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Direction: Read each question and their corresponding answers carefully and completely. Choose the
answer that best fits the question. Strictly NO ERASURES
1. What is the most common task for design engineering that has the ability to assess the material’s
impact on the performance product?
a. Selection of Materials c. Assessing of materials
b. Testing of Materials d. Cost of materials
2. What is the most important factor when choosing materials to buy products for long-lasting and safe
to use is called __________________________.
a. Good quality c. Reliable
b. Suitable d. Low cost
3. What is the first step should do before planning and designing materials and system requirement?
a. Test the materials c. Cost of materials
b. Analyze the materials d. Evaluate the material
4. Teacher Cassie plan to buy a printer which is less expensive but worst quality, what should Teacher
Cassie consider when buying materials for a specific project?
a. Selection of Materials c. Cost of Materials
b. Testing of Materials d. All of the above
5. Which of the following steps in the purchasing cycle requires a journal entry?
a. A receiving report is recorded
b. A purchase order is place
c. Materials received are transferred to the storeroom
d. A disbursement voucher is received
6. Which of the following is a cost of placing a purchase order?
a. Cost of maintaining inventory records
b. Cost associated with maintain the receiving department
c. Cost of insurance to cover materials
d. Cost associated with obsolescence, theft and spoilage materials
7. A computer technician received an incomplete and defective materials. If you were in that case what
are you going to do?
a. Receive the materials c. Make an inventory
b. Receive the reports d. Replacement of an item
8. What is a set of written instruction that identifies the health and safety issues that may arise from the
jobs and tasks that make up a system work?
a. Work Procedures c. Safety
b. OHS d. Risk management
9. Which of the following do not belong to work related behaviors that demonstrates work ethic?
a. Demonstrate competence
b. Do not accept undesirable assignment
c. Assume personal responsibility for problems
d. Get your projects completed promptly
10. What is the best way to control hazards in the workplace?
a. Replace the hazard for a less risky option
b. Eliminate the hazard completely from the workplace
c. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
d. Have rules to help people avoid hurting themselves.
11. If you spotted a hazard in your workplace what should you do?
a. Report it your boss
b. Leave it as someone else will fix it eventually
c. Bring your own toolbox to work and fix it yourself
d. None of the above
12. When working with hazardous substances in your workplace, what should you do?
a. Enter confined spaces only
b. Have relevant Personal Protective Equipment
c. Always follow safe working procedures
d. All of the above
13. Good relationship with customer consist of the following except one.
a. Communicate a positive attitudes
b. Be concerned more about the speed of service than the quality of the service.
c. Display strong business ethics.
d. Make the customer feel good.
14. How to build a good coworker relationship in a workplace?
a. Be a team player
b. Make other people feel important
c. Maintain honest and open relationship
d. All of the above
15. What is the purposeful change of a process to improve the reliability of achieving an outcome.
a. Quality Improvement c. Quality Assurance
b. Quality Control d. Quality Standard
16. Control chart is useful for _______________________.
a. Manufacturing process
b. Process monitoring techniques
c. Off-line quality control
d. part of acceptance sampling techniques
17. Which of these is a useful plot for identifying a potential relationship between two variables of a
a. Pareto chart c. Scatter Diagram
b. Cause and Effect d. Histogram
18. Quality assurance is related to ______________________________.
a. Strategic of activities that ensures the financial plans.
b. Set of activities that ensures that the services and product meet the requirement.
c. Set of activities that ensures that the supplier customer quality issues are properly resolved.
d. Set of activities that include inspection and planning.
19. In cause and effect diagram, what procedure is adopted?
a. First defects are identified and the corresponding effects on working of product is
b. First defect in a product are identified and then, the corresponding causes are discovered
c. First causes and defect are plotted then the effects of them, i.e. defect are identified
d. Causes and their effects are identified
20. Which of the following shows check sheet?
a. If a process part is completed
b. If the process components are all checked
c. If the sample of the process are checked
d. Time oriented summary of defects
21. How are you going to maintain the integrity of a process to maintain the reliability of achieving an
a. Quality Improvement c. Quality Control
b. Quality standard d. Quality Checking
22. What is a planned system of working to prevent illness and injury when you work by recognizing and
identifying hazard and risk?
a. OHS b. PPE c. COSHH d. HOS
23. What is the overall aim of occupational health and safety is to ________________________.
a. Ensure higher salaries for worker
b. Improve employer relationship
c. Increase the profits of the employer
d. Prevent industrial accidents and diseases.
