks which rely upon receiving Information Value Loop.
with a particular task, or learn from a rapid information to make decisions.
Recommendations to ship smarter, not
process. It’s about networks, it’s about So, logistics sector was quick to realise
devices, and it’s about data. the benefits of sensors and networks
and made a transition to the connected Transportation and logistics industry
IoT architecture varies from solution to
world. players may have different goals
solution, based on the type of solution
and ambitions for IoT technology.
which we intend to build. IoT as a With the advent of mobile technologies
Depending on their business strengths
technology majorly consists of four main and the Internet of Things (IoT),
and strategic focus, the scope of the
components, over which an architecture enterprises can accelerate productivity,
solution that is needed can vary widely.
is framed. profitability and operations with
As scope varies, so do the difficulty
solutions designed for specific
• Sensors of implementation and the potential
processes. With the right IoT solution,
benefit from IoT applications.
• Devices enterprises can connect all devices
across a centralized cloud network, and So while the IoT has revolutionized
• Gateway
capture and share their mission-critical technology and how work gets done,
• Cloud data which in turn allows them to gain the fundamentals of business strategy
real-time visibility of their operations. remain constant. As with any strategy,
The following is the basic 4 Stage
companies must define a goal, choose
Architecture of IoT example: How do you adopt IoT?
the business need that the goal will
Many industries and businesses are Business needs drive IoT applications address, develop a solution, and build an
struggling to grasp the possibilities of action plan to implement that solution.
Deploying and expanding IoT
data-driven technology, but companies
capabilities requires more than just



These hard-hitting technologies have transformed Krishnapatnam Port into Smart Port

transmission channel for IoT data. Command Control Centres

Especially, the next generation of Internet
technology, IPv6, can assign an IP Round-the-clock
address for each sensor, to create a good surveillance is crucial for
foundation for the development of IoT. monitoring port operations.
Hence a Command Control
Surveillance cameras Centre
Various type of Was set-up with large display screens
surveillance cameras streaming live data from all security
(Indoor & outdoor, Fixed, cameras.
PTZ, Thermal cameras)
have been installed to In build applications analyse data
monitor port operations department-wise and provide statistics.
at several locations which include KyTe Gadgets
Breakwaters, Container terminals, Berth
Areas, Coal Yards, Warehouses, traffic All vehicles moving in port are fitted
on port roads, Entry/Exit gates and with Kyte instruments which provides
Building premises. trip data with GPS location, indicate
any speed violation and fuel data to the
Vehicle Barriers: respective supervisors.
Manned Entry/Exit gates in port They can access this data from anywhere
RFID premises for vehicles are being replaced through their mobile or laptop. This
with Automatic Boom Barriers with RFID application including database design
RFID technology (RFID tag based access cards/tags to all vehicles
and reader), non-contact was developed entirely in-house and the
passing through the gates. port is willing to share this technology
automatic identification
and short-range wireless All lanes are integrated with RFID, with any user outside the port.
communications Surveillance camera, Loop Sensors in Sensor
technology, is being used to one centralized database.
automatically identify objects Sensor, a kind of detecting
Pedestrian Barriers apparatus, can feel
and access relevant data
through RF signal. Manned Entry/Exit the information to be
gates for pedestrians in measured, and convert
Handheld Mobile Terminal port premises are being it into an electrical
Handheld mobile terminals are used replaced with Automatic signal or other form
to access data from smart card port, Pedestrian Barriers according to certain rules, to meet
smart yard, intelligent warehousing and with RFID/Barcode information transmission, processing,
to enter customs supervision, to acees based access cards to all storage, display, record and control
remote video and monitor transport and pedestrians passing through the gates. requirements. It can detect, feel the
cargo data. outside signal, the physical conditions
All pedestrian barriers are integrated (such as light, heat, humidity, pressure)
Vehicle Mount Terminal with RFID readers(Ble,NFC,.etc) Barcode or chemical composition (e.g., smoke),
scanners, Surveillance cameras, in one and transmit them the upper layer of
The Vehicle Mount Terminal can be used centralized database.
for smart yard, intelligent warehouse, IoT by the information communication
and large vehicles such as container These barriers are accessing by all Port technologies.
trucks and forklifts. It can transmit RFID Employees, Daily wage labour, Guests. At our port, Fuel Sensors in KyTe
information of tools, vehicle or cargo to gadgets, Loops Sensors in Boom
Access Doors
the monitoring centre by 3G or Wi-Fi Barriers, RFID Readers and Barcode
short-range wireless communication, Every individual entering the respective readers in Access Doors are used.
to achieve the purpose of real-time office areas in the
monitoring. port administrative Centralized Wi-Fi for internet users
building is monitored
Wireless Network Communication Multiple ISPs and centralized
through access doors
Technology Wi-Fi access points were
control system and also
created to provide internet
The network communication technology through surveillance
facility to mobiles, laptops and
throughout sensor, divided into two cameras. Centralized
tablets for port employees
categories: short-range communication database checks misuse and controls
as well as to guests with multiple ISPs
(IEEE 502.15.4 and 2.4 GHz) and WAN unauthorised access.
and centralized Wi-Fi access points
communications (IPv6,2G/3G/4G in different location. This allows
For senior management access is
mobile communications, satellite allocation/deallocation of user sessions
provided through mobile.
communications technology), can provide if required.


today are reaching nearly 100 percent
shipping and receiving accuracy, 99.5
percent inventory accuracy, 30 percent
faster order processing and 30 percent
reduction in labour costs.
Mobile technologies provide businesses
line of sight into equipment, inventory
and business processes. This asset
intelligence allows organizations to
increase their efficiency by providing
them real-time data across their entire
supply chain.
II. Warehouse and Yard Management

The warehouse and/or yard are at the

core of transportation and logistics
businesses. Their efficiency directly
impacts the cost of doing business and
the ability to compete. With IoT-enabled
mobile devices designed to track
inventory data, equipment and vehicles,
Many businesses have already enterprises can give their physical
discovered the advantages of using assets a digital voice.
mobile technologies; however, the
unpredictable nature of fuel costs, By converting the physical to digital,
rising labour rates, increased traffic and transportation and logistics warehouses
a changing regulatory environment, can capture and share their mission-
continue to make operations critical data across the cloud, ensuring
challenging. they have the right products in the right
place at the right time.
Inefficiencies caused by a lack of
visibility create considerable costs. By reducing human intervention and
enabling more machine-to-machine
As industry regulations force information sharing, enterprises can
transportation and logistics greatly increase efficiency and accuracy.
organizations to do more with less,
profitability is threatened. However, III. Fleet Management
with visibility into personnel, equipment
When it comes to transportation and
and transactions, enterprises can better
logistics, fleet management plays a
support peak operations in real time -
critical role in managing maintenance
improving operational efficiency and
schedules, everyday vehicle usage and
service routes. In order to maximize
Such actionable insight is what productivity and operational efficiency,
provides organizations the Enterprise fleet downtime must be minimized.
Asset Intelligence they need to make With mobile scanners, computers and
in order to sustain profitability and
improvements. This enhanced business RFID systems alone, enterprises can
knowledge can be gained through a set gain visibility into their assets and better
of enabling technologies in the areas of However, to reach this level of streamline operations to keep their fleet
asset management, cloud, mobile and performance, they need to make moving.
Big Data. end-to-end improvements. Complete
visibility facilitates more effective, Advances in mobile technology and the
By leveraging Enterprise Asset IoT are dramatically improving the way
timely decisions and reduces delays
Intelligence, transportation and logistics transportation and logistics businesses
through quicker detection of issues.
can dramatically improve the following operate. The Enterprise Asset
areas: Mobile devices, such as radio frequency Intelligence delivered through these
identification (RFID), barcode scanners solutions is what enables organizations
I. End-to-End Visibility
and mobile computers, have become a to pinpoint inefficiencies in real time,
Transportation and logistics businesses major influence in supply chain visibility improving throughput and helping them
around the globe are focused on and operations. Many transportation build progressive plans to move toward
maximizing supply chain efficiency and logistics companies using RFID innovation.



”The company has set up

a world record in executing
Polavaram project and I am sure
the works on the port will also
be completed with the same
speed. A deep water port at
Machilipatnam is the dream of
the people of this region and
QUICK at last it is coming true, after
FACTS crossing many hurdles. This is a
historic occasion,”

– N Chandrababu Naidu
Port is spread across 4800
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

PORT PROJECT The port is expected to be

complete and operational in a

KICKS OFF record time of 18 months

Cargo handling capacity in first

Navayuga Engineering Company phase 40 million tonnes when
complete 150 million tonnes
begins the development of Having successfully undertaken
Machilipatnam Port, one of the most Project will generate 80,000 several port development
direct and indirect employment projects, we are poised to
long-awaited deep sea ports on the achieve the distinction of being
east coast. the largest developer and
operator of ports in India. Aim to
develop the port in a record time
of 18 months.
general cargo and
on. Chief Minister project cargo. The – C Sridhar
of Andhra Pradesh project is expected Managing Director,
Sri N Chandrababu to generate Navayuga Engineering Company
Naidu laid the employment
foundation opportunities with Inland Container
stone for the green-field, entailing 80,000 Depots(ICDs) as compared
all-weather multi-purpose direct jobs and to any other port on the east
Machilipatnam port on indirect jobs. coast of India.
February 7th. Machilipatnam
is one of the megaports Strategically Navayuga Engineering
and an ambitious project located, Company Limited, bagged
Spread across 4800 acres, Machilipatnam will be
planned under the Sagarmala the project to develop the
the first phase is expected to the gateway for most
programme. The deep water port on Build-Own-Operate-
be complete and operational international trading
sea port, centrally located Transfer basis for a period of
in record time of 18 months. activities of central India. It
on the coast of Bay of Bengal 50 years. Subsoil at the site
With four berths to be will not only cater to Andhra
in the Krishna district of of the port consists of very
operational after the first Pradesh and Telengana but
Andhra Pradesh is a grand soft marine clay for nearly
phase of construction, also extend the logistics
project that is well poised to 18 metres. Navayuga has
Machilipatnam will have 40 benefits to Madhya Pradesh,
kick-start the local economy developed the design of a
million tonnes cargo handling Maharashtra, Chattisgarh
thereby uplifting the social structural breakwater, which
in the 1st phase when and Karnataka. It is well
eco-system of the area. Port is a first in the world. Layout
complete 150 million tonnes. connected with roads and rail
based SEZs, power plants, of the breakwaters and
The port will handle multiple connectivity with national
industries, ancillary units etc. berths have been made to
cargo’s like container, grid. The port enjoys shortest
are also planned in the ports obtain absolute tranquillity in
bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, distance connectivity
vicinity. the port waters.


