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How well are you familiar with the mental illness called anxiety? Is it just a simple feeling of
nervousness when certain scenarios occures or much more beyond that? To answer the question,
it is the latter part. Anxiety is more than just feeling uptight rather, it is feeling intense
nervousness when a person is reminded of an incident that had happened to him which that leads
to being diagnosed with anxiety. It happens when a person is pressured on doing something or
witnessing acts that evokes him of what happened in the past, but the worst case of it is that at
times anxiety attacks without any reason at all. A person can be anxious even by just doing
nothing or just simply doing minimal activities that’s far from getting triggered to feel uneasy.
Moving to status of Anxiety here in the Philippines, according to Rappler, in the year 2018 3.1
million here are diagnosed with anxiety. As stated in the article I’ve read, in the year 2016, there
are 17-20% adults and 10-15% children or young adults that’s experiencing these kinds of
mental disorders. And by the year 2018, Mental illness radically increased and is still expanding
among the youth with the common causes of family and personal problems, and school works.
On the other hand, the reasons behind anxiety of those adults are usually stressed with their
workplace and their responsibilities. Such as the workload that are needed to do and to submit on
time, the numerous responsibilities at school, work and even at house, the pressure of meeting
the expectations of who you surrounds with, and since we’re already talking about this, I might
as well just give some coping mechanism when you’re feeling anxious. When you’re by that
time feeling uneasy, taking deep breaths or meditating helps the most, you can also count from 1
to 20 or until the tense is gone or distract yourself, go talk to someone or listen to the music if
that works. Most importantly, have a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, balance of eating
healthy food and exercise daily.
Anxiety is a disorder that should be taken seriously, it isn’t just some kind of bare feeling that
we’re dealing every day. The percentage of people in the Philippines who are dealing with
anxiety continues to expand very much up until these days due to their surroundings that leads
them feeling anxious, and to mention, there’s no particular age for anxiety. Adults, Young adults
and Children can suffer from it.