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Naya Raipur

A new city takes root

Hon. Chief Minister

“Naya Raipur will be the flag bearer of a resurgent

Chhattisgarh. It will reflect the rich heritage and natural
beauty of the state while marching ahead to become
India’s best planned and modern city”
... and the plans for its new capital

On the 1st of November 2000, the state of Chhattisgarh was

formed carving it out of the erstwhile state of Madhya
Pradesh. The largest city in the region – ‘Raipur’ – became its
capital. It was soon realized that the state needed a new
modern city to be developed close to Raipur to meet the
multiple needs of a fast growing state.
RANCHI A new city called ‘Naya Raipur’ about 20 kilometers away from
Raipur on its southeast would give shape to the dreams of
MUMBAI policy makers, planners, administrators and common citizens
of Chhattisgarh.


Chhattisgarh – A facts file

Population 20.8 million (2001 census)
Foundation stone laid for
Area 1,35,361 square kilometers Capitol Complex by Hon.
Today, Naya Raipur is poised i.e. 9th largest state in India Chief Minister of
to be the icon of Chhattisgarh's Chhattisgarh
Location Central India surrounded by
identity aspiring to be an 6 states – Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra,
ultra-modern state. Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa and
Uttar Pradesh

Language Hindi, Chhattisgarhi, Local dialects and


Airport Raipur

Airstrips Bhilai, Bilaspur, Ambikapur, Korba,

Raigarh, Jagdalpur, Jashpur Nagar and

Mineral Wealth Chhattisgarh has about 13% of India’s

mineral production.
It has 16% of India’s Iron Ore, 17% of its
Coal, 14% of Dolomite & 38% of Tin.

Substantial reserves of Bauxite, Largest Sal forests in the country

(44% of State’s area under
Limestone and Quartzite forest cover)
Large reserves of precious and semi
• Chitrakot - largest water fall in Asia
precious minerals – Diamond,
Corundum, Gold & Alexandrite • Sirpur - the ancient city of
5th Century
Poised to become a power hub of India with a large number
of power generation projects under implementation. • 3 National Parks & 11 Wild life

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
The Vision

‘NAYA RAIPUR’ would be developed as an

eco-friendly city offering modern
conveniences to its citizens and visitors.

It would promote energy efficient

technologies and practices and the use of
renewable energy.

It would adopt best practices for water

harvesting, waste water recycling, solid waste
management and public transportation.

It would ensure comfort and security for the

Chhattisgarh boasts of the citizens by providing for dedicated bus lanes,
second best gender ratio in India cycle tracks, pedestrian pathways and barrier
free movement.

Efficient city management would be ensured

through Public Private Partnerships in
development and maintenance of city
infrastructure and extensive use of
Information Technology in governance.

The city would become a preferred

destination for pollution-free industries,
commercial ventures and educational

Development Plan - 2031

of Naya Raipur
NRDA has prepared a development plan for
Naya Raipur as per the provisions of the
Chhattisgarh Town and Country Planning Act
1973 after consultation with stake holders. It
received the approval of the state government
and was notified on 24th July 2008

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
N aya R a i p u r
The defining features

The city will be the administrative capital

of Chhattisgarh – All major institutions
like the Mantralaya, Vidhan Sabha,
Raj Bhawan are to come up therein.

The city would have over 2500 hectares

of public places, parks and
landscaped greens.

The city to become a knowledge hub by

becoming home for the proposed Indian
Institute of Management (IIM), Raipur,
Indian Institute of Information
Technology (IIIT), the new premises of
Hidayatullah National Law University and
a number of Medical, Engineering and
Arts and Science colleges.

A sports village with a stadium for

athletics and indoor sports complex,
swimming pool and housing facilities for
sports persons to come up by 2012.

A city park, water sports centre and

amusement park to come up in close
proximity with one another.

The Central Business District (CBD) would

have a mix of commerce, entertainment
and recreation and would be well served
by public transport facilities.

Naya Raipur would be the first green field

city in India to have a Bus Rapid Transit
System (BRTS) with dedicated bus lanes.
Future plans include a light rail/monorail
system for intra-city transport.

The state boasts of 12% of

India’s forest wealth, with
over 200 medicinal, aromatic
and herbal plant species.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
The BackbonE
Physical Infrastructure

Water Supply
Naya Raipur will draw water from river
Mahanadi which, described as "Chitrotpala"
in Vedic scriptures has been the life line of
the region from ancient times. The raw
water will be treated in a well designed
modern treatment facility and supplied
through a robust distribution system.
The project will be implemented in the
public private participation mode.

Decentralized sewage treatment plants

Waste Water Disposal
The liquid waste would be disposed through
underground sewerage system with
Decentralised Sewage Treatment Plants.
The treated waste water shall be recycled
for use in horticulture, plantations etc.

Storm Water Drainage

The project area has gently sloping
catchment zones draining in to four major
streams. These natural streams shall be
preserved and protected. The roadside
drains would carry city storm water to the
water bodies inside layer I or II
of Naya Raipur.

Power Distribution
Naya Raipur shall have an efficient
underground Power Distribution network
in the service corridor

All telephone lines, high speed broadband,
local cable network etc. shall pass through
under ground service ducts.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
T h e h e a rt b e at
Social Infrastructure

NRDA has a policy to promote the

development, maintenance and operations of
social infrastructure through involvement of
reputed national / international institutions
or other private investors. The public private
participations (PPP) model would be used
wherever feasible.

i. Hidayatulla National Law University has

already constructed its new premises in
Naya Raipur on land allotted by NRDA.

ii. Purkhoti Muktangan - A museum of

heritage, tribal art and culture has been
developed by the department of Culture
of State Government on an area of 70 ha.

iii. Many other institutions, such as Indian

Institute of Management (IIM),
Engineering Colleges in Private sector
etc. are coming up in Layer II
of Naya Raipur.

iv. Knowledge Park - NRDA proposes to

develop a Knowledge Park on 100 ha. of
land. The park will provide common
facilities like a stadium, playgrounds,
swimming pool, auditorium, hostel
buildings, cafeterias, utility shops etc. to
educational institutions.

v. Ayurved University - The State

Government has decided to establish an
Ayurved University in the state with Naya
Raipur as its head quarters. NRDA has
allotted land for this purpose.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
T r a n s p o rt N e t w o r k
connecting lives on a daily basis

The Raipur Airport is only 5-7 km from Naya

Raipur. Daily 3 direct flights, each from New
Delhi and Mumbai, fly to Raipur and back.
There are two flights from Hyderabad and
back, and daily flights to Kolkata, Nagpur,
Bhuvaneshwar, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune
and Bhopal.

The National Highway 43 is on the South-

Eastern Boundary of Naya Raipur, whereas
the NH-6 borders the Northern Boundary of
Naya Raipur

Naya Raipur would be the first green field

city in india to have a Bus Rapid Transit
System (BRTS) in place right from the very
beginning. It would ensure fast, reliable and
safe commuting between old Raipur city and
Naya Raipur on the one hand & also facilitate
efficient intra-city movement on the other.

A new railway station would come up in

Naya Raipur on the northern border of the
city. It would form part of the transport hub
which will also have a modern bus terminal

Naya Raipur will be the

first greenfield city in India
to have a BRTS

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
The proposed Naya Raipur Airport boasts of modern amenities, transporting the state on a global radar.
Central Business District

Capitol Complex
a preview
Projects coming up in Naya Raipur

Capitol Complex - Housing the State Administration

in the City

Software Technology Park

Knowledge Park

Logistics Hub - Facilitating Trade and Commerce.

Transportation Hub - Providing fast reliable and

effective commuting within and outside the city.

Central Business District - The epicenter of commerce

and entertainment.

Gems & Jewelry Park

Park for light Industry

Sports Complex

Residential Complexes / Integrated Townships.

Hotel and Convention Centre - Luxury at its finest,

for the finest.

Habitat Centre - Where the brightest of them


Specialty Hospitals - Fully equipped to handle

emergencies of the gravest kind, with cutting edge
technology to support.

Golf Course

Amusement and Theme Parks

City Park - Green open spaces in the heart of the city,

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
Land Pr ocurement
Unique Model of Development

Naya Raipur is being developed over an area

of 8013 ha. NRDA has decided that the land
required for the development shall be
purchased from the farmers directly with
their consent instead of acquiring the land
under the Land Acquisition Act, as far as

The compensation package for the land and

assets has been decided after a series of
consultations with the project affected
persons, public representatives and other
stake holders.

A hassle - free system is in place for

registration of the sale deed and payment of
compensation across the counter through
account payee cheques, immediately after Families of any village which
the registration. need to be relocated on account of
Families of any village which need to be development works of the NRDA
relocated on account of development works would be provided new houses in a
of the NRDA would be provided new houses residential colony developed by
in a residential colony developed by NRDA NRDA close to
close to their existing homes. their existing homes.

Special benefits are also provided to the

project affected landless labourers.

Out of 8013 ha of land required for

development, 3200 ha private land has been
directly purchased from farmers. 2777 ha
government land has also been transferred
to NRDA. Only 220 ha land for roads etc.
have been acquired under LA Act. Thus
about 75% of land required for development
is in clear possession of NRDA.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
social responsibilit y

Social Management
Comprehensive Village
Development Plan
The villages within Naya Raipur are not to
be shifted but to be developed in situ so
that they merge into urban spatial
landscape while retaining their traditional

Customised training programs are

conducted to upgrade the skills of young
person in these villages to equip them for
employment in the new city.

