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Morong National High School

Morong, Rizal
Preliminary Test

Name: ________________________________________________________________ Score:____________

Year and Section:_______________________________________________________ Date:_____________

Test I. Directions: Complete each sentence below with a modal verb from the word bank above.
can may must should couldn’t ought to might will

1. You __________ tell me the truth for your own good.

2. I _________ find my shoes anywhere.
3. We __________ arrive on time or else we will be in trouble.
4. He __________ shoot the basketball at the rim.
5. __________ you let me know the time?
6. They __________ not be trustworthy enough.
7. __________ you please pass the salt?
8. We __________ prepare for the big exam.

Test II. Directions: Identify the voice of the verb in the following sentences. Tell whether the given sentence is in Passive
or Active by choosing the letter of the correct answer.
A. Active Voice
B. Passive Voice

__________9. Harry ate six shrimp at dinner.

__________10. The savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes.
__________11. Sue changed the flat tire.
__________12. A movie is going to be watched by us tonight.
__________13. The obstacle course was run by me in record time.
__________14. The entire stretch of highway was paved by the crew.
__________15. The novel was read by Mom in one day.
__________16. The critic wrote a scathing review.
__________17. The house will be cleaned by me every Saturday.
__________18. The staff is required to watch a safety video every year.
__________19. She faxed her application for a new job.
__________20. The entire house was painted by Tom.
__________21. The students' questions are always answered by the teacher.
__________22. The choir really enjoys that piece.
__________23. Who taught you to ski?

Test III. Directions: Read the items carefully. Identify the intonation patterns used in each of the following sentence.
Write your answer on the space provided before each number.
A. Rising Intonation
B. Falling Intonation

__________24. We speak Spanish in Venezuela, don’t we?

__________25. How much money have you got?
__________26. Pay attention to your teacher.
__________27. Let’s rent a car.
__________28. Don’t be silly.
__________29. Why are you angry?
__________30. Will you come to class tomorrow?
__________31. Who broke the chair?
__________32. You didn’t feel the earthquake?
__________33. Are those mangoes ripe?

Test IV. Directions: Change the following into indirect speech.

34. The girl said that it ________________ her great pleasure to be there that evening.
give gives would give
35. The man ________________ that he must go as soon as possible.
said asked told
36. She said the she ________________ to see any of them and asked them to go away.
did not want does not want had not wanted
37. The teacher says that if you work hard you ________________.
will pass would pass
38. He said the he ________________.
won has won had won
39. He proposed that they ________________ wait for her return.
shall will should
40. Alice exclaimed how clever ________________.
was she she was
41. The young man asked which way she ________________.
has gone had gone would go
42. He asked me where ________________ going.
I was was I I am
43. She requested them to wait there till she ________________.
returns returned will return

Test V. Directions: Rewrite the following reported speech into indirect. You will just fill it out with the correct verb to be

44. “I am waiting at the bus stop.”

He told me that ___________________ at the bus stop.
45. “We will set off tomorrow.”
On Friday they said ___________________.
46. “Get out of my way!”
He ordered us ___________________ of his way.
47. “I invited him last week.”
She told me this week that she ___________________ him last week.
48. “I will resign today.”
This morning the minister announced that he ___________________ this day.
49. “She’d better refuse this job.”
He insisted that she ___________________ that job.
50. “We used to take the same medicine.”
She thought that ___________________ the same medicine.
51. “It is time we had an agreement.”
She suggested that it ___________________ they had an agreement.
52. “We must go skiing in winter.”
He said that they ___________________ skiing in winter.

Test VI. Directions: Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or
a question.

53. He said, “I like this song.”

He said _________________________________________________________
54. “Where is your sister?” she asked me.
She asked me ____________________________________________________
55. “I don’t speak Italian,” she said.
She said ________________________________________________________
56. “Say hello to Jim,” they said.
They asked me ___________________________________________________
57. “The film began at seven o’clock,” he said.
He said _________________________________________________________
58. “Don’t play on the grass boys,” she said.
She said ________________________________________________________
59. “Where have you spent your money?” she asked him.
She asked said ___________________________________________________
60. “I never make mistakes,” he said.
He said _________________________________________________________