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English 1175: Reading Response #4 Ready Player One

Prompt: Answer the following five questions in complete sentences with specific examples
from the text. You must demonstrate proper MLA in-text citation and utilize appropriate
literary terminology. *Example of proper MLA in-text citation: “Logging into the OASIS was
free, but traveling around inside it wasn’t” (Cline 48). *Titles of novels need to be italicized:
Ready Player One
Questions: You must answer ALL of the questions. You can type directly onto this Word
document and then save it as a file to submit to Moodle.
1. Briefly describe the tone/mood of Ready Player One, and find one quotation from the
novel that supports your description. Discuss how this novel is either similar or different
in tone from one other text we have read this semester. This answer should be at least
one full paragraph in length (5-7 sentences). 10 pts
Ready Player One is written strangely for a dystopian novel. Most of it is in a
strange humorous style not seen at the end of the world. For example: “People
who live in glass houses should shut the fuck up.” (Cline 23). The humor is
mostly dark and cynical but certainly lightens the mood of the whole book. At its
core, it is an adventure and does well to feel like there is real thought and
struggles happening with the protagonist.

2. Find one repeated word/phrase/image throughout the novel. First, find at least three
examples in the story where this occurs. Take note of what is going on directly before and
after you see this word/phrase/image. What seems to be a common link throughout the
story in relation to this word/phrase/image? How is it symbolic? You do not need to
answer in complete sentence here; just jot down your ideas. 10 pts
Reoccurring word/phrase/image:
Ogden Morrow meeting people
Textual Evidence including a page #:
“Ogden Morrow convinced Halliday…” (Cline 54)
“It was the Great and Powerful Og. Ogden Morrow's avatar. And he didn't materialize slowly…”
(Cline 312)
“Ogden Morrow had actually taken the time to invite me to his birthday party” (Cline 181)
Ogden is the best example of perhaps a mentor. He always shows up as a Deus ex Machina to
solve everybody’s problems.
3. Use the above word/phrase/image to work towards constructing a thematic statement.
The theme of a work is “what the text has to say about a particular topic.” Here is an
example of a thematic statement: “The novel Things Fall Apart shows readers that
individuals are often at odds with society and the rules of a group are not always (or
sometimes too closely) followed.” This should be 1-2 sentences in length. 10 pts
Thematic Statement:
Ready Player One shows that a mentor can be anyone regardless of age, race, economic
status, or whether or not somebody is living.

4. Write at least one full paragraph in length (5-7 sentences) that supports your thematic
statement. Use your work from question #2 to write this paragraph. 10 pts.
Ogden marrow shows being a mentor by showing up at different points and giving
information to help them out. H ends up being a mentor to Parcival at one point. He gives
him a Zork manual, hinting to where the key is. Art3mis also was a mentor by giving
Parcival a piece of information so that he could find a key. Halliday is mentor even
though he is dead. He provides the clues through the almanac.

5. For this final question choose ONE of the following discussion questions. If you don’t
like any of these questions, feel free to choose your own issue from the text to discuss.
Write at least two full paragraph in length (5-7 sentences). 60 pts.

A. The OASIS becomes a part of daily life around the globe. What virtual realms
(Google, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) do you depend on? What is at stake in the war
against the IOI, the internet service provider that wants to overrun Halliday’s
affordable, open-source approach? Is it dangerous to mix profit and a dependence on
technology? What social commentary does the novel make about these issues?

B. Explore the question of identity raised in the novel. What do the characters’ avatars
tell us about their desires and their insecurities? In reality, does our physical
appearance give false clues about who we really are? How do the main characters in
the novel deal with issues of identity? Does Parcival eventually become Wade’s true
self? Why or why not?
C. Wade doesn’t depend on religion to make moral decisions to overcome life-
threatening challenges. What does the novel say about humanity’s relationship to
religion? What sort of god is Halliday, creator of the OASIS? What is the ultimate
meaning of the three words: Charity, Faith, and Hope? What message is the author
trying to convey about these concepts?

D. How does Wade/Parcival’s journey mirror the classic “hero’s journey?” How does it
deviate? What is the ultimate reward that Parcival obtains? What happens when he
“returns with the Elixir?” How will the kingdom be restored? Does this dystopian
novel ultimately offer the reader a sense of hope? Why or why not?
Parcival's journey mirrors the classic “hero's Journey” in the way that he visits the “dark world”
has a mentor, has allies to assist and also stretch the length of their friendship. It deviates from
the classic because he seems to go around the cycle many times. It is also strange because most
of the other characters are on their own hero's quest. The elixir is the key to the oasis, in reality
this is just a big red button that will delete the entire program. This elixir also comes with infinite
power within the oasis making wade basically the moral compass of the oasis ( and this seems to
be Halliday's intention). When wade returns with the elixir, he seems to find happiness in the real
world. This is due to his new economic status as well as the newfound bonds that he has
developed with the real life people that he knew in the “dark world”. The 'Kingdom' is the oasis.
IOI was intending to take over the kingdom and fill it with ads as well as charging every person
who uses the oasis an exorbitant fee. This would have corrupted the oasis to a point that it would
have been worthless in a few years and the dystopian society would turn even further south faster
than it already has been. I feel like the novel does offer hope. Halliday had made a world where
anybody could be anything, but it was not governed in any way. Now that there is somebody
who has enough social skills to be a governor, the oasis will develop into a nice place to be. This
should, in theory, reflect upon the real world and hopefully pull it out of its deteriorating state.
Bonus points because Sorrento has been arrested and IOI will as of the end of the book, be a
better company.