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Subject: Discontinuance / Surrender of Policy No.


Dear Manav,

With reference to the said policy, please note I would like to discontinue my policy
due the reasons as explained below.

Before signing the policy I was confirmed by your representative Mr. Hemant (HDFC)
and Mr. Suraj (Adiya Birla), that I am eligible for medical claim effective immediately
without exception of initial 90 days off period.

The policy paper was signed and submitted on ____. However, the original policy
papers is not received yet. Even after repeated follow-ups since beginning there was
no confirm reply from your representatives.

I was hospitalised due to an accident which occurred almost after a month the
original policy was signed off and the medical claim insurance for the same was filed
on ____. However, there was no response from your representatives for ______
days. Then to my utter surprise, I received a call from an unknown resource, stating
that the original policy papers were dispatched at a wrong address.

On enquiring with your representative, it was found that the policy was not submitted
to the correct address and then the corrective measures were taken to ensure that
the policy was submitted to the correct address. The entire process took almost
_____ days. Exchange of emails confirming detail correspondences was forwarded
four your reference.

Later, your representatives had asked many documentations in phases pertaining to

my hospitalisation which were furnished for their review. This process took almost
___ days. During this period it was a big pain for me taking days off from work on
loss of pay and visiting hospital for those paper works and so on. Apart from it was a
trauma following-up for the original policy and medical claim since no proper
response was received for long, almost ____ days.

Later, to my surprise I was told that I am not eligible for the medical claim since
policy do not allow the medical claim within first 90 days of issuance of policy. U
fortunately I wasn’t aware of this condition as it was not brought to my notice initially
while signoff. Also I was confirmed that I am eligible for medical claim without any
such exception of initial 90 days else I would not have gone ahead with this policy. I
consider this as a misleading and cheating from your representatives for attracting
customers by hiding such facts. I had to lose my medical claim money due to your
deceitful verbal commitments and my trust on verbal commitments. I wasn’t aware of
any such clause in the beginning and in true sense neither your representatives were
aware of it else they would not have asked for hospitalisation documents at first
place. Also your insurance team. It was only at a later stage after furnishing all
documents your insurance team denied our claim on the ground of 90 days. Until
then they were making irrelevant denial reasoning. Please note, I still have not
received the original policy.
With all such frustrations I would request you to accept my medical claim request
and grant me a reasonable proportion of the claim if not all. However, should you not
accept my humble request for claim, then please cancel my said policy as I would
like to discontinue it immediately and kindly return the whole policy amount with bank
applicable interests and zero deductions since the root cause is misleading
commitments and harassments from your representatives both in the policy issuance
and medical claim process.

I expect your kind understanding and consideration for the above request. Please do
the needful at the earliest confirm by email and phone.

Thanking you,

Sagar Satavse.
Mob. No: