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com/in/silvia-a-herrera  ​SILVIA  Weymouth, MA 

Bilingual, dedicated and forward thinking professional with 2+ years of experience working in front end web development and 
web design. Passionate about storytelling and marketing; some experience with 2d animation, video and image editing.


Image Editing Software  HTML5 & CSS3  Excellent Communication Skills  
Social Media Strategies  Knowledge in Digital Marketing   SEO Knowledge 
Northeastern University |​ Boston, MA | 2019 -2020  Universidad de San Buenaventura​ |​ Cali, Colombia | 2008 -2013  
Graduate Certificate in Digital Media Management | GPA: 3.86  Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Engineering | GPA: 3.88 
Interactive Marketing Fundamentals Course 
● Created  content  targeted  at  specific  user  personas,  developed  in  various  digital  formats in order to gain experience and 
insight about uses and reach. 
● Built an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign for a small local wine store based on target personas. 
Social Media and Brand Implementation Course 
● Worked  with  peers  as  a  social  media  team  building  a  strategy  for  a  real  client  including  content  creation,  copy,  and 
schedules. All targeted to specific audiences previously researched, results surpassed client's expectations. 
SEO Strategy and Implementation Course 
● Conducted outstanding SEO tech audits, Social media and Mobile SEO Audits using a real business for the assignments.  
● Worked  with  peers  cohesively  as  an  SEO  agency  creating  an  entire  SEO  strategy  for  a  real  company  (Nonprofit)  for  our 
Final Project. 
Project Engineer 
Intuitiva S.A.S | Cali, Colombia | 2013-2016 
● In  charge  of  content  creation  and  web  management  for  2  clients’  websites  during  2  years using wordpress, HTML, and 
● Devised  images  and  short  animated  videos  for  the  company’s  website  and  social  media  accounts  as  well  as  for  our 
Design and Development of Media. 
Branding4Profits |Cali, Colombia | 2013 
● Conducted website audits for clients aiming to improve user friendliness and UX. 
● Configured and designed logos, brochures, posters, video presentations and powerpoint presentations for the company. 
Au Pair 
Au pair in America |Boston, MA | 2016-2018 
● Achieved  English  proficiency  at  C1  level,  it  allowed  me  to  advance  professionally  by  studying  a  Graduate  Certificate  in 
Digital Media. 
● Improved managerial skills vastly, especially regarding schedules, budgets and timely communication. 
Assistant for Tech support 
FUNOF (NGO) |Cali, Colombia | Dec/2012 -Feb/2013 
● Developed  a  program  made  to  give  easy  access  to  files  informing  about  data  gathered  from  a  Governmental  aid