24. What phase of 5s when maintaining high standards in workplace organization at all times?
a. Sort b. Shine c. Standardize d. Sustain
25. All of the following are the 5S methodology except one.
a. Shine b. Sustain c. Specialize d. Set
26. Cecile removes unnecessary items and segregate unwanted material from the workplace, what
phases of 5S is being referred to?
a. Seiri b. Seiton c. Seiso d. Seiketsu
27. If you are unsure about how to do a job, what should you do?
a. Ask your buddy
b. Go anyway and report any accidents
c. Stop and check your supervisor before proceeding.
d. All of the above.
28. The 5S method of process improvement was created to help _________________________.
a. Manufacturing companies learn workstation order and maximize efficiency.
b. Health care companies establish earning goals.
c. Service companies determine the most qualified candidates for hire.
d. Environmental companies with lean waste management
29. Which of the following program that allows the user to quickly and easily create professional looking
presentation including slides, speaker notes and audience handout?
a. Word b. Publisher c. Excel d. Handout
30. What devices provide a means of communication between a computers?
a. I/O b. Storage c. Compact d. Drivers
31. What is the meaning of embolden in word processing?
a. To increase the size of the font
b. To render the font
c. To increase the outline of the font
d. All of the above
32. Which of the following describe processing?
a. Feeding the information
b. Converting raw data into desire information
c. Taking a printout from a computer
d. Typing in keyboard
33. What are the three stages of computer to accomplish a task to process data?
a. CU Processing Output
b. Input ALU Hardware
c. Hardware CPU Software
Input Processing Output
34. Ejhay is typing his project on computer, what should be the proper posture of Ejhay?
a. He must keep wrist straight while keying
b. Have the keyboard and mouse just out of reach
c. Make the shoulder and upper arms stiff
d. He must keep elbows straight
35. If you were a proactive ergonomics approach it will leads you to ______________?
a. A reduction in work- related injuries
b. Increased productivity
c. Reduced lost time and absenteeism
d. Reduce physical/mental stress
36. What is the name of non-volatile chips that stores the date, time and system configuration?
a. RAM b. CMOS c. Chip d. FET
37. Which component of a computer connects the processor to the other hardware?
a. Chip b. CPU c. Motherboard d. Punch card
38. What is a computer system unit?
a. The computer case, keyboard, mouse and monitor
b. The combination of all hardware and software that makes up a computer
c. The enclosure that contains the main hardware components of a computer
d. The motherboard, central processing unit and main memory.
39. What high speed serial interface is used with almost all devices and used to connect latest model
printers, pen drives, cell phones etc. it has 4 pins?
a. LAN Port b. USB Port c. P/S2 Port d. Power Port
40. A physical interface often used for terminating twisted pair type cables used to connect computers
onto a local-area networks (LAN), especially Ethernet RJ-45 connectors
a. LAN Port b. USB Port c. P/S2 Port d. Power Port
41. Simple, 6-pin, low-speed serial connections commonly dedicated to a keyboard and mouse
a. LAN Port b. USB Port c. P/S2 Port d. Power Port
42. Instruct the computer to go through the process of shutting down, which would clear the memory
and reset devices to their initialized state.
a. Switch button b. Restart button c. Power button d. Power
43. What is the skeletal frame work of your computer system?
a. a) Cover b) Chassis c) Screws d) Power supply
44. Electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by
performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control
a. System Unit c. CPU
b. Power Supply d. None of the above
45. What is the large circuit board were everything else plugs into a system unit and carries the data
between the various parts as the information is processed?
a. Video card c. Motherboard
b. Internal modem d. Southbridge
46. What is the purpose of a heat sink installed on a processor?
a. To set the processor voltage
b. To cool the processor
c. To set the processor speed
d. To ground the processor
47. Hatziku was assigned to perform on how to disassemble the system unit. What is the first procedure
did Hatziku do?
a. Detaching the hard drive c. Detaching the power supply
b. Unplugging all the cables d. Pull out the motherboard
48. A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. Which type of power connector should
be used to connect to an ATX motherboard?
a. Berg c. Molex
b. Mini-Molex d.20-pin ATX connector
49. A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. Which type of power connector should
be used to a CD-ROM?
a. Berg c. Molex
b. Mini-Molex d.20-pin ATX connector
50. A technician is installing additional memory in a computer. How can the technician guarantee that
the memory is correctly aligned?
a. The label on the memory should always face the CPU
b. A notch in the memory module should be aligned with a notch in the memory slot.
c. The arrows on the memory module should be aligned with the arrows on the motherboard
d. All memory and motherboard slots are color-coded, with one red end and one blue end.

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