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Complete Carbonated Soft Drink

Production Line
(500ml PET Bottle)



This project book is an initial one, if there is any change of the project, both two parties
should base on the final modification of the technical articles and commercial articles.

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

TO :
Contact Name:
Business Email:

Contact Name: MR. ARON FAN

Country/Region: CHINA
Business Email:
Telephone: +86-512-5672-7061/5597-0112
Fax: +86-512-5672-7905
Mobile: +86-136-1624-3401/189-2195-2898

OFFER NO.: GM20190910
DATE: 2019-09-10

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Quotation and equipment list
for 1,500-2,000BPH CSD Line (0.5L PET Bottle)
Description of Products QTY Unit Price Amount($)
1 2T/H Water Treatment System 1set 12,430.00 12,430.00
2 1T/H Carbonated Soft Drink Processing System 1set 36,150.00 36,150.00
3 Automatic Carbonated Energy Drink Filling Machine 1 set 20,980.00 20,980.00
4 Semi-Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine 1 set 4,580.00 4,580.00 3P+N+PE
5 Date Printing Machine (China Brand) 1set 3,880.00 3,880.00
6 Semi-Automatic Shrink Packing Machine(SP-5) 1set 7,560.00 7,560.00
7 Bottle Inlet and Outlet Conveyor System 1set 6,000.00 6,000.00
Total Amount($)(FOB SHANGHAI): USD 91,580.00

I. Company introduction
Golden Machinery Group is seated in the Yangtze River—Zhangjiagang Economic
Development Zone, owns a 20,000 m² international standard workshop, GOLDEN
MACHINERY professionally researches, develops and manufactures beverage-packaging
machines. GOLDEN MACHINERY is a deputy president of China FPMA, High technology
enterprise of Jiangsu Province, and best supplier of China beverage packaging machinery
Since its founding around 20 years ago. We are dedicated to the most advancement
technology of beverage packaging machinery, and have always been conducting good up-
to-date technical communication and exchange with leading Italy, Germany, France
packaging companies. We manufactured the PET bottle unscrambler, three-in-one mono-
block water filling machine and hot filling machine. Some technology has filled Chinese gap,
now we got more than 30 items patent. For example, PET bottle ESL filling

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

technology and aseptic filling technology are named the most important products by
American Institute of food technology. 2003, according to National SAC’s requirement,
SPMA draft the <<standard reception of liquid food packaging equipments>>, we are invited
to draft. We are one of drafting unit of the standard.
These years, according to the requirement of NGO, when we research the garbage
treating equipment, we use the idea of saving energy, decreasing discharge and protecting
the circumstance to beverage plant area. It could decrease the consumption of water,
electricity, gas and steam, also decrease the discharge of exhaust gas and flotsam.
GOLDEN MACHINERY has a strong technology team for beverage packaging
machine’s manufacture. They are the source of GOLDEN MACHINERY growing. There are
many food and beverage experts in GOLDEN MACHINERY GROUP. Two food science
technology doctor, five masters, twelve high professional technicians. We provide marketing
analysis, project budget, equipment technical configuration, training for operator etc. turnkey
plant and relative service.
At present time, the main customers are:
Coca cola Company: 24000BPH water product line 4 pcs
26000BPH carbonated beverage product line 1 pc
Robust: 20000BPH hot filling product line 1 pc
Yangjiajia(Beijing):18000BPH ESL (mid-temperature) product line 6pcs
Water product line 2 pcs
Makitech (Japan): 24000BPH water product line 2 pcs
18000BPH ESL (mid-temperature) product line 1 pc
6 cavities blow molding machine 9 pcs
SOPOFO (Tianjin): 36000BPH water product line 1 pc
6 cavities blow molding machine 6 pcs

Group member
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co., Ltd. --> adopts technology from German to
manufacture beverage packaging product line, aseptic filling equipment for paper tetra
pack and brick type.

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Suzhou Jinjusong Machinery CO., Ltd→ specially for manufacturing Wire&Cable

International service office: Bangkok, Accra;

Main product of GOLDEN MACHINERY

The capacity is from 2000BPH to 36000BPH for hot filling, mid-temp filling, and aseptic cold
filling lines.
The capacity is from 2000BPH to 36000BPH for mineral water and pure water product line.
The capacity is from 2000BPH to 20000BPH for carbonated beverage product line.
The capacity is from 8000 to 15000 packs per hour for Tetra Pack and brick pack of aseptic
milk packaging product line.
The capacity is from 2000BPH to 30000BPH for beverage with particle product line.
Water treatment equipments.
PET injection machine and blow molding machine
Beverage blending system and washing and sterilizing system

Manufacture equip and quality controller

Manufacture equips
1) CNC manufacturing center: assure the precision, coherence and correct of accessories.
2) Two sets vertical lathe: make big accessories by ourselves.
3) Digital bending machine: assure the precision of difficulty accessories and the
coherence of accessories.
4) Automatic digital laser cutter: all precision and erose board are dealing with it.
5) Lathing, milling, planning, attrition, boring, drilling, cutting board, bending board, and
jointing tools: meet all requirement.
6) Big sandblasting equipment: used to blast the carbon steel and jointing parts to wipe off
the inner-stress and increase the oil painting adhesion.
7) Adopt high precision laying-off technnic, it is good for carrying out CAM to assure the
quality and working efficiency.
8)Use the precision equipment and advanced casting machine, adopting advanced

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

technology, MEEHANITE, to manufacture the accessories. The MEEHANITE structure is
stable and it has long lifetime to keep the precision of parts.

Quality control
We got the ISO9000 quality certification several years ago. Recently, we got the
ISO9000:2000 quality certificate and CE certificate. Good quality system makes our
product quality at the high level.

1) All products are designed with CAD

2) 6S idea is running through the manufacturing process.
3) There is accessories transfer case from manufacturing to installing for accessories to
make all accessories no falling during the whole process.
4) Main parts of filling valve and capping head are manufactured by CNC and installed in
the special installation room to keep the precision and clean of accessories.
5) All configuration are used international brand and national famous brand.
6) All single machine are running more than 80 hours before delivery the factory. After
check by quality department, machines could be deliveryed.
Technology innovation
1) Use stretching structure of special stainless steel deck plate, with O-ring sealing, to
decrease the oil leakage of all bearing base, supporting bearing, and other leakage
place to zero. It avoids the canker of bearing when disinfection liquid filter.
2) The special turning over clamp block the bottle neck to avoid the screw pollution for the
traditional rubber clamp. The clamp is stainless steel, sanity and durable.
3) Use lifting structure for nozzle of bottle washing system. the nozzle is inserted into inside
of bottle to wash in order to assure the washing efficiency. At the same time, it is
decrease the consumption of aseptic water to suit the big bottle producing.
4) Specially use automatic washing cup of filling valve and popup and reset drive structure
of washing cup. CIP system is controlled by PLC.
5) Use disinfection spraying system to sterilize the clamp, thumbwheel, filling valve, capper
etc. timing.

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line
(PET Bottle)
Active exchanger
water pump Sand filter

pump water RO precision

tank System filter

Water tank (used for clean bottles)

Water cooling tank chiller

Drink Syrup Mixing Syrup
mixer cooler tank filter

Cap Auto Rinser Filler Capper 3 in 1 Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine


Ink Jet Printer

Auto Bottle Sleeve Labeling

Auto Bottle Wrapping Machine

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

◆ 2T/H Water Treatment System

2T/H Water Treatment System
System Product name Model Production Unit price Qty Total
name capacity USD price
Water tank CG-4000 4000L Supplied by customer
Raw Water Pump CDL2 2000L/H 300 1 300
Multi-medium filter JDL-2 2000L/H 1,100 1 1,100
Active carbon filter HML-2 2000L/H 1,160 1 1,160
Pure Sodium-ion filter SNJ-2 2000L/H 1,270 1 1,270
water Precision filter JML-2 2000L/H 1,100 1 1,100
treatment Reverse Osmosis FST-2 2000L/H 6,500 1 6,500
line Fittings and Pipe (PVC) 1 1,000
Subtotal amount(USD) 12,430.00

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

1. Water tank(Supplied by buyers)

2. Stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pump

2.1 Model: CDL8-30
2.2 Material: Pump body stainless steel SUS304
2.3 Flow: 2m³/H
2.4 Flow length: 15m
2.5 Power: 0.75KW

3. Sand filter
3.1 Model: JDL-2
3.2 Height: 1700mm
3.3 Diameter: 400mm
3.4 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade)—Made in china.
3.5 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and
so on.
3.6 Filter medium: Sand
3.7 Usage: It is mainly used to remove Plankton, Moss, Suspension, Colloid and so on.
3.8 Filtering volume: 2m³/h

4. Active carbon filter

4.1 Model: HML-2
4.2 Height: 1700mm
4.3 Diameter: 400mm
4.4 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade) with mirror surface—Made in china.
4.5 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and
so on.
4.6 Medium: Shuck shape active carbon
4.7 Usage: It is mainly used to remove strange smell, chlorine, chloride, organic mater and
heavy mental, lower color and optimize water quality.
4.8 Treating volume: 2m³/h

5. Sodium-ion filter
5.1 Model: SNJ-2
5.2 Height: 1700mm
5.3 Diameter:400mm
5.4 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade)—Made in china.
5.5 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, strong acid
exchanging resin, solution measurement, valves and so on.
5.6 Medium: Strong acid exchanging resin
5.7 Usage: It is mainly used to remove the calcium and magnesium ion.
5.8 Treating volume:2m³/h

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

6. Precision filter
6.1 Model: JML-2
6.2 Height: 1000mm
6.3 Diameter: 300mm
6.4 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade )—Made in china
6.5 Treating volume: 2m³/h

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

7. RO
1.Model: FST-2(1st grade)
2. Usage: This device is used to remove the germs, the harmful inorganic ion, and
organic ion; remove heavy metals and salt; rearrange water structure. It is the ideal
equipment to make high standard pure drink water.
Item Component
1 Stainless steel high pressure film shell
2 Design Temperature:25℃
3 All kinds of capacity indicator, pressure indicator, electricity magnetic valve,
balance device and pipe valve system
4 Online type pressure auto self-protection device
5 Membrane: #4040 HYDECANME USA 2No.
6 Online type electricity indicator (with stable compensation)
7 System safe protecting and alarm system
8 Flux Meter 2Pcs
9 Working process demonstrator
11 Booster Pump 2set
12 Presure meter 2pcs

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

◆ Carbonated Soft Drink Preparation System
Sugar melting tank DTH-500 500L/H 5,100 1 5,100
Syrup pump N304 1000L/H 800 5 4000
3000L/H Syrup filter TML-500 500L/H 900 1 900
Mixing tank LB-1000 1000L 4,180 1 4,180
system Syrup cooler TL-500 500L/H 5,890 1 5,890
Drink mixer QHS-1000 1000L/H 7,160 1 7,160
Cooling water tank and chiller CS-1 1000L/H 7,120 1 7,120
Co2 purifier QJ-C ---- 1,000 1 1,000
Stainless Steel Pipe&Fitting Parts ss304 -- -- 800
subtotal amount 36,150.00

1. Sugar melting pot

Model: SMP-500kg
SUS304 stainless steel material, polyester foam insulation heat preservation, digital
display temperature control instrument and thermometer, glass tube liquid level meter,
the lining layer thickness 3 MM, jacket thickness:3 MM ,covering thickness:1.5MM.On
the top material feeding, side of tank discharging, the discharging mouth is 450 MM high
from the ground, with insulation, steam heating, temperature meter, CIP cleaning head,
emulsification head. 4 kw power, stirring speed 1440.
The dimensions (MM) : 1200 * 1400

2. Beverage Hot Pump

Model: N304
Material: pump body SUS304
Flow: 5m³/h
Power: 0.75KW

3. Syrup filter
Model: TML-0.5

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Material: SUS304
Capacity: 500L/h
Material of film: Polypropylene film 20feet 8 pieces
Dimension: φ300×1000mm

4. Mixing tank ( 3Layers)

Model: MT-1000
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Capacity: 1000L per time
Heating manner: Stem type equipped with liquid level control

Adopt SUS304 stainless steel material, polyester foam insulation, digital temperature
controller and thermometer, manhole glass eyes 400, with glass tube liquid level meter,
the lining of 3 MM, 1.5 MM of outside wrapping, on the front side discharging, the
discharging mouth is 550 MM high from the ground, with insulation, thermometer, CIP
cleaning head, slurry type vertical mixing 80RPM

5. Syrup cooler
Model: TL-500
Material: Inside SUS304 stainless steel
Capacity: 500L per time
Chiller: F-3 Chilling volume: 30000Kj/h

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

6. (Co2) Drink Mixer

1.Main use and characteristic

The machine is mainly used in carbonating and mixing of carbonated beverage, such as
lemonade, coke, juice etc carbonated drinks. It is main equipment in beverage production
line, especially the production of middle and superior quality drink.
1) Advanced chemical industry technology is applied in the machine, the transmission
medium area is large, low resistance loss, high efficiency, simple construction, and the
multistage centrifugal pump which has reliable performance, small noise is applied, this
make the whole machine performance assured.
2) High precise needle valve and pneumatically actuated angle valve are separately set up
in syrup and water pipe, the mixing rate can be adjust accurately by the valve, syrup and
water are not flow into each other.
3) Gas containing can be adjust conveniently according with the need of beverage gas
4) Auto-control system is set up in the machine, it has characteristic of coordinate action,
simple construction, continuous production, high automatic degree.
5) Home position cleaning technological process are set up in this machine, it has
reasonable construction, chemical sterilization, hot sterilization and cleaning with clean
water can be done conveniently. it meet the requirement of food sanitation law.
2. Main technical parameter:
1) Production capacity: 1500Kg/h
2) Range of syrup and water ratio:1:3-1:10
3) Gas containing: CO2:H2O>2.6
4) Mixing precision:<=2%
5) Inlet temperature of chilled water: 0~4℃
6) Inlet pressure of chilled water:0.01Mpa~0.08Mpa
7) Inlet temperature of syrup: 2~8℃
8) Inlet pressure of syrup: 0.01Mpa~0.08Mpa
9) Inlet pressure of CO2:0.7Mpa~0.8Mpa
10) Purity of carbon dioxide:>99.9%
11) Working pressure of water storage pot and syrup pot:0.05~0.09Mpa
12) Working pressure of storage pot:0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

7. CO² Purifier

Model: QJ-C
Material: Stainless steel 304
Working pressure: ≤0.7Mpa
Purify precision: 99.99%
Filter material: potassium permanganate & Foam
Dimension: 500*400*1400mm

8.Water Cooling Tank and Chiller

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

1.It is used in carbonated beverage production line and sparking wine.
2.This product contains compressor using Freon F-12 or F22 as Refrigerant and pressure
sensor and temperature regulator for automatic controlling.
3. It is used to cooling the water before mixing which is connected with the mixer.
Main technical parameter:
Model: CS-1
Compressor: JZS-3F
Tank Volume: 1m3
Evaporation area : 20 m2
Refrigerating capacity: 58,520W
Water output: 1,000 Kg/h
Water Temperature:0-5℃

Cooling Tower


Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

◆ Automatic Water Filling & Packing Line
Automatic Carbonated Drink Filling Machine 3-in-1 (DCGF14-12-5)

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

General description:
DCGF14-12-5 is special for carbonated beverage, such as sparking water, aerated
water,sprite, coca-cola,gas containing juice etc. The washing, filling and capping will be
finished just by this one machine. Convenient to change bottle size by means of advanced
bottle conveying technology--bottleneck clamping & bottle suspending technology. It is
innovated and designed in the requirement of water filling technics, on the bases of
introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in
structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is an ideal choice for beverage

1. Compact structured, good-looking, easy to operate and highly automated.
2. Air conveyor is directly linked with feed-in starwheels, making it easier to change bottles
without screws and conveyor chains.
3. Bottles are transferred in the manner of hanging neck. Bottles can be changed through
some replacement, which instead of adjusting the height of machine.
4. Rinsing-clamp which special design is strong and endurable, no contact with
bottle-mouth, to prevent pollution.
5. Highly effective spraying nozzles equipped on the rinsing-clamp can rinse every side of
inner bottle and save water.
6. Accessories which contact with material are all made of stainless steel, no dead angles
and easy to clean up.
7. Bottling volume can be controlled by membrane adjusting valves to ensure accurate
8. Valve on-off system is driven by hydraulic cylinder, which starts on bottle signals.
9. High-speed and highly accurate bottling valves ensure no loss of liquid at high speed.
10. Equipped with perfect clean management system to ensure the bottle clean.
11. Bottom splint which fixed in the feed-out star wheel goes down in the manner of screw.
Bottles can be changed without adjustment of height of conveyor chain.
12. Capping heads are magnetic constant-torque equipped to ensure capping quality with no

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

13. Highly effective cap sorting and feed in system is protective for feed in and cap absence.
14. Equipped with overload system to safeguard machine and operators.
15. Touch screen operated.
16. Main electronic components (touch screen, PLC and frequency inverter) are imported
Working procedure:
The air conveyor is connected with the monoblock and bottles are fed into the filling machine
monoblock via clamping bottle neck. 1)Changing bottle size , only starwheel is

changed. In order to save the cost and time.(2)In avoid to the second pollution of the

bottle neck.
The filling monoblock works as follows: Bottles are fed from feed-in starwheel into the rinsing
machine monoblock via starwheel. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinser will
grip bottle neck and make a 180° turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward.
In designated section of the rinser, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush
bottle inside wall. After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make
another 180° turn along a guide track to resume bottle neck facing up position. Clean bottles
are discharged out of the rinser by a star wheel to feed the filler. After entering the filler,
bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier
mechanism to raise them by cam. The filling ways adopt gravity filling. Filling valves are
opened by bottle presence signals. After finishing filling, valves are closed by valve closing
mechanism to further stop venting to complete the filling process. Bottle carrier mechanism
is lowered by a cam to disengage filled bottles with filling valves. Then bottles are transferred
into the capper by a neck handling star wheel. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will
seize the bottle neck to prevent it from rotation and hold it in an upright position. The twist-on
capping head will make revolving and rotating movement along with the machine to finish
the complete capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting, and disengaging under the
control of a cam. A discharge star wheel discharges finished bottles onto discharge conveyor
belt to be conveyed out of the filling monoblock.
Equipment structure:
1 Rinsing system: Combined with rotary tray with clamp, water distributing tray, water tank
Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer
and rinsing pump.
2 Filling system: Combined with hydraulic, filling valve, controlling ring.
3 Capping system: Combined with capper, cap sorter and cap falling track.
4 Driving system: Combined with main motor and gears.
5 Bottle transmitting system: Combined with air conveyor, steel starwheels and neck
supporting carrier plates.
6 Electrical controlling system: this part is frequency inverted, PLC controlled and touch
screen operated.

Technical parameter
Model: DCGF14-12-5
Washer: 14
Filler: 12
Capper: 5
Production capacity:1,500-2,000b/h (basis on 500ml PET bottle Carbonated Water)
4,000-4,500b/h (basis on 500ml PET bottle Non-carbonated Water)
Filling precision: ≤±5mm (liquid level)
Filling pressure: <0.4Mpa

Polyester bottle specification: bottle diameter: φ50-φ100mm

bottle height: 150-300mm
Suitable cap type: plastic screw cap
Water pressure of washing bottle: 0.18-0.25Mpa
Water consumption for washing bottle: 1500kg/h
Spraying position: 3
Dripping bottle position: 2.0
Gas source pressure: 0.4Mpa
Gas consumption: 0.4m3/min
Total power: 4.3kw
Overall dimension: 2150×1600×2200mm

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

1.Lamp checker

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer


Manual Sleeve Labeling Machine(GM-SL)

1. Main Technology Parameter:

Production speed: 40-70B/M
Bottle diameter: 28mm ~ 125mm
Label length: 30mm ~ 250mm
Label thickness:0.035mm ~ 0.13mm
Label material: PVC,PET,OPS
Labeling machine size: L2000×W850×H2000mm
Steam shrink tunnel: steam consumption: 50Kg/H
Steam pressure: 1Kg/cm2
Overall dimension: L2000×W500×H1500mm

2. Steam generator technology parameter:

Product feature:
• Compact structure, small volume, equipped with automatic water make up pump, also
set up fully automatic water level control, pressure control, can work continuously.
• Small water capacity, high work pressure and steam temperature, solve the need of
small evaporation capacity, high pressure steam.
• Steam output valve can connect with rigid tube directly, as well as high temperature
resistance steam rubber tube. Save use time effectively.
• Whole machine cover small areas, move, installation and use are very convenient.
Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer
specification parameter