March 2019. AP chief minister
N Chandrababu Naidu
challenged the managers to
achieve a record of 65,000
cubic metres by March.
Rishi Nath, official
adjudicator, Guinness World
Records, announced the two
records set and described
them as complex and big in
“The feat will be a big morale-
booster for the company
and AP and is a significant
step towards delivering the
Polavaram project before the
start of the monsoon season,”

polavaram project enters

Sridhar said, pointing out
that the spillway will have
one of the highest discharge

guiness world records

capacities in the world at 5
million cusecs, surpassing
China’s 3 Gorges Dam that is
one of the largest in the world
with a discharge capacity of
Navayuga Engineering Company created two Guiness World Records 4.7 million cusecs.
- one for the ‘most concrete continuously poured’ and second for the According to him, NECL will
‘largest continuous pour’ complete the spillway, spill
channel and the two coffer

dams by June 2019 and the
he Polavaram irrigation achieved by Dubai’s Abdul by officials of the Guinness total Rs 3,400 crore worth
project, seen as the Wahed Bin Shabib, RALS World Records with drones of work awarded to NECL
lifeline of Andhra Contracting LLC and Alfa and CCTV cameras. at 2015 rates, including the
Pradesh, and Hyderabad- Engg Consultants at a project NECL managing director earth-cum-rock filled dam,
based infrastructure player in Dubai between May 18 and Chinta Sridhar said that will be ready by March-April
Navayuga Engineering 20, 2017. they are now making plans 2020.
Company Ltd (NECL) on Efforts to break the record to break their own record
7th January created a world The Polavaram mega project,
kicked off at 8am on January 6 by gunning for a 60,000 which has been declared as a
record by pouring 32,315.5 and ended at 8am on January to 80,000 cubic metres
cubic metres of concrete national project, will have 48
7. The feat was monitored continuous pour feat in gates, each 90m high and 16m
into the spillway channel of
the project. With this they wide and will span 1.19km. It
clinched two Guinness World will require 36.7 lakh cubic
Records — one for the ‘most metres of concrete, 50,000
concrete continuously poured tonnes of steel and 9,30,000
in 24 hours’ and second tonnes of cement. The
for the ‘largest continuous project, which will have a 119
concrete pour’. TMC water reservoir capacity,
is expected to irrigate 42 lakh
The feat surpassed the acres ayacut in two phases
Guinness World Record and supply water to all 13
for continuous concrete districts of AP.
pour of 21,580 cubic metres



After a series of CCEA

decisions regarding revival
of FCIL, the Cabinet decided
to revive Ramagundam Unit
on ‘nomination basis’ by a
consortium. In January 2015,
Fertilizer Corporation of
India (FCI) formed a joint
venture with two other public
sector undertakings, namely
National Fertilizers (NFL)
and Engineers India (EIL), to
revive the The Ramagundam
fertiliser plant at a cost of
`5,600 crore.
A gas-based project, RFCL
would produce 11.20 lakh tons
of urea per annum.
NFL and EIL each hold 26 per
cent interest in the JV, while
FCIL will hold 11 per cent.
Eco-industrial development is
a new paradigm for achieving
excellence in business and

environmental performance.
The RFCL fertilizer plant
facilities have been designed

THE SALIENT taking into account all
FEATURES OF THE applicable standards/ norms
PROJECT both for regulatory and safety

• The RFCL complex is designed
to have 2200 MTPD Ammonia • It will have ETP of
Plant by state-of-the art approximately 300 M3
Steam Reforming process Capacity. There will be
of Natural Gas on Process no disposal of untreated
License of HTAS-Denmark effluent or sewage on
hemical fertilisers recommendations of Board and 3850MTPD single stream land.
are key element of Reconstruction of Public Urea Plant, Process Licensed
• Regular monitoring of
of modern Sector Enterprises (BRPSE) by Saipem-Italy. The total
levels of conventional
technology and in 2007-08, decided to revive annual installed capacity of
pollutants as per SPCB
the closed fertilizer units of the Company is 1.271MMT
have played an guidelines.
FCIL and Hindustan Fertilizer prilled Urea with lowest ever
important role in agricultural
Corporation Limited (HFCL). Guaranteed Global Specific • To mitigate sound
productivity growth in India.
Energy Utilization of 5.0 Gcal pollution, Acoustical
However, the demand-supply The Ramagundam fertiliser per tonne of Urea. Enclosures with very
gap of fertilisers in India plant is in the Karimnagar
• It has its own Steam and Power high transmission loss
has widened in recent times District, which is located
Generation System (CPP). rating are designed for
thereby leading to increased approximately 240km from
Gas Turbine Generators
dependency on imports. the city of Hyderabad. • Water shall be supplied and High Pressure Steam
Formerly owned by Fertilizer through approximately 29 KM
In order to bridge the driven high efficiency
Corporation of India new water pipeline, being
increasing gap between Compressors.
(FCIL), the plant was closed laid by State Government of
domestic production down in April 1999 due to Telangana from Yellampalli • There will be Green Area
and demand of urea, technological and financial Barrage (Godavari river in and around project
Government of India, on the issues. source). site.



