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Made by: Andryu Alejandro Cuevas Murcia Cód. 20141007078

The Earth is in danger because all the people are worried to buy new clothes, technology, vehicles,
etc. But we haven’t thought how is the process to make and produce everything that we have in our
homes, so this is my possible solution for the currently problem: Change the people’s mentality
(consumption) to make our planet a sustainable home for future.

And the most important question is: How can we achieve this? The answer is that each one in our
homes can improve the consumption habit, for example: recycle all the garbage, turn off the lights
that we aren’t using, buy energy efficient appliances, replace the incandescent light bulbs with LED
technology. Those habits can change the fate of our world, the raw materials are going to disappear
in a close future (2050), all the countries will be under the oceans and seas, the north pole and south
pole will melt, earthquakes-tsunamis-temperature rise, etc.

To change people's mentality, we must let them know where the things that they acquire or
consume in their daily lives come from. An example of this are the plastic wraps, cereal boxes,
containers, household appliances, the textile industry, etc. All of the above has a linear process
described in 5 steps, which are the following:

 Extraction
 Production
 Distribution
 Consumption
 Availability

Each of the stages are related and have characteristics and impacts on the environment and people.
However, we will focus on the people who control and profit from the whole process and their huge
influence to change the consumption of society; their business is so round that harms us all. These
companies have so much power to control the television commercials, advertising and fashion to
make people live in a circle (job-home-job) with the aim of making them work, so they can only pay
their debts. Each time we fill our houses with useless things or make us believe that our technology
is useless and that we must buy another one, or shorten the useful life of appliances to continue

For this reason, if we want to avoid the manipulation of these multinationals, we must change our
thinking of consumption and focus our lifestyle on saving and leave a sustainable planet for the next
generations that need a place to live and develop.

Note: Have convincing power.

“Taking care for the environment is our responsibility, because it is our home”. Alejandro Cuevas