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Lesson Plan in English – 10

I. Objectives
At the end of fifty-five minute period, the students shall have:
a. identified the different types of speech according to its purpose;
b. appreciated the nature’s beauty and the wisdom of country folks through
“Walk with Nature” activity;
c. constructed a speech that informs, persuades, demonstrates and entertains.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Types of Speech According to Purpose
B. Reference: English Learner’s Material Module 3, pp. 279-284
C. Springboard: A day in the Country by Anton Chekhov
D. Materials: Laptop, LCD Projector/TV, Module, Handouts, Activity Sheets,
E. Grade level: Grade 10

III. Procedure
A. Preliminaries
1. Prayer
2. Classroom Management
3. Attendance
4. Review of the previous topic

B. Motivation
“Walk with Nature”
1. Divide the class into four groups then have a gallery walk with nature
inside the classroom.
2. The teacher prepares pictures of natural resources that we can observe
in our country. The pictures are posted on different stations on
classroom walls, then let the students observe and share their
viewpoints based on the following pictures with their groups.

C. Analysis
1. The students will complete the statements below to state their point of
2. After 10 minutes, let each group compare their answers with the other
groups. Each group must have one representative to share their output
to the class as what they have observed, feel, think and believe about
the gifts of nature.

D. Abstraction
Types of Speech According to Purpose

1. Informative
 This speech serves to provide interesting and useful
information to your audience.

2. Persuasive
 A persuasive speech works to convince people to change in
some way: they think, the way they do something, or to start
doing something that they are not currently doing.

3. Demonstrative
 This has many similarities with an informative speech. A
demonstrative speech also teaches you something. The main
difference lies in including a demonstration of how to do the
thing you’re teaching.

4. Entertainment
 The after-dinner speech is a typical example of an entertaining
speech. The speaker provides pleasure and enjoyment that
make the audience laughs or identify with anecdotal

E. Application

“Speech Writing”
1. Divide the class into four groups.
2. The teacher will draw lots on the kind of speech each group is going to
write whether Informative, Persuasive, Demonstrative or
3. Each group will write a short speech about nature using their
understanding on the text provided them entitled “A Day in the
Country” by Anton Chekhov.
IV. Assessment/Evaluation
Direction: Choose the letter of the best answer choice for the following descriptions
of the four types of speeches.

1. Before you cook your pasta, be sure to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil in your
pot of water.
A. Demonstrative B. Informative
C. Persuasive D. Entertainment

2. Parents should send their children away to boarding school during their high
school years. Students will get the opportunity to learn responsibility. Parents
will begin to respect the independence of their children. Lastly, boarding
school teaches students how to think more critically without the crutch of their
familiar surroundings.
A. Demonstrative B. Informative
C. Persuasive D. Entertainment

3. Jim is my best friend, so I don't know why he chose me to give the toast
today. I have so many funny stories to tell that this birthday celebration may
turn into a roast.
A. Demonstrative B. Informative
C. Persuasive D. Entertainment

4. As the President of the United States it is my responsibility to keep you

informed about the state of the country's economy.
A. Demonstrative B. Informative
C. Persuasive D. Entertainment

5. Which of the following is an example of an informational speech?

A. An explanation why uniforms should be banned
B. An instructional video
C. A morning announcement
D. A toast at a wedding

V. Assignment
“Reflection Writing”
1. On a one whole sheet of paper, write a reflection or an appreciation essay
about the nature’s beauty and the wisdom of the country folks.
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Febbielyn A. Algodon Mr. Ray Anthony L. Galura