NRDA has a well defined Environmental
Management Plan. The State Level
Environment Impact Assessment Authority
(SEIAA) Chhattisgarh issued the
Provisional Environmental Clearance
on 8-12-2008

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
P u b l i c P r i vat e Pa rt n e r s h i p

NRDA envisages implementing all major
infrastructure and economic development
projects through public private partnership.
Some such projects are:

Gems And Jewellery Park

NRDA intends to develop special economic
zone for IT and ITES services on Public
Private Partnership concession frame work.
The permission for setting up of ITSEZ over
an area of 10.77 ha has been granted by
Government of India.

Logistics Hub
This project is being developed by the
Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development
Corporation Limited on PPP model. An area
of 28.35 hectares has been allotted by NRDA
on long term lease to CSIDC for the project.

To be located in the northern end of the city,

the Logistics Hub will provide multi-modal
transport facility and modern warehousing
in Naya Raipur. The project cost of
development of the logistics hub is
Rs. 300 Cr. It will be spread over an area of
36 ha.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
R e c r e at i o n

Theme Township With Golf Course -

A project for the development, operation
and maintenance of a Golf- Course, has
been prepared on public private
partnership model. The project is to be
developed over an area of 159 ha. This
project also includes development of a
Theme Township over an area of about 55
hectares. Land for the project has already
been procured.

Amusement Park - NRDA intends to

Score a hole in one or just unwind develop an Amusement Park over an area
at the 159 hectare golf course. of 100 hectares.

Five star Hotel and Convention

centre - NRDA has prepared a project for
a five star hotel with convention centre at
a prominent location in Naya Raipur.
11.50 ha of land have been reserved for
this project.

Sports Village
Naya Raipur Development Authority
proposes to develop a sports village to host
national level sports events.
This project is also proposed to be
developed in public private participation
model over an area of 40 ha. close to
international cricket stadium which has
already come up.

Developing sports facilities

for the champions of tomorrow.

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N A Y A R A I P U R - B U I L D I N G T O M O R R O W . O P E N I N G N E W V I S T A S
Naya Raipur
of Progress
• Global bids invited for
Consultants for
preparation of
Development Plan

• Work on Cultural
Centre in the new
Capital Area
“Purkhoti • Preparatory work on
Muktangan” starts Development Plan
• Formation of Capital starts
Area Development • Construction work on
Authority (CADA) for new Cricket Stadium
planned development starts
of the proposed new

• Villages demarcated
for the proposed new
Capital Area


• State Government
initiates plans for
developing a new 2003
capital city.
• Birth of Chhattisgarh
as a new State of the
Indian Union

• Raipur Becomes 2002




2008 • Work on first housing

colony in the new city
by Chhattisgarh State
Housing Board
• City Plan for ‘Naya
2007 Raipur’ approved by • Approval received for
water supply &
Government of India
under JNNURM Housing schemes for
weaker sections
• Construction work on under JNNURM
• ‘Naya Raipur’ Capital Complex
2006 Development Plan begins • B.R.T. Project sent to
finalized Government of India
• Construction work on
• City selected for Heads of • Plans for Central
B.R.T. Project under Departments Business District and
• CIDCO (Navi Mumbai) Office Complex
2005 appointed Advisor on
Global Environment
Facility Scheme of
Complex begins
the Development Plan World Bank • Construction work on
the first phase of • Planning work on
• Construction of the • Construction of new major roads in the development of
National Hidayatullah colony ‘Naya Rakhi’ new city begins Amusement Park,
• Empowered Law University begins Knowledge Hub and
for rehabilitation of
Committee Chaired Rakhi Village starts • Land transferred to Logistic Hub
by the Chief Minister • Purchase of land from completed
Chhattisgarh State
constituted farmers on mutual
consent basis starts
• Fresh demarcation of Corporation for
• Rehabilitation plan for
the proposed new city development of Gems
Naya Raipur finalized
and Jewellery Park
• C.E.S. (New Delhi)
• The proposed new
appointed Planning city named as ‘Naya
Consultant Raipur’

• CADA renamed as
Naya Raipur
Authority (NRDA)

Knowledge Park in Naya Raipur – a concept

“The development plan of Naya Raipur attempts to create a modern and

livable city that would be economically, socially and environmentally

Naya Raipur would become a model and a source of inspiration for city
planners, architects, builders and policy makers anywhere in the world.”
Naya Raipur Development Authority


Near Mantralaya Gate No. 2, Raipur - 492 001, Chhattisgarh.
Tel.: +91 771 4066011 • Fax: +91 771 4066188

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