Rating evaporation 24
Rating steam pressure 0.4/0.7

rating steam temperature 151/170

Feeding water temperature 20

Power 18Kw

Feeding water pump power 750

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Boiler water volume 42
Overall dimension 600x600x1280mm

Weight 91kg

Inkjet Date printer

Main technical parameter:

Letter lattice:7×5,8×8,8×10,12×12,16×10,16×16
Printable lines: 1-2 lines (adjustable)

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Height of letter: 2-10mm
Speed of print: 2m/s(7×5 format is quickest)
Print direction: Omni-directional
Printable target: paper, plastic, metal, PVC, PPR, Glass, Wood and Rubber etc.
Print function:
Serial number, batch number, product counting display and print.
Date program real time clock automatic change display and show.
Information prolong and repeat storage print
The letter can be overstriking and widen from one nine times
The height and width can be adjustable.
Viscosity control: self-regulation
Consumables: automatic
In put display: Backlighting LCD display, screen saver(imported), Chinese and English input
Communication interface: RS-232 interface
Environment temperature: 0-45℃, 10-90%RH(non-condensing)
Voltage: 220±20VAC
Power: 100VA
Grade of protection: IP55
Overall dimension: 500×422×300mm
Spray head: 200×39×20mm
Control panel: touch type tectorial membrane button
Material : Stainless steel

Semi-automatic Shrink Packing Machine(GM-SP)

Semi-automatic sleeve film, sealing and shrinking machine widely used in beverage,
foodstuff, medicine and chemical etc combination packing. It is suitable for with bottom
support and without bottom support, with carton. Square shape, round shape, flat shape all
can be packed. The packing effect is good, cost is low. The machine apply newly optimize
design, electric automatic control, orientation is correct. Adjustment is agility when changing
bottle and packing specification. The whole machine is safety and beautiful.
Adjustable hot air circle structure is applicable in all kinds of shrinking film (contain color
printing). Change film is quick and convenient. High quality electricity parts assure the stable

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

working of the machine. It ensures the invariableness quality, reliable and long time

The whole machine is made of high quality carbon steel and some stainless steel. The
structure is compact and reasonable, wear well, marked energy saving effect. It is
preliminary auxiliary equipment for the beverage filling production line.

Technology parameter
Power:AC 220V(3Phase) 50HZ

Max. power:26KW

Capacity about :3-6Pcs/min

Working pressure:0.6Mpa

Air compressor request: exhaust pressure:0.8Mpa, flux:0.2m3/min

All kinds of shrinking film:PE、PP、PVC、POF

Packing film width:≤600mm

Packing film thickness:0.03~0.15mm

Working table level height:850+50mm(can be customized according to customer need)

Shrinking tunnel conveyer width:540mm

Overall dimension:5870×4000×1700(mm)

Total weight:~1100kg

Packing technology parameter

Max packing size:620 ㎜

Shrinking temperature:130-260℃

Shrinking time:0-8s

Hot sealing and cutting temperature:130-180℃

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Max production speed:600Packagers/h

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

Semi-automatic CIP Cleaning Machine

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

1.CIP local cleaning system is specialized equipment used for cleaning for beverage
production line and filling facility. Such as milk, juice, carbonated drink etc. a centrifugal
pump is used in CIP to convey liquid into product pipes to force the cleaning agent (Alkali,
lye, hot water)to circulate inside to make cleaning without dismantling pipes. It is featured by
high efficiency and labor saving. Acid washing, alkali washing and thermal can be chosen.
2.The temperature for acid, alkali and hot water can be set.
3.The new generation of man-machine dialog operation system can be arranged with certain
standard with ray operation.
eration control. can be made according to customer request non-standard.

A.flow chart:
concentrated acid concentrated alkali

pneumatic diaphragm pump pneumatic diaphragm pump

tap water acid/alkali/water tank delivery pump

plate exchanger distribution plate go into each cleaning site

B.Process description:

● The system is composed of acid/alkali/water tank,cleaning liquid delivery pump,

concentrated acid and concentrated alkali pump, control cabinet. CIP can be used in the
pipe cleaning for sugar melting, mixing system, filling machine etc.
● The time, temperature and chroma can be set according to the technical process. The
regular temperature of cleaning liquid is 60-80℃, chroma is 1.5-2%。
● Cleaning process:water—acid—water—alkali—hot water

Item Equipment Specification Material Quantity

1 Acid liquid tank 1000L SUS304 1
2 Alkali liquid tank 1000L SUS304 1
3 Hot water tank 1000L SUS304 1

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

V. Payment Term
• The buyer pays the seller 30% of the total price as prepayment in T/T. The seller
starts to manufacture after receiving the prepayment.
• The 70% of the equipment’s total price should be paid before shipment. This part
can execute in T/T.