KPCL group companies take an introspective journey
to review the progress and plan for scaling new heights

n a dynamically changing and reviewed the progress made and plans

challenging world, you need for future.
to be agile; introspect time to
The mood was to aim high and
time; seize the opportunities
collectively work to achieve our goals.
and make course corrections.
StarTrek is a mission to seek out new With a long-term vision, all KPCL entities
life, to Survey unchartered areas, look are built and structured to support the
for opportunities and defend our group flagship enterprise Krishnapatnam Port
territories. From humble beginnings at and also to explore and seek business in
port in 2018 this event has evolved. the market. To go places where no one
has ever gone before.
From March 1st to 3rd at the most
seductive Jumeirah Beach Hotel, about Under the command of Managing
65 participants which included directors Director Chinta Sasidhar these entities
of group companies, key employees and will be continuing their successful
few family members spent two and half voyages and will last generations to
days of intensive deliberations and fun come. Every company bearing the DNA
filled networking moments. of flagship enterprise, will continue
to be recognized and respected in the
Here, together participants had intensive
corporate sector.
self-assessment; shared organizational
strengths; realized inherent potential; Dare to Dream! We will see our dreams
come alive.




PCN Menon, a college drop-out from Kerala in India

went to Oman four decades ago and established
a design studio on his better half’s name ‘Sobha
Hartland’. The company has a speciality of offering
designing, detailing, contracting and manufacturing
solutions all at one place. Sobha has entered into the
Indian market and will become a No1 brand in the
country in the next 10 years. However, the company’s
headquarters is still in Oman. Half of company’s
wealth goes into the charity.
Mr Menon shared his amazing and inspiring journey
and the lessons learned in life with Star Trekers


It is the passion which is the most important

thing in my life. The more you have passion about
anything you achieve much more than that. if you are
passionate about your work, you don’t need
Mr. Sasidhar. You need yourself to start believing in
yourself. And when you start believing in yourself,
I think you don’t need many people.
Today, you are not competing with India, you are
competing with the world. When you are competing
with the world then your thinking should be much
broader. Open up your mind, start thinking big, only
then we can achieve. You think small, you will get
small goals. Think big, you will achieve everything.
I suggest to everybody here, just start thinking and
you can achieve the ultimate. Depend on yourself,
that’s what I did in cricket. I know how much talent I
have and I work on that. This is the way I lived my life.



I get inspired by Dubai because about 44 years ago

there was nothing here and today you see everything
here. Krishnapatnam Port when I first saw it was all
like Dubai – sand dunes. But one advantage we have is
better weather. I used to tell some fishermen groups to
convince them, I am going to make this place like Dubai
someday, but they never believed me, but I used to have
that dream. Dreams have so much power, this is what I
am saying to you all – “Dare to dream.”
We never dreamed of all these companies which we
have formed, but today you all are like a great strength
to me. You have developed these companies and
now you need to dream more and try to make these
companies the best ones in India or the Fortune 500
companies in the world.


When Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister went to Japan,

he had to introduce himself as “I am from the state
where Krishnapatnam Port is located.” This is the type
of transformation that has been brought by the port, by
the Navayuga Group and our MD, Mr Sasidhar, because
of the self-belief we have. From being a port we have
evolved into a container terminal and further developed
into a large supply chain conglomerate. This growth is
just the beginning of a very big thing that is going to
happen. Today, Navayuga Container Terminal is the fastest
growing terminal in India, creating a lot of new business
opportunities and wealth for the state. This year Navayuga
Container Terminal paid 7000 crores in tax revenue.



