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The Psychology of Color

Pink Red
A calming and warm color that evokes Evokes strong emotions like passion or intensity,
love and romance. Pink is a clean and encourages appetite, symbolizes love and danger. Eyes
feminine color. Recently however, look to red first, it draws attention, creates movement
there has been a backlash against its and excitement. Too much red however, feels hostile.
overuse in product packaging, giving
Purple rise to the term “pink-washed.”
Symbolizes royalty and
wealth. Purple also evokes
Creates excitement,
a sense of success and enthusiasm and draws
wisdom. attention. Orange evokes
warmth as well as caution.

Gray is the perfect neutral
to work with in a graphics
Symbolizes purity and
environment and has less
innocence. Evokes a sense
reflection than white.
of spaciousness and clarity.
Evokes a sense of
Do not underestimate the
professionalism and calm.
organized feeling of white
Seen as sleek and
and do fight the urge to fill
high-end and gives one a
every empty space with a
sense of stability. Too
sales pitch.
much evokes a feeling of
aging, depression and
loss. Black
Enhances the feeling of Yellow
sophistication and luxury, Cheerful, warm and symbolizes
and is slimming to wear. energy and increases metabolism.
Black also symbolizes Yellow also causes the brain to
death, mourning and evil. release seretonin, giving one a
Blue feeling of optimism. That is all well
Calming, tranquil and associated and good but if used wrongly on a
with water and peace. Curbs
appetite and creates a productive
Green brands graphics and especially on a
Encourages creativity in a working website, yellow evokes a hostile
environment. Blue causes the brain environment, envokes health and nature, feeling and can strain eyes and
to release chemicals that calm, but and symbolizes money. To give a sense of cause eye fatigue.
use too much blue and that sends a stability and wealth, many financial
cold and uncaring message. institutions use green in their branding.

While colors are gender-neutral, our society is not. Blue was Red means different things in different cultures. To Westerners,
widely considered “feminine” while pink was “masculine.” In fact, red is energetic, action, love, anger, and warning. In China, red is
it was only an advertising campaign in the early 20th century that good luck, happiness and vitality, and is used in many ceremonies,
reversed that trend after a nation-wide competition. including weddings. In India, red is used in wedding ceremonies
as well, and symbolizes wealth, opulence, purity, fertility, love,
Purple was, for centuries, a color that only royalty could afford and and beauty. To wear white to a wedding in China is bad luck, and
became associated with the imperial classes of Rome, Egypt, and in India, white is the traditional mourning wear of widows.
Persia. More than 9,000 mollusks from Tyre were needed to
create just one gram of Tyrian purple dye. During the Elizabethan
era in England, laws forbade anyone but close relatives of royalty
to wear purple. It wasn’t until 1856 when a synthetic was created. Sources