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LLIII-207 HipiLatLit

WP2 Training
Vytautas Magnus University
K. Donelaičio g. 52,
Kaunas, Lithuania

Note: although the working language of the trainings will be English, the Lithuanian may also
be used.

Thursday, March 8
K. Donelaičio 52-307, 206

10:00 Arrival of the participants 

Registration, coffee, 206
10:30- Training (session I) I. Corpus Use in the Classroom
11:45 Andrius Utka
Coffee break
12:00- Training (session II) II. Text Processing Issues: Regular
13:15 Loic Boizou Expressions

Coffee Break
13:30- Training (session III) III. Using Online Corpora: Analysis and
14:45 Jolanta Kovalevskaitė Comparison

Friday, March 9
K. Donelaičio 52-206

14:00 Training (session IV) IV. Summary. Feedback. Discussion. Award

L. Boizou, J. Kovalevskaitė, A. Utka of certificates.