Krishnapatnam NCT has been

Port Company able to record
in his a good
presentation show in the
focused on financial
how one year 2018-
can achieve 19, in spite
success. of major
Dreams, setback in
self-discipline, January 2018
dedication, passion, when two cranes
failure and commitment even and a berth at the terminal
temporary setbacks lead to success. His got damaged. NCT has implemented
formula for success has made KPCL the four disruptive innovative technologies
6th largest port and 2nd biggest private including e-expressway, SDS dash
port in the country. StarTrek is a board, kyte, and kwixee. It is offering
platform for all the associate companies the value-added on dock services
to come together and share their ideas, for the first time in Indian container
experiences and seize the opportunities terminals. NCT received ISO 9001, ISO
to grow. 14001, and 18001 certifications in 2019.
NCT has found place in Limca book
of record in terms of fastest crane



O2D is a NTRUST offers East Coast

revolutionary tailor made Logistics
effort of insurance Pvt Ltd was
trying to bring solutions formed in
the traditional to the 2012. ECL has
trillion dollar customers. opened Ballari,
freight Ntrust Nalgonda,
industry received Jaggayapeta,
online by license for and
offering reinsurance in Vijayawada
transparency December 2013. We clusters. The
in costs to importers and have got 100 plus clients. The company has also
exporters. The customers of O2D major clients of the company include engaged an employee to take care of air
include Tata, Furniture World, Seating APSRTC, and Kerala police. NTRUST has cargo in Hyderabad. It undertakes short
World, Alliance, VSE, and Shapoorji claim settled over 300crore in the last haulage, fleet operations, cargo handling
Pallonji. four years. The company liaisons closely service, and container transportations.
with Lloyyed insurance with regard to ECL had procured 53 new vehicles
reinsurance market. It has launched in the financial year 2018-19. It was
another company NTRUST consultancy recognised as container transporter
services. of the year in 10th south east CEO
Conclave and Awards. 2018.



Vishwa Samudra is end-to-end cargo VSE has introduced new technology

solutions service provider. The company based on which there is no need to
has handled bulk cargo of 5.05MMT in use sand and other additives in the
2018-19, and container cargo of 1888 teus in construction of roads. We don’t use
the same year. The cargo volume handled outside material we only use cement and
by the company included 1.44MMt through its additives to strengthen the road. VSE
road, 2.75MMt by rake, 12 shipments by air, has completed construction of about
and 9.15MMT through container movement. 40km of road projects for AP, Telangana,
VS imported rocket fuel for ISRO from St. and Punjab, Kerala governments. VSE
Petersburg to Kattupalli port. is keen to enter into UP. VSE will work
with Megaengineering and Infrastructure
Limited (MIL) to construct about 400
kilometers stretch of roads in the next
six to eight months period. VSE also will
work for Adani ports in Orissa. VSE plans
to enter into NHAI projects, and Africa.



The presentation KSSPL provides Gateway

has a clear security Media (GM)’s
understanding services to maritime
of the assests, corporates, gateway
liabilities, future government, magazine
plans, targets and industrial has the
and areas of bodies. KSSPL widest
opportunities moved into and largest
which can be academics readership in
tapped into. He and skill maritime
also focused on the building training in sector. GM has
challenges involved and his specialised courses. organised the first South Asia Maritime
point through a video which focused It offers 15 categories of training and Logistics conference in Bangadesh.
on how the company thrives to provide prgrammes and PG courses in It has also handled Guinness-world
quality services and aims to taking the association with local Simhapuri record event with 360 degree media
logistics and cargo movement to the University. KSSPL is planning to launch strategy. The series of smart logistics
next level. Bachelor of Business Administration summit will now be extend to eight
(BBA) with port related subjects. KSSPL cities in India. The first liquid cargo
also plans to open a new Marine summit was organised in Chennai. The
academy with due permissions from liquid cargo summit for 2019 will be
government. It also offers helipad conducted in Mumbai. GM plans to
services and dog training conduct cargo-specific conferences.


Krishnapatnam Logistics

With remarkable The Krishnapatnam KPCL’s major

knowledge of Port Company shareholders
Logistics, the Limited and include
presentation Navayuga Group Vishwa
focused on of companies Samudra
new ideas, undertake the Engineeering
approach and corporate social with 51%
techniques responsibilities stake,
involved in through CVR East Coast
achieving future Foundation. It Logistics with
targets by not emerged in 2008 23% stake and
compromising on quality, efficiency, under the Chairmanship Ghanta Venugapal holding 26%
safety and services. The strengths of of Shri. Chinta Visweswara Rao. The stake. KPCL has executed external
the company like Manpower and Cost foundation offers women empowerment construction project for NATCO, and
cutting initiatives are their future through Navyatha, community Divis Laboratories. It is also involved
targets. and employee welfare and talent in production and supply of RMC,
management through Yuvatha, health bricks, fly ash bricks, pipe support
sanitation and environment, old age blocks, kolos, and fencing material. It
homes through Bhadratha, community also undertakes consultancy services
and local economy development, skill including land survey, soil investigation,
promotion and education through and project management works.
Bhavitha. CVR established NPS school
for underprivileged children, and CVR
English medium school.


