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Written Exam


Plan Training Session

1. What were the questions you asked yourself when you started to write the session plan?
2. Elements of session plan.
3. How can current competencies be determined?
4. What are the training delivery methods recognized in CBT?
5. Adult learning principles that helped you in designing your session plan.
6. What is session plan?
7. Factors to be considered when developing the CBLM.

Supervised Work-Based Learning

1. Describe the acts needed to establish linkage with the industry for work –based training.
2. Enumerate the objectives of work-based training.
3. Before you send your students to the participating company, what preparatory activities should
you do? Why?
4. Identify tools for monitoring work-based training. Why it is needed?
5. What is purpose of giving feedback to students?
6. If participating company will make an unfavorable remark about the performance of students,
what will you do?
7. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the work-based learning?

Maintain Training Facilities

1. Sketch the layout of your workshop.

2. Enumerate the training equipment and machines that are in your classroom.
3. Identify the proper forms to use in maintenance activities.
4. What are the purposes of equipment tag-out bill?
5. Identify waste management policies.
6. Different method system and techniques as applied in maintaining of facilities.
7. What maintenance procedure and practices of training facilities do you implement?

Facilitate Training

1. What are the 5 characteristics of CBT?

2. Enumerate the activities you did before the arrival of you students.
3. Enumerate and explain important activities that a trainer should do to make facilitation of
learning effective.
4. Identify and explain the purpose of pre-assessment.
5. Describe the type of questions you asked in the particular session. Why was it necessary to ask
these questions?
6. Enumerate the aspects of training that needs to be discussed during orientation.
7. How do you ensure participation from your students’ progress chart?
8. Describe the sequence of activities in CBT workshop.
9. What document do you use to help manage the class activities?
10. What methods are used in institutional competency evaluation?
11. What are the principles of giving an effective feedback?
12. Describe an adult learning principle you always have in mind when you were facilitating session.
13. Did you ask your students to evaluate the session? What did you learn from their evaluations.

Conduct Competency Assessment

1. What is assessment?
2. Factors to be considered in organizing assessment activity.
3. What should you do prior to the assessment activity?
4. What will you explain during the orientation of the candidates?
5. What are the different assessment forms?
6. How do you make sure that the candidates understand the task to be performed?
7. What are the Do’s and Don’ts of an assessor while observing the candidate performing task?
8. Explain the rules of evidence.
9. In an interview, the candidates answer is wrong; do you provide the correct answer
immediately? Why?