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1. What is the duration of project if we exclude Saturdays and Sundays as non-working?

a. 12 days b.5 weeks c. 8 daysd. 6 weeks

2. When does milestone “Sign Requirements Specification” occur?

a. after revise and validate specification completes
b. after completion of conceptual design
c. a day after revise and validate specification is needed
d. completion of initial presentation to client.

3. how do you interpret “22FS-1wk on unit testing predecessor

a. a week is needed before you start unit testing
b. a week after is needed before you start with unit testing
c. one week is needed on coding of programs before unit testing commences
d. deduct at least one week on coding of programs before unit testing commences

4. project delivery happens on?

a. somewhere in 5 weeks
b. after system testing completion
c. couple of days after system testing completion

5. one qualities of good software is its ability to adapt on the chages you will impose later on the changing
requirement. Which of the qualities fall on this category.
a. maintainability b. usability c. dependability d. efficiency

6. in designing programs which of the following should we aspire

a. low coupling, high cohesion b. high coupling, low cohesion
c. low coupling, low cohesion d. high coupling, high cohesion

7. how does prototyping advantageous to other software models?

a. working versus is presented at an early stage.
b. beta version is released for user testing
c. it is a series of steps before production line
d. it incorporates periodic risk analysis

8. it is measure of the extent of information interchange between modules. Making it tight implies large
dependence on the structure of one module by another because the higher number of connections the more
paths along which errors can extend into other parts of the program.
a. coupling b. cohesion c cyclomatic complexity d. unit test

9. what does functional requirements define?

a. what the system should do c. list all allied sources used in development
b. how the system should do d. when the delivery occours.

10. constraints define the factors that in the implementation of the system. Which or the following does not
belong to the group?
a. delivery b. data requirement c. cost d. programming language

11. consider beverage machine. If the actor is customer and the scope is machine what is mostly liked to be
found in the main scenario of the USE CASE get drink?
a. –enter choice b. customer enters choice
- if drink is available then show price machine shows price
- put in coins customer puts in coins
- if paid enough then deliver drink machine delivers drink

c. enter choice
show price
put in coins
deliver drinks
12. what does a software company use as its model if it issues a beta release of the software for the public
to test its stability.
a. waterfall b. phased c. v-model d. prototyping

13. what is a symbol represents use case?

a. line b. directed line c. stick figure d. an oval containing text

14. an actor can only be a person:

a. true b. false c. it depends d. it should be a human being

15. activity diagrams differ from flowcharts because activity diagrams support
a. swimlanes b. parallel behaviors c. decision nodes d. acitons

16. a decision and merge node is represented by

a. an oval b. a circle c. a rectangle d. a diamond

17. which of the following should not include reason why we need software engineering?
a. software is costly
b. software is easily developed
c. development should follow disciplined approach for easy maintenance
d. developers need to develop a system that is adaptable to an ending clients needs

18. where is SDLC should tested units is combined to function as a whole in a system
a. system test v. unit test c. system delivery d. maintenance

19. maintenance means in SDLC as:

a. Altering of software because users need have changed
b. changing of computer machines or upgrading memory
c. delivery of the system
d. testing each units/modules as prelude to system test

20. what does view available subjects mean?

a. a use case that can be re-used by possible an others use case
b. a use case that can be used for modeling optional system features
c. a use case that acts as interface to another use case
d. it signifies generalization

21. how will you determine the stenotype given to the diagram?
a. text between a pair of guillemots
b. plain text to the connector
c. the work stenotype inside of the oval symbol
d. a line with a triangle pointing toward the dependent element

22. if we were to extend relationship between block/unblock subjects to block/ unblock section,
the arrow points toward
a. block/unblock subjects b. block unblock section
c. dean’s office d. user

23. which from the following processes will operate the same time?

a. select subject to reserves and display message to see scctg

b. log in and register student
c. save subjects reserved, compute fees and provide summary of payment
d. validate student and register student

24. what is the last guard you need to satisfy in order to reach provide summary of payment?

a. compute fees b. finished c. can enroll d. select subjects to reserve

25. on what part do you think students fills up all forms to get the necessary information for
reservation a. validate student b. register studentc. user d. reservation system