NWC has Navayuga Vishwesh

discharged Aviation Warehousing
highest Private and
ever cargo Limited Container
through (NAPL) Handling
IFHS became Services is
(0.59MMT) operational planning to
in 2018. in 2014. increase the
It has It offers capacity of
handled total end-to-end the existing
bagging cargo of travel services empty container
1.26MMT in 2018- to all the group companies. yard by another five acres
19. The total agro cargo handled by NAPL has started developing a mobile to accommodate more containers.
NWC is 0.05MMT, and total cargo application for flight bookings and The company plans to start metal
dispatches through rake is 1.12MMT, other services in association with scrap handling from April 2019.
and cargo dispatches carried through Navayuga Infotech, which is expected The company is prepared to start
road is 0.12MMT. The total cargo to be completed this year. NAPL warehouse operations at Navayuga
dispatch expected to be handled by is likely to obtain Non Scheduled Machilipatnam port. A 10mt capacity
the company in the financial year Operators (NSOP) license this year. forklift will be used for lift on or lift
2018-19 is expected to be 1.48MMT. The company plans to own cabs for off or to place 20 empty containers at
NWC plans to venture into container operations at various metroploitan Navayuga Container Terminal.
stuffing and de-stuffing arena. cities in India.



East Coast Maritime VVS Global Equinox

Services, Forwaders MarineTech
established are custom primarily
in 2012, is a brokers offers
wholly owned licensed services such
subsidiary of under as surveying,
Kriishnapatnam Customs inspections,
port. The Brokers laboratory
company Licensing testing,
initially provided Regulations fumigation
fresh water supplies 2013. The primary and pest control,
and later diversified into ship duty of VVS Global is to consulting, management,
chandling, bunkering, and steamer provide customs clearance services operations, and maintenance. The
agency services for vessels calling at to the importers and exporters and to company plans to procure pilot boats
Krishnapatnam port and other ports appear and transact business on behalf for operating on charter. It plans to set
in east coast. ECMS is partnering of them with customs and other nodal up a plant obtaining NABL accreditation
with international agency for ship government agencies including Plant for coal analysis laboratories, and
chandling. The company is planning to Quarantine, Spice Board, Central Drugs establishing a FSSAI laboratory which
diversify into handling liquid cargo at Standard Control Organisation, and will cut down the time to get cargo
Krishnaptnam port. It is also planning FSSAI. The company has trained nine clearance for edible product imports.
to expand operations at Machilipatnam Customs House Agents (CHAs), and 250 It also plans to expand the general pest
port. The company is planning to G-card holders successfully. control and fumigation services both
become largest bunker supplier and within the port and outside port.
water supplier in the east coast.


Incorporated Hampi started KP Agriwarehousing

in the year providing Company’s
2008, KDCPL bakery and shareholders
primarily savory items include APIIC
carries out in 2016, with 26%
capital and and started equity, and
maintenance procuring Krishnapatnam
dredging its own raw Port Company
works at ports. materials Ltd. The
The vision of the from 2018. It all-weather
company is to become provides nutritious operation warehouse
a well- known brand in dredging food to Krishnapatnam port and which is being built in 10 acres
industry. It operates three trailer group companies. Hampi plans venture of land with a grant of 14.65 crore from
dredgers and three cutter dredgers. into laundry service, establishing a new central government. The warehouse
The unique selling proposition (USP) of kitchen based food court, and setting up will be constructed with a total funding
the company is innovative dredging and a new Hampi kitchen at Machilipatnam of 29 crore. It will be equipped with
specialisation in subsea pipeline laying port. sophisticated docking stations at few
works. The innovative methods used by points covered with loading areas and
the company for dredging works include will include state-of-the-art telescopic
jet pumping intensive focused dredging, conveyor.
and using cranes.



NWS is built Vishwas Samudra VS Agricrown is

on eight Homes is a promoted
acre green new business by Vishwa
campus. entity which Samudra group
It offers will provide of companies.
education end-to-end The primary
from pre- solutions for focus of the
primary commercial yet to be born
to 7th and company is to
grade. The residential cultivate butter
school has construction. The mushrooms and
student-teacher ratio company will have a commercial farming.
of 1:10, and equipped with state-of- customer services team that will VS Agricrown visited Indonesia to
the-art infrastructure facilities. It provide customer delight right from study their Vintec mushroom plant
focuses on implementing thematic or the project enquiry to occupancy and which inspired the company to
project based experiential learning post occupancy. The company uses establish a similar plant in India near
for better understanding and unique designs, latest technology, Krishnapatnam port. The company has
universal acceptance. NWS has tied and security features. It plans to chosen mushrooms because they are
up with Mumbai-based Kooh sports enter into the construction of rich in proteins, and requires very less
and edu sports from south India. townships at Krishnapatnam region, space to cultivate regardless of seasons.
NWS will go for affiliation of 9th malls and multiplexes, and residential
standard in 2020. construction in Hyderabad.