IV Other items
1. Cooperation that customer should offer
The condition of site should be in compliance with Foundation Placement Drawing that is
furnished by seller.
1) The customer should supply no less than 10-20pcs samples for each kind of cap
and bottle after sign the contract, and supply no less than 400-500pcs for each kind
of bottle and no less than 500pcs of each kind of cap for machine adjustment.
2) The customer should confirm the placement drawing and other material with
signature after signing the contract.
3) The customer should supply the condition of installation site and commission:

➢Require a number of technical workers to participate in the process of installation

and commission.
➢Supply the energy and material that needed in installation and adjustment (for
example: water, electricity, compressed air, steam, argon, oxygen, acetylene etc.)
for free.
➢Supply part of multipurpose instruments and inspection instrument that are
necessity in the process of installation, adjustment and commission for free.
➢Supply enough packing material and filling product for free during the period of
adjustment and commission.
➢According to requirement of water (include tap water, Mineral Water, cooling water,
frozen water, etc., similarly hereinafter), electricity, air and steam consumption and
the demands of quality level and pipeline to supply water, electricity, air and steam

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

to the special position ordered in the installation area of production line. We’re
responsible for the connection of each special position with the relevant electrical
control cabinet of the equipment and pipe.
4) The customer is responsible for cost of the technicians who go abroad for
commissioning; include the food, accommodation, visa fees,return tickets, travel
cost in foreign country and 100USD per day per person as allowance.
5) The others requirement will be approved further after signing the contract.
6) The customer is responsible for dispatching their excellent technician to accept
training in our factory and in the installation site.
2. Technical service
a) Installation and adjustment

➢After the equipments are arrived at the customer’s site, the buyer is responsible for
unpacking and arranging the equipment according to the placement drawing ; and
do under our install-adjust technicians’ guidance.
➢According to requirement of water, electricity, air and steam consumption and the
demands of quality level and pipeline, the User should connect the wire, cable and
pipe of water, air and steam to the special position ordered in the installation area of
production line ahead of time. Other relevant matching equipment and project
should be finished before we adjust our equipment.
➢We’ll bring a suit of portable installation and adjustment tools ourselves during the
period of installing and adjusting, the other instruments we need should be
furnished by the customer for free including oxygen, acetylene angry, argon, etc.
needed in the installation and adjustment site.
➢The customer should dispatch the capable person to accept training in the installing
b) Training
We are responsible for offering the technical training to user. The training content
includes the structure and maintenance of the equipments, control and operation of the
equipments. The training lessons are finished in the process of installation and
adjustment. Through training, users' technical staff can grasp and the skill of operation

Professional Beverage Filling Machine Manufacturer

and maintenance proficiently, and deal with the general troubles in time.
c) Quality assurance
We guarantee the goods offered are brand-new, unused, with latest design and
suitable material made, and we guarantee the specification of the equipments is
consonance with the contract.
We are responsible for the fault and damage of the production line caused by our
design, technology, manufacture, installation, adjustment and material defect etc that
all belong to our responsibility.
d) Maintenance
Offer 12 months maintenance period to the problem that caused by our design,
manufacture and the material quality, and offer the relevant parts and effective service
for free for above reason. We will offer a widely and favorable technical support, after
service all the time after guarantee period.
3. Acceptance and inspection
We will offer the quality certificate and inspection report of the equipment.
4. Supply, installation and adjustment time
In order to make this production line reach a good effect, we suggest time arrangement
as follows:
➢Manufacture time: 30-40 days
➢Transportation time: 20-30 days
➢Installation and adjustment time: 20-30days
(Note: If the delay is caused by customer, the relevant time arrangement above will
postpone two times of delay time.)
5. Package and transportation
➢Packing way
Suit for long journey sea transportation and block erection.
➢b) Transportation way
Sea transportation

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