AMAZING a tremendous dose of glamour into

the sport and set new standards for
combining sport and entertainment.
The exclusive invite-only Championship
was a rendezvous of some of the
KPCL’s partners and top clientele. And
joining them were the likes of cricket
legends Kapil Dev, Brian Lara and
Started in 2015, the n its fourth edition, Venkatesh Prasad, actors R. Madhavan,
KPCL Golden Eagles Golf Chitrangada Singh, Tamannaah Bhatia
Krishnapatnam Port Golden Championship saw more and Urvashi Rautela, reputed television
Eagles Golf ChampionshipTM than 500 golfers from presenters Mandira Bedi and Mayanti
has grown bigger and better India and internationally take part in Langer, and renowned European
the 4 events hosted each weekend in entertainers Jimmy Sax and DJ Cruz to
over the years to become November across India – starting with name a few.
the most glamorous golfing Bengaluru, then on to Hyderabad, Pune
and finally ending the exciting month Top women’s professionals Sharmila
event tour that now covers with our last event in Delhi. Nicollet and Ashlan Ramsey added to
four cities – Bengaluru, the already high Glam Quotient. The
The vision of the Managing Director of presence of dignitaries such as Chief
Pune, Hyderabad and Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited, of Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba, the
Delhi. This exclusive, by- Mr. Chinta Sasidhar has seen the President of India’s son Prashant Kovind
Championship develop into the most and Hyderabad businessman P.P. Reddy
invitation-only tournament sought after and prestigious corporate further highlighted the stature of the
brings together our partners, golf event in India, where it brings in event.
customers and business
associates for a memorable
time of sportsmanship and




I am delighted to be associated
with Krishnapatnam port. My
experience of playing in Golden
Eagles Golf Tournament has
been excellent. It’s a great
platform as it enables me to
indulge while promoting a sport
that I truly love besides cricket.

– Brian Lara
Cricket Legend


Krishnapatnam today commands more than 80%
market share of the contatiner transhipment
trade to and from South India. The deep draft
capability of handling all size of vessels,
all weather round the clock operations,
fastest turnaround resulting in cutting down
on waiting time and nil demurrages makes the
Krishnapatnam Port the preferred port with amazing
advantages like single window clearence with end-to-end
services, huge backup area with excellent connectivity by
both rail and road to hinterland locations.
Golf is emerging in a big way in India and it’s indeed the
right time that we endorse and support young and talented
golfers to pursue their passion. I admire Krishnapatnam
port for their unwavering passion in promoting this sport.

– Kapil Dev
Former Cricketer




Navayuga Container Terminal Golf Championship in Seoul was an elite event hosting the top executives in the shipping
industry. The event was hosted at the prestigious Sky 72 Golf Club which is home to HEB Bank LPGA Championship


NCT held the second season of Golf Tournament in Dubai during February 2019 where in
the shipping professionals played along with stalwarts and celebrity cricketers



Krishnapatnam Port is front runner when it comes to social
media engagement. Thousands of friends across all platform
simply love what we do and share whenever posts appear. Here
are some of them



Empowering women:
the Real Architects
FACTS To achieve these objectives the
approach adopted was to identify and
at home, the earnings can go up to
`10,000 per month by catering to the
focus on build their skillsets with in- clothing needs of the Port and in the
house training and develop leadership neighbourhood.
Set up in 2011 ability. Under this programme, the
In addition to this, the women can look
activities include specialized training
at Navyatha Production Centre as an
Empowering women from in tailoring and also basic as well as
employment option. Now around 60
fishermen community advanced courses in fashion design.
women are working on regular basis
The production unit caters to the on 42 machines. While some of the
Creating self-employment
uniform and port clothing requirement trained women work at the production
of workmen and staff at Krishnapatnam centre, others work from home. The
Port. Due to the scarcity of skilled production centre accepts both bulk
5000 women trained so far
tailors, Navyatha makes sure it and single orders of VIP jackets, aprons
runs continuous courses. These are and all kinds of uniforms.
specifically targeted towards the women
So far, this centre produced
interested in pursuing tailoring and
11000 units. Last year women
fashion designing as a means of their
were introduced to the system of
avyatha Training cum livelihood and a source of income.
assembly line stitching to increase
Production Centre (NTPC) Navyatha runs a 30-day Basic Fashion the production of each individual.
was set up in response Designing Course for young women Navyatha believes that when women
to the livelihood needs of with approximately 20 participants in are given the right opportunities,
economically backward each batch. A good number from this sufficient encouragement and proper
women to create purposeful, viable group were able to acquire knowledge guidance their lives will acquire a
and sustainable skill development and skills of tailoring. After the new meaning and we are optimistic
programmes to fulfill the local and successful completion of this course that these development initiatives are
regional skill gaps in the clothing they would be able to earn about `5000 instrumental in impacting their lives
industry. per month and with a sewing machine for better.



PCL group company NTrust recently supported by the Chief Guest Sri A. Dinakar Babu, IAS, Vice Chairman
a sporting event in Hyderabad. The Late Sri & MD, Sports Authority of Telangana.
L. Venkatram Reddy Memorial Volleyball
The Principal Sponsor of the Tournament is Navayuga
Tournament was organized during 1st and 2nd of
Engineering Company Private Ltd. NTrust Insurance
February 2019 at LB Stadium. Ms Sailaja, MD & CEO, NTrust Broking had taken this tournament under the Corporate
has lot of passion for this sport, organized the tournament Social Responsibility activity.
in association with Ex Sports Hostel Women Fraternity.
The tournament received an overwhelming response from
Core objective of this tournament is to promote sports the Schools of Ranga Reddy District, Telangana with over
among the schools of Telangana and promote talent by 400 participants from 44 various schools. The tournament
picking the budding bright stars. Ms Sailaja an alumnus is categorized as Under-14 Inter-School Boys & Girls.
of sports hostel during 1984-1988, believes that this Both the categories are won by Telangana Sports School,
tournament creates good opportunity to hone the skills of Hakimpet.
the kids by organizing coaching camps and train them to
represent the state. Late Sri L Venkatram Reddy, in whose name this
tournament runs, is a legendary figure in the field of
The tournament was inaugurated on Friday, 1st February Volleyball. This inspiring and exemplary person dedicated
at 9 AM by Sri Allipuram Venkateshwar Reddy, Chairman, his life to sports in general but particularly to Volleyball.
Sports Authority of Telangana. On the Saturday, 2nd This Tournament is a tribute to LVR for his contribution in
February 6 PM, the event closing-in ceremony was graced promoting Volleyball in the State and the Country.



A Recognition
that is Well
hool, the dream proj
Navaneeta Public Sc rector Mr C Sasidhar
of our Managing Di iation which indeed was granted CBSE board had run series
received CBSE affil cation and passion of checks to ascertain the standards of
acknowledges the deto this project.
the school. Officials of CBSE board have
in inspected the facilities at school like
that was put campus area, built up area, area allocated
for playground, lab facilities and the
quality of class rooms.
Why this affiliation is important?
Central Board of Secondary Education is
NPS a very old institution and popular too. The
school board is famous for developing
INFRASTRUCTURE and implementing key educational
policies in India. It is due to these policies
Area of Campus (in sq. Mtrs.) that schools affiliated with CBSE have
been able to produce great scholars and
226097.87 alumni in the last so many decades. Over
the years CBSE schools have got branded
Area of Campus (in Acres.)
as the best education providers in the
55.87 secondary and higher secondary levels.
The annual results have often showed
avaneeta Public School is one Built up Area in (in sq. Mtrs.) CBSE schools as performing better than
of the few schools in Nellore 1070.24 the schools affiliated with other education
District, Andhra Pradesh that boards. Though there is no contest that
focuses on the upliftment Area of Playground (in sq. Mtrs.) directly puts the board in competition
and development of boys and girls from with the others, yet its performance and
less fortunate backgrounds. Those who, 5500.54 productivity is ascertained by the alumni
like other children, have the potential to who make it to the professional colleges
mould the future of the country with some Computer Lab
and universities.
guidance and education. 32 Computers
CBSE is also responsible for conducting
The local schools often have difficulty Science Lab some of the important professional
in providing the kind of education and examinations after higher secondary
environment that would make a significant 3 labs level. The syllabi approved by the board
impact. But at Navaneeta Public School, for higher secondary helps students in the
with our end to end facilities till high coming admission and entrance tests in
school the foundation has been laid to How it happened? important institutes.
break the cycle of poverty.
CBSE has its own laws regarding the Getting the affiliation was possible due
NPS came up with a dream of creating affiliation of schools and the guiding to the constant efforts of team under the
a School which would provide World principles, called affiliation byelaws. able guidance of our CEO Mr. Anil Yendluri
class education facilities along with a These byelaws are strictly pursued by and with strong support and motivation
healthy and friendly home environment the board and schools have to conform from Managing Director Mr. C. Sasidhar.
by providing all facilities free of cost thus to these laws in order to get affiliated Now NPS can send the first batch of
fulfilling the school’s motto ‘Education, with the board.
 Getting the affiliation students to class Xth board exams
care and dignity’. was not an easy task. Before affiliation in 2021.



ASYAD Mr Nabil Al Bimani (Chief- Ports & Freezone), Mr Ali Tabook (Acting CEO Salalah Freezone),
Mr Muneer (SGRF), Mr Mohammad Haseeb (Market Development) Cosco Shipping India Pvt Ltd Mr Cuipeng, MD, Mr Ashok Rajbhar, Deputy General Manager

HARSHA TOYOTA Mr Vinay Kumar Kansal, Regional Head, South,

Mr Suresh Bhargav, CEO, Mr Saibaba Mukhesh, Manager-Sales HILTON Mr Jacob Purackal, Director-Development

KIA MOTORS & HYUNDAI GLOVIS Mr Jongsoo Kim, GM Sales Logistics,

Mr Lee Sun Hee , DGM Exports, Mr SJ Kang, Chief Operating Officer,
Mr Sai Kumar, GM, Mr Kumar Swamy, Deputy Manager Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency Mr Junghee Hahn, General Director,
Mr Taeryong Kim, Deputy Director, Mr Srinivasan R, Manager-Sales



Laureti Automotive Corporation Mr Vivek V, Vice President, Mr James Coulling, Mr Vijay Raja Liberty Steel Newport Ltd Sri Ravikumar Trehan, Director

NCT 500,000 TEU’s Celebrations

Sri. Balasubramanyam, I.P.S, AP Transport Commissioner


At Krishnapatnam
Security Services, dogs
are specially trained to
sniff and track to detect
smuggling. These dogs
are capable of detecting
explosives and Red